Best 15 Alternative To Google Docs For Online Word Processing

Online word processing has its own set of advantages. It is excellent for business people and entrepreneurs who are always on the go. With a live internet connection, you can access your documents from anywhere in the world. With free cloud storage of the online word processing tools, it is possible to store, save, and retrieve any amount of documents and data on Google doc. But, today we will discuss some open source alternative to google docs.

And the best tool for online word writing is, no doubt, Google Docs. But do you know there are many other great tools, just like Google document for online typing and editing documents? This article will tell you about 15 of the best alternatives to Google docs for online word processing.

What is Google Docs?

For those who don’t know what is Google document, it is a free web-based word processor offered by Google Inc for its users. It works with Google Drive and stores all the documents on Google drive. Google docs were introduced on March 9, 2006.

You can use Google document from a web browser or download their iOS/ Android app for your phone. You can write and edit .doc, .docx, .docm .xml, .html, .txt files on Google Drive. You can easily share or transfer files. You can also give access to others to edit, view, and share your documents. The character limit for Google document is 1.02 million. So you can write endless words on the Doc.

Alternatives To Google Docs For Online Word Processing

Best Alternatives To Google Docs For Online Word ProcessingHere is a list of the best alternatives to Google document for online word processing in 2020.

All The Alternative For Google Docs At A Glance

Name Price Platform Mobile apps Offline access Cloud Storage Registration
Microsoft Office Free/ Paid Windows, macOS, iOS, Web, Android, Linux Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Docs  Free  Windows, macOS, iOS, Web, Android Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dropbox paper Free  Windows, macOS, iOS, Web, Android, Linux Yes  No Yes Yes
ONLYOFFICE  Paid/ Free  Windows, macOS, iOS, Web, Android, Linux No  Yes Yes
Nuclino  Free  Windows, macOS, Web, Linux No  No  Yes
Bit.AI Free/ Paid Web No No  Yes  Yes 
SSuite Office Online Free Windows, macOS, Web, Linux No Yes No No
LibreOffice Online Free Windows, macOS, Web No No No No
Etherpad Free Windows, macOS, Web No No  No
CryptPad  Free/ Paid Web No No Yes No  Free/ Paid Windows, macOS, Web, Android No No Yes
Quip Paid Windows, macOS, Web No No Yes Yes
Collabora  PAid Web No No Yes Yes
Coda  Free/ Paid Web No No Yes Yes
Firepad  Free Web  No  No  No  No 

1. Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office OnlineFormerly known as Office online or Office on the Web, Microsoft Office Online is the best free alternative to Google Docs. This web-based word processor is the most popular one in the world. It is free and easy to use. It has all the features of Offline Office and many more.

You can access MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Outlook from the online MS office. All the files are saved in OneDrive, just like Google document saves its file on G Drive. You can simply log in and use the MS Office Online version from anywhere in the world.

You can use the free version with some limitations or buy the premium Office 365. You get 1 TB of cloud storage alternative to your local storage on the One Drive with MS office. Some limitations of MS Office are that it has fewer templates, and it has limited numbers of styles, and you can not edit them.

The free web-based online word processing tool, Microsoft Office is an excellent open source google docs viewer alternative application.

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2. Zoho Docs

Zoho DocsZoho Docs is another great alternative to Google Docs. This is part of Zoho’s app category. Zoho has introduced many useful apps and websites for the people, and this alternative for google docs is one of the best. This application is a strong competitor to Google document and has all the features of a powerful word processing tool.

The writing feature of Zoho Docs is, in a word, excellent. It contains a bunch of great tools to customize your text or doc. One fun feature that I enjoyed was the chat feature. You can message with other collaborators just like Google’s hangout. Zoho has a complete CRM platform for growing businesses and enterprises. You can also store your documents and files for free on Zoho’s cloud storage.

With Zoho, you can create Word files, Spreadsheets, Slideshows, and all other documental elements. Zoho has the potential to become your online secured file cabinet.

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3. Dropbox Paper

dropboxDropbox paper is a Google document alternative offered by DropBox. Dropbox is known to us for its secure cloud storage service. Keep everything organized on Dropbox Paper. With Dropbox Paper, you get the massive storage of Dropbox. It is a complete solution for online word processing as well as safe storage.

It can help you whether you are in marketing, product developments, IT, or a businessman. Simply type your critical writings and save it in the Dropbox. You can then easily access the files as long as you have an internet connection.

DropBox Paper offers some cool features to its users. It has a pretty handy editing tool, collaboration and sharing features, and lets others edit the file. Adding images to files is easier if you already use Dropbox to back up your data. You can add any image or other file to your document with just a click.

You can tag people with ‘@’ even if they are not currently online to edit. The person will receive a notification that you want him/ her to come and work on the document. Dropbox Paper is an alternative to Google Docs.

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Only OfficeONLYOFFICE is entirely compatible with Microsoft Office files and works as an excellent alternative for Google docs. It offers both online and offline services. So you can now edit your docs even without the internet. But to backup or access from another device, you will need a net connection. It has two versions, one that you can download and another that works fine on your web browser.

It is the most comprehensive online word processing tool with great editing features. You can get extensive editing features and tools along with offline tools. The editor has many great templates, and all of them are customizable, unlike Google Drive.

On ONLYOFFICE, you can chat and share your work with collaborators, and anyone can view and edit the file with the link you provide. You can even chat with your other workers on ONLYOFFICE.

You can also install ONLYOFFICE add-ons, which are to increase the productivity of the google docs alternative.

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5. Nuclino

If you are looking for a great Google docs alternative, then you must try Nuclino. Nucleo is an excellent free online collaborative word editor for everyday use. Your whole team can collaborate and work together on Nuclino. It is fast and secure.

Nuclino is solely focused on group or teamwork. It is excellent for small businesses or companies. If you own a small business with a bunch of workers, you must try Nuclino. It is used by more than 12,000 teams, according to the website.

Nuclino has a great UI and will give you the total satisfaction of editing. It is not a competitor of Google drive. It is more of a team editor, unlike Google. It is a versatile application with multiple groups, boards, smart tags, and many more. It also comes with comprehensive support from YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud.

In the end, Nuclino is not purely an editing tool. It is a product for your team and advanced group editing.

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6. Bit.AI

Bit.AI online freeBit.AI is an online free tool that is designed for team productivity and best for corporate use. This free replacement of Google Drive is a full workplace and document collaboration platform. Bit.AI offers a massive library of catalogs and templates to start your work. It supports all document types. You can now easily edit document files, create slides, and many more with Bit.AI.

Bit.AI is easy to use and has a beautiful design. It helps to scale across teams. It comes with a smart search to search for documents. You can also track your document and allow guest users to view your file. Bit.AI is used by renowned companies like Canon, Rackspace, the University of Michigan for their teams.

It supports individual use, small team use, or for large enterprises. Keep your work organized and access it from anywhere in the world with Bit.AI. You can move the files across Bit.AI and share it with your teams. The admin can manage who has access and who is online editing on the users’ dashboard.

Bit.AI takes the lead place when it comes to the question for the replacement of Google document. It comes with 1 GB of storage for free. If you think you need more than upgrading to their paid version for %12 per month.

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7. SSuite Office Online

SSuite Office OnlineSSuite Office Online is an online word processor that runs on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS. This office suite can be installed on your PC or accessed from a web browser. You can use this fantastic free google docs alternative open source and complete your editing tasks.

SSuite Office has the full potential to compete against other big gun editors available on the market. It is free but has all the qualities of a paid tool. It has both online and offline options. So, you can type in your documents even without an internet connection.

SSuite Office Online is not only a word editor. It also consists of many other useful tools, such as spreadsheets, photo editor, sticky notes, sketch maker, and more. It has some great templates to edit.

The fun thing is that when you save a document after writing, it saves it on your device so you can retrieve it at any time. It does not have any cloud storage. The SSuite Office Online has all standard fonts to write in, and other word processors like MS Office support the file created by it.

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8. LibreOffice Online

LibreOffice ViewerLibreOffice Online is an excellent open-source google docs viewer alternative. This free, open-source word editor is built from LibreOffice Project codes and accessed by your browser. It is a complete word tool for your daily needs. It is a technology best suited for the public cloud of ISPs and the private cloud of companies and large organizations. It does not store data on their server like other online editors, instead, it saves data in your local server.

LibreOffice Online is an excellent tool for big companies. It is free, so you don’t have to buy and run it. The LibreOffice Online supports all the central document files. More than five people can access the same document and work on it.

One thing I should mention here, the LibreOffice Online, is a great tool, but it is still under development and is not entirely stable. A warning message is shown when more than 10 documents have been edited. So, you should back up your data as soon as you have access to your main PC or device.

The LibreOffice Project offers different types of online versions of its word tool. You can choose which one is suitable and use it for your needs.

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9. Etherpad

If you are looking for a free collective word editor, then you should consider Etherpad. Ether pad is an excellent open-source alternative to google docs. This open-source editor can be accessed easily from your browser. It is free, and you don’t need to sign up or create an account. You can simply open and start typing on Etherpad.

You can share the link or invite other collaborators to come work with you. It has multiple features that will help you make the perfect document online. You can edit the pad in real-time, and everyone on the pad can see it changing. It is an excellent tool for business meetings or group planning.

You have full access to the tool. You can customize the appearance of Eterpad and make it suitable for your work. As it is an google docs alternative open source, it grows day by day and becomes perfect as we speak.

Individuals, companies, developers have worked together on this open-source google document viewer alternative. Give it a try and see if it fulfills your needs.

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10. CryptPad

CryptPad is the best solution for Google Docs alternative. This free cloud-based word processor comes with 1 TB of space (registered users) on the cloud without the need for registration. This is, by far, the best cloud based word tool online. This app is an excellent MS office alternative too.

CryptPad is easy to use and has a beautiful UI. It is an excellent replacement for Google Docs. You can write a rich text document or create a presentation on CryptPad. It also has features like a to-do list, whiteboard, and code compiler.

To use CryptPad, you don’t need to sign up for anything, which is the best part of this cloud tool. It offers a wide range of editing and formatting tools and different color schemes, just like Google Docs. You can share the files easily on CryptPad. But to share and access, you have to log in to verify ownership.

It is a great online collaborative word processor with chat support. That means you can chat with other people just like on Google hangouts. One minor issue is that the free users have only access to 50Mb of storage while the registered users get 1 TB of cloud storage. The registration costs $6.With CryptPad registration, you also get the free CryptDrive access.

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11. is another great collective word processor online. It works on any web browser, and more than one person can join in on the work. It is a moderate alternative for Google docs. Companies around the world use it for their teams. You can start for free on and edit, save and share documents online.

With, you can keep track of your meetings. It also works just like the Google calendar to remind you of the dates. The free version of this open source alternative to google docs lets you create 50 shared documents every month. It also works with GitHub, Trello, Loom, Asana, and Figma. You can chat between typing with your co-workers.

Slite is a great way to combine multiple offices on a single platform and works great for small businesses or large enterprises. It has a bunch of great templates to choose from, and it is really simple to use. Give the free tool a try.

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12. Quip

QuipQuip is a Google docs alternative that is best fitted for group editing. This cloud-based project management software supports desktops, android, and iOs. With its useful features, team word work is as easy as pouring a glass of milk.

Quip allows the team members to chat among them and share thoughts. It supports spreadsheets, slides, and all other documental elements. It is easy to install and works great with all can attach files on the chat and do many things you didn’t even think of.

It is completely secured and stores all the data in their virtual cloud. It is shielded from viruses and data theft. So, your company’s secret is well protected on Quip. Businesses around the globe trust it. Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Cisco use this doc viewer for their teams. And you can also be part of them.

To use a Quip, you have to buy the software. The starting price is $10 per month with a 30 days free trial.

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13. Collabora

Collabora is an excellent online collaborative word editing tool. The office suite is similar to LibreOffice and has an interface like MS office. It is excellent for collaborative editing. You can use this alternative for google docs for your company, business, or team projects. The Collabpora comes with full editing features and a bunch of useful templates.

Collabora has two versions available for storage. One is server-based, and the other one is cloud-based. NextCloud, Pydio, and ownCloud manage the cloud version. You can choose either one of them. The server version is free, but the cloud version costs $18 per year for a single user.

As it is a web-based word processing tool, to use Collabera, you must have an internet connection. The cloud service is best for users who are in the USA and EU countries. Users outside these regions may face some lag on the cloud service, depending on the location. You can request for a free demo and try using it.

Collabora offers both offline and online tools. You can choose to try any of the ones you feel is right for you.

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14. Coda

codaCoda is an online word editor that brings words and data together. This doc is an excellent replacement for Google Docs with its versatility. It is a great competitor in the market with unique features, a useful editing interface, and an easy-to-share option.

A team can work on Coda at the same time and chat among themselves. Only the paid version comes with collaboration, though. The free Coda doc doesn’t have the collaboration feature. The paid version starts from only $10/ month.

Coda Doc supports different elements in their files, such as images, videos, tables, and graphics. You can tag a member to document with simply ‘@’. Type @ and the name of the person you want to tag in the document. This app is a cool feature.

Coda has a great editing toolbar for your needs. You can add comments and automatic tasks on Coda docs. It contains a massive collection of numbers. You should try out Coda and see it for yourself.

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15. Firepad

Firepad is a free, open-source replacement of Google Docs. Firepad can be the solution to your search for a doc alternative. Though it is not full of features, it is worth a free, open-source collaborative text editor. Ti has proven to be handy with the small features it has. And that’s why it has made our list. It has some unique options like text highlighting, cursor position synchronization, version checkpointing, and presence detection. You can also edit codes like CSS and HTML on Firepad.

The thing that makes it different from other open-source collaborative text editors is that it is not dependent on the cloud-based server. It relies on Firebase Realtime Database, which gives it a smooth functioning capability. With Firepad, you can also render files from Ace, CodeMirror, and Monaco. This app is a plus point, indeed.

When you compare it with Google docs, Firepad may seem like an old tool but don’t go for the looks. It is as productive as docs and is suitable for individual and group use. If you are in search of an open-source collaborative text editor, give Firepad a chance.

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Final Thoughts

Google docs is a popular text editor. There is no doubt about it. But sometimes you may require something a little bit different. That is why you should try these web-based text editors. All of these word processors have been chosen for their productivity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Share the article if you find the list of open source alternative to google docs helpful, and don’t forget to leave a comment. Also, share any suggestions regarding the article.

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