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Top 15 Best Gaming Podcasts for Video Game Junkies

Whether you enjoy playing action-adventure and RPG games or someone working in the gaming industry, you will find the best video gaming podcasts enjoyable. If you are unfamiliar with gaming news podcasts, you are missing a lot, my friend. There are so many podcasts out there you can’t even count all of them. There are some podcasts for PCs; some include gameplay, and some focus on reviews. How do you know the best gaming podcast that suits your taste? It is a dilemma.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio program like talking on the live radio. But the difference is you need to subscribe to it, and you can listen to it over the internet. You can listen to a podcast on your phone, tablet, or PC. You can listen to it using headphones or the speaker in your car while driving. It is up to the listener how they want to enjoy the show.

A podcast can be of any length and aired daily or frequently. Podcasts are usually hosted by one or two-person, but they can invite guests to talk on the show. Some popular podcasts are This American Life, The Daily, Serial; You’re Wrong About, and Stuff You Should Know. 

Are Podcasts Audio or Video?

Let us clear one common confusion, Are podcasts audio or video? Technically, podcasts are audio programs, and most podcasts today are in audio format. But there are some video podcasts too. Compared to a few years back, podcasts have grown and developed. They have grown in terms of the need for background content. The primary goal of podcasts is to entertain and educate you. Though there are some video podcasts, audio podcasts are more popular.

For example, people usually listen to podcasts while driving or working out in the gym. Now, you cannot watch a video and do those things. That is not practical and safe. To enjoy the essence of podcasts, listen to the audio format.

Best Video Gaming Podcasts of 2023

We are here to help and guide you through the top 15 Best Gaming Podcasts for Video Game Junkies. We have scoured the internet for the best and most enjoyable podcasts only for you guys. 

1. The Polygon Show

  • Hosted by: Allegra Frank, Chelsea Stark, & Simone de Rochefort.
  • Frequency: Friday Afternoons.
  • Starter Episode: I Am A Human, and I Love Mario Kart.

The Polygon Show-The Best Video Gaming PodcastsOur first best gaming podcast from the Vox Media Podcast Network, The Polygon Show. This podcast is all about gaming and gameplay. The podcast brings us news and updates on the industry every Friday. The Polygon Show provides us with news about what games are currently popular and which are on their way to release. They often invite popular e-sports gamers or people from the industry as guests on the show.

The Polygon Show is an all-female host featuring Chelsea Stark, Allegra Frank, & Simone de Rochefort. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts.

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2. What’s Good Games

  • Hosted by: Andrea Rene, Brittney Brombacher, & Kristine Steimer.
  • Frequency: Every Friday at 8 am PT.
  • Starter Episode: Wolfenstein and the Call of Duty Controversies

What’s Good Games-best gaming podcasts 2021What will happen when three friends who have been together for 30 years in the gaming industry start a podcast? You bet something extraordinary will happen, which is the background of the successful podcast show, What’s Good Games. This all-female show showed us that girls can enjoy video games just like boys. This nerd-inclined, fun video game podcast is enough to entertain and educate you.

You will find everything on the What’s Good Games topic, from upcoming games to gamer’s life gossip. You can watch the show on YouTube. For listening to the podcast, you get w wide range of choices, including Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud, and Podchaser.

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3. Giant Bombcast

  • Hosted by: Giant Bomb.
  • Frequency: Every Tuesday.
  • Starter Episode: Ice Cube is Our Coworker.

Giant BombcastThe Giant Bombcast is, just as the name suggests, a giant in the world of tech and gaming podcasts. They have been producing podcasts since 2008 and have over 600 shows aired to date. They offer enjoyable content every Tuesday. Giant Bombcast features game news, and they occasionally play games and talk about it on the show. They taste test weird beverages and foods too. You can say sometimes the hosts get wildly off-topic and do things you would never think.

Giant Bombcast offers both free and premium podcasts for its listeners. You can watch the podcast on their YouTube channel. For listing to the Giant Bombcast, you can use their website or Apple podcast.

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4. Spawn On Me

  • Hosted by: Kahlief Adams.
  • Frequency: Monday and Friday
  • Starter Episode: Game Developers Are People Too. 

Spawn On Me best tech and gaming podcastsSpawn on Me with Kahlief Adams, the internet’s best PC gaming news podcasts featuring and focusing on games of color. Kahlief Adams talks with guests on different topics, especially those related to the gaming business. Spawn on Me is by far the best black gaming podcast on the internet. On the show, Adams talks about “video games, race, and politics.”

The podcast, Spawn on Me is available for free. But you can support Kahlief Adams through their Patreon account. This way, you can get exclusive content from them. The podcast brings us news of games, reviews, and game previews. To keep up with the gaming business and the ins and outs of games, Spawn on Me is the best podcast to listen to now.

5. Checkpoints

  • Hosted by: Declan Dineen
  • Frequency: Mondays.
  • Starter Episode: Episode 92: Anthony Gallegos.

Checkpoints best tabletop gaming podcastsIf you are up for knowledgeable and in-depth best PC gaming podcasts, then Checkpoints is perfect for you. Live with the podcast every Monday, and a guest talks about games and the industry in each episode. If you want to learn the games’ history and current situation, you must listen to Checkpoints.

Checkpoints bring famous figures from the game community like Lain Cook, Anthony Gallegos (Marvel Heroes, IGN), and others to talk on the show. The podcast is not only entertaining but also very educational. You can listen to Checkpoints for free on Google podcasts and Podchaser.

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6. Gamers With Jobs

  • Hosted by: Amanda Knowlton, Shawn Andrich, Sean Sands, & Julian Murdoch.
  • Frequency: Wednesdays.
  • Starter Episode: GWJ Conference Call Episode 620.

Gamers With JobsGamers with Jobs podcasts have been running for twelve consecutive years now. However, the website has been up for 15 years now. Shawn Andrich and Sean Sands, who were not in a “real” job then, started it. They bring us high-quality content that rivals other top gaming news podcasts online. They pride themselves on featuring unique content regarding the gaming community every week. Regular guests like Soren Johnson, Ken Levine, Jeff Green, Shawn Elliott, and John Carmack appear.

On Gamers with Jobs, you can listen to all the latest PC, Xbox, and PlayStation games. The podcast may sometimes talk about NSFW content, acontentsider the podcast being ‘THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.’

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7. Retronauts

  • Hosted by: Jeremy Parish & Bob Mackey.
  • Frequency: Every Monday.
  • Starter Episode: X-Wing.

Retronauts best black gaming podcastsThe mission of the Retronauts is to explore the history of video games one game at a time. They are the best tech and gaming podcasts featuring classic American video games. Hosted by Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey, the show invites expert guests to talk about retro video games and their history. We can learn about games and the story behind their creations that paved the way for modern video games.

Retronauts go beyond simply podcasting. This retro gaming podcast’s website has many videos and informative content for users. It has been up for over ten years and successfully brings us new weekly content. You can listen to some podcasts for free. But if you want to enjoy it thoroughly, subscribe to one of the eight membership tiers Retronauts offers. You can enjoy Retronauts on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google podcasts.

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8. Game Scoop!

  • Hosted by: Various.
  • Frequency: Every Friday.
  • Starter Episode: Game Scoop! 612: May 2021 Is Going to Be Huge for Games.

best gaming podcasts pc Game Scoop!IGN brings the ‘Game Scoop’ to us. If you are well acquainted with the video gaming community, you must have heard about IGN. The company has different podcasts besides Game Scoop, focusing on different things. But the Game Scoop focuses on every gaming platform, including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo, and mobiles.

You can listen to this best gaming podcast and keep updated on the latest games, shows, and whatnot. Game Scoop brings us news and updates directly from the gaming community each week. From console games to PC games, Game Scoop features them all.

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9. The Psychology of Video Games

  • Hosted by: Jamie Madigan.
  • Frequency: Every month.
  • Starter Episode: How Video Games Prepare You For Success.

The Psychology of Video Games“The Psychology of Video Games” examines the intersection of psychology and video games. Hosted by Jamie Madigan, the podcast invites doctors and specialists in gaming and psychology. They discuss different topics relating to games.

If you want to know the scientific reason why video games are made? Their impact on the human mind, tune in to The Psychology of Video Games. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher. The show is free for everyone to enjoy.

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10. The Business of Video Games

  • Hosted by: Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani.
  • Frequency: Irregular.
  • Starter Episode: Humble Bundle, Steam, and Why Distribution Is Cool.

The Business of Video gamesHosted by Daniel Goldberg and Shams Jorjani, The Business of Video Games is a podcast that talks about everything related to the video game business and industry. They bring us the minor thing that goes behind every game and production. If you plan to start a gaming business, listen to this podcast. It will help you a lot.

The Business of Video Games is not a regular show. However, they produce one show every month at different intervals. The number of episodes currently stands at 49. Learn all the behind-the-scenes of video game creation in these best gaming podcasts on PC.

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11. PS I Love You XOXO: PlayStation Podcast

  • Hosted by: Blessing Adeoye & Greg Miller.
  • Frequency: Every Tuesday.
  • Starter Episode: What We Want From Red Dead Redemption 2, Ep. 57.

PS I Love You XOXO PlayStation Podcast‘PS I Love You XOXO’ is a branch of the Kinda Funny podcast channel. Ex-IGN editors Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty hosted this show when they started it in 2015. But after some years, Moriarty left the show, shutting it down. However, in 2020 PS I Love You XOXO returned with Blessing Adeoye and Greg Miller.

‘PS I Love You XOXO’ is a podcast focusing solely on PlayStation games. They bring PlayStation news, games, and updates. You can get nostalgic with the hosts while they discuss the retro PS games. You can enjoy the show on Apple Podcast, Spotify, PodChaser, and SoundCloud. PS I Love You XOXO is also on YouTube, so check them out.

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12. Triple Click Podcast

  • Hosted by: Maddy Myers, Kirk Hamilton, and Jason Schreier.
  • Frequency: Every Thursday.
  • Starter Episode: TripplePlay: Mass Effect.

Triple Click PodcastThree handsome, intelligent guys, Maddy Myers, Kirk Hamilton, and Jason Schreier, host Tripple Click Podcast. The trio discusses specific topics relating to their lives and gaming in each episode. They also answer to live audiences, making them much more approachable than other podcasts.

Triple Click Podcast is the best gaming podcast free that offers gameplay while talking about it. You can enjoy their honest opinion. It will feel like listening to three friends playing and chatting about different kinds of stuff. I enjoy tuning in to Triple Click Podcast. You can enjoy this fantastic gameplay podcast on various platforms, including the Apple podcast, RSS Feed, Stitcher, and Google podcasts.

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13. How Did This Get Played?

  • Hosted by: Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger.
  • Frequency: Every Monday.
  • Starter Episode: The Twilight Zone, Whose Line is it Anyway?

How Did This Get PlayedHow Did This Get Played? Do Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger host an audio podcast? It is a unique podcast because they discuss the worst and weirdest games ever created instead of the best. The first episode was released in June 2019, and since then, they have brought us some fantastic content. You will burst into laughter listening to this friendly and funny podcast. They invite a guest to the show and play games with them before the show. Then they discuss the game in How Did This Get Played?

How Did This Get Played? Does Earwolf’s How heavily inspire it Did This Get Made? a podcast about bad and weird Hollywood films. You can listen to the podcast on Apple podcast or directly from the EARWOLF website.

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14. GameSpot After Dark

  • Hosted by: Jake Dekker.
  • Frequency: Every Friday.
  • Starter Episode: Our Personal Top 5 Games of 2020, Ep. 27.

GameSpot After DarkGameSpot After Dark is another one of the best gaming podcasts. Though it is a relatively new podcast, it has gained popularity among youth and game enthusiasts. Young Jake Dekker hosts the show, and he invites guests to play games and talk about different things. You can also hear regularly famous figures from the industry like Tamoor Hussain, Michael Hingham, and Lucy James on the show.

GameSpot After Dark is the official podcast of GameSpot and brings us funny, enjoyable, and essential content. You will laugh and have a good time with the crew of GameSpot After Dark.

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15. Sacred Symbols: PS5 Video Gaming Podcast

  • Hosted by: Colin Moriarty, Chris “Ray Gun” Maldonado, and Dustin Furman.
  • Frequency: Every Monday.
  • Starter Episode:  

Sacred Symbols PS5 Video Gaming PodcastSacred Symbols was born after Colin Moriarty left Kinda Funny. In this show, Moriarty is joined by YouTubers Chris “Ray Gun” Maldonado and Dustin Furman. They deep dive into gaming history. Like ‘PS I Love You,’ Sacred Symbols focuses on PlayStation games, including PS5, PS4, and PS Vita. It is also the best PlayStation VR gaming podcast. They have broadcasted about 163 episodes to date.

In the ‘Sacred Symbols’ live, audiences can participate and discuss topics with the hosts. Though they focus on PlayStation, they also discuss video games in general. To enjoy Sacred Symbols, you can tune in on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or YouTube.

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Final Thoughts

We have carefully considered our audience and handpicked 15 of the best video gaming podcasts to satisfy your thirst. Whether you enjoy a comedic or in-depth gaming podcast, we hope you will find it on this list. We hope you enjoy listing these remarkable creators. Share your thoughts about the list in the comment box.

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