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The Best 20 Cartoon Picture Apps for Android in 2022

Caricature and cartoons are graphic art. Nowadays, we use it for representing political commentary and editorial opinion. Sometimes we need to convert our pictures into cartoons for social media photos, profile pictures, and many other purposes. So we need some of the best Cartoon Picture Apps for Android.

Cartoon apps serve several purposes in real life. Moreover, a lot among us are otaku and Anime fans these days. People love to turn their pictures into anime or cartoons. Besides that, they use these cartoon apps frequently.

Another purpose of cartoons is safety. If you don’t want to put your real pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, you can just put your photos into cartoons.

Virtual violation is top-notch nowadays. So we should keep ourselves safe from those freaks out there. People who like to play with people’s photos without are the worst kinds. So you can keep yourself safe from those freaks using cartoon photos on your social media accounts.

The 20 Best Cartoon Picture Apps for Android

If you were even two years back, you can’t make your cartoon photo this easily. You have to go through all the animation processes to create your cartoon. But technology made this easier for us. We can make our cartoon characters within a minute. Creating a character by those animations apps is tiresome. It takes a lot of time as well. But with these handy apps, you can enjoy your cartoon version quite easily. 

1. Toonme – Cartoon Yourself Photo Editor

ToonMe is a top-rated app for making cartoons out of selfies. Just click a selfie with the camera on, you will get your cartoon version. This app is almost free. But you have to pay a minimum subscription fee if you want to unlock all the features. Even without those features, this app is quite tempting.

You can make your selfies into cartoons. You have to click the cartoonizer option. After a few months of payment, you can cancel the subscription if you don’t get the app satisfying. It is not that that hard. Just go to the google play store and cancel the subscription.


  • You can turn your photo into a cartoon with just one click. You can customize the image quality. 
  • This app makes vector images by creating and organizing layers. There are a lot of effects that you can use in your vector image.
  • You can also get a vector character with your photo. You can crop and resize your image proportions. 
  • Moreover, you can also print the vector image. ToonMe allows exporting of photos in 400 DPI. However, 400 DPI means the printed photo looks crystal clear in reality.   

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2. Voilà AI Artist – Photo to Cartoon Face Art Editor

Voilà AI Artist is the best app that turns photos into cartoons. This app carries out some exciting stuff like renaissance paintings, hand-drawn caricatures, Disney characters, and vector images. Besides that, this app is all in one package. 

Voilà AI Artist is considered as the Doraemon’s magic pocket. Voila AI Artist is free with the ad-free version. But there are some more unique features that you must be try. To obtain those features, you have to pay the monthly subscription fee. You can pay weekly. The weekly subscription fee is 2 USD. 


  • Voila AI Artist is famous for its cartoon-making features. It can turn your photos into renaissance paintings. However, this feature is praised and used by many people.
  • Not only 15th-century paintings, but you can also make 18th and 20th-century paintings with this one app. 
  • With this app, you can make your royalty version of a cartoon. You can share those cartoon images on various social media accounts. 
  • Moreover, you can get your photos drawn in various caricature versions. You can make fun with friends with caricature photos. 

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3. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo editor has made a significant ruckus on Facebook a few days earlier. The way it turns photos into cartoon images, that’s a bit peculiar. The shades and all those color strokes make the photo beautiful. To access this cartoon picture app, you have to download it first. Then it will want to access your gallery. There are four modes that you can choose to import pictures. You can choose to import pictures from the gallery or can even choose the camera. 


  • This app is one of the most popular cartoon-making apps. You can use it for free. Moreover, you will get the most impressive camera supplications here. 
  • You can turn your photos into pencil sketches, oil paintings, and even color drawings. 
  • You can use both your back and front cameras to capture photos. After capturing, you can turn those into vector illustrations. You can also zoom in or zoom out the picture here. 
  • Besides that, you can share and save those vector images. You can send those pictures to your friends.

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4. Cartoon Photo Editor – Pencil Sketch Art

Cartoon photo editor is a legit cartoon maker app. The sketching and other stuff are pretty cool for cartoon making. Moreover, This app ensures your privacy and safety. It creates cute-looking vector illustrations out of your images. With this app, you can become an artist. You can surprise your friends with these caricatures.

The cartoon photo editor app serves you the best filters and effects. Moreover, you can use these effects and filters in your photos. You can rasterize your picture. The pencil sketches that are made by this app look so natural.  


  • This app makes images that look like Salvador Dali’s paintings. So you can go around and show those fantastic paintings. 
  • You can make your avatar with this app. This app can turn your pictures into pencil sketches, caricatures, and even a funny cartoon.
  • Using this app is simple. There are no complex features that are hard to understand. It will also give you tutorials on how to use this app. 
  • This app brings out your inner talent as it accesses to change your style. You can use your freestyle to make cartoons. 

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5. ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself

It is not the time to stick with your old boring photos. Life is too short to hold onto these boring photos. So this app works best to get rid of your boring self. ToonApp is the best cartoon picture apps to turn your photo into a cartoon. This app is recommended best in many aspects.

ToonApp can turn the whole body into vector illustrations. You can also create videos with this app. Then you can share those videos on TikTok and Instagram. You can fetch followers by uploading some fun videos online. 


  • You can make your pictures into anime characters with big heads. You can create a challenge or can join a big head cartoon challenge. Anime cosplays are popular these days. 
  • You can show your creativity using those dripping effects. This app enables you to make a comic character. So you can make your comic story with those filters. 
  • This app provides the best AI photo editor. ToonApp comes with some incredible in-built cartoon-making features. The vector pixels are so sharp, and it doesn’t change the size of the photo.
  • This feature is fantastic. It has some magic brush effect. With the magic brush, you can change the particular area that is selected. You can make half of your photo in a cartoon, and half can remain original. 

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6. Cartoon Sketch

"<yoastmarkCartoon sketch is the best sketch app you will find. This app creates sketches on point. This app is sophisticated and free to use. The way it makes sketches is way different from other apps. To make sketches with this app, you have to download it from the Google play store.

Cartoon sketch may ask permission on your phone’s storage. You may accept those permissions if you want to accept them. But if you don’t accept any, this won’t cause any harm. Moreover, there will have no problem with your phone as well as your photo sketches.  


  • This app has the most flexible undo, redo moves. You can go back one step if something’s wrong. You can change the fundamental steps and start all over.
  • This app has different kinds of sketch options. There are shades of oil strokes, pencil strokes, and charcoal strokes. 
  • The cartoon sketch app is really simple. Even a baby can use it. So you can give it to your baby, and they can learn sketching by this app.
  • There is nothing sketchy with this app. It is safe to use. The features are not much to deal with it. So you can try this app to make cartoon sketches.

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7. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon photo editor is the best cartoon-making app in 2022. This app works like an ice-breaking app for android users. So, you must try this one. Moreover, it has some mesmerizing features like tiles photo making. You can use this filter and creatively create your photo. This app also owes some platforms names cute wallpaper studio.

Moreover, you can use this platform for your benefit. You can turn landscapes and other photos into wallpapers. Then try uploading to these platforms. You can see viewers’ reactions towards your creation.


  • The camera supplications of this app are smart. You can just take a photo and convert it into cartoons. Or you can just use your gallery.
  • You can upload videos on how to use this app. It has some fantastic photo and cartoon filters. Then try posting on social media. People will surely react to those fantastic filters.
  • This app can also turn simple photos into sketches. You can also get information about art galleries, and this app will provide pictures and other information about famous galleries around the world. It will enhance your knowledge.

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8. Manga Anime Face Changer

Manga anime is popular among young kids. This app is the best cartoon apps for those who like anime. In this lockdown, many people have become anime fans. They are desperate to cosplay their favorite characters. But cosplaying can be expensive sometimes. But this Manga Anime face changer is free. You just have to download it from the Google play store. Then you can use it for your heart’s content.  


  • This app isn’t just capable of anime boy’s or girl’s faces. But it is also capable of making anime dogs, cats, or any animal’s face. This feature is the most exciting feature of this app. 
  • Not just faces, this app can make different types of emojis. You can cry, smile, and make every kind of emoji face with this app. If you are recording with any anime face, you can try those emojis. 
  • You can choose the color of your eyes, hair. The characteristics are customizable. This app is super fun to use.

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9. Artisan: Cartoon Photo Editor & Art Photo Filters

Artisan is the best cartoon picture apps for digital art. It is known best for its digital illustration. Artisan has the best cartoon-making apps. Moreover, you can make your emojis version with this app. You can also make fantastic avatar figures of yours and upload that on Facebook profile pictures.

Artisan is an all-in-one app. It is free, and it has all the exciting features. You can avatarify your picture, caricature your photo, and many more to do. 


  • This app has the best dripping effect. With Artisan, you can give your photo amazing photoshop effects just by clicking. You can make your cartoon portrait and even change the backgrounds as you wish.
  • You can also make the pencil sketch effect on your photo. Artisan can remove the background of the photo perfectly. So you can make a cartoon background here.
  • Artisan can also make oil paintings effect and pop-art effects. You can decorate your selfies with these fantastic art effects. Moreover, you can make an oil painting effect by using Prisma. 

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10. ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects

ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects
Cartoon App ArtistA

Artista cartoon works like your canvas. You can create amazing photos by trying their effects on your photo. Moreover, it has great photo art filters and cartoon art filters. 

Artista is the best cartoon picture app that turns pictures into cartoons. The art filters that you will find here are all inspired by famous artists, and you can give famous artist’s art styles touch on your photo. This app creates some unique sketch art and smooth pencil arts with filters. They can hardly define as the effects.


  • You can give your photo a simple cartoon art gesture with this app. You can crop, reset and resize your photos here. Moreover, you can also use two or more effects on one photo.
  • You can also edit your whole body and make an avatar version of yourself. You will get the best Prisma effects here. Moreover, you can also download some sketches, oil paintings effects and use that in your pictures. 
  • You can also upload your artwork on the lycra gallery. People will get a chance to recognize your talent if you upload it to their studio.
  • You will get here 50+ artistic effects and can show your creativity to the world. 

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11. Face Over – Photo Face Mask

Face Over is the most fun app you will find. It has the ultimate fun features. Like you can swap your face with any type of stickers and even cartoons. You can make your face emoji with this one app.

Creating cartoon effects is pretty easy with Face Over app. You have first to select any of your selfies, and it can be only face or entire body. Then you have to select another photo that you want to create. Then just adjust the second photo on your face and then adjust the transparency of your photo. You will get your cartoon version. 


  • You can give your photos aesthetic photo effects by using labels and quotes. You can find those labels and quotes on this app. Besides that, you will get those for free.
  • You can add some funny stickers to make your photo funnier. 
  • You can use the aging effect here. Then surprise your friends with those photos of yours. All the faces that you can use here are designed to fit all kinds of body structures.

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 12. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
Cartoon Picture Apps – MomentCam

MomentCam is known for its best caricature effects. It is the best app that allows the best creative caricature. If you go to a caricature artist for your caricature, they will cost 125 USD per hour. It is costly. But you will get the same picture with this app for free. However, you can get this app on the Google play store.

MomentCam can also create cartoons and emotions with your pictures. The screw of this app is constantly working to improve the features. So if you have any ideas that you want, you can ask them. They will add those features in the next update. 


  • MomentCam serves you with the best creative cartoon effects and emoticons. You can edit your pictures with those emoticons effects. 
  • Besides that, you can customize the background fully. You can remove the background and add a new one there.
  • Besides that, you can also take part in different competitions held by this app. You can even win prizes if you get in a rank there. This feature will motivate you to take part in national and international competitions.

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13. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Edition is the sophisticated cartoon-making app you will find online. This app is consists of the best cartoon-making features and artistic effects. Moreover, you will get new filters every day. 

Prisma releases new and artistic filters every day. You just have to turn on the notification. Then you get a notification if there is any new filter updated. Prisma is free, but you can subscribe to its monthly plan. By subscribing to the monthly plan, you will get HD cartoons. You can use the high resolution of filters and effects on the paid version.  


  • Prisma holds a creative community. Where you can share your artworks, you can see others’ creations as well. By joining this community, you can increase your interest in the arts. 
  • This feature enhances your photo quality and size. You will get here hundreds of styles free. You can also use fine-tune tool here. However, this feature is not available on every app. 

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14. Cartoon Photo PRO

Cartoon Photo PRO

This app is the pro version of the cartoon photo app. You have to pay for this app to access it. This app will serve you better than the cartoon photo app. There are no advertisements and many more premium features that will not be available in the unpaid version. The camera applications are way improved than other cartoon-making apps. You can record videos with premium camera qualities. 


  • You can apply cartoon effects to the photos of your gallery.
  • You can choose from the various artistic effects and apply those to your photos.
  • Moreover, you can also share those photos with your friends and can make them join the community too. 

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15. Photo Comics -Super Stickers

Photo Comics stands for its name. This cartoon picture app serves you the best filters from a comic book. Isn’t it amazing to use those comic filters on your photos? You can even create your comic series with your photos and play with your friends.

Photo Comics app is amusing to use. You can add artistic, funny artwork to your photos. This app also contains comic music. When you edit some of your pictures, you can add pieces of music. 


  • You can recreate your favorite comic heroes look with your photos. You can challenge your friends cosplaying comic characters.
  • Besides that, you can also share your image on social media and surprise anime otaku fans.
  • You can also collage your photos and make an actual comic series with those effects and filters. 

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16. Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter

Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter
Cartoon app Deep Art Effects

Deep art effect app serves you the most fantastic vector illustration effects. You can give your photos the best AI touch with this app. This app gives you 100+ options to choose from and apply. You can just use one filter or can create your filter by using two or more. You can even edit landscapes with this app. 


  • This app consumes tiny space from your storage. So you can edit pictures peacefully. This app is free from any troubleshooting problems. 
  • This app has various Prisma filters, and it encrypts any kind of data transfer. Deep Art effect is the safest to use for cartoon making.
  • You can remove the watermark from the picture if you don’t like that. Most apps don’t do this free, but Deep effects app removes watermark-free. 

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17. Art Camera Cartoon Picture Apps

Art Camera is an elegant and free cartoon-maker app in 2022. You can access this app for free. No subscription plans are going on to unlock premium features. So you can use this without worries. This app requires permissions from your phone, like access to the camera, storage, and videos. 


  • This app supports the vignette filters on your photos. This application marks your pictures as vague and mysterious. Moreover, it also supports tilt- photography.
  • You can capture photos with the timer, and it supports silent capture. If you are somewhere quiet, like a library, you can use the silent capture option. 
  • You can also use the grid line to maintain the photo alignments. This app serves all the pro features for cartoon-making. 

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18. Cartoon Camera Photo Editor

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor is the ultimate time-saver. If you’re exhausted from picture saving in your gallery. You can install this app. This app directly saves the picture to your gallery, so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor app allows capturing perfect HD selfies. Now we all want to capture a perfect selfie when we are outside. This app can help you out. Moreover, you can decorate your pictures with those amazing cartoon and emoticon filters.


  • This app serves 100+ painting filters and 30+ cartoon filters to play with the photos.
  •  It also has a floating shutter button mode. This function helps to capture quickly. 
  • You can switch to autofocus and can also tap on the screen to focus. This app serves the best-capturing features. 

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19. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon camera is the best cartoon camera app that turns selfies into cartoons. You can even make film videos with this app. You don’t have to find pictures to make cartoons. Moreover, you can just click instantly and make them into cartoons. But if you want to edit pictures from your gallery, you can do that. This app supports that features as well. This app is capable of audio recording along with the video.


  • This app supports the neon cartoon effect, which is quite rare for a cartoon maker app. 
  • This app has a feature name wake lock. You can use this feature when recording something. However, this feature will prevent to sleep your device. 
  • This app serves you the most pleasing watercolor effect. This effect makes your photos look exactly like watercolor paintings. 

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20. Cartoon Photo Frames

Cartoon Photo frame has 4.3 ratings in the Google play store. That makes this app quite popular. Moreover, this app can be used by both teenagers and adults. Since it has some fun features, it is more popular with kids.

The cartoon photo frame app is specially designed for kids. This app is appropriate to create a race among kids. You can get to know your creativity with this app.


  • You can select pictures from the gallery to add frames to it. You can also capture pictures and decorate them.
  • There are varieties of frames to choose from in the app. You can choose different effects on those frames like black and white, greyscale, vintage, and many more.                      

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Some Recommendations of Photo to Cartoon App

Moment cam can change your real photo into cartoons. You just have to select a photo of yours first. You can keep the entire photo or crop the body. After selecting your photo, you have to press the options to turn it into a cartoon. And it will do it in a few seconds. Isn’t this sound super fun? A more fun fact is that you can also use some mesmerizing filters. 

These cartoon apps are straightforward to use and fun to make cartoons with photos. There are a lot of apps which is free. So you can use those free apps to make cartoon pictures and have fun with friends.

Catonize.net is a free cartoon app. This app will turn your pictures into cartoons. Just upload your photo here. Then select the option named cartoonize to the pictures. And your pictures will turn into a cartoon.

There are even apps that can turn your pictures into Disney characters. We all like Disney princes and princesses. With this app names Viola AI Artist, you can see yourself as a Disney character. You should at least try this one to see for yourself. You can also invite your friends and have fun together. 

Final Thought

Cartoon picture apps are fun to use. You can send those funny caricatures to your friends and have fun. However, you can make trends and challenge your friends to complete them. It would help if you were bored with this pandemic situation. So you should try these cartoon-maker apps. Try making your avatar with these fantastic apps.

Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh
Arundhuti Ghosh is a student of fashion design. She is an accomplished Graphics and fashion designer, but she loves to write. She enjoys using her skills, talent, and desire professionally.

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