The Best 10 Android Data Recovery Software Without Root

Today’s discussion will be about how to recover Android data without rooting. Knowing is essential because who knows what can cause it due to our ignorance? Some essential data might damage or can be permanently deleted. Some old Android phones could restore data through external factors like SD cards. This process can also happen in modern times, but you can make your life easy with Android data recovery software without root.

How To Recover Android Data Without Rooting

There are several ways to recover data without rooting, like using data recovery software. But that software has some issues like it can’t fully recover the lost or missing data. Rooting has become famous because rooters can restore lost data in a blink of an eye. But it is also possible to restore data without rooting. The free app name android data recovery app by FoneDog Toolkit is a trusted platform that can restore data without causing unnecessary problems. It can restore all necessary messages, phone calls, photos, songs, and all other things that are needed to be restored.

Other software can restore data precisely, like iCare data recovery software. You have to download this software first. Then you have to connect your phone to your computer. Then find your SD card on the computer and start recovering data by pressing the advanced file recovery option. This software can successfully recover all your data rooting. 

Best 10 Android Data Recovery Software Without Root

You will find a lot of software that claims to recover data. But all of them are not useful as data recovery software. You have to click on the necessary one. In this article, I’ll discuss some popular data recovery software that can recover SMS, messages, photos, and all the necessary data. Some come for free, but others hold different plans, like the paid and free versions. It is up to you what version you would prefer to use. 

1. Dr.Fone Kit: Phone Data Recovery, Transfer, Repair

Dr.Fone Kit Phone Data Recovery, Transfer, RepairDr. Phone Kit is considered the most innovative data recovery kit. It has been optimized for different data recovery programs. Moreover, this app can be accessed simultaneously on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. But it has different kinds of data recovery functions in different operating systems. You can even rescue data from a broken phone. All you need is a computer and the Dr.Fone kit. Just download this software and then connect with your pc. After connecting, select the data type you want to recover. Select the similar fault that goes with your situation and then press download. This way, data can be restored from a broken phone. This process is a common phenomenon that can frequently happen to everyone. 

  • Your data will be completely secured with this data recovery software. There isn’t any single claim that data has been hacked through Dr.Fone or a similar situation. So you can be delighted with this legit app. 
  • As I’ve mentioned before, the ways to restore data with just some clicking. Data recovery was never this easy before. Dr. Phone serves you the most accessible and efficient data recovery measure anyone can use. 
  • This app comes with a complete recovery package. You guessed it right that you won’t need to download furthermore apps or software to debug something. This app comes with a complete array to restore data. 
  • You can work without a pc as well. Moreover, you can scan your mobile and restore data from another phone. You can download this software from the Google play store. It is free to use. 
  • Some have claimed that they can’t access this software on their Androids. That’s because some features need to root. Without roots, they won’t work. 
  • Restoring your id if you forget your cloud id or password will be troublesome. Some people have permanently deleted their accounts cause they couldn’t restore them. 

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2. EaseUS MobiSaver – Recover Video, Photo & Contacts

EaseUS MobiSaverEaseUS MobiSaver is the most accessible data recovery software for Android. Some may wonder if it is safe for our phones or not. But you don’t have to worry about its safety because it is a certified, legitimate app for data recovery. You can recover all kinds of data and can choose the format of your pictures or videos like you can choose the format of your pictures. Like in which format you want to save your pictures. You can select jpeg, tiff, and other options for a picture. , you can also choose the video formats and sometimes save them in high or low quality according to your affordable spaces. 

It does not necessarily need a computer to rescue data. But it will be way faster to restore data with a pc. But you can solely restore data on your phone. You can even choose a filter to consume the data size. This software can scan way faster than most data recovery software. 

  • While you’re scanning, the files will be displayed. So you can choose which one to restore. You can only choose those necessary files that must be taken care of. 
  • Display plays a vital role here. Pictures and videos are shown in the thumbnails with their formats and sizes. You can immediately choose the file format or can change it instantly.  
  • Rooting is not necessary for this software. So if you are not a root user, you can also access this software to recover data. 
  • You can use the EaseUs MobiSaver Android version 5.0 for free. And this software contains all the necessary tool kits needed to recover data. 
  • Sometimes it causes issues with the picture format that has been changed priorly. The photos were in jpeg, and you changed it to tiff format. So in those cases, the picture might become blurry.
  •  There is a time limitation for the full version. So after your time is up, you must pay for the full version. 

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3. UltData

UltDataUltData is free and safe to use. It is one of the best rooting free Android data recovery software for Android users. This app can scan data and recover from scanning, so with this app, pc is not necessary to restore data. It confirms recovering data within three super easy steps, which can be possible without a computer. 

This app follows both paid and free versions. But there are some restrictions with the free version. With the free version, you can only restore data of some photos, videos, and songs, but it is not so good with some extensive content or data. So it is better to use the paid version to enjoy all the commotions. All kinds of data are possible to get back. But, you can face some problems with the data that has been written all over again. Let me tell you one thing if you don’t require to restore data anytime. You can also download this software because it can restore all Whatsapp messages. It is troublesome when the data is not stored previously. You can lose all the app’s photos, videos, and documents. But UltData can restore all of that. 

  • Here you can preview data and then can scan it to restore. So it will be helpful to rescue the needed information. 
  • All files are customized according to their types and formats. It makes using this app more comfortable. You can find the data immediately that you’re searching for. UltData is considered the ultimate rooting-free data recovery software. 
  • While restoring data from your phone, UltData prevents causing external damage to your phone. It won’t disturb or cause any other fractions with the previously existing data, so it is safe to use this app. 
  • Some clients have complained about the picture quality that this app has restored. They have expressed that this app has distorted the picture quality. 
  • Once your restored data is deleted from this app, that can not be rescued; this error is considered a vital fault. 

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4. Deleted Video Recovery – Restore Deleted Videos

Deleted Video Recovery - Restore Deleted VideosNow I’m going to talk about helpful data recovery software. I frequently use this software. Because I keep deleting videos due to having little space on my phone. But sometimes, I feel like restoring videos and placing them on my pc. So this app has been a great help to me. And I’m positive you’ll feel the same after using this app. The videos can be restored in two different ways. The first one is you can recover data and save them in different kinds of formats. The next one is you can extract the audio from the videos only. 

  • This app belongs to a very eye-soothing interface. So you will feel relaxed when restoring videos from your device storage. This video-restoring software has the most accessible feature to restore data. 
  • You can choose the scanning options as well, like you can choose deep scanning or simple scanning. The scanning process is done in seconds. You can restore data or videos from one scanning. 
  • This app is safe to use and restore data. This app is also free, and you will get this app on the Google play store, which means this is a legitimate app to use.
  • Sometimes this software has problems with updates. If you don’t update this software frequently, it will show the videos already existing in the gallery.
  • Deleted information can not be restored by this app again. 

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5. Dumpster – Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery

Dumpster - Recover Deleted Photos & Video RecoveryThe dumpster has become something that should be on every Android phone and should be known by every single Android user. Because this Android data recovery software keeps all your data in cloud storage, this feature is a fantastic feature of this app that you don’t have to do by yourself. All is done by itself. Moreover, this app follows the easiest way to restore your data. When you buy a new phone, you should keep this data-restoring app on your phone. Even if you lost your phone or were stolen, you can access all your data with this one app. 

Imagine deleting some vital file or photo; you don’t need to search in the bin or photo storing app. Your files can be found on this app store, and that can be stored. 

  • You won’t be needed an internet connection to restore your data. Besides, we can’t imagine a second without an internet connection instead of restoring data. But it is possible with this app. 
  • You can even store data with your phone locking. Even if you are in a hurry or not in a situation to unlock your phone, you can still back up all your data. 
  • The recovery with this app is very flexible and can be done within seconds. It can instantly recover recently deleted data or photos.
  • It frequently updates its features. So that can cause bugs. It may crush you sometimes. Moreover, the bugging issue can’t be fixed after it is reported.
  • You can only use the limited features with the free version. You can’t access all the facilities that are needed to recover data. 

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6. DiskDigger Photo Recovery

Diskdigger is one of the best photo recovery software that you will find for your phone.Diskdigger is one of the best photo recovery software that you will find for your phone. It can recover the photo deleted from your phone for a long time. It can trace all the related documents attached to your phone since you started using it. So, I think this is the best data recovery app for every operating system. It can recover some lost photos removed or distorted while installing some apps. This app is legitimate and safe to use. 

  • This app can permanently delete photos and data from your phone, and you don’t need pc to do that. You can also use the clean-up facility and get a potential clean of junk files from your phone. 
  • Another fascinating feature of this app is you can directly restore photos from different platforms like e-mails, Dropbox, and vice versa. So you can also restore those photos from your drive that you’ve deleted to release more space.
  • Rooting is not needed to restore the data. But if your device is rooted, it will work like a benefactor. Then this app can restore all the relevant data, including videos, from your phone. 
  • This app doesn’t work great with document recovery. As its name stands for only photo recovery, it works best for recovering photos only.
  • If you don’t update this app, it won’t be able to recover your deleted photos. It will only show possible recovery from the photos that already happen to be in your gallery.

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7. Rescue + Mobile for Android

Rescue + Mobile for AndroidRescue is an app that allows you to seek permission from professionals. It works as your technician, and you can keep one personal technician’s number. It will help you in the case of an emergency. This app is the best for rescuing your phone from troubleshooting and other data-shooting problems. 

The best thing about this app is that it can rescue deleted messages from long ago. It doesn’t matter how many years have passed. This data-recovering app can track down all deleted messages. 

  • You can use it in two different ways. The first one is to seek information or help from your technician. After launching this app on your phone, you will get a 6-digit pin to confirm your identity. 
  • After this process, you can directly connect with your technician and help with your problem.  
  • Another thing that can happen with this app is you can detect the problem on your device. Then scan your device and can rescue data by yourself.
  • Either way is comfortable for me. I don’t think those features can be found in any data-recovering apps without rooting. It can also rescue deleted messages without any data backup. 
  •  Sometimes it can block the Google Play store from updating, and you have to fix the problem by uninstalling this app.
  • Its features can seem complicated to many people, and it is difficult to access.

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8. Document Recovery: The Best Android Data Recovery Software Without Root

Document Recovery The Best Android Data Recovery Software Without RootDocument Recovery is one of the fastest data recovery apps, in my opinion. Because I’ve used this by myself, and it scans faster than other data rescue apps. This app can rescue all types of files and formats. But remember that every piece of software like Ms. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint has ways to rescue data. So you might wonder why you need this particular software to rescue data. To assure your doubt, I can tell you that all those independent apps have a time limit to rescue data, but this app has no time limit. Moreover, it started to rescue data from the day you started using your phone. 

It does not require rooting or pc to rescue your data primarily, but you might need a pc when you need a deep rescue. 

  • Document Recovery has many positive reviews online, and people are expressing their journey with this app. You can be one of them, sharing your happy memories with others. 
  • This app belongs to a separate community of users. So you visit the profiles or comments of those who have already used this app. So practically, you don’t need to download this app first. You can get an idea about this app from the users’ feedback. 
  • This app can rescue documents, XLS, PDF, PPT, ZIP, and TXT files. It works way faster than other data rescue apps. 
  • If you face any problems, you can directly contact the authority of this app. They are very cooperative with their users. A personal e-mail has been given on the home page of this app. You can use that and send feedback if you face any problems.
  • Sometimes it can’t rescue the data that is not backed up precisely. So you better rescue all data from your phone at once. 
  • It can take longer to rescue all data from your phone if the files are large. This problem annoys many users. 

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9. Recycle Master: Recycle Bin, File Recovery

Recycle Master Recycle Bin, File RecoveryRecycle Master is a perfect example of recycle bin, and it can be used the same way we use a recycle bin. The deleted files are primarily stored in the recycle bin, and then you can permanently delete or even rescue them if you want. In other data rescue apps recovering the data deleted from the data recovering app was a bit troublesome. But it isn’t the case with this app. You can rescue all data that has been deleted accidentally. It will ensure you the best security. You can lock the app with a password, which is an in-built feature of this app. So you can store unnecessary data and photos in the app; if you need it in the future, you can use it from the app. This app works like a dumpster on your device. 

  • It is known for its deep recovery. People often use Recycle Master to recover all files at once. You can use this for that purpose as well. You can recover all data from your phone by tapping the scan option.
  • The auto-clean feature of Recycle Master is worth bragging about, and you will be thankful for it like you don’t have to clean or set a reminder to clean your device. It will clean all the junk files by itself. It helps your device to hinder causing0 any troubleshooting problems. 
  • Your privacy will be kept secure with this app. As I’ve mentioned, it has personal locking options and is a legitimate app for data rescue.
  • It promotes that you can use the basic features with the free version, but in reality, you can’t use more of this app without paying. 
  • Sometimes it won’t work with the monthly payment. So this caused a drop in Recycle Master to many users. 

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10. Photo Recovery – Ztool

Photo Recovery - ZtoolAnother Photo Recovery app that deserves enough attention from its users is Ztool. Because it recovers photos from your device and all data, information, and docs you have deleted before, it can also rescue data without data backup. So if you are concerned about your Whatsapp messages, this app can also restore that. This app works fine without rooting and pc. You won’t need any pc to rescue data. You will be able to restore data deeply with this app. Moreover, you can preview this app’s functions that you don’t want or need to restore. You can delete those data inside the app.

But this won’t cause much trouble in restoring those data from your device. You can use this app safely, and your data will be secured with this app. This app works best to restore photos. I mean, you can restore photos in a high-quality format. The quality of the photos won’t distort like other apps. It is another reason why you should download this app. You can save an image in Tiff format that was actually in jpeg format, but the photo won’t get blurry.

  • Ztool works as a total time saver app. It is best to scan the lost data on your device. The cleaning feature will keep your device junk-free. And it also recovers the processing speed of your device. 
  • The same goes for the video recovery option. As mentioned, you can save low-quality videos in a high-quality format. This process won’t disrupt your video quality.
  • You can previously see the final result when the scanning is done. So if you’re unsatisfied with the final result, you can try changing the format beforehand. 
  • You can use the free scanning here. It won’t cost money, but you can switch to any payment plan if you wish to use this app further. And then, you can enjoy the premium features. 
  • You can scan the data for free but can’t rescue them without subscribing to a payment plan. 
  •  Sometimes the edit goes wrong, and it can’t be restored with the basic format of the photos or videos. 

Final Thought

Data recovery apps always amaze me with their actions. Cause it can track all the data that has been removed from the device a long time ago. But the wrong app or software can destroy all your existing data from your device. So you have to choose carefully what to use. For these reasons, this article on Android Data Recovery Software without root might help you get a helpful data recovery app for your operating system.

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