Best CCleaner alternatives Program For Windows in 2024

Most of us already know the activity and necessity of a CCleaner. It cleans up unnecessary data and junk and improves our pc performance. In this context, CCleaner can also clean our online search history, which takes an unnecessary place and might make our pc hang. Though CCleaner makes your pc run faster by cleaning unnecessary junk, many people do not use it. So, there is a need for CCleaner alternatives Program.

Best CCleaner Alternatives Programs

People wonder if it is still worth having a CCleaner in 2022. Yeah, in that thought, you will get better software that can easily alternate ancient CCleaner. You will find every one of the helpful software. This updated software that claims to be an alternative to CCleaner can corrupt pirates and 3rd party websites before your information is hacked. Also, it will delete files from your computer if any corrupt files exist. 

CCleaner alternatives apps can delete and detect files on their own. You can set it in your background, and it will ensure it deletes all unnecessary data, files, corrupted files, and junk files. If your pc keeps piling up with this, these will make the processor slow. It is necessary to have at least one program like CCleaner. 

1. AVG PC Tuneup

AVG TuneupAVG tuneup for pc cleans up junk for better performance. It is one of the best and cheapest CCleaner alternatives for Windows 10. You can use AVG on both Android and Mac. It also has a better superintendent plan for business. So you can switch to AVG for your business. It will uninstall all the apps that are not frequently used. So that will make your processor faster.

When we’re in the middle of completing business, we need to download some unnecessary software that can not be a helpful application for further use. But finding every nook and cranny is a hassle; sometimes, you don’t remember what you’ve downloaded. But AVG notices every application involvement and detects more minor interactions or no attraction for a long time. It uninstalls the application.

Features of AVG tuneup

  • It can immediately speed up your pc. Then it can control all the online junk files you’ve encountered or used for a while. AVG runs in the background and maintains the registry most efficiently.
  • AVG ensures the care your pc needs by clearing the browsing history, cache files, tracking cookies, and sometimes the leftover programs. By doing so, your pc will have more space than before. 
  • You might know that the software and programs you install keep running in the background, another reason for slowing down your pc. But AVG’s revamped sleep mode ensures there is no unnecessary software running in the background that makes your pc faster than before.
  • AVG also has a software uninstaller installed in it. That uninstalls all malware, bloatware, and unnecessary software. 
  • AVG tuneup for pc has a knack for deep cleaning the pc. So your pc will be free from junk files and installer files. There will be more space for those files that genuinely matter to you. 

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2. Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC RepairOutbyte PC repair tool is another pc repair tool that can easily use as an alternative to CCleaner. Aside from all its features, Outbyte PC repair also works for a cancer research institute. For over a year now, they have been donating to cancer institutes. Outbyte PC Repair will ensure your CPU’s performance and programs run smoothly.

The primary purpose of having a CCleaner is fast down your computer’s processor. But having third-party software can cause much annoyance rather than making your processor fast. Outbyte PC repair updates its features from the moment windows vista exists.

If you think about the safety uses, Outbyte for pc can successfully replace CCleaner, which is safe to use. Outbyte for pc doesn’t occur any malware and viruses. In terms of updates, Outbyte for pc updates its drives just with one click. Outbyte pc repair is a multi-tasking CCleaner alternative that is quick and easy to operate. 

Features of Outbyte PC repair tool

  • This CCleaner alternative can run through Windows 10, windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows XP, and Windows. So having one of these can run Outbyte pc repair cleaner on your device.  
  • Your personal information won’t be hacked because of the protection security Outbyte pc repair has. It also frees up the space on your disk drive. Subsequently, your processor runs faster than before. Since Outbyte pc repair is certified by AppEsteem, it doesn’t cause viruses and restrains harmful websites from encountering distinctive info. AppEsteem is a leading software protection service that certified Outbyte pc repair to ensure consumer security.  
  • Outbyte pc repair is comparatively cheap in compliance with other CCleaner alternatives. You will get a usual payment plan that covers three months. Then if you’re not satisfied with the operating system’s service, you can cancel anytime.  
  • If you want to refrain from renewing the payment plan for Outbyte pc repair, you can turn on the option, which will help renew the plan without any external force. Your payment plan will be renewed by the end of the month. 

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3. Clean Master

Clean MasterSometimes cc clean master can be harmful to your pc. You might download malware to save some space on your pc. That particular malware can risk your privacy, and all your data can be hacked just to be logged in.

Clean Master is the safest CCleaner alternative in 2024. This alternative ensures all the risky websites and loopholes are perfectly locked up, and your data is protected. Even you are getting anti-tracking facilities with this clean master Ccleaner alternative.

Clean Master helps to boost pc by itself with auto scanning, and it can detect junk files over 5 million times. You can easily replace CCleaner with this clean Master application. With its new feature, you can see how many days ago this cleaner worked and how many GBs were cleaned by the clean Master.

Like when you know the last update was 3 days ago, and it cleaned almost 8 GBs from your pc, you can rest assured. This is how it works. Having Clean Master for your pc is like forgetting you need to clean the junk files for your pc. 

Features of Clean Master

  • Clean Master can automatically clean up your pc because this software has an intelligent cleaning feature. This feature helps to get real-time notifications and automatically clean up junk files.  
  • This CCleaner alternatives Program takes one click to boost your pc. So even if you’re busy with something and don’t have the time to boost, you must click once because it has an intelligent bootup plan that prevents your pc from lagging. 
  • Suppose you are wondering whether Clean Master is free software or not. Then you will be amazed to know that Clean Master is free for your pc, but they also have a payment plan. You can sign up for the plan if you are determined to use this app for a long time. 
  • In the free plan, you will get junk clean and pc boost features, but with the professional plan, you will get file recovery, privacy clean, auto-update, junk auto clean, browse auto clean, and file shredder. This one application can sort all these facilities.
  • A File shredder is another applicable facility with a clean Master. It helps to clean all the sensitive files or documents that are not useful or beyond recovery. It can securely delete all those files and documents and save your space. 

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4. TreeSize Free CCleaner Alternatives Program

The first thing you notice with the name of this application is that it is free, so you might think about if it is free. So yeah, TreeSize Free is free and a fantastic application for your pc. You can know which file or what has consumed your disc space and what you can do to free the space.

Sometimes we can’t even know where all those spaces are used up. So with TreeSize Free, you can know what files need to sum up. Likewise, TreeSize can be a perfect Ccleaner alternative in 2024. TreeSize Free not only lets you know about the crowded space but also can quickly clear the space with the in-built windows explorer menu. With some shortcut keys and the integrated explorer menu, you can clear the stuff you don’t want, which is useless anymore. 

Features of TreeSize Free

  • TreeSize has various payment plans for its various users. You can go for free, but the free version won’t give you all the advantages. You will only get the filters to scan results with the free version. That will show your jam space consumed by various programs, but you can’t clean it. But with personal and professional plans, you can scan and clean up your space. 
  • Both personal and professional payment plans have free 30 days trial version. So you can access any of those two payment plans to check if it is even worth your money. Then when the trial ends, you can always cancel the selected payment plan. 
  • TreeSize is also blessed with stunning visualization that allows you to see through the distribution of programs. Because TreeSize has a Treemap chart function that will also tell how the distribution should be organized to free up spaces. 
  • With the Treesize personal and professional plans, you can directly export your files to Exel, Email, and HTML. That won’t be possible with most of the software out there. 
  • The most efficient and valuable feature of TreeSize free is that you can operate this software in different languages. It is accessible in Chinese, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Greek, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Korean, etc. So you can select the language based on where you belong, and TreeSize will be the best option for overseas users. 

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5. Clean My PC

Clean My PCIf you’re wondering where all spaces of your pc have been cut down, let me suggest you get this CCleaner alternatives Program. Clean My PC will discover where all your spaces are consumed by junk, cache, and log files and helps you to clean those junk files. Having junk files will drag down your computer’s performance and detest you from having new software.

Clean My PC also helps you by cleaning the windows’ clutter history. What happens in the Windows clutter history? Well, you will feel like finding your necessary files in the pile of trash. So when it is a time of emergency, you will feel the frustration of not having this cleaner software to organize your stuff. And windows clutter is generally a pile of ancient history that happens when you log into some site or download something. Clean My PC helps to clean the Windows registry and helps you improve your PC’s performance. 

Features of Clean My PC

  • Clean my Pc can immediately recognize the unnecessary stuff and clean by itself. You will even get multiple uninstall functions with Clean my pc. It helps to clean your pc from the stuff that was gobbling the spaces. 
  • You might say most Windows cleaner comes up with existing cleaning software that can also uninstall software. So what makes Clean My PC unique? In that case, It might uninstall the software, but it will leave some logged files, junk, or cache files that cope up your space. 
  • Clean My PC can be installed for free; you can use it for free after installation. But it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t any payment plans. If you’re satisfied with Clean My PC, check out their payment plans and select any. 
  • Clean my pc is also accessible in different languages. In addition to Chinese, Japanese, English, and Dutch, it is accessible in Spanish, Polski, Italian, Hungarian, etc. 

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6.IObit Advanced SystemCare – Best Overall PC Tools

IObit Advanced SystemCare ProIf you could clean your pc with artificial intelligence, how does that sound to you? Then IObit Advanced SystemCare is the best program that can alternate Ccleaner. There will be hardly anyone who has ever used this software to clean their pc. But still, for the newbies, we can always enlighten them about these Ccleaner similar programs.

You will get almost what you need in IObit Advanced SystemCare without spending a penny. We might not know that junk files can also slow your internet speed. So you have to pay attention to it continuously. But you can forget after having IObit Advanced SystemCare.

Features of IObit Advanced SystemCare

  • You might overlook the junk or cache files, disturbing your download speed and live stream. But IObit Advanced SystemCare can track all junk files using AI mode and the internet booster. This also helps clean the unnecessary logs and cache files without assistance. 
  • Like other Ccleaner we have talked about so far, it can also recognize the root of the problem and helps you to remove those unnecessary data and leftovers from third-party websites.  
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare helps you find out what occupies your driver’s space and cause your pc is slowing down. It also helps to defragment your pc and fix those problems in a blink of an eye. IObit Advanced SystemCare accesses more than 30 troubleshooting solutions for your pc. 
  • If you haven’t used this software until now, you should try it while reading this article. IObit Advanced SystemCare can be the best alternative for Ccleaner programs. IObit Advanced SystemCare destroys unnecessary data and keeps those you care about and might need later. 
  • IObit Advanced SystemCare ensures the most promising security for your personal information and data. IObit Advanced SystemCare is an anti-malware software that will remind and restrict you from those sites where your data could get hacked. 

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7. Avast cleanup for pc

Avast CleanupIf you’re looking for a Ccleaner alternative and don’t want to risk your data, check Avast cleanup for pc. This software is the ultimate safest software. Avast Cleanup is safe for pc but also for Mac and Android. And Avast cleanup for pc always gives you premium safety and security for your personal information. People who are typically maintaining their safety can always go for Avast Cleanup for pc.

Avast Cleanup for pc is not entirely free, but you will get at least 30-day free trial to use Avast Cleanup for pc. Avast Cleanup for pc will let you have a junk-free, cache-free pc like brand new. You can always set it for auto-maintenance. There is always more to have with Avast Cleanup for Pc. Avast Cleanup for pc is the best deal for any small or medium organization. Their payment plans are also reasonable for single users and medium and small organizations. 

Features of Avast Cleanup

  • Avast cleanup for pc will put apps in deep Sleep that you haven’t used for a long time. But what do we see in terms of other Ccleaner alternatives? The apps that aren’t used for a long time automatically delete all the data and sometimes uninstall the whole software. 
  • But that is not convenient for all users. Some might need that software later. But putting it in a deep sleep will not access your device’s space. Avast cleanup for pc will install malware and bloatware. 
  • Avast pc cleanup will defrag your pc along with optimizing your pc. That will help speed up your PC’s performance and internet speed. Like other Ccleaner alternatives, it will also give your device a proper clean-up that will tune up your pc.
  • Avast cleanup for pc can quickly detect and fix your pc problem and help rejuvenate your tired pc. Avast Cleanup for pc has tools for both beginners and pros so that no one feels this is not their device. Avast cleanup pc can fix unwanted lagging, crashes, cache files, and freezes of your pc. 

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8. Ace Utilities

Many don’t know about this practical CCleaner alternatives Program that works delicately and can easily alternate programs like Ccleaner. Likewise, any other cleaner program Ace Utilities, frees up the junk and cache files and defrags your drive as any other Ccleaner program for Windows 10.

Ace Utilities also puts the app in a deep sleep, which is not used for long. But it does extra work for those apps in a deep sleep. It will also clear the history of Chrome, Firefox, and other third-party websites that cause your pc to slow down. Your pc registry should be organized. Otherwise, it will feel like finding something from the gutter. Ace Utilities will organize your pc and prevent it from slowing down. 

Features of Ace Utilities

  • Ace Utilities is like having an all-in-one application. Other software might delete the programs that you don’t need. But keeping the software also prevents lagging only happens in Ace Utilities. It will shred the files or programs that you no longer need. 
  • Securing your data and personal info is another characteristic of Ace Utilities. It will keep your data private and won’t leak any personal info when you enter any third-party websites. Many programs fail to protect your data, which could get hacked. 
  • Ace Utilities can clone and restore data without hampering your PC’s performance. It will help to boost your pc, and it is safe and easy to use. Defragmenting and organizing the data in your computer’s registry will also speed up your PC. And Ace Utilities does entirely the same.   
  • Ace Utilities helps to ensure your privacy, secure your data, secure your pc, speed up your pc and delete all the unnecessary stuff. Having this software only will clear most of your pc problems. 

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9. KCleaner CCleaner Alternatives Program

KCleaner is a comprehensive Ccleaner alternative that can conquer your pics’ shortcomings. It can immediately discover the problems stopping your PC’s speed, performance, and system resources. This software can work automatically without any assistance. But it has a shortcoming, and knowing that will help you to manage KCleaner even better.

KCleaner will not automatically clean your hard drive; you must do it manually. In my opinion, it is for your good. Sometimes, we download software that cleans everything which is not been used for a long time. But it would be best to go for it when you can manually delete or work on it. You know better which programs you use occasionally and don’t need. 

Features of KCleaner

  • KCleaner is a legit app to have on your pc. It is cheap and easy to use. KCleaner works automatically and has several versions for Windows 10, XP, and many devices. This cleaner software can be used internationally and has international support from many countries. 
  • As I’ve mentioned before, KCleaner doesn’t clean your hard drive. You have to do it yourself. If any important file is deleted, then you will have yourself to blame. KCleaner will prevent you from losing an important file and stop you from installing malware and bloatware. 
  • The First thing KCleaner does is track down where the actual problem is. Then it quickly scans your registry history and defrags your hard drive. Ultimately when it finds unnecessary files, it shreds those files, junks, caches, and logged files.  
  • KCleaner is available for every user. It can be used in different countries in their native language. You can download this software for free, but you will get more advantages in the pro or expert version. For those plans, you have to pay an amount. 

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10. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizerAshampoo WinOptimizer is a renowned tune-up utility and CCleaner alternatives Program that can track down all junk and logged files. It is the last alternative program that can easily replace Ccleaner. However, it is the last but not the least option. There are many good reasons why Ashampoo WinOptimizer has placed in the top 10.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer does not just find junk files and shred them; its present version also has better security prosecution than the last one. Over 20 million users use this software all over the world. They are happy about the service and security that Ashampoo WinOptimizer can ensure. Ashampoo WinOptimizer has over 20 years of experience, continuously changing and adapting new features according to its users. 

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is not just cleaner software. And it also behaves like an analyzer. This program can defrag, analyze, and organize data in the Windows registry log. It will help you to delete and put programs in deep sleep. Like other Ccleaner alternatives, it can even eliminate your browsing history. You might not know, but your internet browsing history can slow down your pc. 

Features of Ashampoo WinOptimizer

  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer is free software. You can visit their website and download it. It has all the functions that you will need. It can do everything from defragmenting your website to fixing your PC’s registry issues. 
  • Eliminating browsing history might seem minor, and many might think it won’t affect their pc. In truth, your internet connection can also slow down because of those junk files. 
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer also plays the perfect role in protecting your data safely and securely. This Ccleaner alternative has great analytical potential that will free up space in your hard drive. But in the case of deleting programs, Ashampoo WinOptimizer also leaves the possibility to recover those files if you ever need them again. 
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer can quickly detect and fix your pc problem and help regenerate your tired pc. Ashampoo WinOptimizer has tools for both beginners and pros, so no one feels this is not the device for them. This can also clean up your startup and Chrome or third-party browser history. Ashampoo WinOptimizer can fix unwanted lagging, crashes, cache files, and your pc freezes. 

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Final Thought

These are the best CCleaner alternative programs in 2024. These programs can easily replace Ccleaner. Moreover, these alternatives can scan, delete and organize your data and info accordingly. Having one of these is like having a full combo to alleviate any problems slowing down your pc. These alternatives have a handful of facilities that can be obtained by combining two or more programs. But you will get all those in one software that can replace Ccleaner.

Choosing the best CCleaner alternatives Program is essential. Otherwise, it might invite hazardous malware or bloatware. I hope this content is helpful for you and can assist you in finding the perfect Cleaner software.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.

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