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Best 10 Windows DLL Fixer Software for Missing DLL Files

If you are a computer freak, you may face ‘dll error!’, ‘missing dll files!’, or ‘dll not found’ kind of problem while running a program or software at least once. Then you have no option but to leave the program or software there & try to find an appropriate dll file fixer that will solve your crisis. If you are trying to find a solution for the mentioned kind of dilemma here, you are in the right place. In this article, you will get a list of the best dll fixer software for windows.

What is this .dll file & why is it missing?

Well, ‘.dll’ stands for ‘Dynamic Link Library’, which is the guide for finding resource files of a program to run the software. DLL files help a program to find its resource and run using memory or hard drive space. Some dll files come with the operating system, and the others appear when a program is installed. 

When a program launches, it finds its dll file automatically and runs through the system more efficiently. But if the program fails to find out its dll file, it merely doesn’t run and show you the error message that a dll file is missing. So, dll files are so significant for a program to sprint, and you should never delete a dll file if you are not hundred percent sure about the functions. 

How do I install a missing dll file?

Well, you have no other option but to install a dll file fixing software first. After installing a dll file fixing software, you can scuttle the tool and find out which exact file is missing. After uncovering the missing files, you can locate them by fixing software & re-establish them in your system.

What is (.dll) file fixing software?

DLL file fixing software is nothing but the solution to your problem for which you are here. DLL file repair software hits the missing dll file or any other dll error and gets all dll files to download from their database to fix the issue. You can run the program, showing a dll error message only after re-establishing the missing file through the fixing software. 

Some of this software automatically or manually run through your system and find out if any other inconsistency exists there. If there are any, they will show you the fixing process. Some software will let you clean your system and remove unnecessary junk files.

Which (.dll) file fixing software should I install?

There are a whole lot of software regarding the dll error issue out there on the internet. Almost all the software offers you the same kind of features. But some of them have more popularity because of their additional features like cleaning & optimizing your pc, vast database of all kinds of dll files, compatibility with Windows, simplicity, and user-friendliness.

If you are worried about fixing missing dll files in windows 7, 8, 10, or any other windows version, here is the list of ‘Best 10 DLL Fixer Software for Windows for missing DLL files’ the mentioned circumstances. All the software in this list given below is compatible with almost all windows versions. The list will help you to install the appropriate software that you need. However, the list is here:

1. Free DLL Fixer

Free DLL Fixer is the craziest among all dll fixing tools on this list. The best thing about this software is that it is entirely free to use. This convenient file fixing tool is super simple but can fix almost all dll problems. This free file fixing tool takes a very little space of your drive, vital for many.

Free DLL FixerFree DLL Fixer is unique in that it scans automatically for the missing or corrupted dll files. Finding any missing or tainted files also downloads them automatically from the internet. So, Free DLL Fixer is the most user-friendly free dll files fixer indeed. 

Compatible with: Windows XP & Upper Versions

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2. Ccleaner

Ccleaner DefragglerCcleaner is also free of charge software in this list. It is not only file fixing software but also a cleaning tool for your windows. You can fix missing dll files as well as eliminate the junk files from your system. This utensil is a solo interface to compact with essential to advance stage optimizations, making it one of the best dll fixer software for windows.

Ccleaner dll fix software can test out the whole registry along with dll issues & repair them. It also lets you uninstall software, administer browser plugins, act upon system restore, handle startup applications, and scrutinize disc. This adequate software will work as a dll file fixer and other important chore administrators side by side.

Compatible with: Windows XP & Above Versions

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3. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Glarysoft Registry RepairGlarysoft Registry Repair is one of the most user-friendly repair tools, to be honest. You can fix your dll errors through this software and fasten your system performance. Glarysoft lets you refurbish previous fixes & outlook the consequential record as well.

Glarysoft Registry repair is very exclusive because it lets its user backup the system before making any changes. This software is not in any of the first two places in this list because it has no search option for specific dll files. It also fails sometimes to accelerate the windows due to the backdrop process.

Compatible with: Windows XP & Above Versions

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4. DLL Suite

DLL SuiteFor Windows 10 users, the DLL suite may be the best dll fixer out there. You can scan, identify, and fix missing, sullied, or injured dll files with DLL Suite, which helps you enhance your system speed. The best thing about this smart dll missing fixer is that it can fix dll errors in addition to mend the ‘.SYS BSOD’, and confiscate nasty ‘.exe’ files.

DLL suite has one of the biggest databases for all windows versions. It is almost next to impossible for anyone to claim that DLL Suite has not recognized a dll file. You can scan the computer on startup to find out any corrupted files during the shutdown. It can help auto scan for missing dll files & fix them. You have the option to go manually to do so also. 

Compatible with: All Windows Versions.

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5. Smart DLL Missing Fixer

Like DLL Suite, Smart DLL Missing Fixer also has one of the largest databases of dll files. Other than this, it has almost all the features of regular dll file installer software out there. You have a lot of tools to fix & optimize by Smart DLL Missing Fixer.

Smart DLL Missing FixerSmart DLL Missing Fixer also fixes the dll registry errors in almost all windows versions from windows XP to later on, which is a great feature to point out. The disgusting part of this software is that it has no manual option to fix a dll file. You have almost all the features in its free version, but you have to go for a subscription if you want to have some premium facilities. 

Compatible with: Windows XP & Later Versions.

6. DLL Files Fixer

DLL Files Fixer is file fixing software that lets you clean your PC along with troubleshooting the dll errors just like Ccleaner. It’s easy to use interface is very handy for users. It repairs almost all dll errors a user can face in his daily windows works. If you are a rookie in dll file fixing, a DLL File Fixer is just what the doctor ordered, like a fixing tool for you.

DLL Files FixerDLL File Fixer both repairs & cleans your system removing dll error & finding the missing dll file and accelerates your system performance. It also terminates the registry errors, which is a good thing to mention. Moreover, you are a rookie or pro, DLL Files Fixer is a beautiful repairing tool to troubleshoot your dll problem. But the problem is that it takes too long to find the missing dll file, and you have to go for the premium version of it to enjoy its full feature. 

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

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7. DLL Files Client

The only surprise software in this list is the DLL Files Client. Well, the reason behind calling it a surprise is that it is no more available officially. This is why it is so down on this list. However, you can download DLL Files Client from various pc software download websites. DLL Files client is the newest to the family of dll fixer old version of DLL Files Fixer.

DLL Files ClientYou can repair any dll error through DLL Files Client just by a click. Attuned with almost all Windows versions, DLL Files Client has the feature to re-establish your pc and its programs just like before after fixing the dll error.

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

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8. Speedy PC Pro

Speedy PC Pro is the simplest file fixer among all the software in this list. This very fast & compatible with almost all windows version tools can boost your system using its vast database of dll files. Like DLL Files Client, Speedy PC Pro also lets you find & fix the missing dll file with just y one click.

Speedy PC ProSpeedy Pro PC has a limited offer for its user in the complimentary version. But you can access all its features by choosing its premium arrangement. It has the limitation of finding & fixing any exact file manually. Speedy Pro PC contains the best thing that it restores points before assembling any changes to the scheme.

Compatible with: Windows XP & Later versions.

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9. DLL Care

You may hear the saying ‘Jack of all trades’. Well, as a dll files fixer, DLL care is the jack of all trades for you. You can fix missing dll files, dll errors, clean up the system, optimize pc, and defragment the Windows registry through this tool. Cool! Isn’t it? 

DLL CareWith its so much variation, DLL Care is one of the best dll fixer software for windows, to be honest. DLL Care ensures you to be not afraid of arriving Trojans or any malware with dll files. You can find and upload a dll file that is missing directly to your system from its database.

Compatible with: Windows XP & Later Versions.

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10. SS Registry Fixer

SS Registry Fixer is almost the same as DLL Care. It is also a multi-tasking fixing software that lets you clean trash files, history, junks, fix the registry, and of course, fix the missing dll file. Like Free DLL Fixer, SS Registry Fixer also has an automated searching option for dll errors. 

SS Registry FixerSS Registry Fixer also fixes up the dll problem of your registry. It makes your pc faster than before by encountering almost all the dll problems. So, if you are looking for a fixing tool that will manage all your fixing tasks and clean and optimizes your pc, SS Registry Fixer can be an excellent picking for you.

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

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Final Thoughts

Dll error is a prevalent issue for computer users. It may destroy all your interest to run a specific program. Sometimes, it may cause serious trouble during your essential task to do. So a dll file fixing software is too much needed to save your cause. In that case, all the dll files fixer mentioned in this list of ‘Best DLL Fixer Software for Windows’ have the potential to fix the missing dll files issue or any other dll error crisis. After you go through the details about all the software given in the list, you must decide which software is the right pick for you. Download the precise one for you and pass up the superfluous dll error crisis forever.

Sajeeb Kishore Chakroborty
Sajeeb Kishore Chakroborty
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