The 15 Best Crafting Games for PC and Android in 2023

What are the best crafting games for PC and Android on the Internet? It is easy to mix up crafting and building games together. But they are different in many aspects. It always focuses on helping you survive in a harsh or hostile environment. Many gamers prefer these types of games.

They are crafting gameplay features with different environments or an engaging storyline. These could be part of crafting, whether crafting a raft to cross the ocean or taming a fantasy beast. The goal is to survive using fresh materials around you. Usually, survival games feature an open-world environment. You can explore the world and do things freely. A player can complete tasks or go on a quest. 

I enjoy playing good survival games on PC. That is why today, I’m bringing you a list of the best games for PC and Android.

Difference Between Building and Crafting Games

Building something means making something from the base material. It usually means something big—a house, tower, road, or bridge. Crafting combines small things, like making a basket or an instrument. You can also say that crafting is a method of personalized construction of things. In crafting, you need more precision than building.

The same goes for games too. In a building game or simulator, you build something like a building or base from basic materials. Some examples of building games are Rust, Fortnite, Raft, The Sims 4, Poly Bridge, etc.

In crafting, you need to gather materials to craft something. We can see crafting feature survival elements. Trove, Subnautica, No Man’s Sky, and Minecraft are some crafting examples. I enjoy playing both gameplay, like building and crafting. But there is something more mesmerizing about crafting PC gameplay. 

Best Crafting Games For PC

First, we will look into 10 of the best crafting PC gameplay. We focused on the crafting elements while making this list.

1. TROVE (Free): #1 PC Crafting Game

TROVE (Free) #1 PC Crafting GameTrove is very similar to Minecraft in terms of game mechanisms. It is a remarkable survival MMORPG with vast places to explore. It also has dungeons and treasure quests. You can explore and gather materials to craft the tools. Trove also requires building, which makes it a perfect game for you and your friends. You can join with your friends and create a fantastic base for your team.

In the beginning, you will get a small piece of land in Trove. Make it a livable place. You can flourish it with creatures and plants. There are options for creating weapons. You can use them to defend yourself from enemies. Trove allows us to venture out into the wild and complete different quests. It is a new and exciting game that will keep you engaged. Trove is a free-to-play online game. It doesn’t require any download. Come and become a part of the Trove world.

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NO MAN’S SKYNo Man’s Sky is one of the best multiplayer games online. Though it had a rough launch, it was successful in the long run. No Man’s Sky features a futuristic survival world with lots of crafting and building. You can build a house and explore the universe on your own. Moreover, you can play the game with your friends online. Start a voyage in the unknown and fight with aliens and otherworldly creatures.

No Man’s Sky has both survival and action aspect to it. With the latest update, the multiplayer mode is now delightful. Despite focusing on survival, No Man’s Sky is a perfect example of crafting. To make your home base functional, we will need to do a lot of grinding. You can craft pretty much anything with the materials in the game. Get onboard a mysterious and technological crafting world with No Man’s Sky. You can buy the game for PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

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STARDEW VALLEYStardew Valley is a great farming simulator game with lots of crafting. It is one of my favorite games to play. Besides that, Stardew Valley helps you to calm your nerves. You can forget about your busy life and start working on your grandpa’s country farm. You’re mistaken if you think it is only a farming game. Stardew Valley is more than a simple farming simulator.

They equip you with essential tools, but you must craft items to operate the farm. You can learn to craft recipes and cultivate more on the land. After you complete the basics, you can learn in-depth crafting. Stardew Valley has layers within layers in terms of gameplay and story. You won’t just be crafting for your farms only. You will also need to make items to help you expand your territory.

One significant thing about Stardew Valley is that there is no rush. You can take your time and enjoy crafting, unlike other gameplay. The environment changes with the seasons. The graphics and character designs are worth the money. Moreover, you can play Stardew Valley on Android, PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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Subnautica open-world survival gameSubnautica is an open-world survival game that explores the depth of the ocean. You crash land on an alien world where you must gather resources and craft items to survive. The goal is to find a cure for a disease spreading on the island and build a spaceship to escape planet 4546B. The eerie setup and mysterious creatures of the unknown will keep you busy. You need to take care of your food, water, and shelter.  

The craft mechanism in Subnautica is outstanding. You can gather materials and make survival items. You can also build a base to store your things. To me, the exploration part of the game is very appealing. The beauty of the surroundings and the ocean’s depth will astonish you. The day-night cycle also gives Subnautica a down-to-earth feeling. By the way, there are two moons in the sky in Subnautica. You can play the game on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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minecraftThe list won’t be complete if I skip Minecraft. There is nothing to say about Minecraft. Besides that, it is the most popular PC game in the world. It even has “Craft” in its name. 

Minecraft is one of the best open-world multiplayer crafting games. You mine and grind for materials and craft unique items. You can build and make almost everything in the world of Minecraft. It also allows you to set traps to destroy your opponents. And if you are not up for mischievous activities, why not build a rollercoaster or a bed that can fly?

Your imagination is the limit in Minecraft. You can craft everything here. Moreover, there are different modes available for the game. I enjoy the survival mode, where you must balance craftsmanship and survival. Another thing that Minecraft is so popular is the mods. It supports different mods to install on the game, giving you a much more lavishing experience. You can play this survival game on every device, including PC, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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Terraria action-adventure gameTerraria is an action-adventure game that features sandboxing. After you craft your home base, you can freely explore the world in Terraria. The game will present different obstacles and challenges to you. You can craft different weapons and traps to defend yourself—weapons like arrows and bows to hunt animals for food. Moreover, you can also see the damage the weapons do to attacks.

You can also use the NPCs to your advantage. For example, you can use the Dryad, and they will provide an extra eight bonus on your points. This game will help you in the long run. The 2D world of Terraria is fascinating. However, the official version of Terraria is not free. However, Terraria is adored by millions of players. It is worth buying the game.

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DON’T STARVE Don’t Starve is not just a crafting game; it is one of the best challenging wilderness survival games you can play. The game is not for the faint of hearts. It is scary when you are left in a wilderness with no resources. Gather materials and make a base. Some creatures are hostile and attack you. There is a day-night cycle, and with each day, surviving becomes more difficult.

I enjoy playing Don’t Starve in my free time. It would be best to craft several Victorian and steam-punk artifacts to survive. The game successfully gives you many objects and tools without opening a guide or recipe cheat sheet. The overall gameplay is addictive. However, there is no winning in Don’t Starve. It is a survival game till you die.

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SCRAP MECHANICAre you a fan of tinkering and crafting, then Scrap Mechanic is a game you will like. The game puts you in the position of a mechanic who has crash-landed on a planet. It filled the world with broken robots who had gone excellent. You can break down the robots into parts and create things you need to survive. Scrap Mechanics need lots of grinding and collecting materials. So it is more enjoyable with friends.

In Scrap Mechanic, you can craft several intricate and elaborate contraptions. The game allows us to craft things like buggies or monster trucks for traveling. There is also an option for farming and growing crops. You can also make weapons to keep the ravaging bots away. Moreover, Scrap Mechanic is available for PC and Xbox. Unfortunately, the game is not available for PlayStation. It would be best if you bought Scrap Mechanic to play it. It is a heavy game and requires at least 15 GB of free HDD space.

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7 DAYS TO DIEIf you want to enjoy a post-apocalyptic zombie world, look no further. 7 Days to Die is the ultimate survival horde crafting game. The game makes us scavenge and scramble for our dear life. Every day is a challenge to survive in the zombie-infested world. Look for food and make a shelter. You can gather materials and craft weapons and tools to defend against the waves of the undead.

7 Days to Die is an open-world game where you can explore freely. There is only one goal; survive and outlive the zombies. You can play the 7 Days to Die in multiplayer mode. Like every survival game, 7 Days to Die is more fun with friends.

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VALHEIM Crafting game for PCValheim is a fantasy survival game for PC. In Valheim, you take the role of a Viking. Viking has been sent to purgatory to prove his worth before the Gods. The procedurally generated environment is impressive. There are lots of items to craft in the gameplay. It will also task you with different missions and quests. There is a helping bird that will bring you the objectives. There are specific bosses to beat to continue the game. After the initial tasks, you can take on the big missions.

Some may confuse Valheim with Rust, but they are entirely different games. Valheim supports online multiplayer mode. You can buy the game for only 19.99 for a PC. Are you ready to prove your worth? Download and play this best survival game available on PC, Xbox, and PS4.

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Best Crafting Games for Android

Here is our recommendation of the best free game for Android. Most of the games are accessible in the Play Store.


growtopia Android Crafting GameGrowtopia features an original storyline with lots of craftsmanship. You can collect materials and craft tools and items to help you survive in the game plot. It is a competitive online game, so you must use your resources. Growtopia allows us to plant and harvest trees. You can also collect meats from animals. There is also the option to cook the food.

To play Growtopia, you must create an account and an internet connection. The game is one of the best free survival games for Android. Download and play Growtopia to enjoy a beautiful MMO world.

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KRAFTEERS BATTLE FOR SURVIVALKrafteers: Battle for Survival is the ultimate game that tests your craftsmanship. The big virtual world is enough to mesmerize you. The 3D animation and craft mechanism are outstanding in Krafteers: Battle for Survival. Krafteers is free to play, but you can access additional paid content.

You can play Krafteers: Battle for Survival in solo or multiplayer mode. You can enjoy the game’s beauty with your friends in multiplayer mode. Moreover, you can invade other players’ bases and loot their inventory. Likewise, they can also attack you for loot. The developers designed Krafteers: Battle for Survival, especially for Android devices. You will get a smooth gaming experience with the game.

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PORTAL KNIGHTSPortal Knights is a fantasy RPG game with 3D sandboxing. There are different RPG characters, including warriors, mazes, and rangers. The tactical combat feature of Portal Knights is very realistic. Aside from combat, you must craft items to help you in the gameplay. Forge your heroes and start the journey of your lifetime.

Portal Knights is an Android game. There is also a PC version of it. However, you can buy the game for $0.99 from the Google play store.

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14. Multicraft–Build and Mine!

Multicraft–Build and Mine!Multicraft–Build, and Mine! is an excellent alternative to Minecraft for mobiles. It is a free-to-play crafting base survival gameplay. Various tools and resources help you build items in the game. Multicraft offers a multiplayer mode. You can enjoy a good time with your friends on the Internet.

Like Minecraft, they ask you to defeat creatures like giant spiders or zombies. Give the game a try, and it’s free! The game has the potential to become your favorite craft-based gameplay.

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Craft GameCraft is one of the best survival crafting games on Android. The game has everything from animal farming to defeating monsters. You can hunt and fish to gather food. It also allows you to tinker with items and materials.

The landscape in Craft features mountains, rivers, and mines. You can explore the 3D world freely. It is very similar to Minecraft in terms of gameplay. It is the perfect game for hanging out with friends and having a good time together. Get the game from Play Store for free.

Final Thoughts

Crafting is a unique skill and not to be taken lightly. There is plenty of crafting-based gameplay on the Internet, but not all are up to the mark. And if the crafting mechanism is imperfect, then playing the gameplay is no fun. We have tested and listed the best crafting games for PC and Android. I hope you find this list helpful. Share your recommendation with us in the comments.

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