CocoFax: The Best Tool for Sending & Receiving Fax With Wireless Printer

Did you know that it was possible to use a wireless printer for sending and receiving faxes? Probably no, since faxes are usually known for the old fax machines that work on electronic lines. Well, there is good news! Today you have online fax services such as CocoFax that can help you answer questions like how can I send a fax from my printer?

There are special printers available that have faxing capabilities. They have fax hardware as well as a fax button for sending faxes. Even if your printer doesn’t come with faxing capabilities, you can send a fax using an online fax service.

What is CocoFax?

CocoFax is an online fax service provider that can be used for sending and receiving faxes. It has millions of users all across the globe. You can conceive the idea of its popularity by learning that the PC world has recognized it, Life Hacker, New York Times, Forbes, and Tech Radar.


What are the features of CocoFax?

CocoFax is among the most secure, reliable, and easiest online fax services that offer its customers the following features:

  • World-class security – To ensure that only the intended user can read the faxes, This Fax provides the best security measures. Any data breach is impossible since the entire transmission will be encrypted.
  • Portability – You can use this Fax for any device that has a web browser. The web dashboard makes it easy to send and receive faxes.
  • Free fax number – You need a fax number to send or receive a fax. This is why it provides a free fax number to all its customers. With a CocoFax subscription, you will also be able to select your fax number.

How to send and receive faxes using CocoFax?

With CocoFax, you won’t need a phone line, a fax machine, or any unnecessary hardware for sending and receiving faxes. And, all of this can be done by following 3 simple steps:

1. Create an account – The first step is creating the CocoFax account. You can register for the account using your email address and get a free trial period of 30 days. The whole process will take about a minute.

2. Select your fax number for free – With an account on CocoFax, you will enjoy a 30-day trial period for free and select a fax number for free. You can also cancel your subscription within the trial period with no incurred costs.

3. Start faxing – Now, you are ready to send and receive faxes on any device like a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can either use CocoFax’s option of email to fax or the CocoFax’s dashboard.

How to use CocoFax for wireless faxing?

With CocoFax, you don’t have to use a fax machine or a telephone line for managing wireless faxing. A wireless printer can be used for the same without a phone line. Things will be easier if your printer has faxing capabilities.

In such cases, you have to use a telephone line and plug it into your printer. Wireless printers have a socket that can be used for the phone line. If you want to receive faxes on this printer, you have to keep it 24/7 or miss your faxes.

However, with CocoFax, you can make use of an ordinary printer. You won’t need a phone line or a fax machine for managing your fax communications. The ease CocoFax offers is why it is popular among millions of people all over the world.

You need to visit the official website of CocoFax and create a CocoFax account using your email ID. It will give you free access to the platform for 30 days, including the CocoFax dashboard and a fax number.

Why should you get a CocoFax account?

CocoFax is a must for translating information from your computer or smartphone to the fax machine. And since you will receive a fax number for sending and receiving faxes from this Fax, you won’t have to buy any hardware. The Fax will handle everything for you.

Sending a Fax from a Wireless Printer

1. Create an account on CocoFax and unlock the 30-day free trial period for checking the features offered by the Fax. You will also have the option of selecting your fax number.

Sending a Fax from a Wireless Printer2. Gather all the documents you have to fax. In case of hard copies, you can put them in the printer’s document feeder to scan all the documents. Save the scanned copies on your computer or smartphone. If you have a document’s soft copies, you can skip this step.

3. On your device, open the web browser and log into your CocoFax account. On the dashboard, you will find the ‘New’ button. A popup window will appear where you can prepare a new fax.

CocoFax dashboardType in the subject line and the fax number of the receiver and upload the scanned documents. Note that the subject line will appear as a note on the first page of your fax documents. You can also create a cover page for the documents.

CocoFAX new Fax4. Hit the ‘Send’ button to finish sending faxes. CocoFax will be dialing the receiver’s fax number for delivering the fax to their fax machine. Once the documents are delivered, you will receive a confirmation for the same. In case the fax machine is busy or off, the transmission will be unsuccessful.

Receiving a Fax

Receiving fax online is easier than sending. All the faxes will be sent to your CocoFax account’s inbox. Make sure that you use the same ID that is registered for the Fax for sending and receiving faxes.

Remember that you have to scan the document’s hard copies with your printer as you can send soft copies via fax. With the help of the CocoFax dashboard, you will be able to send a fax from my printer.

Final Thought

CocoFax has made the process of wireless faxing easy and secure. You don’t need a multipurpose printer or a phone line for sending a fax. All you have to do is create an account, and you will get access to the dashboard along with a free fax number.

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