All Angry Birds Game in Order And Angry Birds Alternatives

Angry Birds is a gaming franchise with around 30 games released over the years. Rovio brought the game to us. On the other hand, they released the first game of this popular franchise in December 2009. At some point in your life, you must have downloaded and played Angry Birds on your mobile or PC. It is a very addictive game that everyone can enjoy. Angry Birds have been popular among kids to adults. And you cannot deny the appeals of the adorable birds and the green pigs. Moreover, at the end of the article, we will discuss some of the best Angry Birds Alternatives.

There are 30 games in this series, and many are awaiting release. Rovio officially published Most of these games, and different developers developed others. We will discuss all the Angry Birds games in chronological order. This guide will also talk about the best Angry Birds game alternatives you can play. 

How to Play Angry Birds

Every Angry Birds game has the basic theme familiar to it. The goal is to get rid of green pigs in every circumstance. Usually, there are multiple levels in each game. It can be a different theme-based, but the primary task is the same.

You have to launch the birds with a slingshot toward the pigs. The pigs are stationary on different frames or structures. When you dethrone the pigs, you complete that level. The levels, Normal, Hard, and Boss, have different difficulties. Moreover, some unique spells and cards are hidden in the game too. You can use them to power up the birds.

The Main Flock of This Game

The birds have unique characteristics and powers too. Here are the extraordinary powers of the main Flock:

  • Red: Red is the leader of the Flock and the very first bird introduced in the game.
  • Jay, Jake, and Jim: They are the bluebirds. When you launch them, they split into three different birds.
  • Chuck: Chuck is the yellow one. After launching Chuck, his speed increases heavily if you touch the screen.
  • Matilda: Matilda is white and can shoot egg bombs vertically at the enemy.
  • Bomb: The bomb is a large blackbird. He blows upon impact.
  • Silver: Silver makes a 270-degree loop before violently crashing down on the pigs.
  • Terence: Terence is the biggest and badass of them all. He is vast and powerful. He can bring down structures with a single attack.

All Angry Birds Game in Chronological Order

Now we present every Angry Birds game in the order of its release date. You can find all the games on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store.All Angry Birds Game in Chronological Order and alternatives

1. Angry Birds (2009)

Angry Birds is the first game of this successful franchise. They released it in December 2009. Moreover, this game introduced us to the main birds of the game: Red, Chuck, and Bomb. You have to knock down the pigs by using the birds. You first select a bird and place it on the slingshot. Then pull the slingshot to launch it toward the pig’s structures. Upon impact, the pigs will drop, giving you a point. You need to secure a certain point to get to the next level. 

2. Angry Birds Seasons (2010)

Angry Birds Seasons came out in October 2010. The name of the game says it all. Moreover, the game’s basic concept is the same as Angry Birds. But this time, they designed the levels according to the six seasons throughout the year. The power-up system was introduced in Angry Birds Seasons. 

3. Angry Birds Rio (2011)

Angry Birds Rio was released in March 2011. The game was themed to commemorate the release of the film Rio. They based the film on Spix’s Macaw from Brazil. Angry Birds Rio was focused on matching the film. So instead of pigs, there were birds in cages. Launch the Angry Birds to free them from cages.

4. Angry Birds Space (2012)

Angry Birds Space came out for the public in March 2012. You can guess from the name that the stage is outer space this time. Yes, in Angry Birds Space, the stage is set up in space. Some special moves and power-ups match the setup. This time the goal is to help the birds to retrieve their eggs.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars (2012)

Angry Birds Star Wars was released in November 2012. They based it on another popular film, Star Wars. You will love to play in this new setup if you know about the film series. This time the birds have special powers that resemble Star Wars characters. For example, players can update the birds and play as Darth Vader. The designs and maps also focus on the film.

6. Angry Birds Friends (2013)

Angry Birds Friend was the sixth game of the Angry Birds game series. It was available from May 2013. Moreover, the basics are like previous Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. But this time, they come with more destructive power and speed. There are also options to convert coins to power-ups in the game.

7. Wars II (2013)

Angry Birds Star Wars II has nothing more to describe it. It is the sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, with some new characters introduced. And in this game, the slingshot is the lightsaber, as seen in the films. The birds can also be the villains in Angry Birds Star Wars II.

8. Go! (2013)

Angry Birds Go was available from December 2013. It is the third game of the year 2013 from Rovio Entertainment. This time the game is different. In Angry Birds Go, pigs race as the birds watch from the sideline. Players can choose their character to race in the game. There are different modes of transport to use in the race.

9. Epic (2014)

Rovio published Angry Birds Epic in June 2014 for players across the world. The conventional pull and launch have changed in Angry Birds Epic. This time the birds go on an all-out war with the pigs. They can use weapons and move to combat the pigs. 

10. Stella (2014)

Angry Birds Stella is the same as previous versions of Angry Birds. What is new is players can collect coins and unlock new birds. The environment is also changing in Angry Birds Stella.

11. Transformers (2014)

The eleventh game of the famous Angry Birds series came out in October 2014, Angry Birds Transformers. The game is based on the popular film and comic series Transformers.’ Angry Birds Transformers took a lot of inspiration from the movie and redesigned the bird’s appearance. Players carefully travel through the different levels to avoid attacks from Pigbots. There are many rewards and in-game items to help the players in the journey.

12. Angry Birds 2 (2015)

Though the game was 12th in the series, the 2015s version was called Angry Birds 2. I don’t know what was happening in the creator’s mind while naming it. The basic concept is the same as Angry Birds. There are some additional features and characters in the mix.

13. Angry Birds Fight! (2015)

Angry Birds Fight! was an online PVP game. Players could choose their birds and fight with other players online via Facebook. There were different PVP modes and setups to try in Angry Birds Fight!

14. POP! (2015)

Angry Birds POP! was released in October 2015. It is the first bubble-matching game of the series. Players have to swipe and match bubbles of the same color. When matching colors, players receive rewards and power-ups. The game was inspired very much by Angry Birds Stella.

15. Angry Birds Action! (2016)

Angry Birds Action was released in February 2016. It is much different from other Angry Birds games. There are a wide variety of modes in Angry Birds Action! Moreover, players travel through different levels and complete objectives.

16. Angry Birds Football (2016)

By the name, you can easily guess Angry Birds Football was inspired by the most popular sport, Football (usually called soccer in the United States). It is very far away from the original concept. The players control the birds and play football matches against the Pig team. 

17. Ace Fighter (2016)

Have you played the famous air combat game Ace Fighter? Well, the events of Angry Birds Ace Fighter are inspired by that game. The birds fly planes and gain points when they beat the pigs. If the plane crashes, it is all over. The players will also have to keep track of their damages.

18. Holiday (2016)

Angry Birds Holiday brings new challenges and difficulties. The players must up their game because the birds must run their businesses. They will also have to prevent the pigs from stealing their eggs. Players must do everything possible to aid the birds in the Angry Birds Holiday.

19. Evolution (2016)

Angry Birds Evolution goes back to the original series. But this time around, there are corresponding numbers over the head of the pigs and birds. The pig’s number means how many hits they can take. The numbers over the heads of the birds mean how many super strikes they have left.

20. Blast! (2016)

It is the 20th game of the series. The gameplay of Angry Birds Blast is straightforward. In Angry Birds Blast!, you must pop balloons of the same colors as the birds. For example, you must use Chuck to pop all the yellow balloons. Thus the name Angry Birds Blast! Pooping two or more balloons gives you points. The goal is to free all the birds.

21. Dice (2017)

In Angry Birds Dice, players enjoy a board game setting for the first time. You will understand the concept if you have played Monopoly (a board game). Players have to roll dice. The responding number on the dice determines how many steps the birds will take on the board. The birds can buy and sell properties and earn coins.

22. Angry Birds Islands (2017)

Angry Birds Islands is a resource-gathering game. It has been playable since March 2017. The birds have to collect resources to survive on an island. The pigs are there to put obstacles in their way. Players have to go on missions to receive points and items.

23. Angry Birds Match (2017)

Angry Birds Match is a challenging and highly detailed game of the franchise. Each level contains various objects in the grid, and the players must match them similarly. It is kind of similar to Angry Birds POP. If you have played sugar rush, you will find Angry Birds Match much easier.

24. Angry Birds Blast Island (2018)

Angry Birds Blast Island comes with a fun and straightforward objective. It is similar to Angry Birds Blast. But this time, they have to match tiles instead of matching balloons. There are more levels and rewards in the game compared to others.

25. Dream Blast (2019)

Angry Birds Dream Blast was released in January 2019. This game also is a match-making game. Players have to match different objects in grids to progress in the game. At some level, players have to maneuver through bouncing bubbles. When touched, the bubble pop. It fails the round.

26. VR/AR: Isle of Pigs (2019)

Angry Birds VR/AR: Isle of Pigs was the first virtual and augmented reality game. It is based on the original game but in VR. The game also took some inspiration from the Angry Birds Movie.

27. Angry Birds Tennis (2019)

Are you up for a tennis match with the birds? Angry Birds Tennis allows you to play it like a pro. The players compete in tennis matches to win levels. Moreover, there are different levels in the game. Unfortunately, the game was canceled in September 2020.

28. Explore (2019)

Angry Birds Explore came out in May 2019. It is the first game that interacts with the real world. This game has many mini-game, and you can unblock them when you play them. Players can enjoy other games when they point their phone toward the TV screen when the film, Angry Birds 2 is playing.

29. Casual (2020)

In 2020 Angry Birds Casual came out. Players will be in “Aww” as they have to rescue baby birds from cages. Players can unlock new characters as they progress in the game. You will be showered with cuteness when you play Angry Birds Casual.

30. Legends (2020)

Angry Birds Legends was the first-ever role-playing game of the series. It was released in March 2020. Players could take different characters in this game and play in an epic battle with other layers. The 3D graphics and animation were great for the game. It was discontinued in December 2020 for unknown reasons.

 Canceled Angry Birds Game

Though all the Angry Birds series games are fun, not all have a long run. The developers canceled some titles at different times. Here is a list of those canceled Angry Birds games.

Title Release Date Discontinued from
Angry Birds Football April 2016 December 2016
Angry Birds Ace Fighter May 2016 October 2016
Angry Birds Holiday May 2016 December 2016
Angry Birds Islands April 2017 June 2017
Angry Birds Dice February 2017 October 2017
Angry Birds Island February 2018 Summer 2019
Angry Birds Tennis February 2020 September 2020
Angry Birds Legends March 2020 December 2020

Best 5 Angry Birds Game Alternative 

Here is a list of the best Angry Birds game alternatives you can play.

1. Bunny Shooter

Angry Birds Game Bunny ShooterBunny Shooter is a great Angry Birds alternative that you can play for free on Android and iOS devices. The game has a dark theme to it. Moreover, there is a pink bunny standing just below an anvil. You get to control a bow and arrow. You must shoot the arrow at the anvil to drop it on the bunny. Moreover, you can play this game this way. So, you will enjoy this arcade-style game.

2. Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle Crush the Castle is another game similar to Angry Birds. You can get a gist of the idea from the game’s name. There is a castle that you have to destroy by shooting at it. You can enjoy this game on Android and iOS smartphones. The game is free on both platforms.

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3. Bad Piggies

Angry Birds Game Bad PiggiesIf you are bored with playing Angry Birds repeatedly, you can play Bad Piggies. The game features the pig instead of the birds. The pigs must use homemade vehicles, like cars and planes, to reach their goal. You have to help them with it. It is a reasonably fun game to play.

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4. Monster Balls Smash

Monster Balls SmashMonster Balls Smash is an iOS game that is like the concept of the Angry Birds game. The game is easy and matches the classic Angry Birds game style. You have to aim at aliens and shoot Monster Balls at them. If they fall from the structures, you get points. You can get the game for free in the App Store.

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5. Apple Flinger

Apple FlingerApple Flinger is a funny single/ multiplayer game you can play on Android. It was an open-source project published on GitHub. The game is of high quality and detailed. There are small birds like creatures on platforms. You have to use a slingshot and an apple to knock them out. We can play it in PVP mode online. In that case, knock down your opponent’s birds to earn points.

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Best Angry Birds Game for Android

With the availability of smartphones, anyone can utilize leisure time. Now need a desire for Angry Birds games to play. However, I am giving the latest angry birds list for Android users:

Serial Name Download Rating Developer
1. Angry Birds Epic RPG 10 million 4.7
2.  Angry Birds Go! 100 Million 4.4
3. Angry Birds Evolution 10 Million 4.3
4.  Angry Birds, POP! 10 Million 4.5
5.  Angry Birds Friends 100 Million 4.4
6. Angry Birds Journey 10 Million 4.6
7. Angry Birds Transformers 50 Million 4.6
8. Angry Birds Classic 100 Million 4.4
9. Bad Piggies 50 Million 4.4
10. Angry Birds Star Wars 1.7 Million

Which Angry Birds Game is Best?

After reviewing all the angry bird’s games in order, it is clear which game is suitable for you. However, it is impossible to tell which is best in a single word. Someone loves Terrence, but it is a massive red bird, silent and destructive.

Matilda is the white bird that becomes the mother hen of The Flock—another lovely bird Bomb which is round, black, and short-tempered. Hal is the green Emerald toucanet and is very friendly. So you can play this game.

Final Thoughts

You cannot deny the appeal of Angry Birds. The game is fun to play and gives you enjoyment. From kids to adults, everyone can enjoy Angry Birds. We tried to include all the Angry Birds games that have been released. The article also incorporated 5 of the best Angry Birds alternative for you to enjoy. Please share your opinions and let us know what you think.

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