How To Send and Receive Faxes Online Via Computer?

How To Send and Receive Faxes Online Via Computer

Fax is a valuable and easy way of transferring and receiving messages and information such as legal documents. The Fax was used as a practical way of information transfer but has now succumbed to technological advancements. The burden of paperwork posed a problem for many people. So, we are here to show how to send and receive Faxes Online via Computer and mobile phone.

Despite all the issues that once delayed Fax’s transfer and hampered comfort, Fax is a beneficial service. Therefore, we let you know that you can now send online Fax through your pc or mobile phone without any issue.

Faxes Online via Computer With CocoFax

CocoFax is a utility built specifically to ensure that the burden of fax transfer can now be sublimated into something valuable and comfortable. The text below provides a faxing step-by-step guide. CocoFax is a helpful application that can rectify all the problems you once faced while faxing. This utility is all that you need for an easy fax transfer.

A Paper-Free Online Fax Service

The best thing about this application is that it does not require you to put your time and precious papers in the fax transmission. CocoFax endorses an easy way of transferring your Fax to another computer in less than a millisecond through the digital network. All of the privileges from Google Fax Free are directed to ease customers’ use of the services.

Qualities of CocoFax

CocoFax is an all-rounded and well-versed application that can be used for an easy fax transfer from your computer. CocoFax only requires a stable internet connection upon which your Fax can be sent or received. The main benefit of CocoFax is that it ensures that the old way of fax transfer can be rectified into something manageable and digitally apprehending.

CocoFax is a digital fax service that offers a free trial of one month. CocoFax ensures that no issue or complication must be faced by the user. It does not require any extra charges or requirements and gives you a user privilege to get comfortable with. All of this is digital and easy to comprehend.

CocoFax is recognized and renowned by various media outlets and digitally recognized brands such as Buzz Feed, CNET, Tom’s Guide, Android Authority, and the New York Times. You can already guess the competence and ease of this application through such reinforcement. CocoFax stands as a maestro among all of the competitors in digital Fax.

Qualities of CocoFax to Faxes Online via Computer

Things You Require To Use CocoFax

CocoFax stands free from any issues and additional requirements of anything. CocoFax is a competent and responsible service and leaves no stone unturned in easing the procedure of sending a fax to another computer via your computer. You may need good internet access to ensure the process is not hampered.

CocoFax ensures that your privacy is maintained and kept secure by several procedures. For this, CocoFax provides you with a fax number, which provides you with an identity and ensures your fax transmission is monitored and kept safe.

CocoFax is easy to use and therefore needs no charges to provide you with the 30-day trial privilege. Once you avail of the offer and enjoy all of our services, specific packages and subscriptions are available.

Things You Require To Use CocoFax

How to Send Faxes Online via Computer?

The main reason for CocoFax and its service is to provide an accessible and viable digital Fax service that can be transferred from your computer to the other without any extra bustle. Sending the Fax can be accumulated into a few simple steps stated below:

Step 1:

To send the Fax from your computer to another, you must access the CocoFax website and quickly open the registration screen. The site “” can be accessed for this process. Afterward, you can go to your website page’s free option trial at the corner and click it to get you a free and unique fax number.

How to Send Fax via Computer


Step 2:

Soon as you open the new page, CocoFax requires you to enter specific details and certain unique and correct credentials. You must add details such as your Email Address, and CocoFax will enjoin it along with your account.

Qualities of CocoFax

Step 3:

Now that all of your details are put forth and put forth, the account is ready to send the Fax from your computer to another. Click on the send fax option to immediately send the fax number you have entered in the sending box. Ensure that @ Suffix is entered after the fax number.

CocoFax upload file process

How to Receive Fax on the Computer?

Now that you are well-equipped with the knowledge of sending the Fax to the computer, you can now receive it on your computer in almost the same manner as you sent it in. CocoFax does not require any specific charge to make you read the Fax you have received. CocoFax provides a digital inbox where all of your Fax is recorded, and the received Fax is also stored.

At the same time, CocoFax saves your precious time by immediately converting the received Fax in the form of a TIFF file into a digital PDF file. This file can now be easily accessed and used for any need. CocoFax ensures comfort and ease in all aspects.

eFax to Ensure Healthcare Service

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is known shortly as HIPAA. It protects health insurance coverage for workers and their families during the changing and loss of jobs. When you need to claim your insurance, you must send the document through Fax or courier. Nowadays, online faxing is very important in healthcare. It allows you to replace your old physical machine. Moreover, it supports all internet-connected devices like desktops, laptops, Android, iPhones, etc.

How does eFax work?

You can use eFax in three significant ways: through your eFax account, email, and through the eFax mobile app. In a diagram, we can elaborate on it.

Is eFax HIPAA compliant

Is eFax HIPAA compliant?

Email and other massaging applications store data. But, online faxing does not preserve data. Since healthcare data is sensitive and there is a possibility of cyber attack, eFax can be a safer option. When your eFax uses HIPAA-Compliant Fax Services, online faxing will be a safer option. 

There are some misconceptions regarding eFax like it can not transmit data when Fax is busy. But the absolute truth is the limited chance of making such a mistake. The data may receive the wrong receiver, the user may get blank pages, and the receiver may get jammed-up pages.

eFax satisfies all the obligatory HIPAA requirements like access control, transmission security encryption, and audit control. Curogram is one of the best communication platforms for healthcare, which is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Final Thought

The text above provides insight into why this must be used and incorporated in almost all kinds of work related to the Fax’s sending or receiving. CocoFax is the ultimate application that would help you easily send your Faxes Online from one computer to another computer or mobile. On the other hand, Curogram is another suitable online faxing solution for healthcare services. 

CocoFax and Curogram can also be used on mobile. Nothing beats CocoFax and Curogram in sending or receiving Faxes digitally! So you can now send your Fax with the touch of your hand.