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Best 20 PDF Reader for Android to edit PDF on Smartphone

PDF is the format that is most used in the first world. Because compared to Word or other formats, PDF is reliable and doesn’t make any changes on its own. Most of the essential documents are sent in pdf formats nowadays. Sometimes we read it on Android smartphones. A good pdf viewer can make the task more comfortable. So we need the best pdf reader for Android to read documents easily.

Without a pdf format, you won’t be able to read or edit many documents on Microsoft Word. But a pdf reader serves several purposes. It allows you to mark some critical points and bookmark pages. Without a pdf reader app, we can not think of making changes to a pdf file.

Free PDF Readers for Android

Pdf reader apps are like a new window on the internet. In this article, you will get to know some sophisticated apps like Adobe Acrobat. But you will be familiarized with some minimalist apps also. People don’t like exaggerating apps with many features, for those minimalist apps are the best. Minimalist pdf readers only focus on the primary features and fulfill early needs. We also like to explore things.

You will see there are many libraries online. But through a pdf reader app, you will see legitimate libraries online. You can download e-books from those libraries. These pdf reader apps support many different types of formats. So when you download an e-book online, you can read it through a pdf reader app.

Best 20 PDF Reader Apps for Android 2023

Here, I’ve collected the best 20 pdf readers that will help you in many ways. All the students out there need an app like CamScanner and Adobe Scan. Both are useful and lightweight but in different ways. I’ve collected all the initial features that you need to know. But some other features are attractive as well. You can check them by yourself.

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader-PDF Viewer, Editor & CreatorAdobe Acrobat Reader is the best pdf reader for Android. I’m claiming it is best; it converts any format shown to us into a simple format. Sharing and commenting on a PDF file online can not be thoroughly possible with the in-built PDF app of Android. You can add any notes on the pdf file that you are reading. So, imagine you’re reading your textbook’s pdf format. Then it would be best if you took note of the particular area. Without Adobe Acrobat Reader, I can’t imagine things being sorted out this easily.


  • The dc software of Adobe Acrobat Reader is completely free. So you can freely share, comment, read, and take notes on your pdf file. Multimedia and every type of format can be accessed with only this app. 
  • The primary difference between the Adobe Reader and the Adobe Acrobat Reader is sharing, leaving comments online. But Adobe Acrobat Reader is more than that. Adobe Reader only allows changing your existing pdf file on your device. 
  • Another fascinating feature is Adobe Acrobat Reader allows converting images to pdf files. This app is troublesome when downloading the entire software to convert jpeg to pdf. But Adobe Acrobat Reader will do this for you. 

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2. CamScanner -Free Scanner app to scan PDFs & Documents

CamScanner - Scanner to scan PDFIf you ask me to rate the pdf reader, I will put CamScanner in a high-ranking position. CamScanner is the best Pdf reader and converter for students, in my opinion. You can convert images into a pdf file within a minute. You can go for a premium version unless you are not okay with the CamScanner watermark. Rather than that, there are some more premium features that you can’t get in the free version. CamScanner is banned in India because it’s a Chinese app. But you can rest assured that Camscanner is a legit app.


  • Optimizing scan images and only select the writing that is needed to be visible. Then you can go for the magic color to get the best view of the image. 
  • Extracting texts from an image is a fascinating feature. Because sometimes we need to hurry things, you can select an image and extract texts from that image. 
  • A vast share option is available here. You can directly share your pdf file on Google Classroom. You can turn in the file in the given space by your teacher. Sharing on emails and Whatsapp is also available here. 

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3. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo PDF Reader & EditorXodo pdf reader is the faster pdf editor without maximum malfunction. You might wonder if it is safe to use the Xodo PDF reader. Then you can install the app without any hesitation. Because Xodo is used for personal use only, and there is no claim for its authenticity. And there is good news for Samsung users. That is, Xodo PDF Reader supports multi-windows use. So you can read pdf files while listening to songs or watching videos. Night mode is also available for comfortable reading at night. 


  • As I’ve said before, it is the faster pdf reader for Android. The tabs help to work quickly through the multiple pages. 
  • You can bookmark your page for further reading. The next time you open that document, it will open on the same page.
  • You can directly draw and write new texts on your pdf file. You can even extract texts from the picture. Merging and rotating are plausible here with merging and splitting pages. 
  • You can rename, cut, copy, and share files directly on Dropbox and other social media platforms.  

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4. DocuSign – Upload & Sign Docs

DocuSign - Upload & Sign DocsDocuSign works as a remarking signature app. But DocuSign is not only a signature app. It also works as a pdf reader app. It helps to open any document format and convert it into the most straightforward pdf format. Pdf reading is more accessible with Docusign. DocuSign supports all file formats so you can put a signature on a pdf file with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Millions of people support DocuSign, which has been downloaded over a million times. People believe in DocuSign’s eSignature solution. 


  • DocuSign is a legitimate and free signing app. You can download DocuSign on any device and use it for free. But it is also beneficial while reading and signing pdf files. 
  • The working procedures of DocuSign are pretty straightforward. Just select the place where you want to put the signature. You can share the files in Dropbox, emails, and other places.
  • Documents like sales contracts, health care documents, financial agreements, waivers, and permission slips can be signed with DocuSign and saved in pdf format. 

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5. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF EditorFoxit PDF Editor is a multifunctional pdf reader for Android and A.K.A. editor. So if you’re suspicious about their authenticity, you don’t have to. This app is legit and free. You can install Foxit PDF Editor if you can’t buy a professional Pdf reader and editor. Foxit is known as a 100% reliant pdf reader compared to the one you’re currently using. The pdf reader is supposed only to cover pdf reading, but this app also covers editing. Foxit PDF Editor is a lightweight Pdf reader. It won’t consume ample space on your device.

Moreover, Foxit can be compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader. They both can edit, share and open pdf files. But Foxit has some more fascinating features. 


  • Foxit supports multi-languages. It primarily supports 12 languages like English, Chinese, Korean, and 9 others. 
  • You can search text on your pdf file. I get annoyed when I fix some particular pages but can’t find the page quickly. But you won’t face that problem here. You can search your text in Foxit PDF.
  • You can share your pdf files anywhere and take screenshots from any page. Moreover, you can even edit those screenshots by Foxit.
  • Combining and merging several pdfs here is now more convenient. You can submit your pdf files through HTTP, FTP, or emails.

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6. All PDF – PDF Reader, PDF Viewer & PDF Converter

All PDF is the app that will soothe your eyes when you open a pdf file. This one app can merge several pdf files into one and split a simple document into many. All PDFs serve all-purpose that are accounted for with Pdf reading. This app is so organized that you will be amazed by its fantastic service. All PDFs have a PDF viewer file storage. The app will organize and scan all your pdfs in that store. You don’t have to search for your files anymore. 


  • Consuming pdf file sizes by compressing is one of the main features of this app. If you have a large pdf file, All PDFs will compress the size of that file.
  • You can directly connect with the printer on your mobile and print the document immediately. You can print any document not even saved on your device via this pdf reader. 
  • It has day and night reading modes. You can set the night modes when you’re about to check any document at night. The night mode will soothe your eyes. 

7. PDF Reader – Sign, Scan, Edit & Share PDF Document

All PDF - PDF Reader, PDF Viewer & PDF ConverterPDF Reader contains all the features that a regular pdf reader contains. But it has some extraordinary features to make you feel cozy. It is one of the best pdf readers for Android. PDF Reader is also the most downloaded pdf reader on the Google play store. It allows you to annotate, scan, and even edit your pdf documents. PDF Reader supports 11 languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and many more.


  • Vertical and horizontal rotations are available here. You can rotate your phone on your accordance but can read your documents. Multiple windows are available for Samsung users. 
  • You can underline, mark, and take notes on particular texts. You are allowed to change the opacity of the background and foreground of the texts. 
  • Bookmarking the current page will help you to find it later. You can bookmark, outline or thumbnail the texts. It is easier to find the page where you were with PDF Reader. 

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8. Gaaiho PDF Reader for Android

Gaaiho PDF Reader for AndroidGaaiho is another best pdf reader considered best for a better viewing pdf reader. It is the fastest pdf reader with the speed of industry-leading opening speed. Besides that, you can choose the front page of this app. Then customize it according to your preference, like simply putting one page. Or you choose multiple pages and make a collage of those pages. You can also share multiple documents in one tap through the Gaaiho pdf reader. However, Gaaiho is best for Android in many aspects. It allows reading large files like books comfortably here. 


  • With such flexible sharing options, it looks fascinating and sophisticated. You can share your documents in or out of Dropbox.
  • Simple annotations features are also allowed here, like outlining the texts. You can search texts in the search engine and extract text from the picture.  
  • Add bookmarks, or you can leave the page. The next time you open this app, it will show you the page from before actions. 

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9. PDF Reader Plus-PDF Viewer & Editor & Epub Reader

PDF Reader Plus-PDF Viewer & Editor & Epub ReaderPDF Reader Plus is known as the superior of any pdf reader app because of its technology. It is one of the fastest pdf readers among all the pdf reader apps. 

You can choose display modes. Besides that, you can choose a single display or multiple displays simultaneously. You can download PDF Reader Plus on any device that you have. You can also download this app on your phone, tablet, and pc. Moreover, you can optimize the brightness option of your display. There are also different light modes to soothe your eyes when you read. 


  • Add watermarks to your files and documents to avoid copyright issues. You can customize the watermark styles. 
  • Organizing pages is easier than ever. You can serially decorate the pages with one tap. Organizing the pages is the option you have to press to organize the pages of your document. 
  • This app is the cliche pdf reader I’ve ever seen. You can extract text from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and pictures. You can delete all the annotations you’ve added so far with one click. 

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10. Librera Reader

Librera ReaderLibrera is the bestest pdf reader for android. I’m saying this because you can open almost every e-book format in this app. PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, MOBI, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, RTF, A.Z.W., AZW3, HTML, ODT, XPS, C.B.Z., C.B.R., TIFF, PDB, M.H.T. are all included in this app and can be opened by this app. You can open files from emails and extract texts from anywhere. Widgets are available on desktops and smartphones. 


  • You can use Librera both online and offline. When using online, you can extract text from any page, even a pdf file. 
  • Librera supports online libraries like meta-data and covers. You can look into the books that are already in those libraries. 
  • In Librera, you can share pages in pictures or jpeg format. When you share your files documents like pictures, copying and pasting the texts from the pictures will be hard. Librera serves the ultimate role of a liberator. 

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11. Google Play Books & Audiobooks

Google Play Books & AudiobooksGoogle Play Books app is the ultimate time-saver for manga readers. I have this app in my collection as I’m fond of mangas. In this pandemic, a lot of people are taking an interest in manga and comics. But the monthly subscription fee of any website that allows reading manga is relatively high for students. So Google Play Books can be a wise choice to read mangas. You don’t have to pay any subscription fee for reading here. You can read any e-book here. Google Play Books supports almost every format. 


  • Since 2013, Google Play Books has been allowed to upload pdf files. It is one of the fastest-loading pdf readers. You can buy audiobooks and e-books here. However, no extra charges are included. 
  • You can browse through the internet. You will get information about the best seller books of that time. Moreover, it will notify you about everything related to this app. You can also set the notifications as a top priority. 
  • You can track your reading percentages here. Besides that, you can learn how many hours you were involved in reading. 

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12. OfficeSuite – Word docs, Excel sheets, PDF files

OfficeSuite - Word docs, Excel sheets, PDF filesYou might wonder why you need to download the OfficeSuite application when you can get one on your phone. If you are satisfied with your in-built junk applications, I agree you don’t need this application. This app is not just an app that any random application can replace. OfficeSuite is a whole package for pdf readers. Including pdf file readers and pdf file editing skills, you will get everything in one app. 


  • OfficeSuite consumes the best features and versions of Word, Excel, and powerpoints applications. You will get 50 G.B. ram on MobiDrive and upload all your documents there. 
  • The paid version of OfficeSuite does not show any app. You can unlock 20+ more unique features if you switch to the premium version of this app. That will cost less than Microsoft. 
  • Cloud storage can be integrated for easy access the pdf files. You will even get 5 G.B. of space free in MobiDrive.

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13. PDF Viewer Pro

PDF Viewer ProIf you’re looking for maximum productivity of a pdf reader for Android, you can go for Pdf Viewer Pro. You will get a 7days free trial version. I suggest you try this free version first. If it is compatible with fulfilling your meet, go for the paid version. Open a pdf file from anywhere, including emails, Dropbox, and a cloud service provider. 


  • PDF Viewer Pro allows using of 12 brand-new themes for the background. You can customize the themes that are by default. You can customize it to your own. 
  • Creating and editing your pdfs are allowed here. Mark or put a bookmark on your favorite page. You can make a favorite folder with your collections. 
  • Every annotation can be possible here as well. You can also undo all your changes with one tap. Easy annotations are only possible in PDF Viewer Pro. 

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14. MuPDF viewer

MuPDF viewerPeople often get confused about whether MuPDF is open-source or not. Well, then, you are correct. MuPDF is an open-source software framework, and it is free to use. You can find it on the Google Play store. It will be better to use Android version 4.1 or the latest. MuPDF implements PDF, XPS, and EPUB and navigates as a rendering engine. 


  • The various formats can be implicated here, but the primary focus of this app is pdf rendering.
  • MuPDF is a lightweight app. It consumes minimum space in your storage. Moreover, it can convert large files into smaller ones. But unfortunately, MuPDF doesn’t support any annotation or editing.

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15. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ ReaderMoon Reader supports any format that includes in the e-book library. It is considered that Moon reader is a digital pdf reader, and it supports epub including Mobi, C.H.M., C.B.R., C.B.Z., U.M.D., fb2, txt, HTML, R.A.R., and zip. Moon Reader turns your Android phone into a mysterious e-book. You can download free books on Moon Reader. To download, you must click the yellow button on the left corner of the app. If the book you want is supposed to be on this app, you can download that book for free.


  • Moon+Reader was created to support online libraries. You will get 20 plus themes to apply on your home page. 
  • You will get 5 different types of scrolling modes along with the lighting of this app. Moreover, you can comfortably read a whole book without laying a finger.
  • It supports 4 screen orientations. You can rotate your screen vertically and horizontally and even flip the screen 90 degrees opposite the current direction.

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16. Soda PDF Merge – Merge & Create PDF Files

Soda PDF Merge - Merge & Create PDF FilesSoda PDF merger is the best pdf merger for Android. But it also serves the purpose of a pdf reader. Soda PDF merge is the best pdf merger for pc also. And the Soda PDF 8 is entirely free to download for pc. You can merge your document, share, or even edit your files here. 


  • Saving and uploading files on your device storage is more accessible with Soda PDF. Merge more than one file in Soda PDF Merger. The format doesn’t matter. You can merge files from Word and Excel, but all will turn into pdf format after merging. 
  • You can add more files to your collection or can delete files from your collection. Files can be shared by link sharing via email, WhatsApp, etc.

17. ReadEra – book reader pdf, epub, Word

ReadEra - book reader pdf, epub, wordReadEra is the sophisticated pdf reader for Android that you will find in 2021. There is plenty of themes and color corrections to soothe your eyes. You can choose any of them when you read something bright at night that might deteriorate your eyesight. But you can use yellow or dim light on your phone while you read something. That won’t cause that much harm to your eyes.


  • Read books here without any ads. There is no subscription fee to pay for using the app. You can enjoy all the premium features for free. 
  • Quick navigation is the best feature of ReadEra. You can quickly access the menubars and table content. Marking or any annotation is also allowed in this app. 

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18. AnDoc – PDF & DJVU Reader

AnDoc - PDF & DJVU ReaderAnDoc is the complete opposite of exaggeration. It follows the idea of minimalism. Besides that, it goes for the minimalist theme for a pdf reader. Moreover, every annotation doesn’t have a single icon for every name. It all merged in the setting option. You won’t find any unnecessary features not frequently used for a pdf reader app here.


  • You will find here sharing options are pretty plausible. You can share from any social media. 
  • Outlining, bookmarking, and extracting text from pictures are also possible with AnDoc. But you won’t be able to change the background or theme. 
  • But night mode is available on AnDoc. You can select night mode when you have to read at night. 

19. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, O.C.R.

Adobe Scan- PDF Scanner, OCRAdobe Scan is another pdf reader like Adobe Acrobat Raeder but in a different way. It supports multiple purposes in one app. 

Adobe Scan allows you to use your old photos as a homie of new texts by O.C.R. Extracting can be possible with all pdf readers. But this app is one step ahead. It can fix the picture first. Then will extract texts from that picture and turn them into a pdf file. 


  • Adobe Scan is considered a genius scanner app to scan any document. You won’t need a pdf reader separately if you have this one scanner.
  • Objectify the particular portion of a page that you want to scan. Zoom-in and zoom-out are more accessible here in Adobe Scan. It can scan photos from your gallery. 

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20. FBReader: Favourite Book Reader

FBReader is elegant and fresh.FBReader is elegant and fresh. This pdf reader will give you a soft vibe that might not feel in another pdf reader app. You can read books offline as well. At the same time, you can search for books in online libraries. Some libraries allow downloading books for free. 


  • It is one of the fast-loading pdf readers. You can customize the whole look of the app, including themes, text fonts, text styles, and even background themes. 
  • FBReader synchronizes with outlining, bookmarking, and extracting text from jpeg format. The navigation while merging and splitting is commendable. 

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Final Thought

PDF reader for Android can give you the ultimate happiness of reading on a smartphone. Some books might tear out because it is too old. But in pdf readers or e-book libraries, you can find new and good-looking text with the same contents. So reading old books won’t be a problem anymore. 

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.


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