The Best 15 Gaming Gift Cards for Online Gaming

You can use gift cards to purchase digital content from several gaming platforms. They can now use gift cards to buy downloaded games, membership renewals, game add-ons, movies, avatar clothing, and more. The price of cheap playing cards ranges from $1 to $3. Standard casino-quality playing cards cost between $3 and $10. Premium playing cards can cost between $10 and $150 or more.

A gift card is an innovative way to give someone a gift. Gift cards are also great for birthdays, holidays, or other occasions. You could say that giving someone a chance to decide for themselves is the best gift you can give them. Since there are so many choices now, it’s not surprising that gamers have more options than ever before.

The History and Function of Gift Cards

The gift card is also known as a gift certificate in North America or a gift voucher or token in the United Kingdom. It is a prepaid stored-value money card issued by a retailer or bank. It is an alternative to cash for purchases within a specific store or related businesses. In late 1994, “Neiman Marcus” introduced the first gift card that used a payment infrastructure.

On the other hand, Blockbuster Entertainment was the first to do so on a large scale, testing them in 1995 and launching them across the country the following year. “Nabanco” created the first third-party platform for processing gift cards using existing payment infrastructure.

The “Kmart Cash” Card was the first option for cash returns when a customer didn’t have a gift receipt. As a result of these early introductions, other retailers started to adopt a gift card program to replace their gift certificate programs.

Types of Gaming Gift Cards

We found 5 types of gaming gift cards in our research. However, you may find many more. Here are some examples of those cards:

1. A platform-specific gift card

Purchasing a platform-specific gaming gift card enables your recipient to select from all the games offered for that platform. It’s best to give someone a platform-specific gift card if they already know what game they want to play, but predicting your favorite games is not always possible.

2. A game-specific gift card

Purchasing a gift card for a specific game enables your recipient to select just that. Game-specific cards are best for someone particular about what they want because they are constrained to just one title. A gift card for a specific game is an excellent option if your friend wants it.

3. Console Gaming gift card

A gaming gift card works exactly like a gift card for a specific game, except you can choose from any game on any platform. Given how expensive some console games are, giving a console game as a present is exceptionally thoughtful and advantageous for players who have everything but don’t want to stick to just one game. The official options for each console are gift cards for the Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo shop.

4. Mobile Gaming gift card

Gaming gift cards give you the same freedom of selection as gift cards for video game consoles. To give your gamer some control over the game he wants to purchase, we believe mobile gaming cards work best when combined with a game-specific or console gaming card. You can choose a Google Play gift card for Android users or an Apple iTunes gift card for those who prefer to play games on their smartphone or tablet.

Revenue Generation of Gaming Gift Cards

Game Cards Average Spent on Per Device [$] 
Google Play 46.64
Apple 45.88
Xbox 31.33
PlayStation 29.44
GameStop 20.59
Nintendo 18.87

From this chart, we can see that, In 2021–2022, the average amount spent on a gift card per device for electronics and games in the United States was the most for Google Play. In particular, US consumers bought Google Play gift cards for an average of just under 47 dollars per device. That year, people spent an average of almost 50 dollars more on Xbox gift cards than on PlayStation gift cards.

The Best 15 Gift Cards for Online Gaming

In this part of the article, we have handpicked the best 15 online gaming cards that are very popular and available nowadays.

1. PlayStation Gift Cards

PlayStation is the main competitor to Xbox or one of the main competitors. With their gift cards, the company has something similar to offer. You can get PlayStation gift cards from the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus. If you buy the Plus, you will sign up for a monthly subscription to let you play online with your friends. PlayStation is the main competitor to Xbox or one of the main competitors.

PlayStation also sweetens the deal by giving PlayStation Plus subscribers many free games and special discounts. The price of the PlayStation cards starts from as little as $20, and the prices go up. To redeem, the person must have their own PlayStation Network account, which most PlayStation owners already have. There are both digital and cash cards.

Important Information

  • With a PlayStation Gift Card, you can use your PlayStation console to buy any game from the PlayStation Store.
  • If you buy a PlayStation Store gift card from an online store, they will email you a code that you can use in our digital store on your PlayStation console or any web browser. 
  • There is no expiration date on the card.

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2. Xbox Gift Cards

Xbox is considered one of the best game consoles in the world, and if you know someone who has one, it’s not a bad idea to give them an Xbox gift card. Don’t forget that you can get Xbox Live and Xbox gift cards. The online subscription lets people play games online and is paid with Live gift cards. Xbox is considered one of the best game consoles in the world, and if you know someone who has one, it's not a bad idea to give them an Xbox gift card.

Many people choose Live and other services like it because you can buy someone a year of subscription time for a low price. This card could be the most helpful gaming gift card because you can use it for any Xbox game and other great content. Don’t forget that these cards don’t work at any physical Microsoft stores, not that there are that many. 

Important Information

  • Xbox gift cards are easy to redeem, and you can do it quickly and easily on the Microsoft website.
  • Microsoft says these gift cards are local currency, meaning you can only use them in the country where you bought them.
  • The Xbox Live card lets you play online with a live subscription, and the Xbox gift card lets you buy games and game-related items. 
  • There are no extra fees and no dates when the card will expire.

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3. GameStop Gift Cards

A GameStop Gift Card is considered one of the best gift cards for gamers in 2022. GameStop Gift Cards aren’t like other gaming cards, which is one of the specials. Imagine a store that sold everything related to gaming, like your favorite gaming accessories and game consoles from your favorite game brands. That’s what GameStop is: a safe place for gamers. GameStop gift cards are excellent for gamers because they can choose from many games. GameStop Gift Cards

Important Information

  • You can buy things with gift cards, online gift certificates, and edge cards with stored value at GameStop stores. 
  • You can buy real gift cards on and in US GameStop stores. 
  • If you order a physical gift card from, it will arrive by First Class US Mail in one to two weeks. 
  • GameStop only lets you use two gift cards on online orders.
  • Both plastic gift cards and eGift cards don’t have an expiration date.

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4. Nintendo Gift Cards

One of the best gift cards for gamers in 2022 is a Nintendo Gift Card, which you also can redeem. You can use these gift cards at or in the Nintendo eShop. After you use the Nintendo Gift Card, you can use the money left on it to buy digital content like TV shows, movies, and games you can download. Nintendo Gift Cards

Once you purchase digital content, it will start downloading to your Nintendo account or a device linked to your Nintendo account. But you can use online Nintendo Gift Cards and Nintendo eShop gift cards to buy content with your Nintendo account. All content bought with Nintendo gift cards redeemed online or through the eShop shall be downloaded to your Nintendo account or a device linked to your Nintendo account. If you like to play games on the Nintendo eShop, the Nintendo eShop Gift Card is perfect.

Important Information

  • Nintendo Gift Cards are simple; you can put them on your Nintendo eShop account in a few seconds.
  • Nintendo ensures you’ll always have enough money to buy new games and apps.
  • It’s made to let you buy things from the Nintendo eShop without a credit card.
  • The balance on the card has no expiry, and there are no fees associated with it.

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5. Steam Gift Cards

Steam is where gamers go first. Steam is the market leader When PC players want to buy games. Gift cards are available on Steam for PC, MAC, and SteamOS. You can get fun, hardware, or software with these cards. You can send a gaming gift card to someone as a physical or digital card.

Moreover, this card lets you choose the best way to send the card. You can also send gifts to your Steam friends right to their wallets so you can help them buy more games. Getting your money back is easy, and there are no limits, except in Asia. Some cards might not work outside of Asia if they were bought there in the first place. Most people will never have to worry about restrictions on where they live.

Steam is an excellent choice for anyone who likes to play PC games and wants to choose from a wide range of games. There are forums, reviews, and other ways for players to stay in touch with their friends while they play. Some platforms have big sales, blockbusters, and indie games you can buy, download, and play. 

Important Information

  • Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes work the same way as gift certificates, and it is also used to buy games, software, and anything else you can buy on Steam.
  • It can do many different things, is easy to use, and every severe PC gamer already has an account.
  • You can redeem your Steam Gift Cards on the storefront, and once after saving, these funds will later be transferred into your Steam Wallet account.
  • Physical Steam cards generally come in $20, $30, $50, and $100. The amounts on a digital card are $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.

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6. Google Play Gift Card

A Google Play gift card will best serve the person who doesn’t have an iPhone but an Android. If you didn’t already know, Google owns the Play Store, which has a lot of great games and apps for mobile devices that you can buy.

Google sometimes gives bonuses; right now, if you buy things inside the game, you can get a $75 bonus. Of course, you can use the Google Play card to buy a wide range of other digital goods, such as Apps, Games, Books, and Shows that air on TV, Gaming Magazines, and Music. You can also buy Google Play Music with the card, which gives you access to millions of free songs every month. 

More Information

  • You can buy these gift cards in stores or on the Internet. You might also be able to find deals on these cards online.
  • Adding a gift card to your Google account is quick and easy; it only takes a few seconds.
  • You can only use gift cards in the country where they were bought. 
  • You can now use email to send Google Play Credit as a gift. 
  • Here are some stores where you might find a physical gift card: Walmart. Walgreens. CVS Drug Store.

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7. Itunes Gift Card

Apple iTunes isn’t just about music; the gift card is also used to buy music. When you accept iTunes gift cards, you give the person who receives them access to many entertainment options. When people choose this card, they will have choices: movies, Apple TVPlus, Apple NewsPlus, Apple Books, and Apple Arcade. Itunes Gift Card

Most people who play this game are also interested in the Apple Arcade because it lets you play all the mobile games made for iOS. But you can use the card to buy regular apps and things you can buy inside of apps.

Apple users will love how flexible this card is, and you or the person you’re giving it to will have a lot of great options for how to use it. If someone likes to play games and is always on their phone, an iTunes gift card is the best gift they could get.

Important Information

  • If someone has a favorite iPhone game and wants to make an in-app purchase to get better at it, they can do this with an iTunes gift card.
  • Gift cards for iTunes are now called Apple Gift Cards.
  • Gift cards for the App Store, iTunes, and Apple Music don’t expire.
  • You can send a gift card immediately to anyone with an email address.

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8. Razer Gold Gift Cards

Razer Gold Gift Card is a gaming card that PC gamers and those who play games online love and can get. This gift card is almost the same as a Steam gift card, and you can use it to buy any game or software sold on Razer. This gift card is great for a gamer who plays a lot because they can use it with credit. Because of this, they don’t have to buy gift cards from other game stores. Razer Gold Gift Card is a gaming card that PC gamers and those who play games online love and can get.

Gift cards for Razer games are always available, ranging in price from $10 to $1000. Razer Gold Gift Cards are some of the world’s most popular gift cards for gaming right now.

Important Information

  • Razer Gold is a digital wallet made by Razer that lets you buy games and entertainment apps.
  • When you use Razer Gold, you get Razer Silver points that you can use to buy Razer hardware, games, gift cards, and more.
  • Walmart sells Razer Gold Gift Cards physically.
  • 50 razer gold is equivalent to $12 now.

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9. Roblox Gift Cards

Another gift card that is highly prized by online PC gamers is the Roblox gift card. On the online gaming platform Roblox, users can interact with one another and play games created by other users. Roblox is one of the best gift card gaming platforms because it offers more than 40 million games for users. Another gift card that is highly prized by online PC gamers is the Roblox gift card.

Roblox gift cards enable users to buy games, virtual goods, and other game-related items. However, you can always exchange or sell your Roblox Gift cards online.

More Information

  • On September 26, 2010, the first Roblox Gift Cards were made available.
  • The Roblox gift cards are essentially prepaid codes used on the Roblox online gaming site.
  • The gift card’s total amount of the Roblox credit is added to the user’s account when redeemed.
  • You can get 2000 Roblox for $25.

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10. Blizzard Gift Card

Blizzard is an excellent company. Many people go to Blizzard because they make World of Warcraft, but they also own a lot of other games. World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone are the best games made by this company. When the gift card is added to an account, players can use the money to buy things in the game. You’ll find that these gift cards aren’t available in all countries, so you’ll need to ensure they’re available in the one you want.

Important Information

  • The gift card is easy to redeem, and players can use this card to buy anything in the game, including games, loot boxes, card packs, and services.
  • If you know someone who plays games made by Blizzard or Activision, they might enjoy getting one of these gift cards.
  • You should get a Blizzard card if you like to play World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops, or other Blizzard games.
  • A Steam card is an excellent gift for a PC gamer who primarily plays Blizzard games.

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11. oBucks Card

The Openbucks card is one of the payment solutions offered by Paysafe Group. It allows gamers to pay for skins and other items on more than 2,000 different gaming platforms. As you know, the expiration date is not printed on this card.

Important Information

  • Its online cash solution guarantees merchants won’t get any chargebacks, and customers won’t have to pay fees.
  • This card makes it a safe, easy, and secure alternative to pay at checkout.
  • You can Visit an online store that accepts Openbucks and choose “Openbucks” as your payment method at checkout.

12. A Multi-Game Card

The Multi Game Card is a little different, and it’s the best way to buy digital content, virtual goods, and online games without cash. When you use the Multi Game Card, you choose to buy from some partners through MGC. Some of the best companies in the gaming world have teamed up with the company so that it can accept their cards. This gift card works for Twitch, Nexon, Autowar, Snail Games, Cabal, Terra, and hundreds of other places & that have not been listed in this article. You will quickly learn about MGC’s payment method on their website. A Multi-Game Card

Important Information

  • Some of the best companies have collapsed with this company.
  • If the person wants to use the Multi-Game Card in every game, it might not be as helpful as other cards.
  • You can get Multi-Game Cards at GameStop and Amazon.

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13. A Minecraft Gift Card

In an online world where blocks are everywhere, you might think it would be hard to find a fun way to buy Minecraft gift cards. You’d be wrong. Many great gift card options include physical Minecraft and digital gift cards that work on any device. One of these fantastic gifts would be great for any gamer. A Minecraft Gift Card

Important Information

  • You can use your Mojang account to download Minecraft with the Minecraft Gift Card.
  • You can use it to buy the full Minecraft PC game.
  • The account needs to be bought only once for this to work.
  • You can buy Minecraft for other people as a gift.

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14. Fortnite Gift Card

The multiplayer first-person shooter game Fortnite from Epic Games might not be as popular as Overwatch, but it has a loyal fan base. Give a Fortnite fan an Epic Games gift card if you want a gift. It comes with a $15 bonus. The multiplayer first-person shooter game Fortnite from Epic Games might not be as popular as Overwatch, but it has a loyal fan base.

Players can use this bonus to buy character skins and other in-game items or more V-Bucks. They can also use this money to purchase cosmetic items from their account inventory.

Important Information

  • VBucks is an in-game currency used to buy things only in Fortnite Battle.
  • You can buy Gift cards for V-Bucks in Fortnite at stores like Amazon, Epic Games, GameStop, Xbox Store, Store for PlayStation, BestBuy, and Target.
  • $10 is equivalent to 1000 V-bucks.

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15. A League of Legends gift card

League of Legends is among those games that evolve and surprise its players even after its release. LoL has just released a new version of their game that includes one of the most requested features, a brand new game map. New characters, environments, and so much more are on their way to League of Legends, making League of Legends gift cards an excellent present for any player.

Important Information

  • Riot Games sells gift cards for the PC in four different amounts: $10, $25, $50, and $100.
  • You can find physical gift cards at almost all the big stores, like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Electronics Boutique, Couche-Tard, and many more.
  • The League of Legends gift card will never go out of date.
  • $25 is equivalent to 3500 riot points.

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Why are gift cards beneficial?

One of the main reasons why people like to buy gift cards is that they are easy to use. Since you know which store or game a person likes, you can get them a gift card. This way, you can make the gift fit their tastes. Some places will give you a value if you buy a gift card with a certain amount of money. Some stores will offer a discount of 5% to 20% if you buy a gift card online.

Before you purchase anything, check if any deals are going on. Gift cards save you money and time because they are so easy to use. If you have a gift card, you don’t have to spend hours going from store to store looking for the perfect item or deal. You must decide how much you want to put on a gift card and which one to get for a loved one. Gift cards are also great because they are simple to buy. Most gift cards are now available online, but you can also go to a nearby store and ask for a gift card if you don’t want to.

How to Buy Gift Cards

  • When you buy something, make sure to keep the receipt. Keep the gift card receipt just in case of any problems with the card.
  • Buy gift cards from stores you know you can trust. Don’t buy gift cards from online auction sites to avoid getting fake or stolen ones.
  • Read what the gift card says about its rules. You should know what you’re getting when you buy a gift card. 
  • You can buy things digitally instead of in person. Most players would instead buy codes online, collect stickers, or trade coins with their friends in shops. 
  • If you want to give a heavy gamer a gift, it’s essential to choose a gift card that is still valid. You can quickly find the cards online for all the available gift cards.

Final Thought

If you give someone a PC gaming gift card, ensure you know their favorite games. This card will make it simpler to get them a gift card. Some popular game-specific gift cards include those for Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. However, you can give PC gaming gift cards, and they can use this to buy both games and accessories if you don’t know what games they enjoy playing. These include, among others, gift cards for Xbox Game Pass and Steam. I hope this article about the best gaming gift cards will help you if you want to give someone a gift card. That is all in this article. Please let me know in the comment section if you have any suggestions.

Happy Shopping.

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