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The Best 20 Action Romance Anime To Watch In 2023

Do you want to feel thrilled from an epic fight or experience the warmth of love? What about tasting them at the same time? Here we will guide you to the best anime shows that can be full of Action Romance Anime To Watch In 2023. 

The Best 20 Action Romance Anime

This article will help you explore the best 20 action and romantic anime that will take your breath with action-packed scenes and melt your heart with the sweetness of romance. Who knows, this list can be your following movie bucket list for weekends or vacations. 

1. Katanagatari

Shichika is a head of a dojo and lives happily with her sister Nanami. Suddenly a fickled and dauntless girl named Tagome barged into his life and asked for help to retrieve 12 ancient swords for the shogunate. Shichika becomes interested in her and goes on a voyage of uncertainty and adventure with her. Katanagatari Action Romance Anime

On the way, they will meet with some taunting owners of these legendary swords and engage in some breathtaking fighting. Some power-hungry creatures will also be obstacles to this voyage and prevent Tagome from obtaining her goal.

To overcome all these difficulties, they co-operate and get dependent. On this journey, they come to know each other and have feelings for each other. What is the ending? Will they be together, or after the task, they will fall apart? To know this, you have to watch this action and adventure anime.

2. Akatsuki No Yona

Next on this list is an anime adored by mostly female anime lovers. This anime is about a princess, Yona. She had a love interest in her childhood, a samurai. Unfortunately, her father, the king, was killed at the hand of her love interest. Akatsuki No Yona Action Romance Anime

Her heart breaks, and she becomes stammered. Later, she takes an oath to avenge her father’s death and takes back her rightful throne. She goes on a journey to find 4 dragons that will help in her quest.

Will she be able to retrieve her father’s throne? What would she do when she faced her childhood love and the murderer of her father? 

3. Zero No Tsukaima

The next anime is a complete package of romance, epic battle, and comedy. This anime has another English version named Familiar of Zero. Zero No Tsukaima

A mage, Louis, is the lazy and troublemaker apprentice in her academy. In their class, they were asked to summon people who were familiar with them. So Louise does her task and summons an average man from Japan. 

So the journey begins to transform this average man to become a mage. In the process, he and Louise will encounter many hurdles, make tons of comedy that will make you burst into laughter, and most importantly, they will come close to each other. 

4. Guilty Crown

The next one we are talking about is one of the best sci-fi anime that is considered an entertainment beast. This show tells us the story of Japan in 2039. There was an apocalypse in 2029 in the country. After that, GHQ organization took over the country’s power. Guilty Crown

In the meanwhile, another corporation is trying to take power from GHQ. They found a young man, Shuu Ouma, who possesses a mystical ability, “The power of kings”. This young man doesn’t even know about the ability he holds. Later he falls in love. Will this love cure the future or devastate everything? 

5. Hataraku Maou-Sama!

An evil demonic god accepts his defeat from the good gods. However, he and one of his sidekick warlords escape to planet earth for his safety. But in the meanwhile, they lose their divine power. Hataraku Maou-Sama

So they start doing odd jobs and trying to regain their power. In this process, they encounter many situations on earth that can be pretty humorous to face for a god. The good-sided gods send over a female warrior with whom this demonic god had an old enmity. 

There are massive actions, comedy, and romance in the weirdest situation with the most unexpected person. Finally, this may be a good action romance anime to watch without any interval.

6. Angel Beats!

We will discuss a popular action anime with a considerable fanbase next. It tells Otonashi’s story, a boy who finds himself in the afterlife. He has no memory of his early life except his name. 

In the afterlife, his story circles around an academy where he makes friends and finds love. But the ultimate goal is to team up with his friends and fight against an angel. This anime has a unique style of storytelling. This anime will fall you in a position where you ought to think about life, love, and our demise with deep thought.

7. Beyond The Boundary

Second-year student Akihito Kanbara has the power to heal himself rather quickly. One day he meets a girl, a freshman student named Mirai Kuriyama, who seems to jump from the school’s building. He comes forward to save her but is surprisingly stabbed by her. Beyond The Boundary Action Romance Anime To Watch

The most astonishing matter is the sword that stabbed him is made of her ability to turn blood into any weapon. But as we know, he is immortal and cannot be injured grievously. 

So why did she stab her? What enmity exists between them? In the end, are they fall in love with each another? To get these answers, you have to watch this best-action fantasy anime.

8. Future Diary

The following recommended anime consists of action and survival. Characters enter into a deadly game to select the successor of the lord. With numerous violent actions, your psyche will become filled with the liveliness of romance. 

Yukiteru, an innocent and blushing boy, encountered a girl name Yuno. She is exceptionally opposite to him as she is agile and fearless. In this game, they possess cell phones that are called Future Diary. They must have to use this Future Diary to endure this dreaded game.

This anime is a story of friendship, humanity, and survival. This anime will show you love prevails in the most adverse situation. Love alone can overcome all kinds of hostility. 

9. Suisei no Gargantia

If you crave a fantasy action anime to watch, this anime can fulfill your thirst. The story starts in a futuristic world where humanity no longer lives on Earth. They forget their species’ birthplace and inhabit different parts of the universe.

A unified galactic alliance is established to govern humankind and ensure safety. Weird creatures from space declare war on humanity. The main protagonist is Ledo, a lieutenant who fights valiantly in this war.

In a battle, he was injured and fell into a wormhole. Suddenly he wakes up and finds himself on a watery plain land that seems very unusual to him. Guess what this place is? Yes, it is planet earth where he will find his love of life. 


Here we come with another one of the popular action animes that you may hear of. A veteran high school gamer named Ryota Sakamoto was sent off an island in a mystical way. There he has to survive a live-action game to save his life. 

Games are put to death just by failing simple tasks like math tests. There he meets Himiko, who is his finance in this game. Together they have to face deadly missions and objectives. Most importantly, they cannot afford any failure, which may cause their death. 

By saving each other from numerous dangers, they develop a love interest in each other. This anime is in the top 10 action anime series till now dates. You should not miss this show if you enjoy romantic action animes.

11. Blood+

Love and war are discussed here, and a vampire story cannot place on this list. This cannot happen. The next on this list will be a vampire love story but much more profound than any conventional one.

Saya Otonashi is a patient of amnesia. A vampire has attacked her. After this incident, she meets a mysterious, handsome man named Hagi. However, they fall in love with each other. Later, Saya Otonashi discovers some hard facts but the truth about Hagi.

What is the background tale of Hagi? Is this affect their affection? Can Saya acknowledge this truth? So let us find out these by watching this romantic action anime. 

12. Mobile Suit Gundam 00

This part of the Gundam series is the most loved and popular among anime lovers. This much popularity is earned because of the romance between Setsuna Seiei and Marina Ismail. This is one of the most well-explained and plotted love stories in mecha action genre anime. 

This is a mecha anime so that you will explore a world full of mechanical substances and their battle with them. The story is also well written that will keep you busy until you finish it. There you will find epic war and dirty politics on top of everything love and romance. This could be next on your bucket list as a good action anime to watch. 

13. The sacred blacksmith

This anime has a complex storyline that will restrict your attention till the ending. You will fall in love with the characters and be fascinated by epic battles and lovable interactions between protagonists. 

This story revolved around a girl who was looking for a particular blacksmith. This blacksmith can only fix her weapon. Eventually, she finds herself on an adventure with him. Consequently, they face lots of action along the way and develop a love interest between them. 

Let us not give you any spoilers. If you want to enjoy this action-adventure anime, you may find popular anime websites like Funimation. 

14. Kekkaishi

Two friends from infancy get together and make a pact. Though they are from diverse tribes, they are going to make the team face the demon who has been attacking their habitant. And from here also romance begins.

This tv show is old and still enjoyable among anime lovers. The animation may be sloppy and not quite appealing like recently. But if you enter beneath this, this may be your next weekend’s anime marathon. 

15. Romeo X Juliet

You may think about what is going on! You came to see the best romance and action anime, not any play by William Shakespeare. This anime is based on this legendary masterpiece. 

Though the story isn’t fully adopted from the play essence of it been used in this anime. These anime illustrate this classic’s animated storytelling but with many actions. Romeo and Juliet will go through many challenges, and they must overcome them to fulfill the meaning of their love. 

This show will engulf your heart with love, take your breath with glorious fight and finally make you burst into laughter.

16. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

The next show that is taking place on our list is going to be a multi-genre anime. This anime cover horror, fantasy, action, mystery, thriller, and romance. So there is nothing left that you may want to experience. This is the perfect package for you.

Here we will watch the story of a young girl killed fifty years ago in a school. On account of the event, she meets Teiichi Niiya. With his help, her phantom goes on a mission to find her killer. 

They look for clues, help each other and develop love feelings between them. This will make an unattachable rapport. They will find some unexpected and shocking truths from the past.

17. Samurai X

Let’s take you back to your childhood. You may watch samurai x on cable tv networks or in any form in your early days. This show was telecasted in the ’90s. 

The story revolves around a samurai named Kenshin Himura. Once, he was a fierce samurai with unparallel wrath. Later he gave up his way and chose the path of peace. Whatever, his old enemy was not as kind as him. So he has to encounter his past in the present. Uncalled love comes into his life.

It would help if you took a journey with Kenshin Himura in his journey to redemption by watching this show. 

18. Sword Art Online

This show can be said to be a top-action anime 2023. It is still running on air from 2012 to the present date. This show is based on a novel series by Reki Kawahara. Sword art online is a perfect combination of traditional sword fighting in japan and modern days. 

The story commences shortly when two protagonists Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, play a virtual reality game that is more real than reality. Anything that happens in the game prevails in the present. Even if anyone died in the game means his demise in reality. 

In this adverse environment in virtual reality, they face the most brutal reality that cannot be faced in reality.

19. Inuyasha

At present, a Japanese girl named Kagome Higurashi, unfortunately, traveled back time to Sengoku Period. She wakes up in her family shrine. There she meets with Inuyasha, who is a half-human and half-dog demon. 

Accidentally, she shattered a jewel that possessed unimaginable power. The shattered pieces scattered all over japan. So now they must go on an expedition to retrieve these. You will see all before they fall into the hands of the evil demon.

This show will make you laugh with its intense humor. Besides, breathtaking fighting and romance will steal your time even if you don’t want to. 

20. Full Metal Panic

This is a perfect combination of comedy, action, and acute romance. This show is light in its depths but undoubtedly quite entertaining. 

The main protagonist Sousuke Sagara is a highly trained bodyguard. He works for an organization called Mithril. It is a private covert military force. However, they assign Sousuke Sagara to a girl named Kaname Chidori, a hot-headed Japanese high school girl

He protects her from all the ensuing dangers to her, so there might be tons of action sequences. Meanwhile, there grows some romantic sensibility between them. 

So, may this sounds like a very conventional action romance anime? Probably, but you will not feel bored for a single second. As I said earlier, it is undoubtedly entertaining.

My Thoughts

Anime makes a community. But why? Cause anime only can make people feel like they are in their world of imagination. Through this art form, people reach the part of reality they long cherish to attain. 

Everyone knows all of the intense feelings shown in anime, whether fear, humor, romance, or action. Romantic anime will make you see love in an unspeakable way you may never imagine. 

Epic battles or intense action make you feel a thrill that you never experienced before. And this is all the magic about anime. That is why people love anime. And that is why anime is just not a form of art. And it is another universe.

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