Apps Review Top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android for Easy Navigation

Top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android for Easy Navigation

The history of the compass is too old. It is said to be invented in 206 BC as a device and was used by the Chinese Han Dynasty. From that time, the compass was used for military purposes and maritime navigation. However, we could not come out from the use of this ancient device. We are also using this device for military purpose, naval navigation, and day-to-day activities. But, the compasses are very accurate now with different forms. Now, the compass is available on the phone. So, today we shall discuss top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android.

Top 10 Best Compass Apps for Android

In this article, I shall discuss the top 10 best compass apps for android. These apps are selected based on the rating, download volume, users review and studying the features of the apps. Almost all the apps are perfect for navigation purpose. I hope these best compass apps for Android will help you during all activities where you need a compass.

1. Compass 360 Pro Free

Best Compass Apps for Android compass proThis is a compass which is useful in most of the outdoor events like traveling, doing a picnic, camping, hiking, rowing, etc. This app behaves accurately not only in some specific places but also all the areas around the world. The app is just for Android devices which have Magnetic Sensor in it. If it is not there, then the app will not work. So don’t be angry if the app does not work and you do not have a device with a magnetic sensor. But, I think it’s very unlikely to have a phone like that.

Important Features

  • It is very user-friendly and designed professionally.
  • You will be orientated naturally and easily.
  • You will get detailed direction with the help of decimal bearing provided by the app.
  • It is effortless to get the general direction with the help of cardinal bearing.
  • The automated system shows you both magnetic and true north.
  • This free app is multilingual and works without an internet connection.

2. Compass Map

Best Compass Apps for Android Compass MapThis app is designed for both professionals and amateurs who are outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts. With its built-in magnetic sensor, you will get very accurate navigation, at the same time you will be orientated very easily. You can enter a faster world of navigation system through this app. All the day-to-day compass activities are shown with all essential models of compass map. The difference between magnetic and true north is smartly shown with the automated system of the app.

Important Features

  • The app is user-friendly and gives the feeling like a real compass.
  • The design is simple but professional and compact.
  • It displays latitude, longitude of any place and current location.
  • It supports GPS and maps.
  • The app automatically differentiates the difference between magnetic and true north.
  • It provides smooth operation.
  • This free app shows a digital reading of direction and bearing.

3. GPS Compass Navigator

Best Compass Apps for Android GPS Compass NavigatorThis is another best compass apps for android which will help you while traveling, hiking, or anywhere you need navigation. This app comes with a variety of functions which will make your navigation very easy and comfortable one. Besides its ordinary and usual navigation system, a voice navigation system is also integrated which makes it further unique. The numerous features of this app have made it very popular.

Important Features

  • It has numerous functions besides the function of the compass.
  • You can get current position and record the coordinates of any place from the map.
  • You can save your waypoint and navigation can be done using voice navigation.
  • You can save your track, follow it and fall back through it using the same app.
  • The navigation appears on the lock screen.
  • With the access to the internet, you can use maps and get current position.
  • Besides getting the static position, you will get your speed, ETA and distance of various places.
  • The app will also help you with altitude reading.
  • The app can operate without an internet connection and can work without magnetometers.

4. Compass

Best Compass Apps for Android CompassIf you want to get accurate direction, location and navigation then this app should be your choice as one of the best compass apps for android. Like the other compass apps, this app also requires a magnetic sensor in the device. You will get all types of functions you need for navigation. With the help of a map provided with the app, you orientate yourself very quickly with the surroundings. As a whole, the app is simple but effective.

Important Features

  • The real-time route, traffic jam, nearby places can be seen using the map.
  • Provides very accurate navigation as it links to the google map.
  • You can get your current position, save it or share it with others.
  • The app can detect the presence of metal around your device. Thus you can avoid it to get accurate position or direction from the compass.
  • The speed of any vehicle can be accurately measured using this app.
  • You have the flexibility to change the background color and font style.
  • Besides navigation, you can get the weather update.

5. Compass Galaxy

Best Compass Apps for Android compass galaxyThis app has a life-saving story of saving three people in Scotland when they lost their manual compass, and it was well praised by them. This app is straightforward to use, and the calibration is too easy. It can be used for any purpose like hiking, boating, camping, etc. This app came with outstanding graphics and became one of the best choices the compass users. The download volume and rating of the users are satisfied.

Important Features

  • Unlike other apps, this app has very few features.
  • The app is very simple and contains only one page.
  • Calibration is very easy.
  • You need to rotate it in 8 figure for calibrating.
  • The app is free of error.
  • Useful for any requirement where you need compass navigation.  

6. LED Compass

Best Compass Apps for Android LED CompassLED Compass is very good for traveling and for those who lost their way. This app works great in finding direction and position. It is effortless to use, calibrate and highly accurate in its reading. The app is not only for finding a path rather you will be able to set your furniture and other things which you need to make perfectly parallel to ground. The smooth operating of the app will make you feel like using a real compass.

Important Features

  • It has a system to show notification of calibration.
  • The app can access google map and help you in finding many more functions for navigation.
  • It displays devices slope and horizontal level.
  • You can check the magnetic field strength.
  • The app also displays Ture heading, latitude and longitude.
  • High definition graphics make it very attractive and easy to use.
  • The app consumes very less battery power.

7. Compass Steel (No Ads, Best Compass Apps for Android)

Best Compass Apps for Android Compass Steel (No Ads)This app is master both in its function and its design and one of the best compass apps for android. It gives a very excellent look and works very nicely. You will get the app very comfortable and not annoying as it contains no ad. Besides getting your location, you will get the position of the sun and the moon. In total, this app is not only good for navigation and getting direction but also for fun and fantastic features.

Important Features

  • The app is free of the ad and one of the best compass apps for android.
  • There are a variety of themes and colors to choose from.
  • Besides getting direction and navigation, you will get the directions of the moon and the sun.
  • Like other navigation apps, this app shows you both true and magnetic north.
  • High definition graphics provides very easy readability.
  • You can use it in any orientation and calibrates automatically.

8. Compass (Free & No Ads)

best compass apps for android Compass (Free & No Ads)This is one of the best compass apps for Android and comes with the best possible accuracy with correction of magnetic declination. We know that the magnetic North can vary up to 20 degrees from the geographic north in some places. This apps gives you the absolute difference and correct reading irrespective of the location of the device. Besides, you will get horizontal accuracy depending on the quality of GPS on your device. This free app is very easy to navigate and calibrate.

Important Features

  • The app is free and contains no ad.
  • Allowance of using GPS gives more accuracy.
  • You will get the actual altitude from the sea level at any location.
  • Besides the navigation system, you can know the time of sunset and sunrise.
  • The design is clean and attractive.
  • Muslims can find Qibla for offering prayer.
  • You can save places to track them and can find the shortest possible route to any location.
  • It shows the reading of angle in degree.

9. Digital Compass

Best Compass Apps for Android Digital CompassThe app features very simple and easy to handle layout. You have the scope to switch to either magnetic or true north with easy switches. The app will also remind you which mode you are using with a distinct option. You can find out your location regarding coordinates by switching the GPS of your device. The app will also allow you to change from map view to compass view or vice versa very quickly. The accuracy can be maintained avoiding magnetic field with the help of magnetic indicator within it.

Important Features

  • The app provides latitude, longitude, and address of your location.
  • You can operate the map fullscreen.
  • You can measure the magnetic strength.
  • When you are on a slope, you can level anything by the leveler of the app.
  • The app has a meter to show the status of the sensor.
  • Like the other standard apps, this app is very easy to calibrate.

10. Smart Compass

Best Compass Apps for Android Smart CompassSmart Compass is a handy app for navigation which can asses Google map and shows you four cardinal directions. Besides getting four cardinal directions, you will also get azimuth and angle. If you are a traveler, then you can confidently use this app. This app will help you find the actual position with the help of GPS of your device. Its high graphic, simple and aesthetic design made it easy to use and battery efficient. Overall, this app is handy to use.

Important Features

  • This smart and digital app shows calibration notification.
  • You can get the service of Google map for precious location.
  • Besides showing the current location, it shows all the essential things for navigation.
  • You can level anything using the horizontal leveler.
  • The app will also show you the slope of the device.
  • By showing the magnetic field, the app can help you avoiding magnetic field and get the accurate reading.
  • This app supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German and French languages.

Last Words: Best Compass Apps for Android

The apps mentioned above are few best compass apps for android. I hope these apps will be helpful for you. There are some options and functions in some of the apps and absent in some other apps. But, I think you will get at least one which will fulfill your all requirement. I hope you liked the apps. If these apps can help you in your real life, then it is our success. So, enjoy the best compass apps for Android from our recommendation.

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