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The Best 20 Android Apps for Teachers in 2023

We have to accept that teaching physically is less exhausting than teaching online. We might have heard teachers complain about how hard it is to teach students online. But this is not the case anymore. The apps I will discuss have made our life easier and more comfortable. Teaching online is more exciting than before with the help of those Android apps. Today we will recommend the best 20 Android Apps for Teachers. 

Android Apps For Teachers

You will find different apps. Some belong to Google and are known as Google apps. Google apps are way more helpful than third-party apps. But there are some apps like Seesaw and Kahoot. Those stand out in competition with Google. You don’t have to organize anything independently if you have more than two apps like these. Somedon’tkeep your daily updates. These teaching apps have in-built reminders. When you write something before the occasion, these will be automatically saved.

You can now talk to students’ parents without notifying them of anything. Students enroll parents in the class meeting as a guest. They can observe the progress of their child. This app is more convincing than saying something in words. Teachers can show students’ gradual progress reports to their parents. These apps also make these progress reports. 

These apps are best for making presentations. You can add video clips or some extra notes to each lecture. Moreover, students can make their portfolios with the help of famous instructors. Udemy is another teaching app that is the best learning platform for teachers and students. You can learn any course that is not available in your institution. Due to the pandemic situation, online learning has become a must. But it has become affluence for many who can not attend class physically. It also helps to prevent bullying. This practice should be included in our studies. 

Assigning assessments and grading points of students are more accessible with these teaching apps. You can divide groups and set a date for assignments. If any student is late submitting or tries to do anything unethical, all will be shown by these teaching apps. 

1. Seesaw Class

Seesaw class is the most legitimate and effective platform for teaching online. You can see the progress of your students improving gradually with this application. Students’ guardians can also track the improvement Students’children. The seesaw class helps to enrich your ability in public speaking. If you’re out of the method and activity of teaching, you’ve set the guide of this app. This Android app for Teachers will give you hundreds of ideas and methods of teaching. However, this app is free for teachers and students. Anyone can learn through the Seesaw class. 


  • The seesaw class can bring out the latent talent of the students. You can track down each student’s progress by the years’ records. However, students are considered years of the best online teaching platform competing with Zoom and other apps.
  • You will never be unfilled with ideas on teaching or using various methods. So you can personally focus on each student. You can see what they are learning through your teaching. 
  • The teacher can control every single activity concerning the class. You can mute and unmute any particular student. You can even assign a particular task to each student. 

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2. Teachmint – Free Live Teaching App, Teach Online

If you are a teacher and need to upgrade your teaching, you should go for this application. Teaching is the biggest platform considering this pandemic situation. We faced many kinds of obstacles while teaching online. But Teachmint will help you to conquer all those barriers. This application makes your online teaching a hundred times better and more accessible. Moreover, you can set reminders for your following assignments, mc, or any exam. 


  • Getting attendance can be a hassle in-class time. You have to organize all the students’ names and IDs and then put the attendance students. But with Teachmint, you will get an automated attendance sheet for every class.
  • You may face another problem with Zoom, which is the time limit. The class might be disconnected three or four times if you have an extended period. But teaching has no time limit. You can take unlimited classes with no time restrictions. 
  • Class recording and using the whiteboard are also allowed here. You can take the most efficient classes with Teachmint. 

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3. Planboard – Free Lesson Planner for Teachers

Planboard is more than a teaching platform. It helps you to plan and prepare the class accordingly. But you can spend the meantime with your students. This app works like a digital plan book for every Planboard teacher. It tracks down the class records you have taken previously and then plans your next class independently. This app is a real-time saver for teachers with several classes daily. Like you don’t have to do anything, this app also monitors don’t activities that take part in the class. 


  • This app is free for teachers. You can share your lesson plan with your students before the class starts. You can also take photos during your lecture, take notes of your class, and then send them to your students.
  • This app is the best communication monitoring plan, in my opinion. Your students can also suggest you the study plan. 
  • You can organize the timetable and can set reminders of your classes. You will get notified before your class starts. 

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4. TeacherKit Classroom Manager

Many teachers suggest TeacherKit Classroom Manager. This program is another app best suitable for online classes. However, these Android apps for teachers are consumed with all the digital classroom tools. You can record classes here and use the whiteboard while teaching something. You can take pictures of your essential lesson plans and then send them to your students.  


  • You will face no problem controlling your students cause you can monitor each student. You can give their progress report direct to the parents or guardians. 
  • Just by swapping, you can send them files related to studies. So, this app is beneficial where to save time. You can set the premium program and switch to the ultimate premium features. 
  • Grading systems are included here. You don’t have to calculate the grade point by yourself don’t. Put each student’s marks, and the grade will be shown automastudent’sMore Info

5. Evernote – Notes Organizer

Evernote best digital business card app 2021Evernote is more than a tutoring note-taking app. It represents the most accurate daily Organizer for keeping notes. Moreover, it is a legitimate app and completely free for teachers. You can connect with google calendar and schedule your class time according to the dates. You can even add searchable notes here. For example, you are teaching something that needs some research. You can immediately search for the context, and if it is needed to add some extra notes, you can add notes there.

Further, you can see the research notes when you open that document. You can add pictures to your lecture. When you add pictures to your lesson, it will attract your students more, finding it fascinating.


  • You can clip exciting articles with your lesson. You can go through the article and show your students when you’re teaching. Regarding this context, it will be you to teach them.
  • You can add different contexts, pdfs, and pictures to the notes. Besides that, you can add handwritten notes as well.
  • You can scan any document and then can add them to the lesson. Moreover, you can take random pictures throughout your lectures.
  • This software saves us from wasting paper. You can keep your notes in Evernote forever, whereas keeping notes for a long time can be more complex than keeping them as pdf files.

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 6. ClassDojo Android Apps for Teachers

ClassDojo is an application suitable for teachers who tend to communicate with the guardian of students. You can create a private room where you can share all the upgrades of the students with your parents. There are many functions that you can apply to your students. You can apply for teamwork and working complex features or the students who need extra attention. This teaching app is the perfect medium for teaching special children because teachers can add their parents to classes when performing something. 


  • ClassDojo they’re for taking online classes. But it is also suitable for when you think about organizing chapters. You can teach by making a tour of the chapters. 
  • ClassDojo personally works with each student’s portfolio. It helps to create significant students for every student. They can learn how they would perfectly learn to create their portfolios based on their interests. 

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7. Remind: School Communication

Remind is a kind of software like Messenger and Facebook combined. But making an account of your child to join classes will be bothersome. They might encounter something unpleasant. They might face something that shouldn’t be watched at their age. To solve those problems, Remind is the best software to choose from. Cause it creates contact with only teachers and students. You can do everything related to studying. 


  • Remind is a legitimate and free software for teachers and students to use. It is safe, and it keeps your contacts private. Only you can see your contacts.
  • It has custom language options, meaning you can change languages according to your preference. Over 90 languages are installed here. So, you can choose and learn any of them. 
  • Sharing files, photos, and documents is more accessible with Remind. You can send them separately. You can even create pdf files of your documents, merge them into one file, and then send them. 

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8. Classtree Android Apps for Teachers

Classtree is somewhat similar to Google Classroom. But this software is more elegant and sophisticated than Google Classroom. The working process and features are similar, but you will get more of Google Classroom. Classtree is a lifesaver for teachers as well as for students. Some may face problems asking permission for the field trip, but in class three, tech can directly add parents and ask for their consent. So it is more convenient for parents to rest assured about their children’s whereabouts. 


  • Classtree is a children’s app for students and teachers as well. Your data will be kept safe and secure. This app will not disclose any of your personal information. 
  • You can set the question panels for students. So when you deliver a speech, they can write down your there. And after your lecture, you can go through it one by one. 
  • Teachers can post announcements before the upcoming exams. They can even set reminders for the exam. 

9. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot is a top-notch teaching app for teachers. You can try Kahoot riddles and questions if your students feel monotonous in class. You can create a test for your students. Thousands of study methods can enrich your students’ talent for founding creativity. They can join live classes and participate in different study panels. Parents can retake the exams when students are free. Exams can be redone, but the answers will be hidden. This app is best for students who need more practice. The host can rearrange the class with the same link.


  • Students who miss any class can rejoin it even after it finishes. The app itself will record the class.
  • Kahoot is renowned for preparing lessons or for making presentations. You can make the best 3d presentation with Kahoot.

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10. Google Classroom

I don’t think many people hardly know Google Classroom is widely used worldwide; it has been used more precisely since the pandemic started. All know that you can join several classes in google classroom. But it is not for joining or attending classes. This software is more suitable for assigning assessments and projects. 


  • Google Classroom is adequately secured. You will need a code to join that particular class. Without the code or class link, you can’t join the classes. 
  • Google Classroom also can’t for receiving marks. It will show your fragmented marks on every assignment. You can even see other assignments if the teacher allows them. 
  • Google Classroom saves time for both students and teachers. Teachers can set a deadline for assignments. If you’re late in assigning, your assignments will show you’re handed in late. 

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11. Slack

slack for the perfect managerSlack is another effective medium for communicating. It is more advanced than any other software used for communication. This app is perfect for university students. Your professor can make groups through Slack directly because high school kids may find it cha struggle. Each group will be assigned different tasks. 


  • You don’t have to create a group on Messenger to communion with your group members. Slack creates groups on its own. You can call o chat with the group members. 
  • You can share files with your existing group members. This app is preferable to creating a whole new group for each subject. 
  • Moreover, students can share files and even edit those files. They can create pdf along with other formats through Slack. 

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12. Udemy – Online Courses

Udemy General knowledge appUdemy is known for online courses. You can get thousands of courses here, each with dynamic value. You can add those certificates to your cv as well. If you’re a teacher and need to improve your skills, go through all the courses available here. If you find any helpful course, you can go for that. You can first visit the tutorial and duration of those courses. Then can pay for the course online. 


  • Learning was never this easy, and people of all ages can learn anything they want to. Physically searching for an academy and learning courses there might be difficult nowadays. 
  • You can learn with the dark mode on. Some find it comfortable with the dark mode on. Moreover, you can learn with watch modules with Chromecast. 

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13. Trello: Manage Team Projects

Trello: apps that help you studyTrello is another team management software that works best with office people and university students. This Android app for teachers is legitimate and one of the best websites for conducting teams. You don’t have to struggle to remember the to-do lists of upcoming events. Trello is best for teachers who are in the post of managing other teachers. You can set reminders for your every move through this software. 


  • The reminders will help you remind all the small programs you set before. This app will be your very own task manager. 
  • You can get a review of your previous work. You can track all your records happened with this app. All your data is reserved with this app. Even if you delete it, you can restore it all at once. 

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14. Notability E-Note Book

In my case, taking notes with a pen and notebook is pretty much annoying. This program is more annoying when it comes to taking notes for class. Due to the pandemic, I forget about taking notes physically. But Notability is a game-changer for me. This app is the best writing pad and a notepad for students and teachers. However, it has an excellent rating in the Google play store. This single app comes with everything that is needed to write something. 


  • You can lose your paper, but the notes you take with this software will never be lost. You can track all your essential writings not saved on your device.
  • You must accept that even if you are fast with writing through pen or keyboard rather than pens. It is a less time-consuming app than taking notes physically. 
  • You can zoom in or zoom out your writings. Take extra notes, then you can return to the actual page size. You can see the same way when you are editing.

15. Khan Academy

Khan Academy GK appsKhan Academy is another valuable software for teachers and students. Students will get benefit by taking exercises online and getting a review of their progress. You can enroll in science courses and get enough tests and exercises for your courses. Moreover, you will get daily recommendations and can take the exam with students worldwide. I think this will be more challenging than competing with your classmates only. 


  • Teachers can get advantages by taking tests online. They can announce all the classwork and test dates on this app. They can make a place for assignments and keep track of the students. 
  • Khan Academy is a free app it works for students and teachers. It is a non-profit website built for students in need. It works best despite being free, and anyone can avail of it. 

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16. edX: Online Courses by Harvard, Imperial, MIT, IBM

edX GK appsedX was founded by Harvard and is considered the best learning platform. This app has been downloaded over 200 million times and has a positive vibe among people. There is barely anything that you won’t find in the software. You can find it all in Won’tapp, from computer science courses to fashion design. Anyone can enroll in the course and learn it online. You can choose your favored timeline for a course. 


  • You can learn from the experts. They will teach you every single detail of a course. Moreover, you will get records of every class, making it easier to practice with the videos. 
  • Top-notch teachers are the coach of programs that you will find here. Many have dreamed about taking their classes. You can attend their classes online just by taking a course.

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17. Quizizz: Play to learn

Quizizz is a trivia quiz app. This app consists of jokes that will attract students. The quizzes are related to the study. First, the teacher can enlist any chapter of any textbook. Then this app will track all records that already exist on Google. Then it will take quizzes on the information of that particular chapter. This trivia quiz app can attract all the students even if they are less attentive to their lessons. This app keeps students competitive, and they will be encouraged to read for winning quizzes. 


  • Students can challenge their mates to take part in the same competition. These games will teach how the team works. 
  • They will also learn about bonding. Bonding is necessary while attending classes. 
  • There are also training sessions for the students who can’t get enough of this app. They can often practice with previous quizzes. It makes students confident and bold. 

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18. Edmodo Android Apps for Teachers

Edmodo is a live-streaming teaching app. The host can start classes online, and students can join. Anyone who misses the time can join the classes uploaded in the teacher’s timeline. Teachers can keep all the files teachers, and students can get all the necessary data from one place. Assignments can be on the assigned folders, and students can submit their answers. In the updated feature, teachers can enroll parents as well. They can get updates on each move.


  • Teachers can use the resources for their learning. They can research and add those extra notes to the class lectures.
  • Edmodo can do the visual representation. Teachers can make presentations on chapters using video clips. All data can be found on the research option. 
  • Teachers can directly call students and their parents. If there are any dissimilarities with any student, tech can find the cause within a second. 

19. Dropbox: Cloud Photo Storage

DropboxDropbox is cloud storage to keep your data preserved and secure. It is preferable to many because Google Drive has a storage limit. You can store all your assignments here in the app. Dropbox is adored by people who find it useful. I keep all my assignments here because I might need any of them in the long run. If I have my necessary data restored, I can use them in the future. But I must make those all over if I don’t have them. 


  • This app is a storage used for office work and work. You can save all kinds and types of files here. The app can do pdf. Moreover, you can make groups and keep files separately. 
  • You can create a photo chamber. Your precious photos can be restored there. You can glimpse your photos when you lose your phone or out of storage.
  • Dropbox has several payment plans. You can use it for free. Then you can access only limited storage when you subscribe to any money plan. You can always get more of it. 

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Zoom screen shareZoom is the most used app during pandemics. It is voted the best online platform for its learning features. Teachers can create a meeting id, and students can join with the meeting id password. They can also join by clicking the link to the meeting. Zoom has a time limit for classes before. But it has worked on this limitation, and now we can take and attend unlimited classes with no time limits. 


  • Zoom has added different filters to the videos. When you turn on your video, you can use those filters. This is a fun feature for adults and kids as well. 
  • Zoom can also blur your video background, or you can attach any random picture on BG. 
  • You can join Zoom on your phone, tablet, and computer. Zoom is free for all students and teachers. 

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Final Thought

We all are pretty familiar with some of these Android apps for teachers. We might’ve used most of them. But many of us don’t have these helpful educational creations and don’t use apps that are not only for teachers but have also been a great help to students. Among all these apps mentioned before, some apps are more than teaching apps. They possess learning facilities with great content. Everyone should have at least one of these apps.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.


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