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20 Essential Engagement Photography Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Engagement is a unique event of someone’s life. The try to make it a memorable one as it is once in a lifetime. Nowadays engagement photography is well known to all and people never miss to do it during their engagement. This happens once in life thus they also dream for the best things in their event. So, they also want the best engagement photography in their ceremony. If you are the photographer of that ceremony than you will be responsible for fulfilling their wish.

Engagement Photography Tips & Tricks

In this article, you will get some obvious and unavoidable tips which will help you to make your client’s engagement ceremony a memorable and colorful one with perfect engagement photography. I hope my tips will help you to tune your photography from amateur level to a professional level.

I also admit that these are not only tips for making your engagement photography great one rather I say, but an addition of these tips with your ideas may also make take your photography to a better condition.

1. Close the Gaps

Engagement declares the togetherness of two souls. While capturing this, the couple should remain closer to the way they should be. You should suggest the couple in such a way so that they show their chemistry on their own. Otherwise whatever they show, will be an artificial one.

Remember, this will be their first photography together as a couple thus you need to make something which will let them get closer.  Your suggestions and encouragement will work here.

close gaps between two during engagement photography

2. Take Your Clients Ideas

You may have thousands of ideas inside your mind, but your clients may have greater ideas in their minds. So, ask your clients for their favorite poses. They may feel shy to tell anything about engagement photography considering you as too professional or because of inferior complexity.

For this reason, you must ask them about their favorite poses. Their ideas may not be good but whatever they try you have to capture. This will allow you to become closer to them and they will also feel comfortable with you.

clients ideas for engagement photogrpahy

3. Introduce them with Ideas

It may not be your first shooting of engagement photography as a photographer but this will be the first shooting for your clients. So you must show some poses and ideas to them. If you have some good collections of yours, then it’s better, if not then browse the internet and show them.

If you check the internet, then you will get ideas which will definitely help you if you are really new at this. Don’t feel shy in this because there is no shame in learning.

ideas for engagement photography

4. Appreciate Their Nervous Feelings

The couple will obviously feel nervous as this is their first couple shoot and their closeness is being focused in front of someone whom they don’t know. Don’t let your expression feel them your inner expression. Otherwise, you should not feel bad or become irritated.

You should always encourage them and whatever they do should be well appreciated by you. If it is your first time on engagement photography, then you will also become nervous. Thus you should be careful so that your nervousness is not identified by your client.

Appreciate clients nervous feelings for engagement photography

5. Don’t Remain Rigid

Don’t become rigid in one place and one pose. This will irritate both you and your client. If you see some good frame in one place does not mean that you have to take many many photos there. Here two things can be done, one is keeping your subject in one place you can change your location, and another is keeping yourself static and your subject on the move.

Again, don’t do this change too frequent otherwise your client will become annoyed. It is suggested to take some photos with a slight change of the client’s position but changing position often by yourself for better engagement photography.

6. Try Something New

Don’t be afraid to experiment. A photo session is not only an event where you will take some photos and make your clients happy. It’s also an event for your experiment and research. Try something new every time and later check it. This will increase your ideas and will definitely help you in future sessions.

You may also share it with your client that you are going to shoot as an experiment if you find your client accommodative. In that case, you will also get some help from their side.

experiment in engagement photography

7. Bring Baby as Ornaments

Children are like ornaments. Children will definitely highlight your photos, and there is no doubt in it. You don’t need to think even about the placement of babies for making a good frame. You just keep them with the couple and tell them to change the position of the baby. Let them play with the baby and then yo capture it. Be sure that no photo will be wastage. In the end, you and your client will like these photos definitely.

8. Call Everyone, and Enjoy

Most of the photos will be formal poses in this kind of photography. Add some fun with this and make the session a lively one. Tell your client’s friends and relatives to join the session and rest will be done by them. You don’t need to make any fun out of them because they will do it.

Obviously, you can join with them but don’t leave your camera unattended. You must keep your camera always with you so that no popup moments are not missed. Don’t just make them rigid for photography rather let them have fun and do their engagement photography within that.

9. Have Separate Session as Well

Engagement photography does not always mean that there will be a couple. You can plan for taking portrait photographs before the main session. Like, the bride is checking her dress, getting ready for the session, etc. This is also applicable for the groom as well. You can capture pre-plan sessions of the bride with the ring. If it is a formal program, then you can also take individual photos of those who are decorating. It will be better if you take anyone from the couple to decorate just to take a few shots.

10. Make Them Laugh

Couple at their first session will usually remain nervous and it will be tough for them to come up. This is you who has to play the role of bringing them up in the perfect look for an engagement photography session. If you are good at joking then automatically your job will be done easily. Your jokes can change the situation. If they laugh out of jokes, then their smile or face will be natural which is really necessary for an engagement photography session.

Laughing During Engagement Photography

11. Dominate by Your Skills

You have to take control of the session. Your behavior should be such so that your clients get the confidence to leave the control on you. If they tell you about all the poses on their own, then it will be tough for you to make the arrangement for all the poses. Your attitude and behavior should be such so that your clients get an impression that you know enough to take good shots thereby they will listen to you.

12. Keep Yourself, and Your Equipment Operational

Always keep yourself ready for pressing the trigger. Make your necessary aids operational at any time. Otherwise, you will bite your tongue after you miss a good moment. It is better to keep more than one camera. If you have so then, make your camera ready with different types of lens.

This is because if you change your lens after each shot, then it will irritate your client. This will also make you slower. Remember, time is valuable for both you and your clients. They have other things to do besides photography session.

13. Shoot the Minor Things

Besides capturing faces, portraits or group photos you have to emphasize the details. Tell them to keep their hands together with the rings and capture that. There are many things to be captured like rings, packets, gifts. If the groom has kept his hand on the shoulder of the bride then just capture that portion only.

This will be a frame for engagement photography. If it is an engagement photography session in the Indian subcontinent, then you can shoot the designs of handmade with mehndi.

details for engagement photography

14. Shoot Candid

You must have an endeavor to shoot candid. Let your clients talk to their friends and relatives. Shoot those moments. Leave them with babies. Shoot those moments. They should not get the idea that they are being captured otherwise there will be an artificial look in their face.

Keep a long focal length lens so that you can capture these moments from far away without the knowledge of your clients. Again, for the sake of shooting candid, do not shoot awkward moments. This will make them annoyed.

15. Keep Assistant

Assistant will make your job half done and easy. If you have the scope to keep an assistant, then keep it. I should say that for engagement photography, keeping assistant is a must. There will be lots of aids for you. It will not become possible for you to operate all those by yourself.

If you do those, then it will take huge time thereby it will become annoying to your clients. So you must have the endeavor to keep assistant for engagement photography.

16. Remain Flexible

Flexibility is a big factor for engagement photography. This applies to you and your equipment. If you take too much time to change a place or to change the setup, then clients will be annoyed. To get rid of this thing, you have to choose your gears which are flexible.

Again, you have to have enough assistants who will make everything flexible. Do not choose a rigid type of equipment. Always go for mobile and flexible equipment.

17. Three Points Lighting

Three points lighting gives your photo a different look. This is basically done to make a three-dimensional effect on two-dimensional photos. There are three types of lights; one is the key light, next is the fill light, and the last one is the backlight. This can be done if you want to detach your background.

This should be used for a few of the photos in the whole session of engagement photography. Here the placement of the subject and the lights are important. For further details read number 10 paragraph of my article 16 Most Striking Points, You Must Know for Professional Portrait Photography

three point lighting for engagement photography

18. Keep All Lens Closer

Keep all the lens you require closer to you. It is suggested to keep more cameras so that you can keep a few of the lens attached to them. It will help you to close the time. When you are capturing a photo and thinking of taking the same with a different lens, then your assistant can prepare it for you according to your guideline.

Basically, the lens which is required for portrait photography is applicable for engagement photography. Here is a list for you which will give you an idea about lens for engagement photography.

BrandLensAperture RangeWeightImage StabilizationBokehSharpnessMSRP
CanonEF 85mm f/1.2L II USMf/1.2-162.3 lbsNoGoodVery sharp$1,900
70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USMf/2.8-323.3 lbsYesExceptionalVery sharp$2,100
EF 50mm f/1.4 USMf/1.4-2210 ouncesNoFairSharp in the middle at f/1.4, gets sharper when stopped down$350
EF 35mm f/1.4L II USMf/1.4-221.7 lbsNoFairVery sharp$1,800
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USMf/2.8-221.8 lbsNoFair to goodVery sharp$1,800
NikonAF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4Gf/1.4-161.3 lbsYesExceptionalSharp at every aperture$1,600
70-200mm f/2.8G AF-S ED VR IIf/2.8-223.4 lbsYesExceptionalExceptional$2,200
50mm f/1.8G AF-Sf/18-166.6 ouncesNoVery GoodVery sharp at every aperture$177
AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4Gf/1.4-161.3 lbsyesFairVery sharp at every aperture$1,700
AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G EDf/2.8-222 lbsyesFair to poorExceptional$1,700

19. Plan Some Group Photos

Never miss taking group photos in engagement photography. Tell your client to call all their friends and relatives to come closer and have a photo session. If you have a drone, then it is a plus point for you. Try to take some shot from the top. If there is something like a boundary or rallying, then gather all members there and take some shots.

I am sure that you have many ideas for taking group photography. Apply those ideas in engagement photography with your judgment. The main point is that, do not skip the idea of the group photo from an engagement photography session.

group photos for engagement photography

20. Family Portrait in Engagement Photography

Engagement does not only declares the togetherness of two souls but also two families. It will not be a good idea not to capture any family portrait on the purpose of engagement photography. Out of many ideas, you should try some photos with a family portrait.

All the ideas of engagement photography, professional portrait photography and family portrait photography is applicable here. Blending all the ideas, you can capture family portrait photography in engagement photography.

Final Thoughts

Confidence is the key to getting better output for this type of photography. Two things will give you confidence in any kind of photography. One is adequate knowledge about the topic, and another is practical knowledge on the same. Before shooting engagement photography, you must have proper knowledge about engagement photography, and you must get practical knowledge as well.

If you plan to use these tips of mine, then I am sure you will get enough confidence in engagement photography. Engagement photography is not only working with your equipment, but this is also something where you have to consider human behavior.


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