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Do You Like Google Duo? Things To Know Before Using Google Duo

Google Duo is one of the simple and easy to go video calling app for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a very fast and simple video calling experience focusing on 1-to-1 video calling or person to person video chat.

Apparently, it seems that Google has brought another video calling app for giving a tough competition of Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. But actually it’s not, rather the unique features with which the Duo comes, make it stand out from the other video calling apps in the market.

Here I will be focusing on, which features might make you love Google Duo? How to install it on Mobile and laptop, and how to disable Knock Knock feature, if you don’t like it.

How to Install Google Duo on Android, iOS

As I have said earlier, Google Duo is available for both in iOS’s app store and Android’s google play store.

Step-1: So, first of all, you need to open the app store from the home screen on your iPhone or open the play store from the app drawer on your android phone.

Step-2: Now search the app store or play store for “Google Duo.” You will be finding this app on the top of your search.

Step-3: Now it’s time to install, but before installing, you must double check that the developer is “Google.” Hit the install, It will instantly install the app onto your system, as it’s a free app, the payment system will not bother you.

Step-4: When the installation finished, you will find the Duo app icon on your app drawer or home screen. Open the app, and you will be prompted for various permission. Here you need to accept some important permission, such as access to the contacts to see who you can call, use the cameras and microphone for making video calls. This permission is liable for using this app altogether.

Step-5: Now only one step is left to use this app fully. And it’s no other except registering with your phone number. Normally Gmail account is a must if you want to use any Google products. But here is the exception that you can use google duo without Gmail.

The phone number is enough for using it, and thus Google makes it really easy to use. After the permission process, you need to provide the mobile number which will be used to send an SMS verification for using Duo on the mobile. After inserting the verification code, it’s done and ready for use.

How to Install Google Duo on a PC or Laptop

Now you might be wondering, how is it possible to install google duo on a laptop or Windows PC, while it only supports Android and iOS officially? Many users do not have the latest Android phone, Google duo supports on Android 4.4+, or apple’s phone, and spend most of the time of laptop or pcs. For all those people, I will show how to install Google Duo on Windows PC or laptop.

“it enables us just to make sure that we were doing a great, wonderful job on that case. … For us, we thought ‘amazing on mobile, nothing on the desktop’ was the better approach.” – Nick Fox, Vice president of Google’s communications division.

To install Google Duo on a PC, you have to install an android emulator called “Nox App Player” and the apk file of Google Duo.

Step-1: First, you download and install Nox App Player from the official site on your windows or Mac PC

Step-2: Open the emulator and go for settings toolbar. Here you need to enable the root access and restart the App Player

Step-3: After the Nox app player restart, you need to add google account credentials.

Step-4: Now you need to drag and drop the Google Duo apk file onto Nox App Player window. At this moment, a window will pop up, where you need to select the apk file in the file manager on the emulator. Now you can install the apk file from the file manager on the Nox app player

Step-5: Open the Google Duo app on the emulator when I finished the installation. To set up the google duo on the PC to work, you need to verify with a mobile number. Insert the mobile number while prompted during configuration, and keep the mobile beside you for getting the SMS verification code. At this stage, if you don’t get the verification SMS then click the “Call Me” button.

Remember you can’t use the Google Duo on the PC without the Mobile Verification. Here it’s noted that you must not use the same number, if you use google duo on mobile, on the PC rather use a different one. If you use the same number for both PC and mobile, then google duo will be unregistered on the mobile phone.

Step-6: Here one question may come into your mind that how will it possible to make a call with the contacts? Initially, I told you to add your google account. Can you remember it? Yes, that was for the contacts synchronization for the PC. After adding the google account, all your contacts will be synched in the PC, and you will be able to call your desired person via Google Duo.

Super Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Google Duo provides a simple and user-friendly interface which makes it a unique one. Because in the market there are lots of video calling apps, but all of them are not straightforward to make a simple video call. Rather all of those are heavily bloated with stickers, groups and so on.

“We’re focused on building great apps that people love and distribution will follow that.” Nick Fox said.

Google Dou only focuses on video calling. If you want to make a video call, just do it without going into any complexity. The options are very limited but obvious one. You can find a video call button to choose the contact or previously used contact to make a direct call. During a video call, you will get only three options such as hang up the call button, mute audio, and switch cameras.

End-To-End Encryption

Like many other “video calling apps”, Google Duo also comes with an end to end encryption which ensures the user’s privacy. No third party or any organization will have any control over the conversions between the users.

Get The Calls from Whom you are supposed To

Are unknown people annoying you by making a video call? If yes then google duo will take your mind into peace. No unknown users can make a call to you. Only the users, who are in your contact list can make a video call.

Moreover, you can also see the video preview of the caller before accepting the call, and if you don’t like the caller, you can blacklist the contact. The users will not be able to see or know that you have blacklisted them. So be happy and say No To Spam Calls.

Your Call Switches Between WiFi and Data

You will be happy to know that your call will not be ending if the data connection gets shifted from WiFi to Mobile or vise verse. Whenever the network switches, the running video call gets adjusted immediately as per data quality.

Do I Need Strong WiFi or Data Connection?

Though Google says that its Google Duo app can make a quality video call on an even slow network, but it seems that it’s opposite. Google Duo makes all the videos in HD quality. So it will give the best experience on good network strength. And it will show bad quality video on slow net connection, or sometimes video may get interrupted except audio call on a week data connection.

See what the caller is up to, with Knock Knock Feature

Google Duo comes with a unique and impressive tool which is “Knock Knock.” This tool helps you to get a video preview of the caller before starting the video chat. This how the user will be able to know who and in which situation a caller calls him or her. This tool is convenient and new, which helps this app to stand out from the other apps of the same category.

“Every phone call starts with a smile,” said Nick Fox, vice president of communications products at Google.

Disable Knock Knock Feature on Google Duo

Though Knock Knock is a very handy and unique tool but many users may not like it. So for them, I am going to show you how to disable the Knock Knock feature.

Step-1: Open the Google Duo from the home screen or app drawer

Step-2: Tap at the top right corner where the three dot is. It will show you a small menu. Within this menu, select the setting

Step-3: Now you will find the knock knock setting. This will help you to enable or disable this feature.

Now you will not get any preview video of the caller, or any users will not get the same preview video of you while calling to them.

Difference between Google Duo and Hangout

It makes some confusion while google brought google duo instead of developing hangout. Do you think that google duo is the competitor of its own messaging apps, hangout? As per the official announcement from the Google staff, it’s not a competitor of any apps, rather just a simple video chatting app. On the other hand, Google will continue developing handout, but it will be focused on business purpose only.

“Hangouts Will Continue, But With An Enterprise Focus,” Nick Fox said.

Google Duo offers person to person or 1-to-1 video calling, and hangout offers a video calling of a maximum of 10 persons at a go. Even the google duo will not come as pre-bundled with the google apps suits. Rather it will continue to fight with other messaging apps to establish its credibility and followers.

Google Duo, What’s lag behind

Google Duo comes with a very simple interface and minimum features. So Google Duo is not suitable for them, who like to have group chat or stickers or any sort of customization inside the video chat.

At this moment google duo only offers person to person calling, so it’s lag behind in case of group video calling like Skype, FaceTime and so on.

Google duo does not offer any option to decline a call with a short message for those who can not receive a video call immediately. This might be an obvious feature to include. We can only hope that Google will include it in the subsequent update.

This is a very early stage, whether google duo will be a big hit or not, or will be able to compete with other apps in the market. Thought now google duo offers very limited options but still, time and possibility are there to improve and provide more features in the coming days.

Did you already use Google Duo? Do you like its simplicity and easy to use? Do you like Knock Knock feature? Let’s share your suggestions and experiences about Google Duo with us in the comment section. If you like this tutorial, feel free to share with your friends and family on social media. It will encourage me to write more quality content and help the site grow.



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