eSIM Vs SIM: What are the Advantage of eSim for iPhone Users?

The shape of the sim is changing with time. The present era is the age of technology. And so eSim is being built in accordance with technology. E-SIM is an electronic-subscriber identity module. E-SIM is ten times smaller than any normal SIM card.

The e-SIM is not filled with the same phone like any other SIM but is also made when the phone is made. It is found in the phone’s hardware and cannot be taken out of the phone.
E-SIM is a part of the phone hardware and will not be activated until the operator profile is downloaded.

Until now, Bluetooth was used to connect to Apple smartwatches on iPhone, but now with e-sim support, smartwatches, fitness bands or any wireless device can be connected directly to the phone using mobile networks.

You can get a variety of benefits using e-sim. A total of 14 networks worldwide support e-sim features. You don’t have to buy any tourist SIM cards when you travel to a country. This e-sim card can be used anywhere in the world.

If you use the latest iPhone or pixel division, the phone has an option that you may not know much about e-SIM. e-SIM is a smart version of a traditional SIM card that is already attached to the motherboard of the division, such as in your phone. Soon the popularity of this type of technology will increase further and mid-range phones may also see e-sim support. Now we will know, how does eSim work? How good is that? What are the problems and disadvantages?

What is eSim

eSIM is called the Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. E-SIM technology works through software. This technology was used only on smartwatches before. But this technology has been introduced with new models of iPhone. Users can easily access one operator to another.

The evaluation of eSimThe technical full form of e-SIM is embedded SIM – the way the traditional SIM card on your phone works and the technology that connects the phone to the cell network, e-SIM and the same style. The e-sim size is much smaller than the traditional SIM card and fits inside the phone. That means you don’t have to open e-sim, don’t have to install, it’s already fit in the phone!

Now the SIM is not required to be opened or installed, which means you can’t change the number or move to a different operator? no, you can re-write it virtually and can install/uninstall as per your wish. This means that it’s easier to install new SIMs on e-sim, you don’t have to go to the operator’s customer care, you don’t have to buy any new physical SIM cards. You can just call or download an operator’s app to register a new SIM and set it up with the phone!

E-SIM is used specifically to turn on dual SIM features on the phone, meaning it is not used as a replacement for the traditional SIM. Many premium phones, including iPhones, Pixel Devices, Samsung’s Flagship phones, have only one physical SIM support. Dual SIM can be availed using eSim on these phones. And the dual SIM doesn’t have to be a good idea!

Both your smartphone and your mobile operator will have to support it if you want to use e-Sim. Mobile carriers in many countries around the world now support e-sim, and many carriers support E-Sim in the world. If you have iPhone 11, Pixel 3/4 — these devices and if your mobile operator supports you can use the e-SIM card.

e-Sim Benefits

eSim BenifitsIt can be easily arranged. That means that separate connectors do not require separate SIM cards. Networks of different companies can be used as needed. You can also avoid using it easily. The phone’s design can also be changed for e-sim. The extra space required for the SIM card can now be used in other areas. Those who travel regularly do not have to worry about the SIM card.

Small Size

sim sizeThe biggest advantage of e-sim is that it’s very small in size, yes, nano-sim and size is smaller, but the eSim size is smaller than nano SIM! Nano SIM is actually three times the size of the e-sim, so consider how small it is? Since the e-sim is on the motherboard and its size is very small, it can save a lot of space, which can make the battery even larger and fit the different equipment.

No Separate Sim Requires

E-SIM doesn’t require a separate SIM tray, which means the phone can be made a more solid-state. Better waterproof facilities can be provided if there is no SIM tray. This provides the best possible facilities for users. You don’t have to take a paper clip to open the SIM. And there’s no sim-tray, so where’s the problem? E-SIM cards can easily be available for dual SIM on single SIM phones. That means you’ll easily have to separate the work and personal number on the flagship phone. You can easily take the local SIM through e-sim when you travel abroad.

e-Sim is Secured

Embedded on eSIM smartphone. That means it cannot be separated from the phone. This means that your SIM card will never be lost. We also know that each mobile has a different size sim slot but if there is eSIM, we don’t need to worry about it.

Travelers’ Benefits

E-Sim will benefit most travelers. Standard SIM cards do not allow your number to be used for travel to another country. But you can embed roaming e-sim on your phone. You don’t have to pay any roaming charges for this. Most importantly, e-sim will allow you to use it while traveling to another country.

Space Management

A smartphone company is smaller in size to make space inside the phone. If the SIM card slot is removed from the phone, companies will be able to use this space for other essential components. If the SIM card slot is not on the phone, the phone will be able to use new technology.

The eSim has many other benefits which is shown as points form:

eSim Diagram

  • First, using e-Sim does not require separate space for SIM card slots on phones, tabs, or smartwatches. As a result, phone companies can use that space to improve phone specifications, and also make phone gate-ups slimmer.
  • Second, internet usage is increasing in our daily lives. So the next day, everything from dot pens, sunglasses to thermometers, rings – everything will be connected to the Internet. That means the use of IoT (Internet of Things) will increase in our lives. Since IoT size is such that it is not possible to use a normal SIM card, e-sim will play a significant role.
  • Third, e-sim is re-reliable. So using this SIM will benefit customers to get MNP (Mobile Number Portability) service. For example, you are a customer of A Company, but you want to subscribe to MNP and B Company. You now have to drop the A company’s SIM and take the B company’s SIM. But if i-Sim is there, that’s not the problem. By deleting all data from e-sim to A company by sending special code via SMS to your phone, B company will write down their data and activate the SIM.
  • Fourth, there will be no need to worry about which phone will support micro-SIM, which phone nano SIM support, or whether it will be difficult to buy sim adapters or go to the store.
  • Fifth, Another important issue is environmental pollution. Sim cards are made with plastic. Millions of SIM cards are discarded every year because of outdated or unused. Since the cards are made of plastic, they are not rotting, they are in the environment and cause pollution. The pollution of sim cards is a big problem now, like plastic car bags. The e-sim will also solve the problem.

E-Sim Supported Phones

E-Sim Supported PhonesiPhone XS, XS Max, XR, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max and Google’s Pixel2, 3, 3A and 4 support e-Sim along with the usual plastic SIM cards. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone has the advantage of e-sim. The Surprise is going to be The Motorolla Razor. That will be completely e-sim-dependent.

How to Use e-Sim

E-Sim is still in the initial stages. However, it will increase its use day by day, as e-sim support in the city will increase. Each company follows each rule to use the facility. In some companies, direct attendance is to be launched, such as AT&T. Some companies also provide services through apps, such as Verizon Wireless.

e-Sim’s Difficulty

The big problem with e-sim is that you can’t change the SIM from one phone to another just like the physical SIM if you change the phone. Or, to check if there was a problem with your division, you opened the SIM from one division to another to test it, but you can’t do it in the case of e-sim!

In the case of physical SIM, just open the sim from the phone and use the internet comfortably by using the modem, but that won’t happen. Now if e-sim becomes universal in the future, new technology can come and e-Sim can be transferred from one phone to another. Maybe just scanning the QR code will cross the SIM on another phone, but there may be another security problem!

Final Words

Since the world is changing therefore the mode of communication device is changing. Not, this is the time for waiting to see the best. We all know the Internet of Things is changing the lifestyle. So, one day it may happen each device has built-in eSim.

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