How to Reverse Image Search on Desktop Computer?

Do you know how reverse search differs from the standard searching techniques? Why do users find it better than the use of text phrases? The eventual goal of any online search is very simple and blunt. You need to get to the results you need in the shortest possible span and with the minimum effort. In today’s article, we will learn, how to reverse image search on desktop computers.

Going through ten or twenty links is not an optimum option in terms of effort consumption. This is what you need to go through if you are using the standard search methods. This means opening the Google home page, trying different text combinations, and then checking through the results attained.

Reverse image search is a lot quicker, more articulated, and does not consume so much energy. As a result, when you want to see clothing options, shoe alternatives, holiday destination pictures, or what you can eat on holiday, searching through images is a lot better. The best thing is that the process involves shorter and less stressful than conventional searching.

Performing Reverse Image Search on PC

Performing Reverse Image Search on PCAlthough the trend of using portable devices (tablets and smartphones) is increasing at the speed of a rocket, a certain percentage of people still browse the internet using desktops and laptops. Someone who wants to view product pictures for a work assignment may not use a portable gadget.

To execute a reverse search for pictures on a desktop, here is what you have to accomplish

Method 1

1. Browse the Google images page

You have the Windows operating system installed on your computer, and Chrome is a recommended best browser you need to look at. To being with, open the link of Google images in a tab.

2. Click camera icon

You open the Google images page (, you would see a camera icon beside the searching text box. To start the process of reverse searching, click and you would a tab labeled “Upload an Image”.

3. Selecting the required image file

The tab to upload images is clicked, you have to select a relevant file. If you wish to shop for laptops by a particular brand, choose the picture of one of the models.  When you are done with these steps. If you are comfortable with the drag and drop option, it can also be used for image selection.

To exercise it, open the folder where the image is stored, drag and it and finally drop it on the browser tab.  If you are using an already published picture as the searching parameter, its URL will be entered.

When the uploading is complete, all image alternatives will be shown to you. These would be including both copies of the uploaded picture and snapshots that relate to it.

  • For instance, if you consider the example mentioned above, the results produced will include all possible websites on which the specific laptop image is present. Secondly, you would also be able to look at other products launched by the same brand. This is a plus point for the customer as well as the seller. Customers can check other products and make purchases without running an individual search.

Get an Image for Any Desired Reverse Image Search

There is a difference between searching for generic images and looking for really specific ones. How hard is it to get a picture of Michael Jackson? It is not at all a tough task because he is one of the biggest celebrity to step on the face of this planet.

However, if you want to get a picture of a water bottle he used before a concert, it is a much harder goal. This is where you can use reverse searching and get exact results as per your needs. In this case, you can upload a picture of MJ and all images that connect to the reputed celebrity will be among the results. Hence, when you go through some filtering, it would be much easier to find the bottle images.

Now, if you aim at accomplishing the same task through the conventional searching tactics, it would be much harder to get so specific results. Even if you do, the time needed would be a lot more.

Method 2

  • Go to the online image search tool of Prepostseo. Here you will get three options.

Three Options to Reverse Image Search

  1. Search by url
  2. Search by keyword
  3. Upload picture

Each option works quite good.

The results will come from three big search engines i.e., Google, Bing and Yandex.

The only benefit of using this image search is that you can find similar images from three platforms rather than searching one by one separately.

Save Immense Time Through This Searching Method

Every task that we perform in our daily lives is time bound. This means that you need to complete it in the minimum span possible. Searching for something on the internet is not an exception as well. Everyone wants to get relevant information in the shortest duration.

At times, getting the right image can even take hours. In case of text searching, it all depends on the keyword combination you are using. If luckily you make the right word selection, the required image will be attained.

  • Reverse searching of images is more direct. Instead of trying out different combinations, you can pick one image and perform the search on its behalf. There is no doubt that in terms of time, no long hours will be required.

Get to High Quality Original Images Instantly

The internet is full of copied pictures and it is not simple to identify the original ones. By using reverse searching, you can drill down to the actual source of the picture within no time. Image plagiarism is a serious problem, and both owners, as well as people searching for images, have to deal with it. How do users get trapped in this case?

When we are searching for pictures for professional or personal usage, our key goal is getting the desired ones quickly. No attention is paid to any other aspect including finding out the authentic website and then downloading the image. People do not bother about this angle. As a result, stake holders who have copied the picture from another website and uploaded it on their own get the credit.

On the other hand, someone who worked hard endlessly to come up with the picture for the first time does not get any appreciation.

  • In terms of quality, only the best resolution and pixel standard can be attained from the actual source. Using a reverse image search tool or performing the same activity on your computer using Google is the best way to differentiate between original and copied pictures.
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