Is Database Security Can Be Ensured By Cloud Computing?

Database security is a big term in the digital world. People are so much concerned about Database security. On the other hand, cloud computing is the demand of the present business world. The question is can Cloud computing ensure internet security? In the subsequent paragraph, we will learn about the question.

Cloud computing is keeping data at other stores online. It is managed by the cloud service provider. The user connects the storage through cloud OS. They pass the data with the internet browser. Sometimes cloud service provider offers special software application to synchronize data. As a result safety of data can be ensured.

There is some opportunities hunter to capture the data you send. If the packet of data is leaked, then the integrity of data will lose. Manipulation may occur at your data. Financial data is more in threads. If your competitors can retrieve

Is Every Organisation Thinking About Database Security?

Database Security can be Ensured by Cloud ComputingOn 26 April 2016, BBC reported that can we trust our cloud service providers? In that article, they showed logic. Some logic may be accepted. Some may be rejected. It depends on the cloud computing user. BBC reported that less than 10% of data is stored in cloud storage.

Other than the big cloud service providers like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, most service providers have complex service level agreements.

Your organization needs to manage hundreds of software applications. You have to play with trillion gigabytes of data. To manage them, it needs thousands of hardware devices. It also needs thousands of employees. As a result, the cost of data management will be high.

Business leaders are trying to reduce this cost. They found a new solution named cloud computing. Cloud computing provides three types of service. Software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Everything is available on the cloud. You can develop and software by using a cloud platform. There is a scope to use the software as a service from a cloud. Or you can use the total structure on a rental basis.

Now the problem arises with data security. Is it wise to give the control power to cloud service providers? They are located in a remote place with a different server. Is the employee of the data server honest?

The main tension of cloud computing is the loss of data. Is there any audit trail to trace the movement of data? You have to know the disaster recovery plan. The other tension is fraud, phishing of the site, and ethical dilemma.

How Cloud Service Provider Keep Database Safe?

The cloud encryption algorithm is the most popular form for database security. First of all, data is converted in crypto form. The cloud service provider also provides many other tools to keep data safe.

AWS is the biggest public cloud service provider. They have more than 1 million active clients. According to Mr. Massingham of AWS, they provide 1800 plus control mechanism for database security.

What Dropbox Do?

Mark Crosbie is the international head of trust and security for Dropbox. According to him, Dropbox uses data encryption systems, which is similar to AWS. They split each data file into chunks. So if someone tries to steal the data, he will get a random block. It is called sharding.

What Rival “Box” Do?

Aaron Levie is the chief executive of cloud rival Box. He said, Instead of sending the files, Rival Box sends a link to the file. As a result, people can preview the content without really downloading the data. Therefore the software was designed to deliver a more secure process of sharing.

So Database Actually Secure on a Cloud

Nobody can answer the question accurately. It depends on the capacity of your cloud service provider. Also, it depends on your IT staff. Amichai Shulman is the chief technology officer of the cybersecurity firm Imperva. She thinks major data breaches have taken place because of an internal employee. Probably Sony to Ashley Madison, TalkTalk to Target is the best example of the last 5 years.

Therefore, there is always an inherent threat to the administrative personnel of the cloud service provider. Hence it is a matter of thought that major cloud providers give customers the option to handle their own encryption keys.

As a result, no one inside the cloud service provider could get access even if they desired. Similarly, some corporations are now implementing a “hybrid” approach – keeping their data in a private cloud. Also, other data and applications in the public cloud.

If the Cloud Ensure Database Security, then why Everyone is not Joining this Platform?

First of all, this is a Good point. Probably 10% of organizations joined the cloud platform. Because of risk factors, financial institutions are reluctant to implement cloud because there may be holes in the model. But even this reasonably thoughtful sector is slowly beginning to trust it. Now, much financial organization is thinking of using a cloud server. Consequently, this flow reduced having own data center.

Where is the Cloud Located?

The major public cloud service providers offer several data centers. Likewise, AWS covers 12 regions globally. Hence they offer storing multiple copies of customer data. So if one center is destroyed in a natural disaster, another server is still safe.

Another concern around data privacy. While in Europe following the withdrawal of the Safe Harbour data sharing agreement. In contrast, the Edward Snowden leaks. Therefore it means that providers are increasingly offering the option to host data in customers’ own regions.

Data centers can be at any location in the world. Even more, firms often want to a kept the data center closer to home. Almost this choice comes from the financial sector and healthcare service.

How to Choose a Good Cloud Service Provider?

First of all, this is a vague question. Furthermore, every demand is special. So some cloud service provider offers special service. Salesforce offers sales and customer data. Similarly, Workday for finance and human resources. Box offers file sharing storage. As a result, you can easily find out your partner.

A service level agreement is signed. People also search for reputation. Relationship and behavior are other factors. Above all, costing really matters. Finally, last but not least, you cannot compromise database security.

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