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CloudHealth Technologies Review as Cloud Management Platform

In today’s Tech world, CloudHealth technologies are leading the Cloud Management marketing. Cloudhealth tech is the most trusted cloud management platform. The main functions of this platform are to manage multi-cloud cost, security, and performance of one place through cloud management platform.

CloudHealth Technologies

Basically, cloudhealth is a Boston, Massachusetts based software company.  The company provides different solutions like Cloud Visibility, Cloud Cost Management, Resource Utilization, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud, Cloud Scalability, Cloud Governance, Container Optimization.

CloudHealth Technologies

This company was co-founded by Joe Kinsella and Dan Phillips in the year 2012. Tom Axbey (previous employee of Rave Mobile Safety) joined as new CEO and Precedent in 2017. This year August 27, 2018, VMware declared its intention to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. This acquisition pushes them to forward for cloud-based software as a service.

Cloud Management Platform

A cloud management platform is a suite of integrated software tools that an enterprise can use to monitor and control cloud computing resources. While an organization can use a cloud management platform exclusively for private or public cloud deployment, these toolsets commonly target hybrid and multi-cloud models to help centralize control of various cloud-based infrastructures.

The exact feature set of a cloud management platform varies by vendor. Some offer a broad set of tools, while others target more niche industries or vertical markets. In addition, some vendors deliver cloud management platforms as on-premises applications, while others deliver them as software as a service. In general, cloud management refers to the exercise of administrative control over public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

The cloud management platform is an integrated cloud management tool to monitor and control cloud management resource. The organization can use cloud management platform as private or public cloud development but those tools work as hybrid multi-cloud systems.

The features of the cloud management platform vary from vendor to vendors. The offerings like board set of tools, niche industries, and vertical market. Basically, cloud management is the exercise of administrative power over the private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Capabilities – Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) defines various capabilities of a cloud management platform. Those capabilities are:

1. General Service Cloud Computing

This is one type of self-service capabilities. The reporting analysis features to gain insight into the consumption patterns in the enterprise.

2. Service Management Platform

This cloud management platform function enables IT, team, to monitor cloud-based service with the help of capacity planning and performance requirement.

3. Resource Management Functions

This cloud function provides tools to manage cloud computing resources, such as storage and networks, virtual machines, with capabilities such as resource provisioning, tagging, discovery, automation, and orchestration. In addition, this function helps to migrate data from different cloud.

4. Financial Management Function

This cloud function offers capabilities to automatically track and assign cloud computing spend to exact users or business departments. Basically, these financial management structures also include the capability to produce chargeback reports and estimate future cloud costs.

5. Governance and Security Function

This cloud function enables an administrator to impose policy-based control of cloud resources. This function also offers security features, such as access management, encryption and identity management.

CloudHealth Technologies as Cloud Management Platform

The CloudHealth is the popular worldwide leader for providing the service of cloud management platform. They provide the support of integrated reporting, recommendations, and active policy management to aid companies to control the complications associated with “cloud chaos.”

It enables its stakeholders ranging from C-level executives to engineers, architects, IT directors, cloud specialists, and LOB managers to progress its performance and drive value through the cloud ecosystems.

Product – Cloud Management Platform

1. Cloud Visibility

Cloud VisibilityIn CloudHealth Technologies Review we found that this function analyzes the asset performance metrics of the business through correcting and visualizing the resources. It brings more accountability and transparency within the organization. The solution produces multi-cloud reports and customized dashboard.

2. Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost ManagementIn CloudHealth Technologies Review we found that this Cloud cost management uncovers the hidden cost and monitor to increase resource. It keeps the historical data in fingertips. This solution customizes automated policies to identify the immediate cost saving opportunities.

It saves money from an unused resource. CloudHealth solution identifies opportunities to reduce cost based on user trends. It receives proactive recommendation from its users. This solution defines cloud operating budgets by customizable business units. It compares the actual expenses with the estimated budget and provides the solution.

3. Resource Utilization

Resource UtilizationIn CloudHealth Technologies Review we found that this CloudHeath connects some of its services for performance of data like CUP and Disk. To make the insight up-level it connects the platform with performance management partner to obtain the performance of disk, memory, CPU, and network. CloudHealth evaluates the efficiency of utilization of your resource over a cloud.

4. CloudHealth Security Risk Compliance

CloudHealth Security Risk ComplianceIn CloudHealth Technologies Review we found that this CloudHealth finds out and alerts on financial, operational and technical risk. The technical risk range up to sensitive data from open ports which are unencrypted.

The operational threats are process oriented for example too many permission or ignorance of password policy. The financial risk involves budget failure, unexpected cost spikes, etc. CloudHealth technology review ensures 360 degrees of the security performance of your cloud infrastructure.

5. Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data MigrationCloud data migration is a complex process. CloudHealth helps in this aspect. It starts with careful planning and finds the workflow of cloud data migration. Finally, it models out the cloud data migration process and calculates the TCO.

This tool optimizes the data migration infrastructure cost, uses, performance, and security. CloudHealth analysis and collect infrastructure use, performance, and configuration. It asses the files system and network interface.

CloudHealth Employee

Cloud computing job is really hot cake in the job market. To because the employee of CloudHealth Technology the employees are happy because they are the market leaders. Some of the employee reviews of CloudHealth Technology are:

  • The employee thinks “Good job CloudHealth for creating this a great place to work”. They practice good company culture and considered employee as a valuable part of a team.
  • The player colleagues are helping always and becomes a great source of inspiration.
  • The negative review is that the company have data breach issue (According to Glassdoor review) and longtime have to work.

Market Competitors – CloudHealth Technology 

Cloud health technology is a well-reputed company. Since the cloud management platform is the demand of time so there arise some other cloud service providers. Some of the market competitors of Cloudhealth technology are:

  • Cisco CloudCenter
  • Realize Suite
  • Red Hat CloudForms
  • HPE OneSphere
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Final Thought

To be honest, I did not find any limitation of CloudHealth technology. It is simply awesome. CloudHealth technology integrates hybrid and multi-cloud. They also provide cloud scalability and cloud governance.  In this cloud-based platform, CloudHealth Technology is one of the best solutions. You can use the software and before that follow the other ChoudHealth technology review.



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