Top 30 Best Money Saving Apps in 2023 to Increase Productivity

The best money-saving apps are abstract words in general language. The definition of money-saving apps differs from man to man. We have tried to give you a general outline of several valuable apps to increase your productivity. We will cover various sectors for money saving. In this article, you will get a complete idea of reducing costs.

Best Finance Money Saving Apps

Saving money is a difficult task. If it is done with the help of any tools, it would be awesome. This article will discuss the best 30 money-saving apps for FossGuru readers.

1. You need a budget (YNAB)

You need a budget (YNAB)The name says it all: YNAB has an incredibly detailed but easy-to-use budget interface. Four simple rules govern the software:

  • give a job per dollar,
  • save for a rainy day, roll with
  • re-roll, and
  • live up to the previous month’s earnings

YNAB aims to create a stress-free financial system by changing how we manage money. The app is a $ 60 software supplement purchased for your Windows or Mac to allow users to check their transaction and budget restrictions. If you want to start a good idea about your financial situation or better understand your situation, then investing in buying software is of good value.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get YNAB iOSGet YNAB Android

2. Mint

Mint Android AppPersonal finance app ‘Beyonce’; This petite powerhouse allows you to monitor all your financial activities from all your accounts: checks, savings, retirement – you name it! Each transaction is automatically recorded and categorized. Peppermint notes the spending you have and makes a budget. Also, the iPad generates graphs to give you a visual representation of net value and cash flow. For those concerned about security, the app has password-protected and a way to restrict access from your phone via the Mint website. This app is a beautiful way to monitor financial health and spot potential problems. (Also, it’s free!)

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Mint Android  Get Mint iOS

3. BillTracker

billtrackerNever miss a bill payment again with this great app from SnapTap. The passcode-protected BillTracker allows you to keep all dates and quantities in one place and even inform you of imminent payments. Dates are highlighted in the calendar for a quick response.

Available for: iOS

For Shopping Best Money Saving Apps

4. Ibotta

ibottaIbotta allows buyers to make real money for their purchases. Start using different offers in the product gallery and choose which ones interest you. Every time you compete with a “task” (such as sharing Facebook, taking a poll, or watching a video), pending cash is added to your account that can be purchased from one of the 50 retailers you purchased had contracted with Ibotta. Once the purchase is verified, the cash is placed in your PayPal account or converted into a gift card.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Ibotta

5. Shopkick

ShopkickMore than 6,000,000 people are already using Shopkick to browse products, find inspiration, and discover great deals in Target, Convenience, Best Buy, and more. Users can earn points by shopping, inviting friends to join, and even walking to the store. The gift card can then be converted into point-sharing stores. Clever new design icing on the cake – a show dream!

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Shopkick Android Get iOS Shopkick

6. RetailMeNot

retailmenotThousands of coupons are in your pocket. Browse coupons and deals from Jay Crew, Victoria’s Secret, Starbucks, Target, Sephora, Bed Bath & Beyond, Forever 21, Bloomingdale’s, and hundreds more! Save the coupon you want to access quickly and get notifications for coupon expiry dates. You can also search for deals in a nearby shop. Don’t worry about coupon printing; you have to show your phone on the register. Talk about benefits!

Available for: iOS and Android

Get RetailMeNot iOS Get RetailMeNot

7. SnipSnap

snipsnapFor example, RetailMenot, SnipSnap is a mobile coupon shelter. However, it also lets you take printed coupon pictures from many retailers, making their digital, mobile-ready more current. You can also browse online directories and check for coupons that friends have “SnipSnap.”

Available for: iOS

For Grocery Best Money Saving Apps

8. SavingStar

savingstarSalingster is a digital coupon application for 1,000 grocery stores and drug stores linked to your loyalty card. (Yes, you must have a loyalty card to get the prize. Choose the digital coupon you want to use, and your loyalty card is rewarded, and when you reach $ 5 on the savings sheet, you earn cash. You can also go to charity American Forest for your cash savings.

Available for: iOS and Android

9. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQStay at work and avoid buying Implies with this incredibly detailed grocery shopping list platform. Not only this, you can search millions of products in the app’s database and make a list of items, but you can use voice recognition or bar code scanning. The IQ of the grocery also has a store locator feature, and coupons are available. This app should be available for busy families or anyone trying to control their budget.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Grocery IQ ( No Link Available)

For Local Contracts Best Money Saving Apps

10. LivingSocial

LivingSocialLike Groupon, you can use this app, which can be accessed across all deals in Lipson. Find amazing discounts in your city and get alerts on local events for entertainment. Save hotels, restaurants, and other places. Also, the discount on the gift is excellent. A bonus: If you share a discount on your social media account and three friends buy the same deal, you’ll get freebies!

Available for: iOS, Android, and Windows

Get LivingSocial Android Get LivingSocial iOS Official Site

11. Groupon

grouponGroup deals (as much as 50–90% off!) On everything from restaurants to retailers. You can search by location to find your nearest deal. Groupon offers excellent, varied deals and options for the holiday season. It is also a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try new places.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Windows

Get Groupon Android Get Groupon iOS

12. Amazon

amazonSave up to 75% of your city. Use this app to find Amazon local deals along the way. What is great about Amazon Local is that you can instantly search for deals and buy them from your phone. Also, provide what you are most interested in buying to set specific options or favorites. There is no need to print coupons or vouchers mentioned in other discount apps.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire

Amazon on iOS

13. Scoutmob

scoutmobA very well-planned and innovative application (“stache cam” feature), this is an excellent option for a big city dweller; It is only available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, National, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, DC. You can find great discounts on food and shops, articles, and other local events.

Available for: iOS and Android

14. DebtTracker Pro

DebtTracker ProFor those who work their way out of debt, DebtTracker Pro can serve as a Piper plan and help you keep track of your path to financial recovery. Users can choose strategies to avoid debt, and the app recommends payment strategies and sends reminders when making payments. A visual reminder of how close you can be to your goals (account-based) and more encouraging. Getting out of debt is long and challenging, but this application will help you keep organized.

Available for: iOS

Get DebtTracker Pro

For TV Lovers

15. Viggle

viggleAn app that rewards you for watching TV?!? Vital lets users “check in” what they see and earn broken points for rewards from Busterbucks, Barnes & Noble, and other great brands. You can earn extra points by checking your television intelligence and playing the Game. The app also allows you to communicate with friends. (Note: Sometimes, the ‘audio sample’ feature can be bugged.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Viggle Android

For the Journey Best Money Saving Apps

16. Compare Bookings (Chicago)

trivagoNot only do you search for hotel options wherever you are, but you can compare deals from all the best travel sites (like Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia) to ensure that you get the most out of your speech can do. This is not just for hotels: you can find promotions for shipping, car rentals, and other travel costs.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Compare Bookings

17. GasBuddy

GasBuddyGas prices can be a big headache, but you will get the cheapest gas price with gas! Besides, for each gas price you report, you earn points towards winning the weekly $ 250 prize for gas. With thirty-two million viewers, the app has your best gas deal.

Available for: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows

Get GasBuddy Android Get GusBuddy iOS

18. Hotel Tonight

Hotel TonightThis international app lets you get meager prices on last-minute hotel bookings. Incredibly, you can arrange a booking for a single day for two and many nights. The service is the lifeline for everything from unexpected levers to spontaneous holidays. Tonight, the hotel continuously adds new locations and star-studded 24/7 customer support to keep its customers happy.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Hotel Tonight Get Hotel Tonight iOS

19. BestParking

BestParkingTrying to find affordable parking (especially when traveling to unfamiliar cities) can be emphasized and put a bridge on your wallet. BestParking will help you avoid parking garage rip-offs by pointing to the nearest and cheapest parking options. Their commitment to accuracy is alive. Any report of an incorrect price is supported with a $ 5 Starbucks gift card.

Available for: iOS, Android, and Blackberry

Get Bestparking Android Get BestParking iOS

From FossGuru Review

From the FossGuru article, we can suggest various money-saving apps that make you happy. So we would like to recommend some apps.

20. Android Emulator For Windows

Android Emulator For WindowsIf you are considering any Android Emulator For Windows, we recommend the collection of 20 Emulators. Using this app, you will get the feel of a smartphone using your Windows computer.

Get Android Emulator For Windows 

21. Text To Speech Apps

Text To Speech Apps For AndroidText To Speech Apps for Android is another great money and time-saving app. You can use this text-to-voice app if you don’t want to increase your productivity and efficiency. It will reduce the cost of tuition if you are a student. Moreover, it will enrich your knowledge when doing something else like walking, relaxing, etc.

Get Text To Speech Apps

22. Speech To Text Apps

Speech To Text Apps For AndroidMy experience shows Speech To Text Apps are the best money-making apps for bloggers and content writers. This app will convert your voice into text and an article. If you have good learning knowledge, you will capitalize your knowledge into money because knowledge is a power that brings money.

Speech To Text Apps

23. Math Apps for Android

Best Math Apps for Android to Solve Math Homework EasilyIn this article, we are focusing on both money-making and saving applications. In the learning process, we will discuss the best Best Math Apps for Android, which will reduce your math learning cost. Using this app, you will get teachers at your home without cost. There are options for a self-test, self-learning, and math practice.

Get the Best Math Apps for Android

24. Free Movie Apps for Android

Free movie Apps for AndroidFree Movie Apps for Android is another attractive money-saving application for Android that will make you happy. It will provide you with entertainment at your home. This app lets you see any video, web series, or tutorial.

Get Free Movie Apps for Android

25. Scientific Calculator App

Memorado-brain trainingThe Scientific Calculator App is related to making money and saving money. You will have to use this calculator whenever you need to calculate money. You can use the scientific calculator for many purposes.

Scientific Calculator App

26. Android Calendar App

Another Money Savings app I like to introduce is the Android calendar app. The calendar Application is such a tool that it will never allow you to forget anything. You can call it an appointment-scheduling app. It notifies you at the right time with an alarm. So you need not keep any beautiful lady as a personal assistant. You can see a day, week, and month view of your schedule to manage your time correctly. We know time is money. If you can save your time, money will automatically come.

Get Android Calendar App

For Professionals

27 . Expensify

ExpensifyExpensify is designed with ease-of-use reporting, making it ideal for vendors or travel business people. Photos, keeping track of mile after mile journey, and other travel expenses make your life a little easier on one platform. The great thing about receipt photography is that the app can read values ​​on receipts so that no manual entry is necessary. You can also import credit transactions digitally if you are not good at keeping track of your receipts.

Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry

Get Expensify Android Get Expensify iOS

For College Students

28. Campus Student

Campus StudentSay goodbye to a ramen-based college diet! The campus has brought the best deals, especially restaurants and food around your college or university. The more times you use the app, the more rewards you can earn by breaking into your favorite local food joint.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Campus Student Android

For The Gamer Best Money-Saving Apps

29. GameFly

GameFlyThe Game of the Day app is a unique feature that offers a free or discounted edited game daily. Most gamers have heard about (and use) the Game and the app only adds to the brand as a great, money-making asset. Browse for, rent, pre-order, or buy your favorite games at killer prices, as well as keep looping on the latest video game news. You also earn Gaffle rewards and use coupons to save more money.

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Gamefly AndroidGet GameFly iOS

For Smartphone Users

30. Onavo Extend

Onavo ExtendHave you been hitting data overage charges for months? Onavo expands that you can monitor your data spending through monthly reports, compress your data, and expand your plan! According to the website, you can save up to 80% of your data usage. Not bad for a free app!

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Onavo Extend

31. Appsfire

appsfireAppsfire offers free and highly discounted apps every day. The app can create a list of recommended downloads by filling in some details for your interest. Besides, you can set a wish list by not logging in for deals or discounts on the apps you want to buy. You can also avoid unreleased applications by scrolling through ratings and browsing trending apps to get your head on “Next Big Things.”

Available for: iOS and Android

Get Appsfire on GitHub

Final Thought of Best Money-Saving Apps

To increase productivity, you have to be diversified. The Best Money Saving Apps can be your best friend in all aspects. It does not mean that those apps will reduce your cost. It denotes deciding to reduce costs. Moreover, the apps make you careful not to consume much. However, we believe those Money Saving Apps will help you maintain your day-to-day life.

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