Best Tabletop Simulator Games to Play in 2023

Are you bored and have nothing to do to spend your time? How about playing some of the best tabletop simulator games for PC with your friends? Doesn’t that sound exciting? Berserk Games have brought us the perfect solution for this scenario. Berserk’s tabletop simulator is the best way to enjoy board, card, and dice gameplay. You can enjoy the Tabletop Simulator on your PC games from anywhere in the world. Your buddies can virtually join you and have a great time.

Tabletop simulator games cover some of the popular games. From expensive card games to the dungeon and dragon board games, you can play them on your desktop. The best thing about the tabletop simulator is the variety it offers. You don’t have to play the same game over and over. So, let us get started and find out which 15 best Tabletop Simulators are on our list.

What are Tabletop Games?

Tabletop games are usually played on a table with over one player. These include card games, board games, war games, or dice games. Popular gaming companies sponsor tabletop game events around the world. It has become one of the popular mediums for passing the time. Solitaire, Mahjong, Monopoly, and Dungeons & Dragons are some of the most popular tabletop games. 

Classification of Tabletop games

According to the equipment you can play, there are seven types of tabletop games. They are:

Types of Games Equipment Examples of such games
Board Games I usually played on a board and had several items accompanying the board. Chess, Reversi, Tafl games,  Renju, Hoity Toity, TwuixT, Yut, Hex, Entropy, Roll Through the Ages, Birds on a Wire, Pictionary or Battleship, etc.
Dice Games You roll a set of dice to determine your turn. Backgammon, Balut, Balut, Chaupar, Diceball!, Drop Dead, Dudo, Midnight, Sic Bo, Yacht, Zombie Dice, etc.
Card Games Playing cards are used in these forms of tabletop games.  Bridge, Whist, Spades, Rummy, Go Fish, Old Maid, Scopa, Cassino, Zwicker, etc.
Paper & Pencil Games A piece of paper and a pen/ pencil for writing is provided to play these games. 3D tic-tac-toe, Gomoku, Nine Men’s Morris, Score four, Quarto, OXO, Tic tac toe, SOS, Wild tic tac toe, etc.
Role-playing Games You assume different roles and play the game. Dungeon and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy, Call of Cthulu, etc.
Tile-based games Different tiles are used to play tile-based games Anagrams, Mahjong, Dominos, Okey, Scrabble, Blokus, Hive, etc.
Strategy based games In this game, players try to solve a problem and make decisions to win a game.  Wargames, Can’t Stop, Stratego, Contract Bridge, Sequence, Backgammon, etc.

What is Tabletop Simulator?

Tabletop Simulator is the only official simulator that lets you play a vast collection of board, dice, card, or other tabletop games. Berserk Games brought the game to us. The official game has 15 unique board games like poker, mahjong, chess, dominoes, and Jigsaw Puzzles. Not only that, there are hundreds of community-created content and DLC that you can enjoy. It offers VR gameplay. The game supports single-player, multiplayer, and online co-op modes. The price of the Tabletop Simulator is $8.19. Tabletop Simulator is available on Windows, macOS, and SSteam. 

Minimum System Requirements of Tabletop Simulator

Operating System Windows macOS Linux
OS version Windows 7+ macOS 10.12+ Ubuntu 16.04+
Processor  Core i3 SSE2 instruction set support. SSE2 instruction set support.
RAM 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Graphics Graphics card with DX10. Graphics card with shader model 4.0 capabilities. Graphics card with shader model 4.0 capabilities.
Free Space 3 GB 3 GB
VR support Yes Yes Yes
Broadband connection  Required  Required  Required 

Is Tabletop Simulator legal?

Of course, Tabletop Simulators are legal. Why wouldn’t they be legal? However, if you resell or re-upload the game for profit, it is illegal. Also, playing or purchasing the Tabletop Simulator from Steam is legal.

Is there voice chat in Tabletop Simulator?

No, the PC Tabletop Simulator doesn’t offer voice chat. You can always use Discord to chat when playing in multiplayer mode. 

The Best 15 Tabletop Simulator Games

Below is our recommendation of the 15 best Tabletop simulators you can enjoy with friends. With these games, you can have the experience of enjoying real-life tabletop games but with more excitement and interactiveness. I hope you find a suitable game for family and friends during the upcoming holidays. 

1. Monopoly

Monopoly Tabletop Simulator gamesMonopoly is prominent gameplay that you should play on the tabletop simulator. It is at the top of our list because of its popularity and ease of playing. We all have played Monopoly at least once in our life. The excitement of rolling the dice to determine your next move, earning cash, and owning properties is incomparable.

There are different versions of Monopoly on the Tabletop Simulator library. You can also download a community DLC (Downloadable Content) and enjoy the game. Among all the DLC, my favorite is the Anime waifu version, where you can replace real estate with adorable anime girls. 

2. Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Simulator GamesDungeons & Dragons is another prominent tabletop game you should play. It may not satisfy physical D&D lovers, and it is more than enough for normal Dungeons & Dragons board game experience. From the beginning of D&D, it has been limited only by the player’s imagination. So, incorporating the gameplay in the Tabletop Simulator has given it an extra edge. The digital version is enough to satisfy the general board game players.

Dungeons & Dragons on Tabletop Simulator are rich and packed with fantastic animation. You can enjoy the game in VR and get the most out of it. Your friend can join the game online, or you can enjoy D&D in solo mode. But Dungeons & Dragons is a game best enjoyed with friends.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity is one of my favorite and the best tabletop simulator games in 2023. If you haven’t played Cards Against Humanity in real life, check it out. It is a cynical, intuitive, and hilarious game you can now experience on your PC. In Cards Against Humanity, you aim to match cards with your friends and devise an absurd scenario that goes against Humanity.

The physical game is utterly hilarious and enjoyable. But with the tabletop simulator, it just got an upgrade. I would recommend playing Cards Against Humanity at least once.

4. Tabletop Mini Golf

Tabletop Mini GolfTabletop Mini Golf is available on the premium Tabletop Simulator Workshop. You can purchase the DLC and enjoy mini golf on your PC. The game supports online co-op and multiplayer modes. This version of Tabletop Mini Golf is much more fun than the actual game. The animation and control are outstanding. Many features in Tabletop Mini Golf wouldn’t be possible in real life.

Tabletop Mini Golf offers an 18-hole mini-golf challenge that you can complete virtually. I recommend playing it in VR to experience the ultimate mini-golf gameplay.

5. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac Four SoulsThe Binding of Isaac: Four Souls is a multiplayer rogue-like RPG tabletop game. It is a game that every tabletop gamer should play. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls offers adventure, suspense, and thrill at the same time. It is a turn-based RPG and a great game to enjoy with friends online. Different story modes and scenarios exist to choose from and play the game.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls has an expansion pack with additional gameplay. You can get it from the Tabletop Simulator Workshop page. 

6. Heroscape Tabletop Simulator Games

Heroscape Tabletop Simulator GamesHeroscape is a tile-based strategy tabletop game similar to modern X-com games. You control unique characters and take turns moving around the board. The goal is to eliminate all the pieces of your opponent. The most fantastic feature of Heroscape is its replayability. You can easily rearrange the board and start a new game. Changing the grid of the board gives the terrain a new look.

There is a vast collection of DLC and an expansion pack of Heroscape. You can enjoy different themes, characters, and designs of the game. It is time to experience the best tabletop game from the 2000s again.

7. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of CatanIf you are a tabletop game enthusiast, you have played Settlers of Catan in your lifetime. It is one of the best free tabletop simulator games to enjoy with friends. Settlers of Catan is an iconic strategy-based tabletop game with unlimited entertainment. Steam’s Tabletop Simulator lifts the complete experience of playing tabletop. However, the mods and DLC give this tabletop game a new edge.

Settlers of Catan allow up to six players to join in the fun. There may be hundreds of game versions, but Steam’s version is the best. 

8. Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Arkham Horror The Card GameArkham Horror: The Card Game is one of the popular card games of 2016. It is available in different languages all over the world. Random card drawing and deck building is the major attraction of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. With Berserk’s Tabletop Simulator, we can now digitally enjoy Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a horror card game that uses Lovecraftian horrors perfectly to deliver an entertaining experience. In Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you can challenge elders, cultists, and other powerful mazes. The mod comes with additional mythical cards, promo cards, and campaigns. You can also get fan-made content for the game.

9. Dominion Tabletop Simulator Games

Dominion Tabletop Simulator GamesDominion is another one of the role-playing strategy game. In Dominion, your goal is to become the monarch and create a thriving civilization. You can hire minions, construct buildings, and conquer empty lands to establish your empire. However, it would be best to deal with your opponents to establish a prosperous kingdom.

Dominion gives each player a set of cards, and you have to collect cards to make the perfect set. Your goal is to dominate other players by purchasing more cards gradually. It would be best if you were smart about choosing your cards and dealing with the cards to build your empire. 

10. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler Tabletop gamesSecret Hitler is a hilarious game featuring deception and betrayal among the players. At the beginning of the game, participants will be assigned different roles randomly. They divided the dominant factions into two groups: fascist and liberal. The fascist will be less compared to the liberal faction. It will assign one person the role of Adolf Hitler among the players.

After distributing the roles, players will close their eyes, and the fascists will reveal themselves. The player playing the role of Hitler will also keep their eyes closed. But he will raise his hand to let the fascists know about their character. The Liberals have to identify Hitler or pass five liberal policies to win. On the other hand, the fascists will try to make Hitler the Chancellor or pass six fascist policies. 

11. Pokémon TCG

Pokémon TCG co op board gamesWe all have collected and played with Pokémon trading cars. It was one of the best memories of our childhood. However, if you have missed the experience of collecting Pokémon cards, you can enjoy it now on Steam. Pokémon TCG is the best co-op gameplay to play on Tabletop Simulator.

You can collect cards, challenge other players, and have a blast playing Pokémon TCG. With the digital version, the overall experience has been alleviated. There are new and exciting things to try in the game. Although you will not feel like holding the original deck of cards, Pokémon TCG is worth trying.

12. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the HillBetrayal at House on the Hill is a complex board game with interactive gameplay. The game requires time and dedication to master appropriately. Teamwork is a have to conquer the game. A Player team up with other players and tries on the Hills game mechanism is very similar to Secret Hitler. 5 to 7 players can play the game simultaneously. There are hundreds of pieces involved in the game. You must keep track of them and do your best to succeed as the betrayer or ordinary folk.

13. Star Wars Armada

Star Wars ArmadaStar Wars Armada is a vast MMORPG tabletop game. Players participate in the game with different spacecraft models from the Star Wars film and battle against each other. It is fascinating to defend your Rebel X wings from the attacks of enemy Star Destroyer. You get many small items and cards with the game’s physical version. However, the digital version has all of them in 3D space. The Star Wars Armada Tabletop simulator version feels more interactive and doesn’t take any place in your basement. The interstellar fights feel more realistic with the Steam version of Star Wars Armada. 

14. Spirit Island

Spirit Island horror gamesSpirit Island is a massive and delightful game that is loved by many. I recommend the deluxe version of Steam if you want to get the ultimate experience from Spirit Island. It is a co-op game that incorporates the friendship and bonds of the players perfectly.

Invaders will attack and try to destroy the island. So, the players need to form groups and use their spirit’s ability to protect the island. Spirit Island may take time to get accustomed to and enjoy it. But after a while, you will be addicted to the game ultimately.

15. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven card gamesGloomhaven is the last entry on our list of best tabletop simulator games of 2023. It is a cooperative board game designed by Isaac Childres. One to four players can join and enjoy this dungeon crawl game. If you are a fan of complexity and interactive gaming, then I suggest playing Gloomhaven. The game takes its inspiration from European tactical combat. The physical version of Gloomhaven will give you hours of gameplay. However, the Tabletop Simulator version is also worth the praise.

Gloomhaven’s story build-up is interesting. The game’s digital version preserves the authentic experience of dungeon crawling, grinding, and dialogues. The game will bring out the inner adventurer in you. With competent opponents, you will have one of the best moments of your life playing Gloomhaven. I highly encourage you to try out Gloomhaven on Steam.

Final Thoughts

Tabletop games are one of the best ways to enjoy your time. You can play board games, explore the chances of card games, or roll the dice to determine your future. Tabletop Simulator has brought these opportunities right to our fingertips. We can enjoy the vast collection of tabletop games on our PC.

We hope you like our selection of games that you can play on Berserk’s Tabletop Simulator. Apart from these games, you can also get a bunch of fan-made DLC and other mods to try in the game. Let us know which one of the games you enjoyed the most. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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