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Cloud Server Vs. Dedicated Server: Can Cloud Server Save More Than Dedicated Server?

If you are thinking to take a server but you are in hesitation for choosing the dedicated server of Cloud server then you should have a look at this article. There is a big difference between a dedicated server and a cloud server. Before making any decision you should understand the crucial difference because there are some financial factors.

In reality, the Dedicated server and Cloud storage both server almost the same function and application. But there is a gap between them like price, service, security, performance, etc. Google Cloud, AWS, Dropbox are the example of cloud storage. By this article, you can decide dedicated server or cloud server which you should choose.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server DiagramThe cloud server is called a virtual server or virtual private saver. Cloud storage provides the same facilities as the traditional server or dedicated server which is accessible remotely from a cloud service provider. Cloud storage is a logical build, managed and performed from the cloud with the redundant facility.

A cloud server is logical when it is carried through server virtualization. In this model physical server is logically distributed which has a separate operating system, apps and user interface. Cloud storage is accessible remotely over the internet; it is not shared or distributed.

Key Features

  • Computing setup that can be physical, virtual or a mix of the two subject to use.
  • Having capabilities of an on-premises server.
  • Allow the consumer to process rigorous workloads and store large volumes of data.
  • Programmed services are accessed on demand by API.
  • The option of monthly or as-you-go payment.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server / dedicated hosting or fully managed server is a rental service of a server computer or lease for a certain period not to share anyone else. This is more flexible than a shared server and full access to operating systems and hardware.

A dedicated server is a server environment that offers the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. It is completely isolated from one another, so the consumer gets full access to set up their server anyway they want without affecting another consumer or being affected by the actions of other consumers.

Benefits – Dedicated Server

  • Control, privacy, and guaranteed resources are the benefits of a dedicated server.
  • Dedicated servers are not shared with any other users, so the performance of a dedicated server user’s website is stable and predictable.
  • The user with high traffic websites is often the best fit for the dedicated server.

Which Server Plan You Choose

The decision regarding the cloud server or dedicated server depends on your actual requirement. But a comparison is needed to get a pure understanding of the actual requirement. Some analytical comparison is shown for you.

If the volume of data is high you must go for the cloud computing server. If the volume of data is low then a dedicated server may suffice your demand. In case of any big web application like software as a service (SaaS) cloud computing server is a must.

The cloud computing server is now embedded with a shared server which causes low cost. On the other hand conversation of data on a dedicated server is complex and causes cost. However, the cost depends on the vendor to vendor and their service.

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Cloud Storage Provides Vertical Facilities

Vertical facilities like a redundant server, multiple storages and backup of your data. In the cloud, the storage vendor backs up your data on the different servers. On the other hand in dedicated server data is back up in one computer. The user must back up his data. In cloud service back up is not a problem. If you are a big organization go for a cloud computing server.

The security of data is a vital issue. If your data is more secure go for the virtual private network of dedicated server otherwise go for a cloud computing server. Cloud storage locates your data in various locations so security may lose. You have to choose the best cloud storage provider to solve this problem.

Your expertise is a factor to go for Cloud storage. In dedicated server both managed and unmanaged are available but in a cloud server, most Cloud storage provider provides unmanaged space. Now a day some Cloud storage provider offers managed server.

A user can choose the dedicated server configuration like the processor, RAM, and storage as per requirement based on pricing.  In cloud services do not offer the same facility. So if you have a specific choice then you may choose a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is the most appropriate in the single-server hosting plan. If you have planned for only one application then go for a dedicated server otherwise if the application is more go for Cloud storage.

Cloud Storage: Self Service Infrastructure Platform

Cloud storage is the self-service infrastructure platform and ultimate on-demand. If flexibility is required then we may choose Cloud storage. It supports basic management with all updates for on-demand security assessments, supported software, and an hour of system administration per month.

The invincible flexibility of cloud computing server’s vicissitudes the way businesses think about server setup. Cloud Data server offers an unlimited, on-demand supply of infrastructure. If an application developer requires a test server to try out an idea, he logs into his cloud control panel and in a few seconds, his server is ready. But the developer has to be professional and expert.

Private Cloud Server

The private cloud services are based on the customization of Cloud storage based on the requirement which provides a distinct secured cloud-based environment and only a specific user can operate the cloud server.

Private Cloud Server

The Cloud storage service visualized the service environment, using an underlying pool of physical computing resources. These types of Cloud storage are accessed by a single organization with the highest possible security.

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Hybrid Cloud Data Server

Though in this article I have discussed Cloud storage and the dedicated server it is also required to know about a hybrid server. Hybrid Cloud storage is a mixture of all the servers like Cloud storage, dedicated server, and private server. Some organization also uses a hybrid server.

Hybrid Cloud Server

Now you decide to use a cloud computing server or dedicated server. In cloud data server provides more facilities, redundant servers, data back up and multiple applications. On the other hand in dedicated server offers security, low cost, and a single or few application.

If you are a business organization goes for Cloud storage otherwise dedicated server is better. Now a day people are converting to Cloud storage but their number is about 10%. So have a study and decide cloud server or dedicated server.

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