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Fascinating 20 Industrial Photography Tips You Can Try Very Easily

Have you ever tried industrial photography? If not then you must try this right now. The industry is a great place for photography. There are numerous types of industries around us. If you just go inside an industry then surely you will be amazed by seeing numerous possibilities of photography. Industrial photography will open a new arena in front of you, and you will also be able to surprise people around you by showing your fascinating photography. 

Industry, A Treasure Box of Photography

In this article, I will give you some tips on industrial photography where you will find exceptional ideas for industrial photography if you are new in this area. Before I start, I must mention the critical thing about industrial photography.

Whenever you are planning to capture anything inside an industry you need to take permission before your photo session. If you even get the easy pass inside, you should not start capturing their photographs without informing to the proper authority.

1. Molten Steel

If you get the chance to visit the steel industry then you must not miss capturing the melting process of it. Molten steel looks like liquid fire, so while the liquid is being poured from the blast furnace, you should capture that. You may try a slower shutter speed so that you can get small trails of those fires.

Safety is a prime concern for this photography. You must take all the safety precautions according to the rules of the industry. A zoom lens is always recommended so that you can capture industrial photography from a safer distance.

molten steel: industrial photography

2. Welding Sparks

Welding sparks are great for industrial photography. This can be taken with long exposure as well. Using a tripod just fix your camera and then set your camera for taking long exposure or with slower shutter speed. These sparks are not that harmful, but that does not mean that you have to go very close to that.

Always maintain a safe distance from that and get closer with a zoom lens. Don’t forget to keep the person doing the welding in your frame. Otherwise, your photo will be a dead one.

welding: industrial photography

3. Photo of Gears

In most of the industries, you will get different types of gears. And if there are gears, then there will be a combination of different types of gears for sure. Observe those and find a good angle for capturing them. Go close to them. If the gears are small in size, then take close up photography of them.

Gears: Industrial photography

If those are of mentionable bigger, then keep a man or anything which can show the comparison of that gear. Remember, if there is something big than the usual one or smaller in size than the usual one then keep something around it so that the real size is understood. This will also give your photo life.

4. Nuclear Power Plant

The nuclear power plant is a very vast place for photography. It is both beautiful from the outside and inside. Take a wide lens and get inside the cooling tower of the nuclear power plant. Place your camera in different places and keep on shooting till you get tired. It will be better if you can afford a drone for this purpose. You can capture the entire plant in your frame, or you can capture photos inside the cooling tower.

nuclear plant: industrial photography
From the Outside

cooling tower: industrial photography
Inside the Cooling Tower

5. Gigantic Machine

Almost all the industries have some very gigantic machines. Their parts are also gigantic in shape. Capturing a huge machine may not become meaningful always, but you may capture their parts. There will be many gears, hands, screws, etc. of the machine which will also be very big in nature.

You have to capture in such a way so that the photo itself speaks about its size. You have to keep something besides the photo so that it becomes a comparison for the subject.

big machine: industrial photography

6. Industry and Tolls

While walking in an industry, you will notice many workers working in different places using different tools. If those tools are of very small size, then take a closeup photo of those. You may use a prime lens to capture only those tools.

If you have the chance to bring those outside or in a place from where the whole industry or an important portion of the industry is seen then you can capture them keeping the industry as background. While capturing industrial photography, you must not miss out on this point of capturing tools.

tools: industrial photography

7. Garments Industry

The garments industry is a big treasure for industrial photography where you will get colors with the machine. Colors of threads, different machines, needles, clothes, etc. will be your subject of industrial photography. Garments workers pass a very busy time.

If you choose Indian subcontinent, then you will see a different look of the garments workers. Their way of coming to the workplace and leaving out from the place is also a great subject for photography.

garments industrial photography

8. Products of the Industry

The industry is a place where products are made in big numbers. Usually, you will find that the final products are kept in an organized fashion. If it is a pipe industry, then you will find all the pipes are kept together in one place.

If you look at the pipes longitudinally then, there will be many circles. Make a good frame and capture that. This is just an example of one industry. I am sure that you will find the same time of fascinating frames in other industries.    

industrial photography: products

9. Opening and Light

All the industries have large air exhaustion system. Industries like steel and similar are usually darker from the inside. If there is a large or small opening, then lights will come through that opening making a linear shape. Again, the shadow will form the shape of the fan on the place where it falls.

Both of them are subjects for an industrial photograph. If you are fortunate enough to find someone working in that opening, then you should not think twice to capture that.      

industrial photography: light opening

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10. Gigantic Vehicles

Large industries have large equipment. For better transport and making works easier, they use very large vehicles than the usual vehicles which we see. You don’t need to think of capturing the whole vehicle. Even the wheel of a gigantic vehicle is a good subject for better industrial photography.

If you find some digger or bulldozer, then you can make a different idea. It’s something like a comparison photograph. There will be many similar type of replica vehicles of small size. Keep that vehicle with the actual one and capture that. 

industrial photography: giant vehicle

11. Industrial LIghting

Whatever is the type of industry; there will be lighting always. Usually, lightings are done for security. But many industrialists also uses lights for beautification. If you can use a drone, then capture the bird’s eye view. If there is any big water source around the industry, then you can take the reflection as well.

lighting: industrial photography

If there is a movement of a vehicle inside the industry, then you may take long exposure for taking light trails. Never miss taking night industrial photography for any industry. But remember, you have to use your judgment whether taking night photography of industrial lights will be fruitful for that particular industry or not.

12. Abandoned Parts

Nothing is permanent, the parts of different machines of the industry are also not out of this rule. If you roam around a big industry, then you will get many abandoned big or parts. These are very good staffs for industrial photography.

You may plan to take star trail or long exposure of night sky if you get the view in your frame along with those parts. In this case, you have to use a wide lens. Follow all the rules of night sky photography and light trail photograph.       

abandoned parts: industrial photography

13. Long Tunnel

In many big industries, there are long tunnels. Those are used for communication or an easy supply of goods. Whatever it is, there will be many important things to capture for industrial photography. Usually, you will find electrical lines, pipes, etc. there. If it is a long tunnel, then capture a photo when a worker is walking.

long tunnels: industrial photography

If there are curves, then capture the curve. Sometimes you will get some tunnels where most of the portions will remain dark. There will be a few lights which will illuminate the place somehow. If there are ways like this, then capture the photo in such a way so that it seems that light is coming from a place. Never overlook the light source for industrial photography.

14. Safety Sign

There is no industry where they don’t maintain any safety measures. Obviously, you will find many safety instructions in all the industries. These are very important subjects of industrial photography. In some industry, you will find that these are done with strange symbols which are only applicable to that individual industry.

But, never capture any photo if you see any violation of that instructions just beside that. Remember that you are not a journalist, if you do not like anything, then you may politely inform it to the authority. But do not capture anything which may annoy them.

industrial photography: safety

15. Machine Parade

Machines run by synchronizing with all the parts. The workers of the industry also do the same thing. We all know that. In some cases, this synchronization is noticeable. Some of them are placed in some way which gives a look that they are on a parade show.

In this case, look for a better angle from where you can make it such so that all the parts are seen in a very good fashion. You may also capture if you find any synchronized work of the workers which are noticeable and their photo can make meaning.

industrial photography: machine

16. Time Lapse

Imagine you are in an airplane industry. The whole structure is being made step by step. It will start with a very small material and gradually become a huge body. If you can manage permission, then you must not miss taking a time lapse of the whole process. You may think that it is not possible.

But it is possible. You have to keep your camera fixed throughout. Every day you may take two or three photos. Though this idea is too ambitious in nature. If you have that enthusiasm them, you may try. This is just an example.

There are many small things which may take 2-4 hours to be completed. So, take a time lapse of those. This will be a great part of industrial photography. You may also take the time lapse of the whole industrial area showing the daily activities of a particular industry. I think it is tough, but not too much tough.

17. Industrial Macro

The word industry usually gives an idea of very big things. Same does industrial photography mean. But there are many industries where many small things are prepared. Like a handmade watch industry. These are very complex but fascinating work. I must say that this is a great subject for industrial photography.

There are some other industries where very small things are placed with the help of a robot. You can have close-ups of those, or you can take macro photography.

industrial photography: macro

18. Environment and Industry

Environment and industry are two words which are related to or opposite to each other. You can make many industrial photographies where you can show the relationship between the industry and the environment. For this photo, you don’t need to go inside the industry always.

For example, you can capture the smokes exhausted from the industry which are getting mixed to the atmosphere. Again you can capture the wastage of the industry which is going to the water bodies. Use your judgment here to make the photo a beautiful one.

environment and industrial photography

19. Industry Workers

Workers are the life of the industry. Forgetting them, you must not plan for any industrial photography. There are plenty of ideas which will roam around your mind if you just start capturing the workers of the industry. Try to take photos while they are working so that it expresses meaning.

If you want to do industrial photography and really want to express that through your photos, then you must keep something in your frame which will tell that the photo is of industry. Workers can be from any place, so you have to take the photo in such a way which will say that this is an industrial worker.

industry worker industrial photography

20. Color of Products

There are many industries where you will find colorful products. It can be a paint industry, color pen industry, thread industry. This is a great place for taking colorful industrial photography. We always think of adding some color to our work. So, while working for industrial photography, we should also take some of the photographs which add some color to the frame.

industry worker industrial photography

Final Words

The industrial photography project is a very fascinating project. If you have not done this yet, then I suggest you not to think further before you start it. Industrial photography will take you to a new world of photography. You will not get any deficiency of subject for photography. Here, machines, human, dirty things, equipment, products, raw materials everything is subjects of photography.

But always remember, safety comes first. Before going to capture any photo confirm your safety measures. This includes the safety of yourself and your equipment. Safety comes before industrial photography.



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