The Best Guide to Know About the Area Code in the UK

Businesses that seek to build a customer base in the UK must learn the art to build a reliable and responsive communication system as it’s the stepping stone. Since ages, a phone has been the most reliable way for this task and its charm hasn’t faded in today’s digital world. But, to make most of this most impressive and reliable means of communication, one must be aware of the Area Code in the UK.

To know more about area codes, what 01234 area code is, why you should get it from cNumber and how they help a business to flourish, read the rest of the post. 

What Are The Area Codes in the UK? 

What Are The Area Codes in the UK Area codes are the prefix attached to a UK phone number that represents a certain geographical location. In the UK and the rest of the world, each local is allotted a unique area code and businesses must get a business phone number of right area codes to target the customers in the right manner. 

Both traditional landline and VoIP phone numbers can be purchased with area codes. 

Based on the location, there are many area codes in the UK and a business can get a local VoIP phone number associated with these area codes. 

For instance, some of the major area code in the UK are Birmingham = +44 121, Manchester = +44 161, Liverpool = +44 151, and London = +44 20.

To get more details on the UK’s local area codes, one must visit the cNumber site.

cNumber – The Ideal Destination For All Kinds Of UK Area Code Numbers 

cNumber is the UK’s leading VoIP telephony service provider that can offer the local phone number of all the major UK area codes.  

Its local phone numbers are laced with features that can never be accessed with traditional telephony. Features like call recording, call transferring, IVR, on-hold music, and call queuing are some of the offerings that cNumber endows to its customers. 

Without asking for a physical presence in that particular location, the virtual phone number of cNumber will help you connect with the customers of those particular area codes. 

With the help of area codes numbers from cNumber, businesses can gain nationwide local presence in the UK. 

Why prefer VoIP area code numbers over landline area code numbers? 

VoIP area code numbersWhether it is a landline phone or VoIP telephony, area codes are attached with both kinds of phone numbers. But, both don’t bequeath the same sort of benefits. VoIP definitely has an upper hand over landline telephony. 

The below-mentioned text will give better clarity over this statement:

VoIP can be operated from anywhere

VoIP is a technology that is supported by the internet and has impeccable connectivity with all kinds of leading data-driven devices. It can be operated using devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and PC. 

This sort of compatibility and flexibility enables a business to conduct its operations without any worries and hassles. This is not the case with a regular landline number as it is cabelled with a certain location and can’t be mobile. 

Impeccable call handling ability 

The area code numbers from cNumber are capable of creating multiple extensions on the same number, which further results in better call management. It eliminates the need to buy different handsets or installPBX to handle surging call traffic. 

These numbers also have comprehensive call diverting options that leverage call handling ability a bit more. 

Area Code in the UK Ensures Cost-effectiveness

Whether it’s about telephony system set-up or calling charges, area code numbers from cNumbers are going to make things simpler and easier at every front. 

The cloud-based architecture makes its deployment furthermore simplified. These numbers can be at one’s service without getting involved in a hefty and time-consuming set-up process.  

As calls are transmitted over the internet, the per-minute charge is very less than what one has to pay with the traditional landline telephony system. 

Concluding words 

The numbers of the Area Code in the UK can cost-effective and all-inclusive nationwide presence for businesses of all kinds. The diligent use of these numbers paves the path of better market recognition, great customer satisfaction, and better ROI. 

By offering pocket-offering deals on these numbers, cNumber fortifies the viability of these numbers further. 

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