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5 Horror Examples of Cyberbullying with Best Remedies

The present world is digitalized. People from the very early stage of their life are getting the touch of very advanced science. The internet has interlinked us. The world is now getting into cloud computing ideas. Science has provided some problem besides the blessings. Cyberbullying is that problem we are facing nowadays. The examples of cyberbullying are within the experience of every person. We all are now the victim of it.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the act of someone to insult, defame, harass disturb, embarrass, tease, threaten another person in the digital form like by sending text, posting unpleasant photos, making troll, uploading video, etc. This is a common issue that is being faced by many of us.

what is cyberbullying

Irrespective of age and sex, this is a common disturbance suffered by most of the tech users. This hampers the victim in various ways. If he/ she is a kid or teenage kid, then it may dictate him to something severe and harmful. The worst possible thing may happen suicide. 70% of teenagers are facing this problem on social media. This is alarming for us. Examples of cyberbullying are within all of our experience.

Examples of Cyberbullying and Remedies

Cyberbullying is done in many ways, and there are uncountable examples of cyberbullying. This can be an act done either by a known or unknown person. Suppose you are in a Facebook group and one sudden morning you have discovered someone has posted a photo of yours which look unpleasant and you do not like that. Knowing fully well that you do not like this, the person has uploaded the picture. This is a cyberbullying. 

Suddenly you received a message request and found it full of nude photos or any unpleasant proposal. You may also get some of your photos that you don’t want to disclose to others and someone is threatening you to do something harmful by showing you those photos as he/ she has hacked your storage where you kept your photos. These are also subjected to cyberbullying.

In a Lame Language, any attempt by any person either you know or do not know on any digital forum that is unpleasant or not liked by you in any intensity is a cyberbullying. Let’s see some examples of cyberbullying and remedies of them.

5 Horror Examples of Cyberbullying With Remedies

In this article, I will try to explain what is cyberbullying and some examples of cyberbullying. At the same time, I shall try to show some possible remedies against those. I hope those who are reading this content will be sharing their bitter experiences of cyberbullying by commenting below so that we all can know what is exactly going on around us. Maybe you do not even know you are a victim of this due to not knowing what is cyberbullying. Let’s see it.

1. Messages From Unknown: Usual Example of Cyberbullying

Social media provides to interact with known and unknown people. They usually allow connecting with people by request mean. However, in many popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. there is a provision of sending message to an unknown person without being connected. One may receive cyberbullying in term of messages from unknown persons.

This message may contain embarrassing photos, any proposal, or anything which you do not like. People usually send these messages seeing your pictures and information on the social network that you provide. They also get the chance to send you such words as they get easy access to reach you through message.


  • Never respond to an unknown person’s message.
  • If you see the message and find it abusing or something similar to that, then do not reply.
  • Block the person.
  • Keep screenshots of those messages and share with your friends to make them aware.
  • Tell everyone to block and report that person.

2. Messages From Known: Common Example of Cyberbullying

It is not that only unknown person suffers you from cyberbullying but also very known persons are there who do this. This is much more dangerous and tough to fight if someone knows he is doing so. Unfortunately, incidents of cyberbullying from know person happens more than an unknown person. You have to be very careful in this regard as you are dealing with people nearer to you. You never know how dangerous they might be.


  • Try to deviate from the topic and show him/ her that you are not interested in these.
  • Keep screenshots.
  • If he is from the family members like cousins, or anyone like that then discusses with parents.
  • If he/she is from friends circle then discuss with the friends.
  • Try to console him and if he crosses the limit then let everyone know and block him.
  • Inform your teachers if he is from school, tell your parents if he is a neighbor.

3. Posts on Social Media: Embarrassing Example of Cyberbullying

This is one of the embarrassing moment where someone tries to do something stupid by posting something wrong on social media. I think you will have enough people around you to see what is happening. Someone may put something wrong about you, but people are always interested in accepting the bad things against someone. So you need to fight as well.


  • Don’t show your temper as that will inspire the person’s intention.
  • Tell the person and people that you do not like it.
  • Tell him to remove the post gently.
  • Keep a screenshot of the post.
  • Report the post.
  • Try to draw the attention of people who supports you and tell them not to help that person.

4. Ex Problem: Shocking Example of Cyberbullying

A relation means a lot. When you are in a relationship with someone, then there will be a lot of commitments. A lot of information sharing will be there which you don’t want to share with other people. This is a very usual scenario that when there is a break up in any relation, then the person tries to disclose all the things he/she knows. It is very alarming for that person. Very, unfortunately, this is very usual now.


  • Select your partner who not only loves you but also respects you, and he respects himself.
  • Report posts instantly whenever you see.
  • Limit your relationship activities over social media.
  • The best remedy for this case is to select your partner carefully because once you are in a relationship, you will share many things, and you can’t take those back from him/her. 

5. Threatens: Most Dangerous Example of Cyberbullying

Threatening of blackmailing is very common. This is also considered as cyberbullying. You may get it from an unknown or known person, ex, or anyone. Threats can be of any kind, but risks are always bad. Anyone may try to blackmail you using your weakness and sensitive information. People of all ages are suffering from cyberbullying. 


  • Do not respond to them.
  • Keep a screenshot of their threat or conversation.
  • Disconnect the person by blocking him.
  • Tell your parents and talk to others.
  • Report to authority if you feel unsafe.
  • Be careful about your privacy settings.
  • Use strong passwords for your accounts.

Are You a Victim?

Cyberbullying is not something you desire to happen. You will never welcome it in any situation and time of your life.  As I mentioned, this is very dangerous for the teenagers and kids below teenage. We all must know the remedies of cyberbullying besides just knowing what is cyberbullying. We should know to keep ourselves safe and make our friends and family members aware of this. 

By now you know how to keep yourself away from cyberbullying, but do you know whether you are a victim of it? Some of the things will dictate whether we are facing it, let’s have a look at them:

  • Any message or comment that hurts your sentiment.
  • Any running discussion where you are mentioned and the forum contains a negative impression about you.
  • Someone is trying to blackmail you.
  • You are receiving nasty photos from someone.
  • The frequent botheration of someone by messaging, commenting or posting photos and tagging you there.
  • Targeting your social ID or any other account for hacking.

When you are facing such things, then you will understand that you are facing cyberbullying. You should take the necessary steps once you are facing it. So what steps to be made? Some of the remedies been mentioned already.

Last but Not the Least

These few examples of cyberbullying are just some generic categories. Cyberbullying is commonly happening around us. I once again request you all reading the article to kindly share your experience of cyberbullying that you faced by commenting below. I hope that will help us a lot by being careful about the real scenario around us.


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