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The 15 Best Twin-Stick Shooters on PC in 2022

If you are scavenging the internet for an action-packed twin-stick shooter game for PC, then I might help you. These games are ready to get your adrenaline pumped and give you all the excitement you need from a video game. The concept of twin-stick shooters may seem simple, but they are not easy to conquer. You will need lots of skill and mastery to complete the games of this genre. Twin-stick shooters present us with challenges and enjoyment.

Many twin-stick shooters for Xbox, PS4, and PC, but not all of them are worth your valuable time. As mentioned earlier, we have prepared this list with only the genre’s best games. So, get ready to have the experience of a lifetime with these fantastic top-down shooter games.

What is a Twin-stick Shooter Game?

Twin-stick shooter or top-down shooter is a type of popular video games genre. It is a sub-genre of shoot’em up games. Typically in twin-stick games, players can control the movement of the characters using a joystick or WASD keys on a keyboard. Usually, the target is to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

It may sound easy, but it is quite tricky to handle. When a large swarm of aliens or zombies rush towards you, you need to keep your cool and shoot’em up. You have to move and shoot simultaneously to clear out levels in this genre. The concept was first introduced in Space Invaders, an arcade game back in the ’60s. 

15 Best Twin-Stick Shooters on PC

Top-down shoot-em-up games are always fun and exciting. Here is our list of the best 15 Twin-Stick Shooters for PC.


Build a legitimate corporation of mafias and goons with the world’s best top-down shooter RPG. Shakedown: Hawaii is a retro-styled twin-stick shooter introduced to us by Vblank Entertainment. The classic art style and the arcade-inspired interface make Shakedown: Hawaii one of the best twin shooters on our list.SHAKEDOWN: HAWAII Top-down shooter

The 2D pixel art open-world game lets you create your empire by controlling businesses and sabotaging opponents. You can try out the game in three different characters. All of them feature unique story development. The game feels like the Grand Theft Auto franchise but in 2D pixel art.


Nex Machina is another one of the best twin-stick shooting games available for PC and PS4. It is an intense arcade-styled sci-fi shooting game. The Japanese-inspired art and 3D animation bring a realistic vibe to Nex Machina. Personally, it is one of my favorite shooter games from Housemarque. The game draws its core inspiration from Smash TV & Robotron while ramping up the intensity and action.Nex Machina Top-down shooter

Nex Machina comprises over 100 voxel-based levels divided among six diverse futuristic worlds. On every level, you get to destroy a swarm of enemies, save human life, or go on a carnage. Nex Machina offers local co-op gameplay and online multiplayer via the Steam Remote Play feature.


Chippy is an awesome top-down action game that took most of its inspiration from the ‘90s arcades. Everything from the interface to gameplay is similar to a classic arcade top-down shooting game. The flashing lights and intense music brings life to Chippy. This twin-stick bullet hell shooter will keep you occupied for several hours.CHIPPY Top-down shooter

The developers behind the successful survival game RUST are also behind Chippy. The battlefields are much more challenging compared to other top-down action games. Chippy is a single-player game for PC. For those who enjoy playing bullet-hell games, Chippy is a must-play item. It is a rock-solid action game with a solid gimmick. You will very much enjoy playing Chippy.


Synthetik: Legion Rising is an extremely difficult and skill-based twin-stick game that you can enjoy with your friends. This rogue-like tactical combat features a game where freedom and experiment are critical. You can explore the world in Synthetik: Legion Rising. The sci-fi look and 3D animation set the game apart from other titles.


Synthetik: Legion Rising features a unique reload mechanism. You can see the ejecting and reloading magazines in the game. You will also have to be careful about the gun getting jammed and overheating.

The game emphasizes customization and allows us to enjoy the diversity of the game. You can play the game on single-player mode and play with online multiplayer mode.


West of Dead allows us to descend into the grim & gritty world of Purgatory. This cover-based third-person shooter combines twin-stick controls with a tactical cover mechanism. You have to shoot down randomly generated enemies while dodging behind covers. The graphical design and movement make the game much more enjoyable.WEST OF DEAD Top-down shooter

West of Dead is a single-player game available only for PC. It is a delicate balance between the act of challenge and intrigue. You will enjoy playing West of Dead. The fine line between darkness and positivity has been upheld in this masterpiece.


Tesla VS Lovecraft is an interface-based game that features a twin-stick module with an arena shooter mechanism. With many monsters to defeat and levels to clear, Tesla VS Lovecraft is a fantastic game. This top-down shooter is from the creators of Neon Chrome and Crimsonland. In this game, you play the legendary Nikola Tesla. The story development and progress are significantly better than other rouge-like shooters. 

TESLA VS LOVECRAFT Top-down shooter

You can enjoy this game with your friends on a shared co-op screen. It is excellent but weird premise gameplay that makes Tesla VS Lovecraft a must-play. Gamers highly praise the game.


Enter the Gungeon is a bullet hell dungeon shooter that will take you on an action-packed journey. This dungeon crawler game follows a band of misfits seeking to loot, shoot, dodge, and table-flip their way into the midst of battles. Enter the Gungeon is a fantastic game to kill your time in leisure or competitive online gaming. You can play with your friends and team up against other players over the internet.ENTER THE GUNGEON Top-down shooter

Enter the Gungeon’s art style will mesmerize you when you play it. This game’s rouge-like elements and a vast collection of weapons will keep you entertained for long hours. Enter the Gungeon on PC, macOS, Steam, and Xbox. 


Solstice Chronicles: MIA is a hack and slashes twin-stick shooting game. It is an ideal RPG that covers the survival and shooter genres perfectly. The game gives you the option to choose your path in the game. You can either take the side of freedom or dive into your doom. In Solstice Chronicles: MIA, you get a drone as your companion. You make fight or flight decisions in order to progress in the game.


Solstice Chronicles: MIA can be enjoyed with your friends on a split-screen. It also supports PVP and multiplayer gaming. You will enjoy every moment of this top-down shooter. Get it for your Pc from Steam.


Assault Android Cactus is an extraordinary top-down action shooter for PC. This intense arcade-style third-person features a unique storyline. Assault Android Cactus supports both co-op and single-player gaming. You can pick from nine different classes and shoot down the Android robots. Players have to do everything to stop the horde of broken Android robots. You can enjoy Assault Android Cactus on PC, macOS, PS4, and Xbox.


Assault Android Cactus is a polished, versatile game packed with variety and charming animation. The game has full controller support to give you the best gaming experience. It has been marked as the “The most remarkable twin-stick shooter of all time” by Save Continue.


Blazing Beaks is a game that features everything from a dead cowboy to blood-thirsty ducks. This masterpiece is packed with cute and lovely ducks with heavy artillery. Blazing Beaks is a pixeled game with retro arcade style. The game mechanism is polished and remarkably high class. There are multiple levels to discover and search for loots in Blazing Beaks.

BLAZING BEAKS Twin-Stick Shooter

Blazing Beaks supports local PVP and multiplayer gaming. There are two different modes- Story mode and Tournament mode. You can go on short quests or follow the story to have a more hands-on experience. Some of the noteworthy features of Blazing Beaks are; the Artifacts- you will be tempted to collect them, but in the long run, they might be false hope. Get the game and try for yourself today.

11. Helldivers

Helldivers is a game that is available only on PC and PlayStation. It is a game that targets a mature audience as there are some gruesome and devastating scenarios in the game. The animation and graphics are very smooth. Moreover, the intense BGM makes the game much more enjoyable. Helldivers is a great top-down RPG that will give you the joy of action gaming.

Helldivers Twin-Stick Shooter

The bridge between science fiction games and action shooters has been made on Helldivers. The game supports both online and local co-op. According to GAMEWATCHER, Helldivers was the best multiplayer game of 2015. The gameplay is addictive and features everything to hold your attention. Pick up your keyboard or controller and start playing Helldivers.


X-Morph: Defense offers us a unique tower defense shooting game packed with adventure and action. You can build different defense systems and bases. The futuristic animation and combat system make X-Morph: Defense a crowd favorite. The game puts you in the shoes of an invader. Your task is to destroy and conquer worlds using modernized weapons. Place your defense towers carefully to keep your troops safe.

X-MORPH: DEFENSE Twin-Stick Shooter

X-Morph: Defense allows us to enjoy a sci-fi tower defense game with a top-down view. It was a fantastic meeting of two popular genres. Gamers can enjoy X-Morph: Defense on a split-screen co-op. This game is a marvel of physics, action, and animation work.


Touhou Endless Dream is an excellent example of a modern anime top-down game. You get all the action-packed with cute anime characters. There are multiple characters to choose from in the game. You can conquer the world of Touhou Endless Dream using your skills. Touhou Endless Dream is a highly positive game rated by Steam users.


In Touhou Endless Dream, you get to explore the colorful world of Gensokyo, which is slowly being devoured by darkness. You get to fight low-level monsters, which end with epic boss fights. The game restarts when you die. Every restart brings different monsters and scenarios. So, it is always exciting to play Touhou Endless Dream. The overload of cuteness ad their no-mercy attitude make Touhou Endless Dream a must play.


Atomicrops are the perfect meeting points of farming and shooting genres. It is a rouge-like, top-down game featuring fantastic animation and a great storyline. You are put in a post-apocalyptic world where your task is to farm, marry and kill. After an atomic explosion, all the crops have been turned into vicious monsters. To defend your last days on earth, you have to eradicate them all. You may find your soul mate and marry her. Together you can destroy all the blood-thirsty plants/crops.

ATOMICROPS Twin-Stick Shooter

Atomicrops is not an ordinary farming simulator. Instead, it is a life and death situation where every decision counts. An indie game covers present-day physical challenges and an old-school arcade model. It is time to reap what you sowed in Atomicrops.


Nuclear Throne is another post-apocalyptic top-down shooting game. The concept of this tile is different from your average Joes. You are not the last hope of humanity. Instead, humans have been extinct, and mutant creatures are now roaming the world. You play as one of them. Fight your way through the wastelands and collect radiation from mutating yourself a new limb or powers. You can gather weapons and take help from your mutant friends to gain the powers of the lost world.

NUCLEAR THRONE Twin-Stick Shooter

Nuclear Throne is a fun-to-play twin-stick shooter game to play on your PC. It is anarchic trash where everything goes splat or explodes in a boom—a must-play game from Vlambeer.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy playing twin-stick shooter, then this list should be helpful to you. This genre of games is fun to play and has a unique appeal. You can share your thoughts about this list in the comment section. Suggest any of your favorite top-down shooters too.

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