The Best 13 Star Trek Games for Online and PC in 2023

Star Trek is a never-ending potential of a universe that can capture you in its fantasy world. It has been a massive hit since it first premiered on the screen 50 years ago, and after that, the story is only a success. Many fan fiction and Star Trek products exist, but you are not here for those. You are here for the best star trek games. And yes, there are a large number of official as well as fan-made Star Trek games on the internet. We have evaluated them all and made a list of the top games based on Star Trek. These games here cover all different parts of the Star Trek saga.

STAR TREK Games at a Glance

Created by Gene Roddenberry
Genre Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama. 
Films The Original Series of films

  • The Motion Picture (1979)
  • II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
  • III: The Search for Spock (1984)
  • IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
  • V: The Final Frontier (1989)
  • VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

The Next Generation films

  • Generations (1994)
  • First Contact (1996)
  • Insurrection (1998)
  • Nemesis (2002)

Reboot (Kelvin Timeline) films

  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Into Darkness (2013)
  • Beyond (2016)
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Best Star Trek PC games in 2023

Not all Star Trek games are successful, and not all capture the saga’s true essence. Here are 13 of the best star trek pc games for you.

1. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a multiplayer online role-playing game available for free. You can enjoy this game on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Isn’t it great that you can explore the limitless universe and colonize any part of it in Star Trek Online? The game lets you create a virtual space world of your own.

Star Trek OnlineWhen it was first launched, it faced some criticism. The game was lagging a lot and full of bugs. But soon after some updates from the developer Star Trek Online became the best star trek online game. This game is guaranteed to give you hours and hours of gameplay. The game features some great cameos from your favorite Star Trek characters.

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2. Star Trek: Elite Force

Given Star Trek’s peaceful environment, the Star Trek: Elite Force’s first-person shooter might initially seem odd. But there is a saying, ‘oddly satisfying,’ and Star Trek: Elite Force is just that. It is an old game made by Raven Software, known for the Soldier of Fortune series. The game feels at home, even with a massive shoot-out perspective.

Star Trek Elite ForceIn Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, you take the role of a member of the Hazard Team named Ensign Alex Munro. The team is a special security force whose duty is to eliminate dangers during away missions. The USS Voyager is trapped in a starship graveyard, and it is now the task f your team to free it.

TBH lacks the familiar, peaceful environment of every other Star Trek tale, but it will thrill you to be part of the away team. It has action and adventure at every level of the game.

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3. Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

If you are a Star Trek fan, you know that most of the series is about strategy and diplomacy. It will be a loss if we cannot use that in a game. Star Trek: Starfleet Command III brings just that into the mix, adventure, and thrills. It is a great real-time strategy game on the star fleet command center.

Star Trek Starfleet Command IIIYou sit in the chair of the captain and control everything. You can be part of the Romulan Empire or the Klingon Empire. No matter what side you are on, you have to maintain good relations with the other. The game is admirably well, with stories and different perspectives. You will enjoy playing Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3.

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4. Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity

Star Trek: The Next Generation: A Final Unity was an old game in 1995. Though it is one of the oldest star trek online gameplay, it captures the true spirits of Star Trek. Even 25 years after its release, it is the best.

Star Trek The Next Generation A Final UnityThe game lets you control the crew and the captain using point-and-click methods. The game is filled with adventures and cool stuff to do. There is puzzle-solving, hand-to-hand combat, and ship gunfight. If you are a retro games fan, then without a doubt, you will enjoy this 90’s star trek fleet command game. The game is available for free, so give it a try.

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5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew doesn’t have the most excellent depth in gameplay, but it lets you be a part of the Star Trek crew in virtual reality. Yes, my friend! You can join in the fun in VR. Both you and your friends can turn themselves into characters in the game in augmented reality and explore space.

Star Trek Bridge CrewYou can take the star fleet’s captain, tactical officer, or engineer roles and complete different missions. There are mini-tasks you have to complete to finish the game. The game is more fun when you have multiple VR sets and your friends can join. So, we recommend playing Star Trek: Bridge Crew in multiplayer mode.

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6. Star Trek: Armada

Most Star Trek games put the players in charge of a specific one or two ships. But not in this one. In Star Trek: Armada, you are the admiral of the whole fleet. Yes, you are on the Starfleet command in this PC game.

Star Trek ArmadaThis real-time strategy game is mainly based on the film Star Trek: The Next Generation. The game features different characters from the series, and that brings more fun to it. Covering ship-to-ship combat and exploring space Star Trek: Armada is a great game. Activision released the game in 2000. The game includes these playable factions- the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, and the Borg. It has a sequel that was released the following year.

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7. Star Trek: Judgment Rites

Star Trek: Judgment Rites is a game that will make you nostalgic. If you have played Star Trek games for a while, you have come across this one. This game used to be for DOS and Mac OS. It came out in 1993, and it has fantastic graphics and sounds for a game of that period. It will take you back to the past and give you a refreshed feel.

Star Trek Judgment RitesToday you don’t need a DOS to play it. It is now available on Steam to download and play as much as you want. The gameplay and story are improved compared to other ’90s games. The game made its glorious return on PCs.

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8. Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Star Trek: Bridge Commander is one of the Star Trek browser games featuring several cameos from your favorite characters. You can see Captain Picard and other familiar faces here. You can also check out the Commander data.

Star Trek Bridge CommanderStar Trek: Bridge Commander is primarily an individual story onboard the fleet. You take the role of a new captain recently promoted to the post. Your first task as the captain is investigating an exploding star in the galaxy. You take command of two-star fleets of the U.S.S. Dauntless and the U.S.S. Sovereign. The game is focused mainly on ship-to-ship combat, similar to Starfleet Command III. But it gives more control on your hand of the cruise. Enjoy this fantastic Star Trek simulation game.

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9. Star Trek: Timelines

Star Trek: Timelines is a game available on PCs, mobile devices, and online. This game is another game featuring star trek adventures. The game is initially designed for mobile devices so you can enjoy the adventure of the Star Trek universe on your Android phones. The game is available on the Google play store and the App Store

Star Trek TimelinesThe game’s story is based on a temporal anomaly which is, as you know, the best plot for any Star Trek series. The game has all the characters from every Star Trek film and TV show at your fingertip. The game requires you to complete different levels to earn points and upgrade your ships. You can spend real money to buy in-game items. It is a great game to enjoy in your free time.

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10. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen

Star Trek Deep Space Nine - The FallenStar Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Fallen is another old game from 200. The game was released on Windows and Mac this year. It is a third-person shooter game, unlike other Star Trek-featured games. The game is based on a trio of Star Trek novels by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine puts you in the role of either Captain Benjamin Sisko, Lt. Commander Worf. You can also play as Major Kira Nerys. You get to play as a different character with different capabilities on every level. It has a great story, excellent gameplay, and smooth development. Overall, The Fallen is a great game from the old days.

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11. Star Trek Legacy

Star Trek Legacy is another strategy-based game where you take the star trek fleet command in your hand. The game can be enjoyed on PCs as well as consoles. The game is fantastic as it lets you control different ships that are part of the Star fleet across the universe. It features the Enterprise, Next Generation, and not to forget Original Series.

Star Trek LegacyThough the game failed to secure a place in the gaming community’s favorite list for its laggy control, it is a great Star trek focused game. It lets you control some iconic ships and explore the Star Trek universe. What more could you ask for? And you know what? Extensive voiceover by your favorite characters gives the game a new edge.

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12. Star Trek: Trexels II

Star Trek: Trexels II is another excellent game of the star trek timeline. Most Star Trek-featured games are serious. But in the case of Star Trek: Trexels II, it is nothing like that. This one is a friendly, fun game. Star Trek: Trexels II game is similar to Fallout Shelter. You take command of a spaceship and breeze through space as you collect your crews. The game is straightforward to set up a command and complete in-ship tasks. The ship’s success is in your hand.

Star Trek Trexels IIStar Trek: Trexels II is a free-to-play mobile game. You can buy extra content if you want to. It is a great game to play after a day’s work. The missions are easy and short. It is designed to make you feel happy.

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13. Star Trek: Legacy

2006 Bethesda published Star Trek: Legacy for Windows and Xbox 360. The game lets you control a large of Starfleet ships in different eras. The game features voiceovers by actual characters from the film and TV series. You will find William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Patrick Stewart, and Kate Mulgrew as part of the project. I may warn you, though. Bethesda’s PC version of Star Trek was a high-budget venture: Legacy didn’t catch on the market for laggy controls and glitches. But the Xbox 360 version is fantastic. It is much better, and the controls are better on the console. The game allows you to witness epic battles between ships in 3D.

Final Thoughts

Dozens upon dozens of sci-fi games are out there, and still, you are looking for the best star trek games which prove you are a fan of this epic saga. Our duty was to bring you the best game you could play based on Star Trek. There are many knock-offs and look-alike Star Trek games on the net, but we are committed to bringing you the best. Our list may only have 13 games, but all of them are the best.

Let us know which one of the Star Trek-featured games is your favorite. Share the article with your fellow Star Trek fans.

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