Photo Tech All Essentials You Need to Know About 'What is Time Lapse?'

All Essentials You Need to Know About ‘What is Time Lapse?’

What is time-lapse? Well, that is an easy question I think. However many of us do not know about it which is a very interesting and a beautiful chapter of work for the photographers. I like to do this, and I made many videos like this. It is a lengthy process compared to other photography.

However, all the steps of this type of photography are interesting. When you start learning this photography, you will not only learn the said topic rather you will know many new things like post-processing using Filmora. This further help you to make different videos. 

In Search of Time-Lapse

Today, I shall discuss this fascinating, a trending topic where many photographers are interested. I found many people who like to see this type of videos, photographers who want to make this type of photography.  I hope by reading the article, you will come to know what is time lapse. In the end, I will give you some guideline so that you can make a video at your own like a pro.

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What is Time Lapse Definition?

It is kind of video where a lengthy process or event is shown within a brief time making the run time of the video faster. Like, a candle takes a long time to be finished. It may be one hour for a standard candle. So we can either make a video of the whole event or take many photos with some intervals in between and make them a video. After that, we can play those faster than the usual. This is what is time lapse.

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There are numerous examples around us. Anything which needs longer time to be finished can be captured and turned as a video which goes to show you the whole process within a brief time.  You may search the internet for tips which will inspire you and help you to get ideas for the photography.

What is Time Lapse Mechanism?

Now we can discuss ‘what is time lapse mechanism?’. The mechanism of is simple. We know that a video is just a continuous flow of frames at a definite speed. We may call it FPS or frame per second. All the videos maintain a reasonable frame per second. Now, if we boost up the rate of the frames, then all the frames will pass faster. It will make the video length shorter causing a lapse in the time.

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what is time lapse

What is Time-Lapse Photography?

So far we have come to know what is time lapse mechanism. Now we shall discuss ‘what is time lapse photography?’. This photography is done for a longer time. Here you have to take multiple shots for the whole event which you want to capture. Within the shots, there will be a definite interval. Usually, you need a separate mechanism which will control the continuous capturing with a fixed interval. We get, time-lapse photography is:

  • A series of photography.
  • With a definite interval of time.
  • Continuation is done by an automated system (either integrated to the camera or externally fixed).

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What is Time Lapse Photography Interval?

As I mentioned, time-lapse photography demands interval between each photo. So, what is time-lapse photography interval? It is something which you need to judge by yourself. Suppose, one candle needs 45 minutes times to get burnt to the end. Now if you take a shot with a one-second interval, then it will be too short. Because within just one second there will be decidedly less change in the candle. Ten seconds interval is quite good in this case.

what is time lapse mechanism

Again, if you are shooting a time-lapse of the clouds, then you have to think about the speed of the clouds. Clouds moving too slow will require more significant interval like 20- 30 seconds. Again clouds moving fast will require 10-15 seconds interval and very fast moving clouds will require 3-5 seconds interval. So, time interval depends upon the speed of the change of subject. Use your judgment to select the time interval.

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What is Time Lapse Toll?

Time-lapse photography is a long time process. Withing the whole time you have to capture all the photos with a set time interval. It is tough to shoot every time by maintaining a time interval. I am sure you will not like to do is.  There are some tools which will do this part for you. The tolls are:

  • Connect a cable with your camera and attach with a remote which has an intervalometer.
  • Connect your camera with your laptop and then use the software given with your camera by a CD and use the intervalometer of that.
  • There is some device specially made for time-lapse photography that has to be attached with your camera at the top. You may use that in your camera for time-lapse photography.
  • If your camera supports magic lantern, then you don’t need to connect anything with your camera. Just go to the intervalometer and set the interval time between the shots.

What is Time Lapse Post Processing?

After you finish your photography, you need to post-process them to make a video. There is much software to make that. Photoshop and Filmora are familiar and in leading position. It is not a tough job. Read my article How To Do Time-Lapse Video? An Ultimate Professional Guide For Beginners, which will let you know the post-processing for making a time-lapse video. Here is also a video which will guide you:


What About Some Time Lapse Photography Tutorial?

So far we have learned ‘what is time lapse’ and what it’s photography. Now we shall go a bit deeper into time-lapse photography. It is a bit lengthy process. Like other photography, you need some essential aids for this photography. The most important thing for this photography is patience. I will not go in details about the tutorial as I have written an article How To Do Time-Lapse Video? An Ultimate Professional Guide For Beginners which will help you to know all about this.

Final Thoughts

Time-lapse photography is fascinating. You have to do hard work for getting an outstanding time-lapse video. But, your hard work will satisfy you when you get a perfect time-lapse video. I hope the writings mentioned above will satisfy you about what is time lapse. If you see the video, I have shared and the tutorial link with the article then you will be clear about making a time-lapse video. The most important thing is that you have to show your patience and creativity for a fascinating and better time-lapse video.



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