The 20 Best Cooking Apps With Latest Food Recipe in 2024

The entrance of technology in every sphere of our life has made our lifestyle more accessible. You cannot find a sector flourishing without the help of technology. So, why don’t you take its help in your kitchen? Making food might be a challenging task for you. Or, maybe you love to cook but need proper guidance to become a pro! These are not a problem if you take a cooking app as your companion.

You can choose a recipe app for your Android and make various delicious items! Who knows, such a food-making app can turn into a renowned chef! You might also be willing to find new recipes to try.

The 20 Best Cooking Apps for Android

A perfect recipe app can reduce a lot of stress in your mind. It can even make a pro in managing your kitchen activities! There are hundreds of cuisine apps available for Android devices. But not all of them are suitable for you. You have to select the best app, comparing its functions and stock of recipes with other apps.

In this article, I have made this task easy for you. Here I’ve listed the top 20 food-making apps trending in 2024. You can choose one of them per your needs and thank me through comments!

1. Food Network Kitchen

Food Network KitchenFood Network Kitchen is one of the best free roasting apps that help handle your kitchen activities more comfortably. This app contains more than 80,000 recipes. You can easily choose one of them and try it in your style!

The Food Network Kitchen app provides you with step-by-step food-making classes. The videos of popular food preparation shows are also available here. Famous chefs and food writers make the recipes of this app. You can easily save the videos and watch them on any device from your account. 

The Food Network Kitchen app informs you about the necessary preparations before making any dish. It also shows your estimated preparation time. Moreover, this app solves your measuring problems too! The app lets you buy any necessary ingredient from Amazon and send it to your doorsteps! Food Network Kitchen works to reduce hunger in society using its premium subscription charges. 

Key Features

  • The Food Network Kitchen provides you with more than 80,000 food-related videos.
  • It teaches you other necessary things for preparing a dish.
  • The app contains video-saving options.
  • It is linked with Amazon and delivers the necessary ingredients to your doorstep.

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2. Yummly Recipes and Cooking Tools

Yummly Recipes and Cooking ToolsIf you are looking for a broiling app that helps you to prepare meals within a short time? The Yummly Recipes and Cooking Tools app will do it for you! It suggests mouth-watering dishes with simple ingredients. This recipe app intelligently signifies your favorite cuisines from the search history and suggests new recipes similar to them. You can be confident about cuisine using this app. 

The Yummly Recipes and Cooking Tools list the ingredients you need to cook. You can buy them from the nearby grocery store using the app. As an assistant, this app will remind you of your food-making time through a voice command. It also offers you to create a digital cookbook containing your favorite recipes. Besides, The app can scan your ingredients and notify you when they expire. 

Key Features

  • Yummly app gives you tips to be an intelligent chef.
  • It teaches how to cook delicious dishes quickly using simple ingredients.
  • The app suggests new dishes according to your preferences. 
  • You can maintain a personal cookbook using this app. 
  • This recipe app guides you step-by-step with the Yummly Voice Control feature. 

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3. Side-Chef 

Side-ChefSide-Chef is a great meal planner app. It is one of the best free roasting apps that is a gem for beginners. The app can filter your diet preferences and avoid allergic items.

Side-Chef provides you with more than 18,000 recipes and suggests the best ones from them. You can also share your food-making experiences with others using this app.

The Side-Chef app is very concerned about reducing the wastage of food. This intelligent app shows you the percentage of ingredients for making any dish. The app is descriptive enough to make you comfortable in making food. This recipe app also offers you home delivery of the ingredients through Amazon. 

Key Features

  • The Side-Chef app teaches you to cook healthy and delicious food items quickly.
  • It contains more than 18,000 recipes made by expert chefs.
  • The app suggests recipes according to your choice.
  • It contains a sharing feature too.
  • The Side-Chef app helps to prevent the waste of food.

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4. Forks Plant-Based Recipes

Forks Plant-Based RecipesThe Forks Plant-Based Recipes app is a great food assistant for vegetarians. This premium app contains over 600 veg dishes you can prepare within 35 minutes. You can find delicious whole-food and plant-based recipes here.

The Forks Plant-Based Recipes app adds a new recipe every week. It works like a pro in teaching you to cook step-by-step. Moreover, this recipe app will list the ingredients of your requirement. 

Forks Plant-Based Recipes app is made with assistance from 50+ leading chefs. This app gives you tips to lead a healthy life. It works efficiently to make your vegetarian meal tasty. 

Key Features

  • The Forks Plant-Based Recipes app will never make you bored eating veg dishes.
  • This app contains recipes made by more than fifty famous chefs.
  • It adds a new recipe to the list every week.
  • The app instructs you on how to prepare a meal in detail.
  • This cuisine app helps you to stay fit by suggesting healthy plant-based meals. 

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5. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner SpinnerAllrecipes Dinner Spinner will change your idea about food-making. This app is one of the best cuisine apps available for Android devices. Moreover, it allows you to maintain a personalized digital cookbook.

You can access all your saved videos from any device using Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner suggests recipes using the ingredients on sale! It helps to save you money and time.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner contains detailed cooking lessons in more than 1000 videos. You can create your cook profile here and share it with others. The app is well-designed and pretty much appropriate for being your helping hand. 

Key Features

  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner suggests various innovative food items with simple ingredients.
  • This recipe app gives you a detailed lesson on food making.
  • It offers you to join a large community to share your food-making experiences.
  • The app allows you to maintain a customized cookbook.

6. FitMen Cook

FitMen CookIf you are looking for an online cookbook, go and grab the FitMen Cook app! It is full of healthy and simple recipes made by Kevin Curry. You may think that leading a healthy lifestyle is very expensive and time-consuming. But FitMen will change your concept. It teaches you how to cook tasty and healthy food quickly. Besides, the recipes will never make you feel bored!

The FitMen contains various vegan, high protein, and keto recipes. You can find easy instructions for preparing those items. Moreover, this app shows you an inexpensive, healthy lifestyle. The FitMen can track your calories too! You can switch between different scales while measuring the ingredients. This free cuisine app will serve great as your kitchen partner.

Key Features

  • FitMen suggests healthy and simple recipes.
  • This app saves money and time.
  • It tracks your calories to keep you fit.
  • The app contains easy videos to teach you the recipes. 

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7. SuperCook

SuperCook AppThe SuperCook app is a wonder among other baking apps. It will surprise you with more than 1 Million recipe videos! You can put a list of the ingredients you have, and the app will suggest delicious recipes. The app also allows managing your pantry using voice. The SuperCook app can filter your diet chart and choose the perfect dish. 

You can save and share your favorite cooking videos using the SuperCook app. It covers more than 1500 sites. The app organizes your shopping list and helps to save money. This free recipe book app also has a natural language searching option. 

Key Features

  • The SuperCook app provides you with a vast number of recipes. 
  • This app covers over 1500 sites and has a natural language search feature.
  • It customizes your shopping list.
  • The app can filter your diet and suggest the appropriate dish for you.

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8. Big Oven

Big OvenBig Oven is another highly reviewed cuisine app containing 1,000,000+ recipe videos. It is a complete package for handling your kitchen activities. This app can give you the best solution in figuring out the dishes for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Moreover, Big Oven contains easy recipes with up to 3 ingredients to save time!

This recipe book app never allows wasting your food. It tracks your leftover food and suggests a new recipe, including those. The Big Oven app also lets you create a folder containing your favorite videos. It makes your grocery shopping easier. This free app will inspire a lot to be a healthy cook. 

Key Features

  • Big Oven serves as an overall package for your kitchen.
  • It provides you with more than 1,000,000 delicious recipes.
  • The app contains quick recipes to save time.
  • It also contains video saving and sharing features.

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9. NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking appAre you a fan of the recipes published in the New York Times? Do you want to collect all of them in your pocket? The NYT Cooking app gives you this opportunity. This app contains all the recipes published in the NYT. These simple and delicious recipes will satisfy your tummy for sure!

The NYT contains more than 19,000 recipes. It will guide you to prepare those dishes easily. This app also suggests recipes with what you have in your pantry. The amazing photographs of the food items will attract you to try those. 

Key Features 

  • The NYT provides you with unique recipes published in the New York Times. 
  • This app guides you properly in preparing any dish.
  • It suggests you no-recipe recipes combining the items you have in your hands.
  • This app contains all recipes from veg to non-veg.

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10. My Recipe Book

My Recipe BookMy Recipe Book is an ideal app that contains the world’s most trending recipes. Installing the app, you will be updated with recipes from all continents. This free recipe app can suggest daily recipes and occasional recipes as well. 

My Recipe book helps you to surprise your friends and family with new delicious recipes. You can prepare party dishes like Halloween recipes, Christmas recipes, new year recipes, and so on, taking help from My Recipe Book.

Key Features

  • The My Recipe Book app serves as a global recipe book.
  • It helps you to cook day-to-day meals as well as party dishes.
  • The app instructs you in preparing the dishes of other countries. 
  • This app will be a great one for beginners. 

11. CookBook

CookBook AppAs your cooking companion, you can try using the CookBook Recipes application. This app will satisfy you with various features helpful in making food. It will help you prepare any dish- from daily meals to desserts.

The cookbook app will suggest easy recipes which won’t take more than 15 minutes to prepare. You don’t need to consider your breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. This app will select the best recipe for you according to your preferences.

CookBook Recipes app allows making your customized recipe book. It is a diet-friendly app that creates a perfect meal plan according to your taste. With its assistance, you can easily make a new recipe with what you have in your pantry. You can save your favorite videos here. 

Key Features 

  • The CookBook app makes a perfect meal plan for you.
  • You can find desert recipes, fast food items, and heavy meals in CookBook. 
  • It allows personalizing your preference list of recipes.
  • The app saves your time and prevents the wastage of food.

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12. Kitchen Stories Recipe

Kitchen Stories RecipeThe Kitchen Stories recipe app is another popular cook app with various features. It helps to satisfy your appetite with different global dishes. The app gives you step-by-step guidance for making the dish perfect. The tutorial videos provided by this app improve your baking skills. Moreover, the Kitchen Stories recipe app contains cuisine tips and articles as supplements.

The Kitchen Stories app allows you to share delicious recipes with a vast international community. This app is careful about your choices and allergies while preparing meal plans. You can easily make your grocery list here. The Kitchen Stories recipes app works efficiently to make you confident in handling your kitchen activities. 

Key Features

  • The Kitchen Stories Recipe app works as an intelligent cuisine tutor. 
  • This app creates appropriate meal plans for you.
  • The app also provides you with food-making tips and articles.
  • It contains a sharing option too.

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13. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager 3Paprika Recipe Manager 3 performs excellently in organizing your kitchen task. This cuisine app can be your daily kitchen partner. You can download your favorite recipes from various websites and save them here. The most favorable part of this app is it doesn’t require an internet connection. Paprika Recipe Manager 3 helps you to track your pantry too. It works excellently in making your shopping lists.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 contains device syncing facilities. This recipe book app allows you to share videos and get a hard copy of the recipe. This app allows you to adjust the measuring scales according to your serving size.

The free version of the Paprika Recipe Manager 3 app is entirely satisfactory. But if you want to save over 50 videos and store them in the Clouds, you must shift to the Pro version. 

Key Features

  • Paprika Recipe Manager 3 allows you to download food-making videos from different websites.
  • It stores all the videos systematically
  • The app works offline.
  • It contains device syncing facilities.

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14. Master Chef CookBook

Master Chef CookBookIf you’re fond of continental recipes, Master Chef CookBook might be your best choice. This cookbook app contains many recipes, including Indian, Mexican, and Chinese dishes. These recipes are taken from well-known international chefs. You can find here recipes for daily meals and parties as well. 

You can organize your kitchen ingredients using this free recipe app. Master Chef CookBook supplies you with easy baking tutorials. Moreover, it acts as your nutrition guide. This app will make you a pro at cooking different cuisines. 

Key Features

  • Master Chef CookBook provides you with delicious international cuisines.
  • This app allows you to save and share your favorite videos.
  • It serves accurately as your cooking guide.
  • It is an excellent kitchen organizer app.

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15. Cookpad

Cookpad AppCookpad is a personalized cookbook app that allows you to create your customized cookbook. You can search for food-making videos from any website and save them here. It is a sharing platform for home cooks.

Cookpad allows you to create your recipes and share them on the platform. People will try your recipe and comment on them. This feature is beneficial to improve your baking skills.

The Cookpad app is a great recipe app. People from different cultures share their recipes here. You can try them to bring variation to your dining table. This application will serve great to motivate you to make different dishes. 

Key Features

  • Cookpad acts as an excellent cookbook app.
  • It organizes your recipes and the downloaded ones as well.
  • The sharing feature of this app develops your baking skills.

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16. Youmiam

Youmiam cooking app for androidYoumiam is one of the best recipe apps available for Android. You can find simple and easy recipes with detailed guidelines here. This app is user-friendly. It offers you to watch offline videos.

Moreover, the Youmiam app contains a recipe-sharing feature too! This app lets you take photos of your prepared dish and share them with friends! You have to create an account to use the app. 

You can create a personalized recipe book using Youmiam. Its syncing device option allows you to access videos on any device. Besides, this free cooking app is brilliant for preparing your shopping list. Moreover, it saves you time and money. Youmiam will surely inspire you to cook more!

 Key Features

  • The Youmiam app provides you with delicious baking recipes.
  • This app helps you to prepare your grocery shopping list.
  • It contains a syncing device option.
  • You can access this app offline.

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17. Philips Kitchen+-Tasty Airfryer Recipes and Tips

Philips Kitchen+-Tasty Airfryer Recipes and TipsAre you craving tasty and crispy air fryer recipes? Philips air fryer app will satisfy your cravings. It contains many air fryer recipes with easy preparation methods. This app will teach you how to make your famous chicken wings, french fries, etc., in restaurant style. 

Philips Kitchen+ shows you quick recipes in case you are in a hurry. It teaches you the best use of your air fryer machine. Moreover, you can create your recipes with the guidance of this app. The Philips Air Fryer app has a sharing option. You can share your recipes and find delicious items made by others. 

Key features

  • Philips Kitchen supplies you with various recipes using an air fryer.
  • It teaches you how to make the best use of this machine.
  • The app never compromises in taste while suggesting recipes.
  • This app is a storehouse of healthy and tasty snack recipes. 

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18. All Rice Recipes: Biryani, Pulao, Risotto, Fried Rice

All Rice Recipes Biryani, Pulao, Risotto, Fried RiceIf you are a rice lover, then quickly install All Rice Recipes. This cooking app contains varieties of rice items that will please your taste buds. It provides you with simple and easy procedures to prepare the dishes. All Rice Recipes will bring a change to your daily meals. It can reduce the boredom of taking similar meals every day.

The All Rice Recipes app mainly focused on Asian rice recipes. If you want to prepare pulao, biryani, Risotto, chicken rice, etc., recipes, this app will significantly help you. It is one of the best recipe apps that suggest recipes according to your taste. Besides, the All Rice Recipes app organizes tutorial videos into different segments. Recipes of appetizers, soups, desserts, and main meals are present here in different categories. The app also has fry, boil, roast, and baking recipes. All Rice Recipes app is concerned about the nutritious value of your meal. You can filter the videos according to your preference. This diet-friendly meal planner app gives you health tips too!

Key Features

  • All Rice Recipes contain voice features to make you cook hands-free.
  • It offers you a video filtering option.
  • You can get recipes in different categories.
  • The app teaches you varieties of rice dishes step-by-step.
  • It also gives you practical food processing tips. 

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19. Anova Culinary

Anova Culinary Cooking AppAre you willing to try sous vide recipes? Anova Culinary will make this task easy for you. Sous vide is a different kind of baking style. Mainly meat of fish is prepared in this style using the vacuum-sealing method. A warm water bag is used in this cooking style.

Anova Culinary app will teach you how to prepare delicious foods this way. Michelin Star chefs and other home cooks prepare these recipes.

Anova Culinary contains a large number of sous vide recipes with easy instructions. You can learn the actual temperature and time measurement factors from this app. Besides, it offers you to create a personalized recipe collection. You can share your recipes with others using this recipe app. Moreover, there is a cooking monitoring feature in this app. Anova Culinary will give a signal when your food is ready! It gives you relief from standing in the kitchen all the time.

Key Features

  • Anova Culinary suggests delicious sous vide recipes.
  • This app contains a baking monitoring feature using a Wi-Fi connection.
  • It teaches you in detail how to prepare the dish perfectly.
  • The app notifies you when you have to control the temperature.
  • You can create a personalized recipe collection here.
  • Anova Culinary offers you a sharing feature.

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20. Gordon Ramsay Recipe Book

Gordon Ramsay Recipe BookDo you want a recipe collection from the famous British Chef Gordon Ramsay? If yes, then it is time to make your dream come true. You can take help from the Recipe Book by Gordon Ramsay app to prepare Gordon-style recipes at home! This cuisine app has a vast search engine. You can download the recipes to your cookbook. Besides, the Gordon Ramsay Recipe Book app supports device syncing. You can access the videos from wherever you want. It uses Dropbox to keep your videos synchronized.

Gordon Ramsay is linked with Cookmate. This recipe app allows you to share your recipes using it. It contains a speech feature to read the recipe. Besides, Gordon Ramsey’s Recipe Book can make your grocery list accurately. You can also scale the ingredients according to the serving size. You can even open this app on your smartwatch! So, you may install this Gordon Ramsay ultimate cookery course app to upgrade your roasting skills. 

Key Features

  • Gordon Ramsay’s Recipe Book contains the best recipes made by Gordon. 
  • It offers to share recipes in Cookmate.
  • This app Instructs you about the baking procedure in detail.
  • It uses Dropbox to keep your saved videos organized.
  • This app also supports Android watches. 

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Final Thoughts

Cooking is a part of our daily activities. To someone, it is a hobby, while others take it as a hassle. But to survive, we need to take food. It is not possible to order food from restaurants frequently. So, to lead a healthy and hassle-free life, you should know to prepare your meal quickly. Baking apps will reduce this tension from you to a great extent. By taking help from a cuisine app, you can learn how to manage your kitchen scientifically. The recipe apps that I have mentioned above are highly reviewed during 2023. Each of them has some unique features. If you didn’t notice it, reread the article and choose the perfect cooking app. I’m sure you won’t regret doing this. I will wait for your feedback.

Faiqua Tahjiba
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