Games Review Top 10 Best Farming Games for Android for Experiencing Real Farming

Top 10 Best Farming Games for Android for Experiencing Real Farming

If you want to find game genres that both boys, girls, young, and adult can enjoy, farming games will appear on the first line. Farming games for Android have become very popular because of their real-life experience and farm designing sagacity. So, if you want to try some Android farming games, I can help you with the below list of best farming games for Android you can find in the play store.

Best Farming Games for Android

Here, all the games are free to download and use. Also, the graphics of almost all of them are good in quality. You can maintain pets, grow crops, process foods and also trade with them. Designing your own land will also give you an extraordinary experience. So, don’t waste your time by thinking about which game to get addicted. Just have a glimpse over the list of the best farming games for Android and choose one or more to enjoy.

1. Hay Day

Hay Day farming apps for AndroidMeet, the most played Android farming game, Hay Day. It is really a very exciting game and soon will make you addicted to it. It has a good number of levels that are very addictive too. Also, it is free and easy to download. Almost all the farming experiences are compressed here like some great adventure games. Here, you can see the features in short too.

Important Features

  • Let you grow crops and processed foods like a real-life experience.
  • You can trade products with other people.
  • You can chat with others and visit other farms.
  • Let you make your own land just like you want to and you can welcome visitors too.
  • You can make money by taking order with your truck and boats.
  • People over 122 countries are enjoying this game and so you can be connected with them.

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2. Township

TownshipA town making and farming game is a great companion to have a joyful time. Township is one of the most featured and classic farming games for Android with its amazing graphical integration. It offers a very beautiful customizable gaming platform where you can make your own dream town as your farm and continue to expand your town.

Important Features

  • Offers full customizable town building along with flexible plantation and harvesting options.
  • Includes trading facilities with different sources and in-game exotic countries.
  • Provides interesting and valuable options to fill your dream town with different kinds of people.
  • Includes ancient relics and rare collectives to decorate your town as you wish.
  • Integrated with social platform integration, such as Facebook and Google+ to play with your friends.

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3. Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator 14Farming games are great to have a fun and relaxing time. Farming Simulator 14 provides a very logical farming experience that can suffice the desire for your dream farm. It is integrated with modern and sophisticated graphics for providing users with the best farming game experience possible.

Important Features

  • Provides you with the opportunity to get into the agricultural experience from both smartphones and tablets.
  • Offers full control of the farm and it’s fields to fulfill your agricultural dream.
  • Includes real-life models of farming equipment and 3D graphics to take the gaming to the next level.
  • Let’s you play with your friends in its open world multiplayer gameplay.
  • It offers a very user-friendly interface and computer controlled assistance if you need them while you play the game.

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4. Family Farm Seaside

Family farm seasideIf you want to experience an Android farming game which both competitive and interesting then you can try Family farm seaside. It is one of the popular farming games for Android that you can find in the Play Store. It is free and easy to play. Also, it was packed with thousands of interesting features.

Important Features

  • You can build two farms in two different places: seaside and on an exotic island.
  • you can participate in the new Farm Beauty Contest to compete with the other farmers.
  • You can produce more than 200 crops and products.
  • Let your trade by taking daily orders.
  • You can enjoy more than 100 achievements.
  • You can play it for free and it needs Internet access to play.

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5. Village and Farm

Village and farm farming games for AndroidSay hello to Village and farm if you really want to enjoy a unique way of farming. It is another free Android farming game that can make you addictive soon. It has some in-app purchases but those are not mandatory. So, you can play it for free as much as you want. You can check its features below.

Important Features

  • You can grow a lot of groups to sell them in the market.
  • You can produce and cook different foods for your business too.
  • You have to maintain and feed your pets to make them productive.
  • You can decorate your farm just as you want to.
  • Trading with other farmers that means players are also possible.
  • You can visit other farmers and also visit other farms too.

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6. Dairy Farm

Dairy FarmDairy Farm is another stunning farming game for Android with which you will get an instant and real farming experience. It a unique game with a lot of stunning features. Also, it is easy to play and completely free. There may be some in-app purchases that are not mandatory too. So, you can give a try on this game in your free time.

Important Features

  • You can decorate your dairy farm buying lots of decorative objects.
  • Provides amazing visual effects and sound quality.
  • There are seeds to grow crops and pets to get milk and eggs.
  • A good number of levels to explore.
  • You can upgrade your farm and warehouses with lots of rewards and achievements.

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7. Harvest Land

Harvest LandTo experience something new in the farming sector of the game, you can give a try on Harvest Land. It is one of the most-played online farming games for Android. It is interesting and addictive. Also, it was packed with tons of amazing features and facilities. You can give a look at some of them below.

Important Features

  • You can grow a variety of crops to trade with them.
  • There is various kind of productive pets that you can feed.
  • You can design your dream farm with a lot of elements.
  • Provides satisfying visual quality and music tools.
  • You can trade things with your online friend.
  • Provide experience of a war game by organizing battle with the forest monsters.

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8. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2To pass your boring time or just for refreshment casual android games are good companions and FarmVille 2: Country Escape is just the game for you. It is not just for Facebook anymore, now it is available to download from the play store. It provides very beautiful graphics while providing the classic in game planning and awesome village making the experience. It lets you have a good time in the world of farming along with your friends.

Important Features

  • Provides a very feature enriched farming experience where you can have lots of adventures and collect rare items.
  • Offers both single anonymous mode and co-operative mode in which you can grow plants and raise your animals like a family.
  • Includes lots of playing modes and can be operated from anywhere and anytime even when you are not connected to data connections.
  • Integrated with lots of functions to do in the game, like harvesting and making goods that can be sold for your farm’s gradual development.
  • Provides full freedom to make your own dream farm where you are able to invite your friends, trade, earn and also provides free daily rewards.

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9. Farm School

Farm SchoolIf you love playing farming and planning based games then you will find Farm School as a very addicting game. It is equipped with top tier graphical in game quality and functionality as the latest platform demands. It is very compact and supports almost all the smart mobile devices of the age.

Important Features

  • Provides a very well featured and multifunctional interface of farming gameplay.
  • It is fully customizable and lets you arrange your farmland as it suits you.
  • Offers fully featured farming where you can grow your plants and ranch your animal as you wish.
  • Let’s you harvest your farmland and animals for earning golds and eventually upgrade your farm as you desire.
  • Offers you a very joyful adventure to the farming world with lots of exciting things to do.

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10. Farmdale – Happy Family Farm

Farmdale Last, it is Farmdale, another one among the most exciting magical farming games for Android. It is easy to play and much more addictive than many other games. Again, you will get a real life farming experience with it. You will get achievements and rewards too. Also, this amazing Android farming game includes a good number of features that will mesmerize you within a minute.

Important Features

  • In a magical world of farm, you can explore and enjoy things.
  • You can make your farm with a variety of exponents.
  • You can build houses and improve those to level up.
  • There are lots of pets and crops to grow.
  • Provides satisfying graphics and visual quality.

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Final Verdict

Do you ever try any of that before? If you don’t then I suggest you try one or two from them. Hay Day and Township will be great for designing your farm. But Farming Simulator 14 will suit you well if you want to get an experience of a racing game in the farming sagacity. Again, Family farm seaside will be a good choice if you love to compete. So, are still in confusion?

If you have any confusion and questions left then please give a knock here. I promise I will come soon with a reliable answer. Thank you for staying with us.



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