How to Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working [Best 15 Methods]

Back in the time when I used Windows 8, it had a fantastic search bar that allowed me to find any file, process, service, system feature, or installed application on my personal computer. When the Windows got an update to 10, it only got better. But the problem came that “Windows 10 Search Not Working“.

Unfortunately, many people are encountering issues with it, stating that the windows 10 start menu search is not working. Sometimes the search bar may not work, but here I am, with the solutions to this problem. But before going into that, let us dive deeply into the theory. 

The Background Of Windows Update And Its Effect On UI/UX

The search on the Windows Start Menu used to be easy. When there were tiles and Cortana, it didn’t get in the way of you browsing your PC for the things you needed. In Windows 10, things got a little messed up. Sometimes it showed that ‘Cortana not working.’ But newer upgrades have fixed issues like Cortana, and the May 2019 update overhauled the search interface, making your queries feel a little more precise and granular.

The Start menu search is a little more consistent and less bloated now that Cortana is gone. But when it comes to User Experience, you might have a question Why is SearchUI suspended? But to troubleshoot these issues, I have found some solutions that can be helpful. So, I am here to offer some advice on how to get it back up and run.

How to Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working Issue

This is my personal experience that I can share with the readers. When your computer shows that SearchUI is suspended, it can mean that your computer might have some third-party software that can interfere with the background process. Let us discuss some procedures and plans that may help you to solve this issue as it did for me.

Method-1: Task Manager can be used to disable processes

  • The first thing you should attempt is rebooting your computer, but if that doesn’t work, it’s worth looking through the Task Manager to see if there are any ways to restart the Search process.
  • Start by hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, and then select “More details” in the bottom left corner to see everything.
  • Let’s start by resuming the “Windows Explorer” process. Scroll down to Windows Explorer on the Processes tab, right-click it, and select “Restart.” Have a panic attack when your computer appears to be about to crash, then exhale a sigh of relief as you notice that it’s still operating and your Start button is still active.
  • We’ll go after the Search app separately if it doesn’t work. Click the Details tab in Task Manager, then scroll down until you see “SearchApp.exe” and “SearchUI.exe.” Right-click them and select “End task” from the menu. Task Manager can be used to disable processes for the purpose of Windows 10 Search Not Working Problem.

Method-2: Run the troubleshooter for Search and Indexing

If you face that the windows 10 search not working, Microsoft has troubleshooters ready for any unforeseen circumstances. I have seen some issues myself, and this process has helped me a lot in many situations. The process goes as the following:

  • Go to Settings by right-clicking the Start menu.
  • Update & Security should be selected.
  • On the left, choose Troubleshoot.
  • Then click on Search and Indexing. Run the troubleshooter to see if there are any issues.
  • Follow the directions on the screen.
  • Start your computer again.

Most of the time, if you cannot type in the search bar windows 10, following this procedure can cure the issue. If it is still not fixed, go for the following solutions. Troubleshoot Search and Indexing In Windows 10

Method-3: Install the most recent Windows updates

For your specific OS edition of windows 10, the start menu search is not working. Windows Update delivers the most recent features, improvements, hotfixes, and security updates. If other PC users have the same search bar issues as you, and Microsoft learns about it, you can expect an update that fixes everything. Install the most recent Windows updates

Method-4: Install the Start Menu again

There is a way to reload the Start menu if the file explorer search is not working, but this will also reinstall other Windows apps that you may have already deleted, so don’t be surprised if your OS now has a few additional apps.

  • To do so, press Win + R, then type PowerShell, followed by Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run it as administrator.
  • Enter the following command in Powershell: Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml” Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.x
  • Allow the procedure to finish, and your Start menu search should now operate correctly.
  • The examination should begin right away. If there are any pending updates, wait until they are complete and click Download.
  • It may take a long time. After it’s finished, restart your computer and try searching again with the search bar.

Solving the taskbar search not working issue is an excellent way to resolve the matter. Just pay a bit of attention to the steps, and you will be all set!

Method-5: Windows Search should be restarted

If you have the question in your mind, Why does my Windows 10 search not work? It is legit because the search bar’s related service must also function properly for the search bar to perform successfully.

  • To examine the properties of the Windows Search service, use Ctrl + R, type services.msc, then hit Enter.
  • Set the Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start) and select Start if the service isn’t already functioning.
  • Accept the conditions and click Apply to solve the issue of not typing in the search bar.

Method-6: Recreate the Index

The search indexing files in your Windows Search may have become corrupted, causing the Search feature to be disabled and showing the windows 10 search not working. Since the Windows 10 May Update (v1903), some users have reported this issue, with the following as a possible solution.

  • To fix this, try rebuilding the index, which should clear up any deterioration.
  • To do so, go to Control Panel, turn on “Large icons” in the top-right corner, then select “Indexing Options -> Advanced” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, in the Advanced Options window, click Rebuild. Please wait for the process to finish after clicking OK on the pop-up that warns you that it may take some time.

Method-7: Resolving SearchUI.exe Problems

Whether you need to restart or complete a project, I can also help here.

  • Using the Windows 10 search bar is comparable to an application in that it includes a background process that can be accessed and controlled through Task Manager.
  • Several programs are involved in the search bar’s operation, including SearchUI.exe, Windows Explorer, Cortana, and CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe). It’s as simple as giving them a jolt.
  • Select Task Manager by right-clicking the Windows taskbar.
  • Select Windows Explorer from the Processes tab and click Restart.
  • Select Cortana and click End task in the same tab.
  • Go to the Details tab now.
  • End the SearchUI.exe and SearchIndexer.exe tasks.

Method-8: Extended Troubleshooter program for taskbar search not working issue

The most straightforward solution is to use the built-in features in Windows to assist you. Granted, this isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s quick and easy to implement, so it’s worth a shot.

  •  Go to the Control Panel tab. (Click Start, then scroll down to the Windows System folder to locate it.)
  • If it hasn’t already, change the view to “Large icons” or “Small icons,” then select “Troubleshooting -> System and Security -> Search and Indexing.”
  •  In the Troubleshooter, click “Next,” then check the one that best describes your problem (most likely “Files don’t appear in search results,” though if your Windows Search is operating, albeit slowly, you should check the third box down).
  •  Finally, select Next to continue.

Extended Troubleshooter program for taskbar search not working issueMethod-9: Previous and Newer Versions Methods

Versions of Windows 10 before 1809:

  • Go to More > Cortana by clicking the Start button, right-clicking Cortana, and selecting More > Cortana. Settings for the app
  • Choose Reset.

Version 1903 and later of Windows 10:

  • Log in to Windows 10 as an administrator.
  • Download the Reset Windows Search PowerShell script, right-click it and choose Run with PowerShell.
  • To continue, press any key after seeing the Done message.
  • To return to your original policy, run Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser -ExecutionPolicy.
  • To confirm, type y and hit Enter.

Method-10: System File Checker Process

Use the System File Checker to ensure that your files are in order.

We recommend that you attempt this first because it is one of the simplest things you can do to try to fix your Start menu search. Right-click Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator,” then type the following command:

sfc /scannow sfc /scannow sfc /s

This will automatically search your system files for windows 10 search not working and attempt to fix them because the Start menu search is a system operation that should identify any issues with the SFC tool.

Additionally, if running the SFC function in standard Windows 10 fails, running it in Windows 10 Safe Mode may solve the problem of rebuilding the Windows Search index.

  • The complete scope is represented in the search index. In other words, Windows can only search for results in the index given. As a result, if a file you’re looking for isn’t in the index, Windows won’t be able to find it.
  • It would be best if you rebuilt the index to resolve this issue. You won’t need any extra equipment, thankfully.
  • Make sure you’re logged in as the computer’s administrator.
  • Press Ctrl + R, then type control panel and enter.
  • Select Indexing Options from the dropdown menu.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Click Rebuild under Troubleshooting – Delete and rebuild the index.
  • To confirm, click OK and wait patiently until the task is completed.
  • Restart your computer and try searching with the search bar.

Method-11: Bing should be removed from Windows for the perfect experience

Third-party antivirus should be disabled or restarted, and Windows Firewall should be enabled. To be clear, I am not recommending that you disable and uninstall all third-party antivirus software from your device, but specific apps have been reported to cause problems with Windows Search in the past. Avast is one of the culprits, so delete it and then look for an alternative if necessary. (In recent years, Windows Defender has established itself as a viable and secure choice.) Bing should be removed from Windowsto solve Windows 10 Search Not Working Problem

You could try temporarily removing your Avast shields, which should restore the Start menu search. At least in the case of Avast, once the shields are turned back on, the Start menu search may continue to function normally.

Method-12: Enabling Windows Firewall, on the other hand, has also proven beneficial

Some claim that deleting the Bing integration from the Windows 10 search bar resolved their issue. However, it isn’t perfect for PC users who like to utilize Bing to look for search results. If you’re one of them, this option isn’t for you.

  • Using Ctrl + R, type RegEdit and hit Enter.
  • Select Export from the File menu.
  • Give the registry backup file a name and a location.
  • To visit this location, copy and paste the following address.
  • Computer\HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search
  • Select DWORD (32-bit) Value from the Edit menu, then New.
  • Set the name of the new entry to BingSearchEnabled.
  • Press OK after double-clicking BingSearchEnabled and set Value data to 0.
  • Double-click CortanaConsent in the same location if Cortana is not working.
  • Set the Value data to 0 and then click OK.

Method-13: Examine the Windows Search Service

The Windows Search service may not be operating, which is another reason why your Start menu search isn’t working. The Windows Search service is a system service that starts up with the operating system.

By pressing Win + R and typing services.msc, you can see if the service is running and scroll down to find it. It’s running if the Status column says “Running” (obviously). You’ll have to start it manually if the windows search service is not running.

Method-14: Remove the most recent Windows updates

It’s no secret that, despite its best intentions, Microsoft‘s attempts to push some Windows updates wind up causing more harm than good. If you discover that the Windows search bar has ceased working after a recent system update, you should delete it.

  • Ctrl + R, type control panel, and then press Enter.
  • Select Programs and Features from the menu.
  • Click On the left, and you can see the updates that have been installed.
  • To arrange the updates by date, click the Installed On column (newest first)
  • Double-click the first update in the list to finalize the uninstall and select Yes.
  • Try using the search bar again after restarting your computer.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is working.
  • If the quality of your Internet connection is bad, you should not be using it.

Method-15: Waiting for the developed version of Cortana

There was an issue with the search bar when the Windows 10 Creators Update was released. It ceased functioning correctly if programs were not permitted to run in the background.

This problem should, in theory, have been resolved by now, especially in recent Windows 10 editions. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t give it a shot. It is okay to wait a while if the search is not working in windows 10

You can again always reinstall Cortana. Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant, is integrated into the Windows 10 search bar. In most cases, one cannot function correctly without the other. That doesn’t stop some users from uninstalling Cortana from their operating system if they don’t think it’s necessary.

Unfortunately, without Cortana, there may be no search bar. To put it another way, there will be no more accurate search results. It’s essential to reinstall Cortana to resolve this issue, which can be difficult because it can’t be downloaded and installed via the Microsoft Store.


To summarize, if the Windows 10 search no longer works properly or returns erroneous search results, you can try running the Search and Indexing troubleshooter, downloading the most recent Windows updates, and restarting the Windows Search service to try to resolve the issue.

You should also reset Windows Search, rebuild the Windows Search index, remove Bing from Windows Search, uninstall recent Windows upgrades, and restart or stop many services that affect the search bar.

Check the quality of your Internet connection, roll back Windows 10 using Recovery mode, enable background programs, and update Cortana. 

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