How to Make a CFG File Extension? Open and Edit .cfg File in 7 Ways

The software developers use a configuration file to store the setting and required information during different programs. At the same time, the user may encounter the problem of an unknown file extension. At this point, they may use the .cfg file that stores all the configuration information of the particular information, including the supported program of the software. In today’s lesson, we will learn the cfg file’s details, make or create, edit the file, cfg extension, and many other Configuration Files settings.

.CFG file

CFG is an internationally recognized standard file format that follows a typical Windows and Mac operating system format. It is written in ASCII code. However, the developer makes it with XML or JSON.

.config.cfg file is known as .CFG file. It works with variables and values per line. In Windows 10 Operating Systems, we need any text editor to read and edit the file.

We need to make/create, edit and delete the CFG file at different times. For instance, editing the gaming configuration can be the best example. Many developers discourage editing or deleting CFG files. Because it may take time to solve your problem based on trial and error.

What is a .CFG File Extension?

.config or .CFG extension refers to the configuration of various software and program settings with this extension. The format of this extension depends on the corresponding software code structure. As an illustration, a file in your computer named network config.cfg includes all the related network configurations and settings. 

When we delete or modify any specific file, it does not matter to other files. But, deleting a .CFG file is something different. It may make the related software inoperable. Similarly, your program may crash at any time of operation. 

Types of .CFG File Extension

There are a total of 7 types of .CFG file extension which are discussed below: 

  • LightWave Configuration ( Windows, Macintosh)
  • Celestia Configuration: It supports most of the spacecraft using Lua-tool. You don’t need to open the extension manually. It is very easy to edit and manage.
  • Wesnoth Markup language: It is used for scenarios, units, save files, and the user interfaces layout.
  • Cal3D Model Configuration: It is used for the skeleton, animation, mesh, and material files.
  • Citrix Server Connection: It displays all connections from Citrix Receiver.
  • MAME Configuration: This extension describes general usage information about MAME.
  • Configuration File: It is used for .cnf , .conf , .cfg , .cf or .ini.

How to Open CFG Files

You can open the cfg files with the help of the default program of Windows. To open and edit the file extension, you have to become a little bit technical. You have to locate the cfg file first before editing. On the contrary, you can use the third-party application tools to edit the .cfg file extension.

How to find CFG files in Windows

In order to edit and delete .CFG file, you have to locate the actual location of the extension. Understanding the data structure before configuring is more important. Before the endeavor of you should ensure the .cfg file extension is visible. Let us discuss how to make the .config file extension visible.

First of all go to the file manager to find out the .cfg files

First of all go to the file manager to find out the .cfg files

In the show/Hide column check the File name extensions and Hidden items.

In the showHide column check the File name extensions and Hidden items to find CFG File Extension.

Select the Options (Last Menu) and find the “Change FOlder and Search Options”. Here you will get the options of hidden files and folders. Now, uncheck the, ” Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives” and select “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

Show hidden files and folders

You can get .config and .cfg file extension from the search box of specific folder. Search *.cfg* on the search box.

In the show/Hide column check the File name extensions and Hidden items to find CFG File Extension.

Configuring .CFG Files on Windows

With the help of any text editor like Notepad or Wordpad, you can open the cfg / config file. Your experience and expertise may help to configure the file as per your requirement. Because of any single mistake, your program may crash during opening and operation. So, it is recommended to keep a backup of your file/software.

Can’t open cfg file with Notepad

.CFG file extension generally opens with Notepad when it is a text file. But, when it is a binary file, you can open it with a binary editor. Before that, you can try with any other text editor or IDE other than Notepad.

First of all, select the .config file extension and right-click it. Select the open option. If it does not open automatically, then Windows 10 will show you the options to open the file. If you do not find Notepad or if it does not work, you may select More Apps similar to a text editor. Moreover, you can search for the required app in the Microsoft store. 

List of programs that can open .cfg files

We can open many programs with the .cfg file extensions. Some of the popular software are:

  • zipinst.exe
  • VSLauncher.exe
  • Uedit32.exe
  • Uedit32.exe
  • showcfg.exe
  • CSVFileView.exe
  • fvp.exe
  • GetDiz.exe
  • notepad++.exe

Moreover, many files type extension is associated with the cfg file extension.

How to Create, Edit, and Open .CFG File Extension?

So far, we have shown the usual process to make the configuration file. Now, we are recommending some of the best tools to open the .cfg files.

1. File Viewer Plus 4

When you are stuck in editing options for any file extension, File Viewer Plus 4 will help you solve your problem. This windows tool supports more than 400 types of extensions. It supports Windows, Android, and Mac. You will get the product on Google. 

2. Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft Notepad is one of the best text editors for Windows computers. By default, all the .cfg files open with Microsoft Notepad. It supports the file format over 15 different text encoding formats. Notepad is limited to editing, creating, and viewing, but this easy functionality makes the program powerful.

3. Microsoft Wordpad

Microsoft Wordpad is the alternative tool of Notepad to open and edit .cfg files. Wordpad is a combination of Microsoft and Notepad. This cfg file editor will help the users customize the fonts, line spacing, and text format. Microsoft Wordpad is a handy tool to open and edit all the .cfg file extensions.

4. Notepad ++

Notepad ++ is the advanced level text editor and cfg file opener. The website developers use it for PHP and many other web languages. If you intended to modify and create a new .cfg file, you could also use the Notepad ++ text editor. 

5. NoteTab

NoteTab is for serious type text and HTML editing. We can use the free NoteTab Freeware for personal purposes. Downloading, installation, and updating of the software is very easy. For the paid tool, you will get 30 days of a free trial.

6. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an advanced level word processor compared to Notepad. This cfg file editor supports many file formats like .doc, .docx and .cfg. As a Windows 10 user, you can use the Apache OpenOffice for editing your config file.

7. Default Windows Option

Another opportunity for Windows 10 users to edit .cfg file extension is PSPad. This cfg file opener is very handy but free. Its inbuilt code editor will help the user to edit and modify any file format similar to config.

Final Thought

Though the .cfg file extension is unfamiliar to all novice computer users, the file’s wrongdoing may crash your software program. The expert users can edit the .cfg file with the default software of Windows 10. Moreover, there are a lot of third-party tools to open a .cfg file for modification. Which is the best option for you?

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