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Best 20 Pedometer Apps For Android to Count Your Step

Staying fit and steady is the most wanted desire of the people. And if you are a health-conscious person, it might be your utmost preference to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, due to excessive work pressure, sometimes it seems complicated to follow a healthy routine. But don’t be worried too early! We are here with some of the best pedometer apps for android to count your step and ensure better exercise.

Here are some excellent technology-based solutions waiting for you! If you want to take walking as your preferred exercise, a pedometer app will track your steps and keep you fit. You can easily keep records of your speed and actions using this app. If you want to lose weight, you can get help from an android step counter and diet apps

What are the Features of Pedometer Apps for Android?

The pedometer app is a kind of exercise tracking app that counts your steps while you walk. Such an app tracks your speed, calories, and other necessary objects to record the nature of your activity. You don’t have to find extra time for walking.

The pedometer app will track your movements all the time. You just have to install the app and keep your android on your bag, pocket, or hand. The tracking history of an android step counter will encourage you to walk more and help you reach your daily steps. 

A pedometer app might not be as accurate as other tracking devices, but it helps you stay healthy. These kinds of step counter apps for android cost very little. You have to choose the perfect one for you by analyzing some features-

  • Its GPS tracking ability;
  • Accuracy of counting your steps;
  • Calorie counting feature;
  • Speed and distance tracking efficiency;
  • User-friendliness;
  • Communicating options etc. 

If you can select the best pedometer app for you, you will surely leap one step ahead to lead a healthier life.

The Best 20 Pedometer Apps for Android

You might find it hard to make a good choice of a pedometer app. Here I am to help you. In this article, I’m going to show you the best pedometer apps and their unique features. 

1. Pacer

Price: Free/ $3.99 per month/ $19.99 per year

Pacer Pedometer Walking- Running- Step ChallengesPacer is one of the best step counter apps available for android. This app works with Fitbit and My Fitness Pal apps and works accurately. It is the best app for tracking your speed, counting steps, and setting your daily walking goal.

Pacer also tracks your calorie burns. Moreover, it keeps a record of your distance. This pedometer app uses a GPS tracker to detect your outdoor fitness activities. 

Pacer app is very much effective in losing weight. You can throw challenges to yourself and gradually increase your movements. This app will track your movements while randomly walking, stepping on stairs, and even doing your household chores.

The statistical records provided by Pacer encourage you to burn more calories and stay fit. But sometimes, it cannot count steps during lock screen mode in some android devices. To solve this kind of issue, you have to contact them. 

Key Features

  • Pacer is reviewed highly for its all-over performances. 
  • This app provides you with an accurate step counter and a BMI tracker.
  • It offers you a daily fitness plan and counts your burnt calories.
  • Pacer does not require any other fitness tools to track your steps.
  • It acts as your weight loss motivator and helps you to lead a healthy life. 

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2. Google Fit

Google Fit- Activity TrackingGoogle Fit is one of the best free step counter apps for android. Though top pedometer apps are not able to count your heartbeat, this app has overcome this weakness.

Google Fit has collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and American Heart Association (AHA). This app contains activities that will make your heart pump harder. This feature improves your health condition. 

You can set your daily personal goals and stay active accordingly. Google Fit tracks your steps, speed, pace, distance, and routes appropriately. Moreover, you can also connect your favorite workout apps and devices with it. 

Google Fit allows you to check your activity history from anywhere. Google Fit reduces the possibilities of heart disease. It also keeps your body and mind refreshed.

Key Features

  • Google Fit keeps your heart healthy by tracking your daily exercises following the recommendation of WHO and AHA.
  • It records the walking speed, pace, steps, pulse, and so on.
  • This app supports other workout devices like the smartwatch or your phone’s sensor.
  • By measuring your heart rate, Google Fit tracks your exact physical condition and shows you an overview of the record.
  • It also allows you to connect with large health-conscious communities.  

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3. Pedometer – Free Step Counter App & Step Tracker

Pedometer – Free Step Counter App & Step TrackerThe Pedometer app is a well-reviewed step counter app offered by ITO Technologies. This app motivates you to stay healthy. Moreover, it allows you to reach the goal of at least 10,000 steps daily.

Pedometer app can count your steps, walking speed, pace and distance. It doesn’t use GPS location to track your activities. So, this app prevents the battery draining issue of your device. This free steps app for android is straightforward to use. 

The pedometer app counts the calories you burn. Besides, it provides you with a statistical graph of your daily activities. For measuring your steps accurately, you can adjust the sensitivity of this app. The app requires correct information about you to track your movements efficiently. The Pedometer app might not count steps on older versions of androids while it is on the lock screen. 

Key Features

  • The pedometer app counts your steps and burnt calories accurately.
  • It does not have any battery draining issues.
  • The app motivates you to continue your movements by setting daily goals.
  • It also offers you to share your daily records on social media. 

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4. Fitbit

FitbitFitbit is one of the best step tracker apps that offers you a 90-day free trial. This app can be an overall health package for you. Moreover, Fitbit counts your steps and keeps track of your burnt calories. 

Fitbit provides 240+ workout videos to you too. It also suggests nutritious foods and tracks your daily calorie intake. You have to install the app and start a healthy lifestyle from home. 

Fitbit makes you stress-free by providing relaxing audio clips. It also provides you with innovative sleep tools to improve your sleeping habits. You can join a large community using Fitbit. Besides, this app allows you to share your daily achievements with others. 

Fitbit also tracks your heart rates efficiently. The premium version of this app offers you these features in a progressive nature. This app works with all kinds of workout devices like smartwatches, scales, etc.

Key Features

  • Fitbit tracks your daily physical activities efficiently.
  • It keeps your body and minds relaxed and tension-free.
  • This app lets you know your daily foods’ nutritious values and suggests you a healthy food habit.
  • Fitbit tracks the function of your heart and helps you to sleep well. 
  • It provides you with many workout videos.

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5. Walk Tracker – Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner

Walk Tracker – Step Counter Free & Calorie BurnerWalk Tracker is a trending free pedometer app for 2021. It is a simply designed app that helps you to lose weight by tracking your calorie burning. This “leap fitness step counter app” uses its built-in sensor to count your steps.

So, you don’t need to strain your device’s battery while using this app. Walk Tracker provides you with a history of your daily activities. It will motivate you to exercise more. 

Walk Tracker also reminds you of drinking plenty of water. It tracks your walking speed and distance. This step counter app offers you to set your daily goals. By reaching your destination daily, you can surely hope to stay fit! But sometimes, Walk Tracker fails to count steps accurately while using several apps at a time on the device. 

Key Features

  • Walk Tracker helps to lose weight.
  • It reminds you of drinking water.
  • There is a goal-setting feature to challenge your activities. 
  • It saves your device’s battery life. 

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6. StepsApp Pedometer

StepsApp PedometerIf you are looking for a simple android pedometer, you can try the StepsApp Pedometer app. This app will turn your phone into a step-counting device. This wonderfully animated app will track your steps and calories quite satisfactorily.

StepsApp offers you six different colored themes to make your app more attractive. StepsApp Pedometer is integrated with Google Fit. The app shows you a daily widget too. 

No extra devices are needed to use the StepsApp Pedometer. This free pedometer app notifies your daily, monthly, and yearly workout charts. Using this app, you can share your daily records with your friends on social media platforms too.

StepsApp Pedometer is available for people all over the world, offering 20 different languages. But recently, some users have complained about the imperfection of the steps counting of this app.

Key Features

  • StepsApp Pedometer is a trending step tracker app with a simple design.
  • This app offers more than 20 languages.
  • It shows the history of your activities on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • StepsApp Pedometer contains activity-sharing features too. 

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7. Walking App – Walking for Weight Loss

Price: Free/ $2.99(premium)

Walking App - Walking for Weight LossAre you a music lover? Do you prefer listening to your favorite track while walking? If yes, then I got the best pedometer app for you! The Walking App will fulfill all your workout desires free of cost. It allows you to play any songs using any music apps during your exercise.

This fitness planner app works great to reduce your excess calories healthily. It will provide you with a diet chart along with fitness suggestions. The Walking app is a professional step counter app. It allows you to take fitness plans (easy, medium, hard) according to your ability.

The Walking App contains three months of training planning for everyone. This app supports both outdoor and treadmill workouts. Besides, it uses GPS to track your steps, speed, pace, and distance.

The Walking App gives you a chart of your training progress. Likewise, it records your calorie-burning rate. You can also edit your personalized data manually. This step tracker app for android will motivate a lot to lead a healthy life. 

Key Features

  • The Walking App offers three different training plans to lose weight. 
  • It supports almost all music apps while tracking your activities.
  • The app provides you with a personalized diet chart.
  • It tracks the record of your walking and other exercises accurately. 

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8. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Price: Free/ $10 per month/ $50 per year (premium)

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPalCalorie counter app is a combo package of a pedometer and a diet app. This app is designed to motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app will count your daily calorie intake, track your progress and check the nutrition value of your daily meals. 

Moreover, the Calorie Counter app tracks your physical activities by counting your daily steps. The app shows you the best ways of staying healthy. It helps you to maintain a proper diet along with workouts. The app is free for everyone. But you can also update your app into a premium version. 

Key features

  • Calorie Counter Provides you with a professional healthy diet chart according to your body structure.
  • It will track your physical activities by counting steps.
  • This app lets you know the nutritious value of your regular food habit.
  • It motivates you to stay healthy and share your progress with a larger community.

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9. Adidas Running App – Your Sports & Run Tracker

Price: Free/ 2.99-4.97 per month

Adidas Running App - Your Sports & Run TrackerIf you are a sports lover, you can take the Adidas Running App as your companion. Adidas Running App is a great hiking app to track different sports like running, cycling, yoga, etc.

The Adidas app will count your steps, distance, duration, and calorie burn. These facilities will help you to set your goal. This app is a golden pathway for you to stay fit.

There is a built-in GPS in Adidas Running App. You can take a virtual race with the members of the athletes’ community using this app. It works like a Runtastic Pedometer.

The motivating power of the Adidas Running App is very satisfactory. You can track your activity progress and prepare yourself for reaching the next goal. This pedometer app offers a free version. But if you want to get an updated one, you have to make an in-app purchase. 

Key Features

  • adidas Running App can be the best companion for your sports.
  • This app tracks your sports and supplies you with the history of your progress.
  • You can take challenges with a large athlete community.
  • It works as a Runtastic Pedometer. 

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10. Accupedo Pedometer

Price: Free/ $2 per month/ $10 per year

Accupedo PedometerAccupedo Pedometer is a highly reviewed pedometer apps for android for tracking your steps. This simple app uses GPS to detect your footsteps, count calories, distances, time, speed, etc.

Accupedo app offers you a personalized workout plan. Accupedo Pedometer provides you with a chart of your daily progress. Besides, it has a syncing option with My Fitness Pal.

Accupedo Pedometer sends you motivational quotes and messages. This android step counter contains an intelligent algorithmic function that automatically detects whether you are in motion or taking a rest. You can personalize your app widgets and color themes.

Accupedo will play a significant role in changing your lifestyle into a healthier one. This app may not work the same in all devices as some of them cannot support G-system while sleeping mode. 

Key Features

  • Accupedo Pedometers offers a great arithmetic function to track your activities.
  • It stores your workout history in the cloud server.
  • The app correctly filters the walking and non-walking activities. 
  • You can customize the sensitivity level of the tracker. 

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11. Activity Tracker

Price: Free/ $5 (Pro)

Activity Tracker pedometer app for androidActivity Tracker is one of the best step count apps available for android. This app motivates you to increase your daily activities.

Activity Tracker keeps a record of your daily steps, calorie burn, distance, speed, etc., and shows you an overview of your weekly workouts. Activity tracker doesn’t require GPS to track your steps. This app notifies your daily signs of progress. 

Activity Tracker offers you wonderfully designed widgets and seven different colored themes. It also shows your hourly activity records. You can install the free version of Activity Tracker or purchase its Pro version according to your need. 

Key Features

  • Activity Tracker Motivates you to stay active all day long.
  • This app tracks your physical activities in detail and shows them.
  • It can provide you with a daily, weekly, or monthly progress chart.
  • The app has no battery draining issue. 

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12. Withings Health Mate

Withings Health MateThe Withing Health Mate app will give you a great experience tracking your physical condition at home using a scientific method.

Withing Health Mate interprets your bodily functions and allows you to discuss the report with your doctor. Moreover, the Withings Health mate counts your steps and tracks your daily activities correctly.

The Withings Health Mate app calculates your BMI and suggests a daily routine to keep you fit. This health tracking pedometer app helps you to have a sound sleep. It contains multisports tracking features and holds a record of your workouts.

The Withings Health mate also controls your hypertension and makes you feel relaxed. You can get this free health tracker app from Google Play. 

Key Features

  • The Withings Health Mate app tracks your health conditions accurately.
  • It offers you a healthier life by suggesting a daily scientific plan.
  • This app interprets your body conditions like blood pressure, temperature, proper body weight, etc.
  • The app has mind relaxing and sleeps tracking features too. 

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13. Samsung Health

Samsung Health pedometer app for androidSamsung health is another popular android step counter app that allows you to make your life more meaningful. This app tracks your physical activities as well as your daily lifestyle.

Samsung health can count your intensity level during a workout, its duration, and the calorie you have burnt. It is a helpful app for tracking your food habits. It helps to maintain your weight with fun. 

Samsung Health detects your pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc. It can track all physical movements like walking, cycling, running, and so on. Besides, This pedometer app for android provides you with various meditational tools that can relax your mind and keep you healthy. 

Key Features

  • Samsung Health is an easy-to-use health tracking app. 
  • It helps you to lose weight scientifically.
  • The app tracks your physical activities in detail. 
  • It offers you meditation tools that keep your mind relaxed. 

More Info

14. Mi Fit

Mi Fit pedometer app for androidMi Fit can be your activity partner all day long. This app is authorized by the Xiaomi brand but can be used on all android and iOS devices.

Mi Fit tracks your daily activities and counts the calories you burn. Moreover, the app can analyze your physical condition and show you the report. It can track the duration of your training time and monitor your sleep, body weight, and pulse. 

Mi Fit provides you with health tutorial videos to improve your health. This free pedometer app encourages you a lot to increase your daily activities and focus on your progress. It also reminds you to continue your exercise through notifications. So, it would be impossible for you to pass your time lazily after installing Mi Fit.

Key Features

  • Mi Fit can analyze your health conditions accurately.
  • It can track your sleep and pulse rate.
  • This app increases your daily activities by notifying you from time to time.
  • Mi Fit provides you with several training videos that would be helpful for your healthy lifestyle. 

More Info

15. Runkeeper – Run and Mile Tracker

Price: Free/ $9.99 per month/ $39.99 per year

Runkeeper - Run and Mile TrackerIf you want to track your running speed accurately and get other particulars, Runkeeper will be the best app for you. It works like an android pedometer app and helps you to keep records of your activities. You can set your running goals and make them more challenging day by day. Besides, this Android pedometer app can track other exercises like jogging, walking, biking, etc.

Runkeeper provides you with a personalized plan to take you on top of success. You can also customize your project according to your needs. An audio voice feature is included in this app to make it more user-friendly. Other workout devices support this step counter app. It suggests the best running routes too! Runkeeper also enables you to get connected with other sports lovers around the world.

Key Features

  • Runkeeper offers good training plans.
  • This app contains a stopwatch mode.
  • It enables Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The app tracks your heart rate and identifies your physical condition while taking exercise. 

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16. Walk with Map My Walk

Price: Free/ $6 per month/ $30 per year

Walk with Map My WalkYou can start your pedometer journey with Walk with Map My Walk. It works as an excellent step tracker app that guides you in every step of your exercise. This app creates a workout routine according to your time. Walk with Map My Walk offers you a personalized plan that fits your ability. 

You can get a real-time audio coach in Walk with Map My Map app. This app supports a large number of sports and helps you to choose your route using GPS location. The app also allows you to connect with a greater community. You can share your live workouts with others. By counting steps and calories accurately, this app makes your task easy to lead a healthy life. 

Key Features

  • Walk with Walk My Map acts as your virtual workout coach.
  • This app tracks your activities and suggests routes.
  • It offers you a sharing option with a larger community.
  • The app allows personalizing your daily plans.

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17. Noom Walk

Noom Walk pedometer app for androidNoom Walk is a free pedometer app that doesn’t require human interventions to start counting your steps. Whenever you start walking, the app automatically detects it and counts your steps, calories, speed, duration, and so on.

The Noom Walk app is also pretty good at power savings. This lightweight pedometer app for android enables you to record all your activities. 

Along with these features, Noom Walk also contains a note-taking option missing in the maximum steps app for android. You can compare your progress with others by sharing with others. You can also set goals and work hard to reach them ideally.

Key Features

  • Noom Walk automatically tracks your activities while you move.
  • It contains a note-taking facility.
  • This app is a good power saver.
  • It offers you to share your activities with a greater community.

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18. Fitnesstep

fitnesstep pedometer app for androidThe Fitnesstep is another free step counter app for android phones. This simple app can track your walking speeds and heart rate efficiently. Moreover, you can compare your physical changes before and after exercise using Fitnesstep. It will also remind you to drink water timely.

The Fitnesstep app makes you used to healthy habits. This app motivates you a lot to continue your physical works seriously. It can show you a graphical representation of your daily progress to inform your physical capacity.

The Fitnesstep app contains battery-saving ability by using built-in tracking tools for counting steps. You can also customize the sensitivity level of this app. But it may not work correctly in some devices during the lock screen mode.

Key Features

  • The Fitnesstep provides you with an excellent workout plan.
  • This app counts your steps without draining the battery.
  • It contains a sensitivity customization feature.
  • The app shows the progress of your activities.

More Info

19. Huawei Health

Huawei Health pedometer app for androidIf you are looking for a step counter app authorized by a well-known brand, you may try Huawei Health. You can use this app on your smartwatch too. It is a professional sports guide that tracks several sports like running, walking, cycling with detailed information. 

Huawei Health tracks your running distance from 5 km to a marathon race! This free Android pedometer app works pretty well as your activity tracker. Moreover, by keeping a record of your pulse rate and serving as a medical indicator in some other cases, Huawei Health has become popular among users. 

Key features

  • Huawei Health acts as a professional sports guide.
  • It tracks your steps and other particulars perfectly.
  • This app works more efficiently while using it with other devices like smartwatches.

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20. Charity Miles

Charity Miles pedometer app for androidIf you are willing to attain humanitarian work while taking your exercise, the Charity Miles app will be the best option for you. It is a step counter app that encourages you to help the poor.

Charity Miles app has a vast community that collects money for charity. All you have to do is install the app and go for a walk to raise money. This app allows you to choose over 40 charity organizations like Stand Up To Cancer, ASPCA, Habitat for Humanity, etc., to help needy people. 

The motive of the Charity Miles app inspires you to take more steps and leaps you toward the goal of fitness. It is instrumental in losing weight and tracking your activities. 

Key Features

  • Charity Miles combines your workout experience with humanitarian work. 
  • The app inspires you to lead a healthy life by taking more steps daily.
  • The app gives you a pleasant feeling by helping people while walking.
  • It also works as a run-tracker, walking timer, cycling meter, or running stopwatch.

More Info

Final Thoughts

Pedometer apps for android play a significant role in giving you a healthy life. I have tried to show you the best features of the popular android step counter in this article. Hopefully, it will be helpful to you in choosing the best app to stay fit. Till then, stay with us and don’t forget to share your opinion! I’ll be back with more articles on other necessary topics.

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