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20 Best Android Emulator For Windows To Make Your PC As Smartphone

The Android emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) to simulate any Android device. It enables the host system to use a peripheral device designed for the guest system. Android emulator allows its user to use the same application on both the Android device and personal computer. Generally, gamer and Android application developers use this virtual device. It provides the same facility as a smartphone with better speed and comfort. In today’s article, we will discuss the top 20 best android emulators for windows.

Best Android Emulator For Windows

We use an Android emulator to simulate any Android device. It is used on PC to get the test of the Android environment. To do so, there are lots of Android Emulator For Windows. Out of that emulator, we sort out the best 20 for discussion. Please remember these emulators are based on availability on the search engine. We do not discuss it based on ranking. Though we are writing about the emulator for Windows, some can be used for Linus and Mac.

1. Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio EmulatorIf you ask me which emulator is best for Android? Without any thinking, I will answer the name of the Android Studio Emulator. It is the best among the best Android emulator for development purposes. Android Studio can run and develop an app on your computer without any touch of a physical device. You can send data faster with Android Studio than with a USB connection.

The Android emulator has some predefined configuration. For example, it allows us to run Android Apps, tablet apps, Wear OS, and Android TV Apps. To install the Android Studio emulator, you have to install the Android SDK. The minimum requirement to install this software requires 4 GB RAM, 64-bit processor, 1280X800 resolution, and 2 GB available disk space.

2. Bluestacks

bluestacksBluestacks is one of the best android emulators. It is the fastest gaming platform for PC. It brings the gaming level to the next step. Bluestacks reduces the pain of changing mobile charging cable because it provides all the gaming facilities of Android devices to PC. It consumes less memory, fewer CPU uses of your PC. Bluestacks has 6 times faster performance than Samsung S9+.

The user interface of Bluestacks is straightforward. It has many other add-on features. Bluestacks allows playing multiple games from Google Play. There are lots of racing games app to play with Bluestacks. If Android shooting games or multiplayer games is your choice, then you can use this emulator.

3. Andy

andy android emulator for windowsAndy is one of the best Android emulators for PC.  You will have all the facilities of Android devices on this emulator. It allows sync with Android devices and your PC. It connects with the storage of MAC and Windows to get push notifications.

Andy is such an App to break down the distance between PC and Android devices regarding mobile computing. Andy is free for all of its components except the enterprise edition. With this emulator, you can use your mobile phone as a remote control to play games. You can install all of your communication apps on the desktop, and storage is not any problem. Andy’s emulator also has a Facebook support group to serve you.


android emulator for windows - AMIDuOSAMIDuOS is an Android operating system that was designed to connect Windows and Mac PC. After the Android revolution, many people shipped Mobile apps from a notebook and desktop app.  This application creates an Android layer on PC to run your favorite Android apps.

AMIDuOS emulator is one of the best choices for those who want to install their favorite Android app on their mobile phone. It runs on all the versions of Windows OS. Without any limitations, you can use it as an Android lollipop. It is compatible with all Android applications. It also allows you to share your documents between Android and PC.

5. Droid4X

android emulator for windows - Droid4XDroid4X is one of the best Android emulators for Windows. It is such a virtual Android emulator to control other Android devices and the Google play store. Droid4X is a simple to use emulator which provides Android desktop on PC.

Droid4X depends on VirtualBox to create an Android environment on the PC.  It provides the opportunity for a safe browser to protect your data. You also can install any browsers for Android on PC to have separate social media accounts. The license of Droid4X  is free and supports all the versions of Windows after Vista.

6. Genymotion

genymotionIf you ask me which one is the best cloud-based Android emulator? The answer will be a Genymotion emulator. I strongly recommend it because it can integrate with another developer like Android Studio since it is cloud-based to run your app on any website.

Genymotion allows you to enjoy seamless ADB access. It provides a broader virtual device for testing coverage. This is the tool that can manage and automate the lifecycle of the virtual device.  You can plug Genymotion into your CI infrastructure. The collection of Genymotion is vast. It provides more than 3000 virtual Android device configurations to emulate. You can use this best android emulator for your PC.

7. Nox Player (BigNox)

Nox Player (BigNox)If you think about the perfect mobile emulator to play games on the PC, we may recommend you as one of the best ones. Nox Player (BigNox) is one of the is best emulators for PC to use Android App. Its cutting-edge engine brings you a gameplay experience. Nox Player supports high FPS format, smart-casting, keypad control to play high-speed games.

Nox Player is compatible with all the apps and games. Though you are sweet sixteen or above seventy, whatever you can find something fun with it. Script recording, gamepad, and multiple instances everything possible with this Android emulator for PC.

8. Xenia (emulator)

Xenia (emulator)Xenia (emulator) is one of the best emulators for Windows.  Microsoft develops it. This Microsoft emulator allows  Xbox 360 console to play the games. It is full of speed to play all the supported racing games. The size of this emulator is very light and supports all the Windows OS later to Windows 8.

Ben Vanik developed the emulator in March 2014. The primary purpose of the developer was to show a video on the emulator. Besides updated Windows, it requires a 64-bit processor. Based on a different scenario, you can consider it one of the best Android emulators to control your PC.

9. Virtual Box

Virtual BoxIf you think about the best Android emulator for windows, then the name Virtual Box may pop up in your mind. It is a powerful x86 and AMD64 visualization emulator for both home and enterprise use. It is a free and open-source software under  GNU general public license (GPL).

Virtualbox is a community effort backed by a dedicated company. You can install this Android emulator on any supported device, but only the limitation is disk space. You can set windows 10 in your VirtualBox. Besides Windows 10, you can install it in Windows 8, Windows 8, and Linux operating systems. Virtualbox is also free for commercial use.

10. YouWave

android emulator for windows - YouWaveThere is a lot of Android emulator for Windows. YouWave is one of the best of them. It has many sharp tools to do good works. YouWave is a partially free emulator. The free version supports the Ice-cream sandwich version, and the pro version supports the Android 5.1 Lollipop version.

YouWave has an easy user interface and supporting manual. Generally, it supports all the standard games. Inside the virtual environment of YouWave, you can open all the Windows files and folders. It has coordination with Google Wallet and PayPal transactions. Many users maintain their monetary transactions and other secured documents on the Android platform than Windows, so it is considered the best emulator.

11. ARChon

archonARChon is one of the perfect emulators to run Android Apps on a computer using Google Chrome. It is one of the best Google Chrome extensions to use the PC as a mobile phone. The ARChon runtime can be used on Google Chrome that means if there is Google Chrome on your computer, you can use the ARChon emulator.

If you want to use Archon runtime on your PC, you have to download a zip file that matches your platform. Next, unzip and rename our directory and enable your list on developer mode. Now, click to load the unpacked extension, and among the extensions, ARChon runtime will appear.

12. KoPlayer

KoPlayer Android Emulator For WindowsKoPlayer has all the premium functions of an emulator. You can play all the android games on PC with KoPlayer. If you need an excellent gaming experience without the hassle of graphics and speed, you may choose the KoPlayer emulator. It supports all the versions of Windows later than Windows XP.

KoPlayer emulator is very simple to use. It has an interactive user interface. It allows to record video, and its download is hassle-free. To install KoPlayer, at least you need AMD or dual-core CPU. At least 10 GB hard disk and 2 GB RAM. Once you use this, you don’t require to look back.

13. MEmu

android emulator for windows - memuMEmu is one of the best Android emulators for Windows, which specialized in video games. To run this application, you don’t require any complex configuration. It supports all favorite games like PUBG PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Lineage II Revolution, Fortnite Mobile, Vainglory, Hearthstone, etc.

Among the many best Android emulator of Windows, MEmu is the exceptional one. It provides a vast array to play the game. The customization, compatibility, and file organization of MEmu are better than others available in the market.

14. Xamarin

xamarinXamarin is an Android SDK emulator to give the taste of the android window on your Windows PC. It is a platform where it allows its developer to learn something. It is a .net platform that supports Android, iOS, and Mac. Xamarin provides many tutorials to learn something.

If you compare Xamarin with Android studio, then Android studio has some more facilities than Xamarin. But the functions are more or less the same. Windows 10 run Android apps through Xamarin. So it is an excellent Android emulator for Windows.

15. Windroy

windroyWindroy is a combination of Windows and Android. It is a project that combined the functions of BlueStacks and YouWave. Like any other Windows application, it allows installing Android Apps on your computer.

Windroy is a very young project, but it is mighty to simulate your Android App on your PC. It allows you to play Android games on your PC. Windroy does not access Google to play directly, but you can install any application using APK files.

16. LeapDroid

leapdroidLeapDroid is another piece of software that provides support to run Android Apps on PC. It supports almost all the Apps with some rear exceptions. LeapDroid targets its an advertisement for mobile advertisement. It is a reliable tool to test Android Apps on PC.

LeapDroid focuses on speed and provides the opportunity for customization. Among its competitor, it is one of the best Android emulators for Windows. If you need to play any cloud games, this emulator may be your best alternative. We also recommend Vortex cloud gaming if you have a fascination with sports.

17. Bliss OS

bliss osBliss OS is an open-source application to Google’s Android for smartphones on your laptop. Though there are lots of Android emulators, Bliss OS is the special one. Bliss OS has multiple bugs like sound issues, video playback screenshots. It does not provide any spam and unwanted Ads to kill the right impression of user experience.

If you want to switch your smartphone to a desktop or laptop, then the Bliss OS may be the best effort. Without any pain, it will allow you to provide the flavor of all Android Apps on a desktop PC. Bliss OS is free, but the pro version offers some additional support.

18. PrimeOS

primeosPrimeOS is a complete operating system to have a similar experience to Android on Windows PC.  It is the best fusion of Android and Personal computers. PrimeOS allows having access to all the Android apps on your desktop PC. This software can be the best fit for your habits of using Android devices. This habit of playing games on the phone will be shifted to the PC.

PrimeOS is competitive for many reasons. The dedicated educational tools,  gaming center, and Android application ecosystems make it unique. It has made deep customization on Android. Under the same customization, PrimeOS has a 30% battery performance. It has a group of teams to bring Android satisfaction on the laptop.

19. DOSBox

android emulator for windows - DOSBoxDOSBox is one of the best android emulators for Windows to emulate Android on PC.  It supports IBM PC using DOS operating system. DOSBox provides an Android environment for your PC. It released its first edition in the year 2002. This virtual mechanic developed in the C++ language.

Almost all of the operating systems like  Windows, Linux, AROS, BeOS support this emulator. Though it is available in the English language, it helps the alternate layout of the keyboard. DOSBox is a command-line program configured by a set of command-line arguments. It has some standard features like recording gameplay footage speed and comfort.

20. ePSXe

android emulator for windows - ePSXeePSXe is an Android emulator to play quality games. It provides tremendous speed, qualitative sound, and high graphics. It is designed for Android and smartphones to split smartphones. The ePSXe software was released in 2004.

ePSXe can run on all the PlayStation accurately. The system requirement of this emulator is usual. It requires a minimum of 800Mhz 32-bit CPU, a fast graphics card, DirectX 8 or OpenGL 1.0, and 512 RAM.

Final Thought

After a lengthy discussion, we realized that it is difficult to find the best Android Emulator For Windows. But according to my experience, I would recommend Genymotion, Android SDK, and Bluestacks as the best Android emulator for Windows.

If you are a gamer or mobile app developer, then you may have a different choice. If I missed any important name of the Android emulator for Windows, please mention that in the comment section. Would you please share this article if you find it helpful?

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