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Food Photography: 20 Tips to Make it Look Mouth-Watering

Food is such a thing which meets with you every day multiple times. Till the end of the world, this food will be an essential item for the survival of both human and other animals. Everyday, by any means we manage food. Nowadays we are going to shop and buying foods by seeing their photos. People are ordering a menu in the restaurant by seeing a picture. Even people are ordering foods online by viewing their photo. So, food photography is the vital thing which is making a consumer to either buy or sending away him or her from the food. Today we shall discuss some food photography tips.

Food Photography Tips

In this article, I shall highlight 20 food photography tips. These tips will cover some basic points for this photography like camera lighting, composition, food item, arrangements, special tricks, etc. I believe, after reading the whole article, you will be benefitted and will be able to capture good photography. Let’s take the food into an artistic level with these tips.

1. Welcome the Natural Lights

Light is the main ingredient of photography. The light can be either natural or artificial. However, you should always appreciate the natural lights for any photography. Food Photography is no exception. Utilize the natural light available around you for taking photographs. Remember, you should not select a very intense or very dim light for this. A soft and diffused light is always preferable. The golden hour is always suggested for this.food photography tips natural lights

2. Capture, Accelerate and Diffuse the Natural Light

If you are taking the natural light, then the light will be either from one side. In many cases, the shadow created on the other side of the subject looks very odd. To get rid of this thing, you can place some whiteboards at the two sides of the subject and the other direction of the direction of light, keeping a gap fo the lens. Thereby you will be able to capture the light and then accelerate it using the reflection of the boards and finally diffuse the light as it spreads around.

food photography tips boards

3. Diffuse the Light if it is Artificial

Natural lights may not always satisfy you. You need to take the help of artificial light in that case. But, do not receive a very intense light or dim light. Like the natural light, try to arrange to diffuse the light. There are many diffusers available. You have to select the perfect one for you. Be careful about the selection of light, because the intensity of the light may either change or manipulate the color of the subject.

4. Utilize the Shadow for Food Photography

Shadow either makes an image, or it breaks the image. The light and shade sometimes make the right combination and produce a lovely photo. For las few tips I was saying to use a diffused light. Here I am telling to use a diffused shadow. By diffused shadow, I am trying to mean that you should not use a hard shadow or a very soft shadow. Use the shadow in such a way so that it does not create a pointed and sharp shape.

utilizing the shadow food photography tips

5. Know the Available Diffusers for Food Photography

Diffusers are essential for food photography as we have seen that diffusing is necessary both for enlighting or making some shadows. There are many diffusers which are available around us, and they work great. The clouds in the sky act as great diffusers during the day time. If you want to control the light, then curtains are outstanding options for diffusing the light or the shadow. You can use tissue paper in front of the flashlight, whiteboards around the subject to spread the lights.  

6. Use a Perfect Background For Food Photography

dark backgroundsSelecting a background is very important. A wrong background may spoil the photo. It is better to try the same food with different backgrounds and pick the best one. But it will be the best and time effective if you know the perfect one for your subject food item. Here are some statements which shall help you in selecting a background.

  • Natural background is always preferable.
  • Dark foods demand a dark background.
  • Light foods demand a light background.
  • Wooden boards work great as a background.
  • Usual items like a table cloth, tray, and other available cloths and items also work great.

7. Select the Shooting Angle According to Hight of Food

Some foods look better if you shoot from the top and some seem better if you shoot from the side. Now, when to select and how to select the angle? Well, the thumb rule is that, if the food is a flat one then shoot it from the side and if it is a food with height then shoot it from the top. If the food is kept in a cup or glass or any pot, then you must shoot from the altitude. Otherwise, it won’t be seen. Again, a burger is a tall food but shooting from the top may not show its real picture, in this case shooting from the side is preferable.


8. Shoot Oblique

Sometimes you will see, shooting from the top or shooting from a low level will not make a good photo. In that case, follow the usual way. That means shoot oblique angle. If you are shooting a layout of foods or dishes, then you need to show them all. Clicking from the top may not make a good composition. Oblique is a good solution for this. However, you should try from the top as well. If you find it not satisfying you then shoot oblique.

food photography tips shoot oblique

9. Make a Good Color Combination

Every food has a definite color. You can not just change the color of food for the sake of photography. You need to make a good color combination using some aids with the foods to highlight the richness and create an overall right frame. Don’t just take the food and start capturing them. At first, arrange the food the way it is served. Add something colorful to make it look better and then click it.

color combination

10. Follow the Composition Rules for Food Photography

We know there are some composition rules for photography. This photography is not exceptional. You should follow the composition rules for food photography as well. However, it is not mandatory. But before breaking any rule, you must know it. The rule of thirds is the most popular and common composition rules. Try to follow this rule to make your subject eye-catching and beautiful one.

11. Spray Oil before Food Photography

It is one of the essential food photography tips. Before capturing any photo spray some oil on the food. It will help the food to glow. The oil will make the food shiny and make the colors bright. But, you should spray the oil just before shooting. However, this does not apply to all kind of foods. Use your judgment to apply oil on the foods before doing any photography.

spray oil over foods

12. Click While Preparing And Cooking

Sometimes the preparation process of food is an excellent subject for food photography. You should not forget to take blood photography at that time. Take some shots while you are cutting the food items and you are cooking the food items. If you are even mixing some spices in the middle of the cooking, then you can have a shot of the time. You can consider this shots as Candid shots, and you know Candid shots become very beautiful while it comes into reality.

cooking food

13. Combine Foods and Flowers

The combination of fruits and flowers is a great food photography tips. You don’t have to place any flowers while cooking or before preparing the food, but you have to arrange some flowers with the food when you serve the food while selecting the flowers you should choose some flowers which is composting in color and make them and make the food highlighted.

foods and flowers

14. Arrange Foods and Fruits

The way flowers decorate things in the same way sometimes fruits decorate the food. When placing any fruit besides any food, you should keep in mind that the food should come with the main food item. You must not put any irrelevant or any fruit which may look good but does not match with the main food. While placing the fruit items, you should follow the rules of the compositions as I mentioned Alia earlier the rule of thirds is the most popular rule of composition which will make your items eye-catching.

food and fruits

15. Keep it Neat and Clean

Remember you are photographing food and the food is an item to eat. So your food should look neat and clean. Remove the unwanted items around your food. Especially while you are cooking or preparing any food, there will be a lot of things which will make the food look not clean. Neat and clean does not only mean that you have to remove dirty things, but it also means to arrange the stuff in a good way so that the foods do not look dirty. So keeping neat and clean also refers to the arrangement and arrangement relates to the composition.

neat and clean food photography tips

16. Show Before and After

There are a few foods which we have to cook. So here is the chance to take two different pictures from the same subject. No maintaining the proper angle and composition you can capture one photo before cooking the food and you can capture another photo after cooking the food. No after capturing these two different photos place these side by side. But remember you should maintain the background color lights and everything which I have already mentioned in the earlier tips.

17. Show that Someone is Preparing or Eating

Showing the preparation of food brings a good meaning to the picture. At the same time showing that someone is eating the food highlights the value and taste of the food. If you can show the expression of the eater then it will add some extra meaning to the food item. The taste of this div is you have to add a human element with the food item. While adding a human element with the food you should make that ready for good photography.human element on food

18. Shoot Macro and Close Up

Don’t forget to shoot macro and close up. Some of your food items have very small elements which are not clearly seen if you do not go very close to the item. You can capture macro or close up shots for this type of foods. If those elements are colorful then it will be a very good thing of the subject for photography. Use a good lens and camera for shooting macro. Remember, going closer allows you to discover something better.

19. Use A Tripod For Food Photography

I always suggest using a tripod for all categories of photography. In a similar way, I also recommend you to use a tripod for doing food photography. You must not compromise with the quality of a tripod. A very normal tripod will suffice for capturing this photo but it will not help you to get a very good result and to change your angle and location easily while doing the photography.

20. Search, See Examples and Go for Experiment

There are so many knowledgeable people around you who have done the food photography before you. These people have shared their views and ideas through photography. You can very easily check their ideas on the internet and apply those ideas during your photography session. If you check many examples and try to apply those you will be able to invent Mini new ideas.

Last Words

The food photography project is very important nowadays. This is sometimes easy and sometimes tough. The tips which I have given already will help you in finding good composition and technique so that you can capture some good photos. Do not always get stuck with any of the rules, rather you should try different ideas after. Using those ideas in your photography, you should compare all the photographs and select the best one maybe your ideas will be a rule Someday.


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