All You Need to Know About Cloud Gaming Platform in 2023

There are a lot of things every gamer should know about cloud gaming. We’ve picked Boosteroid to show why this technology is so demanded nowadays. It’s hard to find the ultimate platform to show all benefits of cloud gaming. The problem is that every cloud gaming platform provides different types of services so you might get lost in the flow of information.

There’s at least one more reason why we’ve decided to choose Boosteroid for such a critical mission Recognition. Almost every gamer has heard about Geforce NOW and Google Stadia, but there is a perfect world beyond those two giants. These platforms are already compared to each other and tested a thousand times, so is there anything new we can tell you about them *sarcasm*? Exactly! 

Technology is the Answer

Device VS Data of cloud gaming platformAll right, their isis one thing binding all cloud gaming platforms, including Boosteroid. We are talking about the leading technological solution on the market. All providers use streaming as an optimal feature for gamers. This technology is the easiest way to transmit your gameplay from a remote PC, and it will be unbeatable shortly. 

Cloud gaming is access to remote hardware to run your games. How does it work? A player runs games remotely and watches an interactive gameplay stream on their screen. This is all you should know about the visible part of cloud gaming. 

At least a few more aspects are essential regarding the quality of your gaming experience. Latency and packet loss are two arch-nemeses of cloud gaming. The provider can fix the first issue directly by deploying new servers. The distance between a player and a server defines the delay users face. Boosteroid, for example, has servers in Italy, Romania, and Slovakia. That’s enough to cover Eastern and Central Europe. Many users play games, even far away from the nearest servers. If connection channels are straight and stable, you can play on Italian servers from the UK. Does it sound like a random thing to you? Yes, in some way, it is. That’s why you should make a few connection tests to avoid another big problem… Packet loss. 

Packet loss can turn your gameplay into a complete mess. The stream starts lagging, and the game becomes unplayable. This is the most challenging problem of a web-based Cloud Gaming Platform like Boosteroid. There’s no technology to avoid this issue in a browser. 

BoosteroidIn its struggle to make cloud gaming as comfortable as possible, Boosteroid has developed interesting custom software tools. One of them is dynamic bitrate stabilization. If the Internet connection drops below a minimum requirement (about 15 Mbps), your stream will not suffer from lags. The bitrate quality will be reduced, but the image will not lose frames. This technology is excellent for awkward situations when your Internet provider runs some tests and restricts your connection. 

About The Price And Even More

What can be better than a reasonable price for a reasonable service? Unfortunately, there is no common standard on the market. Different platforms are pushing their solutions and options, so finding one perfect offer for the Cloud Gaming Platform is hard. At some point, you’ll understand that $10 is an average price for any monthly subscription. You can get Google Stadia or Boosteroid for this price. But is it a good bargain to buy any of them? Google Stadia is restricted to 50 games and available only in the USA and some European countries. Boosteroid covers Eastern and Central Europe but has an extensive list of AAA titles. What does it mean? You’ll likely find your favorite game on Boosteroid than somewhere else.

Boosteroid has another significant advantage. Its annual plan is the cheapest on the market for now. A player can get a year of cloud gaming services for about 50 euros, and we couldn’t find any similar offer.

Boosteroid AdvantageWhat else? Boosteroid users can play games 24/7. This is an exciting feature. Even Nvidia can’t provide the same unlimited service. As you might know, GeForce NOW has time restrictions for a paid subscription. After 6 hours of gameplay, you’ll be disconnected from the session. It’s a big problem for online games. On the other hand, Boosteroid has no free trial.

There are plenty of other benefits, but we won’t concentrate your attention on those things. It seems like almost every gamer knows that you don’t have to buy expensive hardware to run games in the cloud. We tried to show you the strongest and weakest sides of the Cloud Gaming Platform. Boosteroid is an excellent example of what you can get for a reasonable price nowadays. Don’t forget to run connection tests before starting your cloud gaming way.

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