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25 Photography Projects You Will Regret If You Don’t Know

Sometimes it happens that we are sitting idle and not getting any idea about photography. There are numerous photography projects which we can start. All type of photography ideas is depended on a few factors. Those are either by time or the presence of light on the environment or anything else.

Again there are many ideas which need a long time to be completed. Some photography ideas can be done inside the room, but some are not possible inside.

Top Photography Projects To Start Right Now

This article will give you some ideas about some photography projects. I am hopeful that at the end of reading this article you will get ideas of many types of photography projects and you will be able to make new kinds on your own. Some photography project ideas are linked to some other articles which will let you know details about that particular project.

1. Pet Animals Cute Photography Projects

Animals especially pets are mostly seen around us. Most of them being pets behaves either funny or strange. Their movement and activities are usually attractive, and people are interested in their behavior. Just take your camera and start capturing their photos. Be sure that you will not become tired of shooting their photos.

Photograhy Projects Pet animals
Photography Projects with Pet Animals

If you have a pet of yours, then start with that. Take different photos at different times like while they are sleeping, eating, playing, etc. This can be a great photography idea for you. As a beginner in photography, you can easily do this photography, and your photography ideas will not be discouraged by others rather you will be praised and inspired further.

2. Baby Adorable Photography Projects

What can be better than a baby? I think there is no living being which is more beautiful than a baby. Then why not to choose them as a subject for your project? You can select a newborn to any other age babies.

Photogrpahy projects baby
Photography projects: Baby

The fresh face of a newborn, baby with small teeth, etc. is something which will allow you to take extraordinary photographs without any doubt. If you suddenly ask someone’s baby to let her know about your photography project ideas then surely she will be happy to give her baby be the subject. 

3. Mother and Baby Bondage Photography Projects

The relation between a mother and a baby is something which needs no introduction or description. Whatever a mother does with her baby is always actual. If you have not planned yet to make photography of mother and baby, then I must say you are already late.

Photography projects mother and baby
Photography projects: Mother and Baby

Without any doubt, I can assure you that you will like all the shots of mother and baby. All you need to know how to make a good portrait. You can consider this for one of the family portrait photography. This should remain one of the photography project ideas in family portrait photography. 

4. Old and Baby Comparison Photography Projects

Old and new is a perfect combination for any photography project ideas. You can capture the moments passed between an aged person with the newborn babies or with the babies. An older person becomes very curious about babies.

Photography projects old and baby
Photography Projects: Old and Baby

Whenever they see babies, they become either emotional or nostalgic. This moment can be captured. This can be made a very good family portrait. So, make it one of the photography ideas. This is also one of the tips of family portrait photography project ideas.

5. Light Trail Photography Ideas

There are numerous places and spots where you can shoot light trails. It can be a busy road or any place where there is a movement of lights. You need to adjust your camera into a slow shutter speed. Usually, bulb mode is used for taking this kind of photos if the time is longer than 30 seconds.

Photography Projects Light Trails
Photography Projects: Light Trails

This can be done inside your room even. Searching on the internet will give you a wider idea of light trail photography You may also read my article 10 Things To Consider For Shooting A Beautiful Light Trail Photography for learning more about this photography project ideas.

6. Star Trail photography Ideas

Star trail is one of the great light trail photography ideas. Here lights of the starts are taken to make a trail. As the earth is moving in a circular motion thus, the stars are moving in a relatively circular path. So if you take the trails of the stars, then all the stars will keep a circular trail behind them.

Photography Projects star trail
Photography Projects: Star Trail

You can use all the settings for shooting night sky photography and light trail photography for shooting star trail photography. Among all ideas, this photography project idea is very attractive to photographers.

7. Macro Photography Projects

Entering into the small world is a great opportunity. As a photographer, we have that chance. We all can shoot macro photos for entering this world. You may not have a very expensive macro lens for capturing macro photos.

photography projects macro
Photography Projects: macro

You can easily shoot macro photos using a common lens with you. There are some easy steps and settings for shooting macro and close up photos in my article Top 18 Best Tips and Tricks For Shooting Better Close Up Photography.

8. Action Sequence Photography Ideas

If you are in the middle of the sea on a cruise then may often you will see birds diving down for catching fishes. You can capture the full action in burst mode with high shutter speed. Then you can merge all of them together by postprocessing using Photoshop.

Photography Projects action sequence photography
Photography Projects: Action Sequence Photography

This is one of the examples of this kind of photography projects. You may scratch your head to bring out more photo project ideas about action sequence like jumping from a height into water, high jump and pole vault in athletics.

9. Sunset Photography Ideas

Sunset sounds very common to us. But you cannot compare one sunset with the other. Every sunset is different. It is you who has to bring a different photography project ideas for projecting the sunset photography projects in a different way like none seen before.

Photography Projects Sunset
Photography Projects: Sunset

You may also think of capturing photos of sunset to make a time-lapse video. Whenever you go to a new place, you will find a new type of sunset there. So, you have a great scope every day of capturing sunsets.  

10. Family Portrait Photography Ideas

The family is a great organization and a place where true relations exists. Their photography does not only speaks about beauty like other photography rather they project the beauty of relationship. Usually, in a family, there are babies, kids, young, aged persons.

Photography projects family portrait
Photography Projects Family Portrait

You will have a multidimensional scope to capture photos in the family. Family photography does not satisfy the photographer only but also satisfies a group of people in the family. You may read the article Top 25 Amazing Tips for Shooting Great Family Portrait Photography for learning more about capturing family photography project ideas.

11. Transformation Photography Ideas

This can be an hourly/ a monthly project/ a yearly project. Like,  you can select a specific place for capturing. For example, you have captured a landscape in summer. You have captured the same in different seasons from the same place and maintaining the same frame.

Photography Projects transformation
Photography Projects: Transformation

Then you make a collage of that showing the change in the same frame, or you can make a time lapse for showing the change. There are lots of other things around you which can be considered as a subject for this kind of photography.

12. Flame Images Photography Ideas

Flames are always attractive to us. Despite the devastation of fire, we like the flames created from it. We use flames in many photographies. A small flame in the background or the front or even beside the subject can make a very beautiful photo.

Photography Projects Family images
Photography Projects: Family images

Capturing the flame is very easy. These kind of photography project ideas are easily possible to do inside your room. You can learn more about flame images from the article How To Take Cool Flame Images Photography in Long Exposure Mode.

13. Structures Photography Projects

Almost everywhere in the world, there are manmade structures. Either they are old or new. These are done with great architectural minds. Considering them as one of the photography projects is another fascinating work.

Photography projects structures
Photography Projects: Structures

We can photograph these architectural structures as very bright photography project ideas. You need to know the procedure of capturing these architectural structures. There are many ideas and tips on the internet. You may check my ideas on the article Top 23 Architecture Photography Tips That Will Help You To Shoot Stunning Photos.

14. Shadow Art Photography Ideas

Very often we come across the word golden hour. In this time the light from the sun falls obliquely. This light is very helpful for photography. But, this light also makes a long shadow at the other end of the subject.

Photography Projects Shadow Art
Photography Projects: Shadow Art

These shadows can be utilized as the subject for other photography. In this case, you may capture from the top of a building taking the shadows of walking people on the read as subjects. If you have a drone, then you can use that as well.

15. Reflection After Rain Photography Ideas

After the rain, there will be many places where there will be waterlogged. You will find it on the road as well. You can utilize the reflection of the structures, people, vehicle or anything reflection on that as your subject.

Photography Projects Reflection after sunset
Photography Projects: Reflection After Sunset

Sometime you will find that an entire architectural structure is covered on a small reflection. For this type of photos, you need to look closely on the water. You can check the article Top 23 Architecture Photography Tips That Will Help You To Shoot Stunning Photos for learning more about this.

16. Smoke Photography Projects

It’s not required to say anything about the beauty of smokes. You have seen it in a chimney, train, vehicle, ship, cigarettes, and so many other things. Now you need to tune your ideas from where you are going to capture it. You can use smoke as the background of any portrait photography. Smoke can be used for making photographs for advertising of any product even. 

Photography Projects smoke
Photography Projects: Smoke

17. Water Drops Photography Ideas

70% of the earth contains water. So leaving the idea of capturing water as one of the photography projects will be the wrong idea. But you need to make this water as your photography subject after making a few modifications.

water drops
Photography Projects: Water Drops

Change the look of the water. You can consider water drops, splash, reflections on water, etc .as photography project ideas. There are numerous waterbodies around us. Utilize those as a subject of your landscape photography.

18. Ice Cubes Photography Ideas

Keep a flower or anything you want in a box filled with water. Then you can freeze that and make ice. After that make it your subject and use your ideas for making it one of the beautiful photography projects. You can also capture the refraction of the sunlight using the ice.

Photography Projects Ice Cube
Photography Projects: Ice Cube

There are many things around you like a pen, Rubik’s cube, scissors, etc .which can be made frozen inside ice for capturing photos as one of the great photography project ideas.  You can also throw a block of ice in fire and then quickly capture the photo of that.

19. Comparing Photography Projects

Suppose you have a real Car and a small toy car. Now place one of the cars on one side of the frame and another on another side. Placing can be done following the rule of thirds. Then you can capture the photo. You can do it with different items like a replica guitar with its real guitar, a replica aircraft with its original one, etc.

Photography Projects: Comparison

For these kinds of photography projects, take the replica one as your prime focus. You may also make it an extended depth of field photo. For learning more about you can read my article ‘10 Easy Steps To Make Extended Depth Of Field Using Photoshop‘ or see video tutorial ‘Extended Depth Of Field: How to make it in Photoshop.’

20. Shape With Light Trails

Set your camera in bulb mode. Using long exposure, you can take light trails. Now you can hold a small light on your hand and move it to form any shape. You can bind the light with a string and then start rotating it.

structures with light trails

After pressing the trigger, you can start rotating it and come closer and go away to make a pattern. Again you can move it with the body of any structure like you have moved the light in all the corners of a car to give it shape with lights.

21. Names or Writings With Light Trail

You can write names or anything using light trails. The procedure is the same as the light one mentioned above. This is kind of drawing on space using the darkness as page and light as ink. You can amaze people with the light trails.

Photography Projects writing with light trails
Photography Projects: Writing With Light Trails

You can learn more about doing light trail photography from my article 10 Things To Consider For Shooting A Beautiful Light Trail Photography. You can amaze people with these photography projects. For making your beloved one happy, this is one of the best photography ideas.

22. Timelapse

Timelapse photography can be done at different moments as one of the photography projects. It can be done with sunrise, sunset or the galaxy. You can even do this time lapse in your room. The main point is that you need to select an incident which takes a long time to happen so that you can capture the whole thing and show it within a very short time. Read my article ‘How To Do Time Lapse Video? An Ultimate Professional Guide For Beginners’ for learning more about capturing and post-processing video.

23. Long-term Change Photography Projects

Longterm change is one of the lengthy photography projects among all photography project ideas and a critical procedure. You need to wait for a long time and follow a process at that time. Like, every day you can capture the photo of a growing tree from the same place at the same time of day using the same settings. In the end, you can either blend all the photos, or you can utilize those photos to make a time lapse video.

long term change

24. Jet Trails Amazing Photography Projects

Have you ever noticed the beauty that a jet plane is keeping a trail behind as it flies forward and the sunlight is reflecting on it? I am sure you have obviously seen that many times. Grap a telephoto lens and shoot that awesome moment.

Jet trail

Should you wait for a whole day and night for its arrival? No, there are many apps available on the play store and apps store which shows the live tracking of all the civil aircraft on the world. That will help you to get the exact time to get ready. You can do these kinds of photography projects in the night sky as well.  

25. Secondary Screen Photography Ideas

Fix something good for this kind of photography projects. Maybe an architectural structure. Make your framing with a good phone. Then focus your camera on the phone screen in such a way that it also gives a blurred view of the subject at the rear of the phone.

secondary screen

You can adjust your camera aperture so that you get a considerable clearance of the main subject on your camera. Don’t just capture the image on the mobile display, capture the subject as well. That is the beauty of this photo. You will find this as one of the very good photography project ideas.

Last Few Words

The photography projects which I have discussed are nothing but very common photography projects. This is just a few tips. Whatever your mind creates can be a new variety of photography projects.

So, try something new with your imaginations and ideas. Try blending two or more ideas or projects and produce new photography projects. Always remember that photography is nothing but an art. So use your imagination always and produce by your taking guidelines from these tips.


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