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10 Best Torrent Sites That Are Legal For Software and Movie

BitTorrent is a method of transferring files over the internet. It is an excellent method to download films, games, ebooks, software, and many other things. If you are using torrents for legal and safe file downloading, then you are the correct user. But unfortunately, several torrent providers publish illegal and copyright-protected materials without proper authorization. That is a shame to the torrent system itself.

Today I’ll discuss legal torrenting and introduce you with Top 10 best torrent sites traditional for Software, Movie, Music, and eBook. 

What are Torrent File and Torrent?

BitTorrent, or commonly known as Torrent, is a file transfer system. In this method, the torrent file is a short, small meta-info file containing a massive computer file. You download the torrent file to transfer a large file from a source. The original file is stored on a server, and the torrent file works as a tracker.

You can compare a torrent file with a Table of contents. It is the overview of large files and information that are stored safely. 

Downloading a Torrent File (Torrent Downloaders)

The torrent files have an extension like this ‘.torrent’. To decode and download torrent files, you must have a torrent downloader, also known as torrent (P2P) clients. As I mentioned earlier, the torrent file is not the actual media file itself. It is a tracker to get the file from a server or source.

After you have downloaded the .torrent file, you will have to use a P2P client software or app to download that torrent file’s content. There are some popular torrent downloaders on the internet. The following are safe and mostly used.

  1. uTorrent
  2. Vuze
  3. qBittorrent
  4. Bitport.io
  5. Deluge

Is Torrent Illegal?

BitTorrent is a legitimate file transfer protocol that was created to ensure safe and fast data transfer. There is no question about it. But it is illegal if torrenting is used to transfer illegal materials like porn, violent content, or transfer copyright-protected films, music, and games without proper authorization. No government or administrative authority will allow piracy and publishing obscene materials over the internet.

The torrent system is currently used to download films and music. But in most cases, the source from where the torrent is providing files doesn’t own the legal rights. There are several suits against many popular torrent websites. Many torrent sites have been banned by authorities too.

Is it illegal to download from a torrent site?

Now, the big question is it illegal to download from a torrent site? No. Just like owning a knife for your kitchen needs does not make you a criminal. Similarly, using Torrent, whether legal or illegal, doesn’t put you at potential suit risk.

You can download torrent files from a source for personal use even if they don’t have the right. But I won’t recommend it. There are several legal best torrent sites for music from where you can safely download your desired file.

Is the Torrent Website Safe?

A torrent is a file extension. But you cannot know what content is on a torrent file. That is why spammers and hackers use .torrent files to spread viruses and malware using torrents. You must always be careful when downloading a torrent file. Try to use reliable and verified torrent websites to download your files.

It is also good to use powerful internet security software or antivirus if you regularly browse torrent sites. 

How to Torrent Safely and Securely?

It is essential to keep your torrenting safe and secured. I suggest you should use a VPN when you are on a torrent website. It will keep your browsing safe and private from your ISP. The ISP can share your internet browsing data if asked by a local authority, and therefore it is wise to use some VPN software or plugin when you are browsing and downloading a torrent file.

When you download a file from a torrent site, the people on the website can see your IP address. That puts you a risk. Using a VPN or Proxy may solve the issue.

Using a VPN is not a must, but it can help you browse torrent sites securely and privately without making you a potential victim of internet jacking. 

Fossguru does not condone or encourage any violation of copyright law. We ask for you always to be respectful of your local law. Would you please take proper precautions before downloading copyrighted material without permission? Fossguru has no liability over the matter.

Qualities of a Good Torrent Website

Not every torrent site is excellent and reliable. Few qualities differ an excellent torrent website from a bad one. Here are three things you must look at before torrenting.

  • Download Speed

Download speed is a crucial element of the top torrenting websites. Several BitTorrent sites have a low speed. Your purpose for using a torrent is for downloading files. So, if the server has no speed, then what is its use it? Cheek for the download speed of a torrent before downloading.

  • Variety of contents

A good uTorrent website will have a vast collection of media files. It will have movies, TV series, games, software, ebook, and other popular content. I mean, a good torrent will have tons of content to access and download.

  • Security of the torrent

This is the most important. A torrent site has to be free from viruses, malware, and spambots. You should always check whether a website is secured or not. Otherwise, your privacy may be at risk.

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites

The movie is not the only requirement for using the torrent application. There are some other essential requirements, like downloading the ebook, software, and other online resources. We will try to offer a manageable list of bit torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay 

The Pirate Bay - best torrenting sitesThe Pirate Bay is overall the best torrent site on the internet currently. With its growing numbers and massive popularity, it is safe to assume it is the NO. 1 torrent website. You can have it all on The Pirate Bay, films, TV shows, games, software, documentaries, eBooks, and whatnot. They have good encryption and are safe from bugs and malware.

More than half of the Pirate Bay content is from piracy, yet there are tons of legally owned content on The Pirate Bay. It has more than millions of torrents onsite.

Often a question pops, is it safe to use The Pirate Bay? Well, yes. The website is under constant protection and the admin’s overview of each item. It can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. There are colored icons to identify if a trusted user uploads a file or not.

If you buy a subscription plan from The Pirate Bay and support them, you get many exclusive items. Otherwise, it is a free website. You need to create an account.

Average download speed: 6.2 MB/s

More Info


RARBG is the top torrenting website for 4k movies and newly released shows. You can download pretty much everything from RARBG. It has an active community and lots of seeding daily. People around the world are continually uploading new content.

RARBG is a safe and secure torrent website. Most of the users are verified. To continue using RARBG, you have to create an account and verify it. You cannot download any content without creating an account.

On RARBG, you can find old and new torrents. There are films, tv shows, games, documentaries, games, software, etc. The website is also well categorized into ten categories. You can choose between media files and click on them to get the .torrent file.

Average download speed: 6.1 MB/s

More Info

3. 1337x 

1337x -best torrent software1337x is the best torrent site for applications and games. On these top torrenting websites, you will find almost every application for your PC and smartphone. They have a significant number of films, shows, books, and other stuff. You can download and enjoy premium apps and software for free on 1337x.

You must have an account to use 1337x, just like other torrent websites. The report can be created for free, and it does not require any verification. You need to create an account to keep track of your account. Remember to download or upload at least a 2MB file; otherwise, your report will be deleted from 1337x.

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s

More Info

4. Public Domain Torrents 

Public Domain TorrentsPublic Domain Torrents is another legal torrent website that can be accessed from anywhere. It is a free and safe torrent website that has all the verified content. You will not find any pirated content on Public Domain Torrents.

The video and application found on Public Domain Torrents are available on Public Domains. So they are legally ok to download and use. On Public Domain Torrents, there are lots of Movies that you can download for free. It is more famous for films than applications. On this bit torrent site, you can find all the classics and vintage movies.

If you want to download from a torrent legally, then try Public Domain Torrents.

Average download speed: 4.0 MB/s

More Info

5. Vuze Network

Vuze Network - movie torrent sitesVuze StudioHD Network is another one of the top 10 torrent sites. It is the best torrenting site with documentaries and shows like TED Talk, Tekzilla, and more. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative to standard bit or U torrents. Vuze StudioHD Network has all of the collections you can ask for. It is free and completely legal.

You might need an account to use Vuze StudioHD Network and download files. Vuze StudioHD Network is an authentic website. It offers films, shows, games, applications,s and some audiobooks for free. So, you can use the best torrent site for music without any worry.

From Vuze StudioHD Network, you can download files faster and without going to any third-party sites. It does not require any VPN as it has strong encryption, and there is no illegal content on Vuze StudioHD Network.

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s

More Info

6. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is another excellent legally torrenting website, just like Public Domain Torrents. The Internet Archive is more like an index of contents. It is a massive digital library of books, films, audio, video, games, and software. The media files are separated into different columns. The website in itself has a sleek design with a minimal view. The contents are from verified users and pose no potential threat to your PC.

I must mention that the Internet Archive might be blocked in some countries, so you have to use a VPN to browse on it.

Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s

7. Legit Torrents

Legit TorrentsAs the name suggests, Legit Torrents is an entirely legal and safe bittorrent site that can be accessed from almost everywhere in the world. It is famous primarily for applications for PC and mobiles. They have software for Windows, Mac, Linux.

It has a good collection of books too. I use Legit Torrents to download audiobooks in general. You don’t need an account or verification to use and download files from Legit Torrents.

Average download speed: 4.0 MB/s

More Info

8. TASVideos 

TASVideos is the best torrent download site for games. You can find all kinds of PC games, console games, mobile games on TASVideos. But it doesn’t mean it has no other content. It has all types of media, including films, shows, and books.

TASVideos is a free and secured torrent website that has verified content. You don’t need an account to download files from TASVideos. Try it now and see for yourself.

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s

More Info

9. bt.etree.org

Bt.tree is one of the top torrenting websites for music and audio files. It is torrent heaven for music enthusiasts. However, Bt.tree is the best place to enjoy all kinds of music. It can be video, audio, or any other format. You can attend virtual concerts of famous artists on music torrenting sites.

It is the best torrent download hub for audio files. The website is organized neatly and. You can find all the information you need for a file just by its file name. You can try out these top music torrent sites for yourself.

Average download speed: 2.2 MB/s

More Info

10. Bitlove

Bitlove is another excellent movie torrent site that offers around 222 videos and 1850 audio files. It is a legal torrent website. That is why there are a few contents on it. But you will not be disappointed with the content of this eBook torrent site. The website is neatly organized, and it is easy to find a file with the index.

There is no need to create an account or anything. You can go to the torrent and look for your content. Download the torrent file and use a torrent downloader to get the file. It has made our list of top torrent sites because of its potential and compatibility. 

Average download speed: 4.2 MB/s

Some FAQ about Torrent and Torrent Sites

  • Can you go to jail for Torrenting?

The results of using a torrent website vary from country to country. If your state has a strong stand against piracy, pornography, and duplication of authentic material, you may face charges if caught with evidence. It is safe to use a VPN for this reason.

  • How dangerous is Torrenting?

Downloading torrent files from unreliable and shady websites may harm your device as well as your privacy. Usually, verified torrent websites are free from potential dangers.

  • How does my ISP know I’m Torrenting?

Your Internet Service Provider has complete control of your IP address. From time to time, they monitor for illegal activities. In some countries, ISPs must keep an eye on illegal online activity. But usually, no one is sitting and watching your every move. The automated AI detects any unusual traffic or potential threats and reports it to the ISP admin. Then they might put your IP under surveillance.

But it does not mean they can see if you are torrenting or not merely. Usually, all torrent sites use some encryption on their sites.

  • Do all top torrenting websites provide illegal content?

No, not at all. Like there are good and bad people globally, there is legal and illegal content on torrent sites. There are several useful legal torrent websites.

There are torrent websites like Piratebay or 1337x that provide both legal and illegal content. It majorly depends on which torrent website you are using. 

  • Is NordVPN good for Torrenting?

If you want to browse torrent sites securely and privately, then any VPN will work. For instance, NordVPN is a great VPN software that you can use for just some bucks. You can try free VPNs like Hola if you want. It would help if you considered using a VPN to browse torrent websites.


Torrents websites are a great way to download films, shows, music, book, and software that are not readily available on the internet. People work comparatively to make a torrent site successful and full of content. But using a legal and verified torrent is essential. I hope this list will help you browse a legal torrent and keep you secured on the internet.

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