Best 15 PowerPoint Alternatives As Free Presentation Software

Presentation software is used for our day to day activity to represent our thoughts. When we are tired of designing with the same template and design, then we search for some new PowerPoint alternatives free. It will break the monotony of work and inspire more in the respective domain of performance. When you use cloud-based best free presentation software, then your teammates can collaborate.

A single image for representation talks about millions of words. If you represent your works with the help of infographics, photographs, charts, and maps that will help your audience for better assimilation. So we will discuss some free presentation tools as PowerPoint alternatives.

Best 15 PowerPoint Alternatives

There are some limitations on Microsoft PowerPoint what the cloud-based free presentation software has brought a new dimension to overcome this problem. So we’ll discuss some free PowerPoint Alternative.

1. Visme

Visme is excellent software for performing the same task of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is a great tool that helps you to design compelling visual stories in the form of presentations, infographics, etc. you can use this dedicated productivity tool for making your portfolio, product design, class presentation, and lecture. The goal of the software is to make the design easier for all without any effort. Charts, maps, and infographics are its main attraction. Visme allows making professional infographics and presentations online. It is relatively easy and offers a lot of customization for planning your work.

Visme-PowerPoint Alternatives As Free Presentation SoftwareVisme can satisfy your requirement by designing presentations uniquely with 1000 + templates. You can change the setting with your style within a minute. The pop-up, rollovers and animated objects will make your design more unique. The design of product presentation customization is comparatively easy. Moreover, the user interface is similar to other PowerPoint alternatives.

Visme is perfect for teachers, students, and product designers. The price of the product is $10 per month for the standard plan. The complete plan is $19 per month, and if you want to use a Team plan, you have to pay $51 per month for three users. You can use Visme for a free trial. Prezi, Keynote, Slides, and Slidebean are the best alternatives to Visme software.

Key features of Visme presentation software

  • You can publish and share Visme anywhere, and you can share the URL or allow anyone to use the embed code of your presentation.
  • You can control the privacy of your presentation so that only your authorized personnel can see your work.
  • It is an online presence, but you can represent it offline.
  • Adding various options like the call to action, quiz, button, video, and survey is very easy.
  • You can use the customized readymade template, Visme offers more than 1000 + layouts.
  • Visme is HTML5 based, so it runs on any browser.
  • It is very collaborative, and it is a content management tool to show all the team members can work together from different locations.
  • It offers thousands of Victor icons and millions of images.
  • The drag and drop feature prepares the presentation fast, so it saves your time.
  • It has autosave features, so there is no possibility of losing your data.
  • The tutorial will guide you on how to create an online presence.


  • Visme allows its user to create any presentation virtually. 
  • You will get the advantage of maximum customization using this software.
  • Team collaboration is working, so social distancing is maintained in this presentation platform.
  • This cloud-based free presentation software allows you to record your voice.


  • In the free version, you will get only five projects.
  • All of your works become public.
  • It cannot reduce your pain because you are not allowed to copy from another document.
  • Visme offers a lot of features, so it will take time to become a master of online presentation.

2. Prezi Free Presentation Software

Prezi is the owner of the magnificent software that is used for online presentation. It is a powerful tool that offers a million templates, easy to customize. You can easily convert Microsoft PowerPoint into Prezi. It is the perfect choice of many online designers and trainers because of the online presence of any topic.

Prezi Free Presentation SoftwarePrezi is suitable for customization in the higher spectrum. Because of its non-linear style and user-friendly feature, it makes it accessible for all types of users. It is cloud-based free presentation software that allows Pan and zoom of every page without creating the impression of shifting a new slide.

People use Prezi as a PowerPoint alternative because of many upgrades of the software. Students and teachers are mainly users for preparing class tutorials. The fascinating and most extensive canvas makes education more attractive and practical. You can add all types of text, video, and audio like PowerPoint. Moreover, you can connect the city map, Ocean ecosystem, and any most extensive map with this presentation.

Prezi is widely used for presentation. The teacher, keynote speaker, organizations, student, and online marketer, use this presentation software to make better collaboration. The standard price of this product is $7 per month, with the facility of importing PowerPoint presentations, making unlimited presentations, and great privacy options. The price may differ anytime.

Key features of Prezi presentation software

  • Prezi allows you to customize graphics, layout, and charts on your presentation.
  • It is swift and quick to make.
  • Team collaboration is more comfortable with this software.
  • You can manage your privacy without any hassle.
  • You can download the cloud presentation for your offline work.
  • It allows you to advance image editing tools.
  • You can store your presentation on the cloud.
  • Prezi is a multi-platform presentation that means you can design on a computer, and you can see it on your mobile phone.


  • Prezi creates non-linear presentations.
  • It is perfect for team collaboration and online presentation.
  • It breaks all traditional slide formats.


  • The viewers who have motion sickness are not suitable to use this presentation.
  • It is not fully customizable as per your demand.
  • For the non-designer, it is tough to design.
  • If you are habituated with Microsoft PowerPoint, then it will be difficult for you.

3. Keynote PowerPoint Alternatives

Apple keynote is another magnificent free presentation software that can be very helpful for the creative person. You can create diagrams and illustrations on the iPad with the help of this compelling presentation tool. This powerful alternative of PowerPoint is original and is part of the iWork suite. It is easily customizable, and you can use more than 30 themes.

Keynote PowerPoint AlternativesKeynote is famous for his simplification and beautiful templates. You can Integrate your design with your iCloud. It has the most comfortable share feature you can share this presentation to anyone you like. When you are ready with your performance, you can control it with your iPhone on Mac PC.

Apple Keynote is free of cost for iCloud users. It is available to any Mac, iPad or iPhone devices. It is perfect for all the users who have collaboration with iCloud. Microsoft PowerPoint, Slides, Slidebean, Zoho Show, and Google Slides are the alternatives of Keynote software.

Key features of Keynote presentation software

  • Keynote offers more than 700 customizable templates, including chat, photo gallery, math equation, etc.
  • If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Mac PC, you can collaborate live with your team.
  • 30 + eye-catching theme of Keynote will fascinate you.
  • You can transfer your document from iPhone to presentation very fast.
  • With your finger or Apple pencil, you can design an animation of your presentation.


  • Keynote supports all Apple devices.
  • It is straightforward to share and PowerPoint friendly.
  • There is no cost of making a presentation.
  • You can use the animations of the presentation.


  • Keynote is only for the Mac and Apple user.
  • It is driven only with a template, but there is no slide library.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a magnificent presentation software to transform your Idea into stunning stories in the visual world. It is a splendid tool to create an impact on social graphics, web pages, and short videos within a minute. In social graphics, you can instantly design your work from various features like filters, images, designs, and text. You can create your presentation like a magazine-style with a beautiful intro to impress your readers. In the short video, you can add video clips, icons, voice, and professional quality to make it more professional.

Adobe SparkThe goal of Adobe Spark is to create effortless creation and beautiful results. You don’t need to be a designer to design this software presentation. Instantly can share your work and influence the world. With the help of beautiful templates, inspiration galleries, and blogs, your work will be more unique.

Adobe Spark is available anywhere, anytime, so you can design and share your work with your mobile. For the novice users, the structure plan of this free presentation software is entirely free. The enterprise students and teachers can use this software as their style.

Key features of Adobe Spark presentation software

  • Adobe Spark creates beautiful graphic images and videos within a minute.
  • It is a smidge of science with great art.
  • The beautiful typography, iconic imagery professional themes makes it more lucrative.
  • You can work with mobile and web simultaneously.
  • You can choose photos, icons, and fonts as per your requirement.
  • By different tutorials and news blogs, learn the impact of making designing.
  • Adobe Spark is a big platform to learn presentation designing from another project.


  • Adobe Spark allows you to pick thousands of images and icons.
  • Social collaboration is highly effective here so that you can invite others.
  • You can create unique designs with premium templates.
  • To boost your productivity, first switching between brand and project is possible.
  • You can access the complete library, and the Stater pricing is free for you.

You have to learn everything from the website because experts are not available beside you.

5. PowerPoint Alternatives: Slides

Slides is cloud-based, user-friendly presentation software that is considered one of the best alternatives to PowerPoint. It allows you to add background images, themes, and collaborate quickly with the available features. Moreover, you can use the template of other personal. But you should not be confused with Slides and

PowerPoint Alternatives SlidesThe person who wants to create a position with freedom and independence the Slides is for those creative designers and users. It is open-source so that you will get access to JavaScript, HTML, CSS on your presentation. Since this is an open-source and online cloud presentation, so anyone of your team can edit and collaborate the presentation.

Slides is very user friendly and 100% customizable. With its built-in grid system, you can easily customize your text and images with the editor. Moreover, if you are a software developer, you can customize the template with CSS. 

The pricing of Slides is based on monthly, and it is minimal, starting from $5 per month. The startups into features and students can use this software. Slidebean, Zoho Show, Google Slides, and Canva are the best alternative of Slides.

Key features of Adobe Slides presentation software

  • Slides is highly customizable and maintain privacy.
  • You can represent the presentation offline.
  • It allows you to access the analytics.
  • You can design the online presentation from any device.
  • Displaying math formula is much more manageable.
  • With the CSS editor, you can define your theme.
  • From the Unsplash, add your GIFs and images.


  • Slides is very user friendly, including beginner tutorial.
  • The novice user can copy the template of other users.
  • It is a cloud-based presentation so you can design and present it from anywhere.
  • For the programmer and designer, Slides versatile.


  • You can create read-only linear presentations.
  • There is no graphics or infographics widget available.
  • It has not many more functionalities like the other PowerPoint alternatives.
  • CSS designing is time-consuming.
  • The free versions are public and searchable, including ads.
  • The free version does not have any privacy.

6. Slidebean PowerPoint Alternatives

Slidebean is a PowerPoint alternative free to use and create a professional-looking slide. With the help of artificial intelligence, it designs the presentation. If you want to skip the complex process of making the slide, you can choose this software. You can easily upload the images, make titles, graphs, type, and sort the outline with this free presentation software. On the other hand, you can choose the free template of Slidebean to make your job easier.

Slidebean PowerPoint AlternativesThe automatic feature of Slidebean manages everything for you, like rearranging the element, dragging around the grid, etc. From the outline, you can edit your work very fast. It is one of the most effective ways to make your presence online.

Slidebean has a dynamic means of creating a presentation. It is very fast and time-saving. The presentation software is suitable for busy users like Business personal, organizations, and portfolio makers. The price of this software is $98 per year, which includes unlimited presentations. It is perfect for organizations. Zoho Show, Google Slides, Canva, are the best alternatives to Slidebean.

Key features of Slidebean presentation software

  • The template design of Slidebean is gorgeously and unique, so it creates aesthetic appeal on readability.
  • It applies artificial intelligence, so automatically recognize all the requirements.
  • To find the perfect slide for you, it automatically evaluates plenty of slides.
  • For your different purposes like marketing, business, and startup, you can use the readymades slide.
  • It allows you to access thousands of flat icons.
  • To create a chart, you can import CSV files.
  • You can share your work with others with cloud storage.


  • Slidebean applies advanced neural networks for finding the best photo.
  • Within a second, your slides are evaluated, so it saves your time.
  • It’s very easy to use and customize.


  • Slidebean is most suitable for the organization than the individual.
  • You will get limited flexibility for the free templates.

7. Zoho Show Free Presentation Software

Zoho Show is lovesome free presentation software that allows you to collaborate, broadcast, and create presentations smoothly. It is a cloud-based presentation that also offers an offline mode. It is actually between the Microsoft Office PowerPoint and LibreOffice. It is 100% free like LibreOffice, but if you want to use the more advanced features, you have to pay like Office 365. So it can be called a linear PowerPoint alternative.

Zoho Show Free Presentation SoftwareZoho Show is immaculate presentation software. You can collaborate with your team online to make it more effective. You can add the sidebar of each slide and design as per your requirement. You can Present your work through any browser. You can stream it and live chat with your audience.

Zoho Show is a broadcasting presentation software so requires high-level expertise. For the big business deal, online teaching, and teamwork, you can use this cloud-based presentation software. It is free to use for up to a certain level, but if you require higher features, you have to subscribe. This software is suitable for corporate professionals, business leaders, international trainers, and teachers. The pricing of the software starts from $4 per month. Google Slides, Canva,, and Microsoft Sway are the best alternatives to Zoho Show.

Key features of Zoho Show presentation software

  • Zoho Show helps you to highlight your story with the clutter-free design.
  • You can use 100+ fonts and 20+ themes of the software.
  • You can use various formatted text boxes, charts, tables to manage your presentation.
  • From the lots of templates, you can choose any predefined layout.
  • Zoho Show offers eye-catching animation and transition.
  • You can embed the live tweets, flicker images, and YouTube videos.
  • To Visualise your data, you can use different charts.
  • With the help of any internet supported devices, you can broadcast your presentation.
  • Your team members can comment and edit your work from different places.


  • Zoho Show office conferencing option.
  • You can import multiple files.


  • It offers only standard protection functionality.
  • You will get limited animation and transition facility.

8. Google Slides as PowerPoint Alternatives

Most of the people use Google slide like one of the best alternatives of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is entirely free for the G Suite uses. It is available anywhere and anytime, only your Gmail ID. The design of the Google slide is straightforward and easy to use. The hundreds of team players and different colors will fulfill all of your requirements.

Google Slides as PowerPoint AlternativesGoogle Slides is completely collaborative with your teammates. You can easily share the link of your presentation to anyone to write notes, comments, and edit. In the revision log, you can see anything of your modification. Moreover, you can present your presentation from any browser and mobile phone.

The user interface of Google slide is amicable and customizable. It is the best way to polish your cloud online presentation. You can select the standard themes, insert text, and images without any hassle. It is a product of Google. Any people can use it who require any free cloud-based online presentation. So it is one of the best free PowerPoint alternatives that have real-time collaboration.

Key features of Google Slides presentation software

  • Google Slides one of the best free PowerPoint alternative software.
  • The work on Google slides saved automatically, so there is no chance of losing your data.
  • You can collaborate with your team members in real-time.
  • You can export the finished station as PowerPoint files.
  • You can choose your favorite one from plenty of templates.
  • You can get and edit your presentation from anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection.
  • Teamwork becomes much more comfortable with Google slide.
  • It has hundreds of fonts, embedded video, and animations facilities.


  • Google Slides is free e for the Google user.


  • The desired capabilities are minimal compared to other online free presentation software.

9. Canva Free Presentation Software

Canva is fantastic and easy to use PowerPoint audit software that can be used as simple designing, image designing, and presentation designing. It offers a lot of features, animation, and images free of cost. You will get more than free hundred templates that may fulfill your requirement. But for the advanced functionality like lucrative templates, icons, and images, you have to use the pro version.

Canva Free Presentation SoftwareCanva is widely used for digital content marketing. More than 10 million users for creating social media content. You will get access to over 8000 templates on this platform. Various models, pyramids, timeline, and visualization tools are available here. You can tell your story by infographics, brochure, and storyboard with the help of Canva.

Canva is the best alternative to free photo editing software because it can edit and design all types of photos. You can create the book cover, magazine cover, poster, resume, and menu cards with Canva. If you want to develop image-focused presentations, you can use this free cloud-based online free presentation software. 

Though it is free for the individuals but the advanced feature, you have to pay 12.95$ per month. It is suitable for online marketing organizations, sales personnel, corporate professionals, all individuals., Microsoft Sway, Powtoon, Haiku Deck are the best alternatives to the Canva presentation.

Key features of Google Slides presentation software

  • Canva allows you to get access to hundreds of professional design templates.
  • It is highly customizable and user-friendly.
  • By the speech bubble, you can create and make your images.
  • With the transparency tool, you can fade any photo.
  • The paid plan will get millions of copies.
  • You can download multiple file-formats, including the PowerPoint.
  • You will get millions of icons as per your choice.


  • Canva is very fast and easy to use.
  • If you want, you can use the free version of this free presentation software.
  • You can easily share it with your social media.


  • It may sometimes happen that if you like any template or images, but you have to pay for that. That means all the features are not free.
  • All the features and options are not user friendly for the beginner.

10. Free Presentation Software helps you to treat a better presentation in a minute. If you are in a hurry mode, and there is no time to design your presentation, you can choose this software to create and present your work effectively without any hassle. Free Presentation SoftwareIn a twist, we can call it one of the best PowerPoint alternatives. With the help of artificial intelligence, the designs are controlled. Customization facilities are limited in this cloud-based online presentation. offers you more than 60 smart templates. You can design your template, add images, change the layout of boxes, margins like PowerPoint. The intelligent models will help you to convey more information than any other online free presentation software. free listen to design your work in real-time. This design forecast software I will help you to clarify your idea in front of your audience. It is suitable for business personals, students, and teachers. If you want to use the pro version of this software, you have to pay $12 per month. 

Microsoft Sway, Powtoon, Haiku Deck, and LibreOffice Impress are the best alternatives of For Students, educators, and startups, this software is suitable.

Key features of presentation software

  • uses artificial intelligence for design and presentation.
  • You can easily customize the performance of this software.
  • It ensures your privacy, and users can protect the performance by a password.
  • The entire presentation, you can choose the color theme speaker.
  • You can export your work in PowerPoint or PDF.
  • The Microsoft PowerPoint you can use the present review and speaker note.
  • Because of artificial intelligence, all the content and slides automatically adjust to the presentation.


  • is free of cost up to a certain level.
  • With only three steps, you can create a presentation like a login, choose the theme, and finish your work.
  • The presentation design is optimized in real-time.
  • You can design your presentation very fast.


  • also has the pro version. So you have to pay for that.
  • In the free version, you will get limited facilities.
  • The designing control is unlimited for the user.
  • After export, you cannot design or edit your presentation.

11. Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway is the best free presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint. It forecasts more on your content than the design. Like the PowerPoint, you can add all the images, links, and text smartly. It is an easy way to turn your handful notes to give better insight.

Microsoft Sway is the best alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. With this cloud-based online application, you can collaborate with your Hotmail and Outlook account. With the office 365 account, you will get this software free. Students, teachers, and business entrepreneurs can use this PowerPoint alternative. Powtoon, Haiku Deck, LibreOffice Impress, and Swipe are the best alternative of Microsoft Sway.

Key features of Microsoft Sway presentation software

  • Microsoft Sway is free of cost to use.
  • You can easily view the outline and accessibility.
  • It supports storyline editing.
  • With the custom speed setting, you can set the animated transition.
  • With the online search, you can use thousands of available images.
  • Font and color customization is straightforward in Microsoft Sway.


  • Microsoft Sway is free of cost with Microsoft account.
  • Your presentation looks like a website, classic slide presentation, or a newsletter.


  • You will get no tools to option for presenting the data.

12. Powtoon Free Presentation Software

Powtoon allows you to design animated presentations, create stories and videos for your audience. It will make you more dynamic and professional in making the presentation. Many big organizations like Apple, Coca-cola, and Starbucks, use this online free presentation software for making their design. It is the smooth drag and drops feature you will be able to create a presentation within 20 minutes. 

Powtoon is used for online collaboration with your teammates. The design and customization of this portal are straightforward. It is one of the best alternatives of whiteboard animation software. There is a free plan to use this software, but for the upgrade, you have to pay your penny. Business leaders and university teachers can use this software. Haiku Deck, LibreOffice Impress, Swipe, and Deckset are the best alternatives of Powtoon is.

Key features of Powtoonis presentation software

  • The templates and tools of Powtoon are vibrant.
  • Within a minute, you will get instant access to this dynamic presentation.
  • It helps to integrate your script with the animation character.


  • You will get a live webinar and online training facility.
  • Lots of interactive photos and icons are available on this website.
  • You can’t create lots of cartoon characters with Powtoon.


  • The free account is only for 3 minutes.
  • It is very tedious to add videos on the timeline.
  • Powtoon is not suitable for the live presentation

13. PowerPoint Alternatives: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck helps you to design and make a simple presentation with the help of the iPhone iPad and Apple-Enabled devices. All the best tool for the students to simplify their message. This excellent presentation software has many tools to optimize but not as productive as PowerPoint. You can represent your data with the gorgeous pie and bar chart.

Haiku Deck is template-based free presentation software that looks elegant. It has more than 35 templates and 35 million stock photos to use within the model. The students, corporate professionals, and people in business can use this software. The monthly subscription fee is 9.99$ per month. LibreOffice Impress, Swipe, and Deckset are the best alternatives to the software.

Key features of Haiku Deck presentation software

  • Haiku Deck allows you to use the lucrative layout images and filters without paying any money.
  • You can use over 40 million free creative images.
  • It is a cloud-based presentation so that you can share it with anyone.


  • Over 40 million royalty-free images.
  • Gorgeous templates and lucrative design.


  • Not at good as Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • No opportunity to work offline.

14. LibreOffice Impress

LibreOffice Impress is another impressive cloud-based online presentation that may be perfect for you. You can add charts, maps, texts, objects, and a variety of items on your design. It can be considered as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Office. Over the years, it has improved a lot. It was developed for Linux computers but supported all the platforms.

LibreOffice Impress is open for source cross-platform software. It is 100% free to use. The university teachers, students, and professionals can use the freeware. Swipe, Deckset, PowerPoint Online, and SlideDog are the best alternatives to LibreOffice Impress.

Key features of Haiku Deck presentation software

  • LibreOffice Impress is a versatile software for greeting editing and managing presentation.
  • You can add here 2D and 3D images.
  • You can manage slides as per sequences.
  • You can download various templates from the LibreOffice Impress repository.


  • LibreOffice Impress is free to use.
  • You can add 3D images inside the presentation.


  • I will get no onboarding training.

15. PowerPoint Alternatives: Swipe

Swipe is one of the most features enabled PowerPoint alternatives for the high level uses. You can add a PDF report, Vimeo or YouTube video, gif, images, and text within a minute. It is a highly customizable software that evaluates your time.

Swipe offers some unique features than any other online free presentation software. It is suitable for all the users, including students, online marketers, portfolio managers, and teachers. You can use the free version up to 5 presentations, but for more uses, you have to pay $20 per month. Deckset, PowerPoint Online, SlideDog, Sozi, and Emaze are the best alternatives to Swipe.

Final Thought

After the review of many PowerPoint alternatives, you already know the suitable software for you. But before purchasing any solution, you should compare the other best free presentation software. Moreover, you can take the monthly package system that will make you risk-free in terms of money. However, which one is your favorite one, please comment on your thoughts.

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