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How To Setup The Belkin Router As The Access Point

Configure your wireless Belkin router as the access point immobilize your router ability of the device, and if you want to connect two routers, then it is strongly suggested you cascade the Belkin router to another router. Cascading is normally connecting the tow router, and it provides more benefits to the people like.

  • Connect more devices either wired or wireless
  • Expand the wireless network range
  • Isolate the network traffic
  • It improves the performance of the network without removing your older router

For cascading, there are three types of scenario.

  • If your router is configured with the static IP like Subnet mask, IP address, Default gateway provides by the ISP and the secondary router connection is dynamic.
  • If your Belkin router is connected with the PPoE (Password and username which is provided by ISP) and the second router is dynamic.
  • In case your router is connected with the Bridge mode and the second router connection is static or PPPoE.

Two ways you can follow to cascade the router to another router like LAN to LAN and LAN to WAN.

  • Obtain the wireless network settings
  • Connecting the computer to the router
  • Access the web-based setup page
  • Configure the wireless router as the access point

When it comes to wireless settings, you have to check the wireless settings of your router like.

  • SSID (Wireless network name)
  • Pre-shared key (PSK)
  • Wireless security mode

So you have to check the above things clearly, and it is very important that the wireless settings are case sensitive so write down clearly.

When connecting the computer to the router then use the Ethernet cable then make sure about the Ethernet plug ports.

Accessing the router’s web-based, mostly the Belkin routers provide the easiest way to customize configurations. So before you are taking the steps on configuration make sure that the router is powered on and the second router is connected to the Ethernet port.

How to Setup the Belkin Router as the Access Point

There are two ways to configure the router as the access point like

  • Setting up the Static IP address
  • Disabling the Dynamic Host configuration protocol Server

Static IP address

When it comes to the Setting up the static IP address then you have to follow the below steps.

  • Click the Use as Access point under the wireless section of the Belkin router.
  • Select the Enable, and it will ask to set the IP address and subnet mask of your Belkin router. Actually, the constant IP address of the Belkin router is and make sure that these settings are must be matched with the existing settings.
  • Enter the unique IP address which is not used in before settings and most of the people suggest the Belkin router IP address must be within the same IP address of the main router. So the Subnet mask is, and the IP address is

How to disable the DHCP Server

DHCP is the expansion of the Dynamic host configuration protocol, and if you want to configure the Belkin router as the access point, then you have to disable the DHCP server. For this, you have to follow the below instructions.

  • Click the LAN settings, and it is under the LAN setup section.
  • Enter the Unique IP address which is not used in the previous router settings.
  • Finally, disable the DHCP server for that selects the off radio button in the DHCP server.

So if you setup the Belkin router as the access point then it increases your coverage range, suppose you are in lawn also increase the coverage range. So Belkin router is really helpful to secure your WIFI, and it always comes with the default IP address, but it also varies from the manufacturers. Belkin router is always really helpful to fast network coverage, and it connects the multiple devices.

You can find that is the default IP address for some brand routers like Belkin and SMC models. But it is initially used for the certain brand and models, but any type of router can configure this IP address. Once you connect this IP address to your router, then select the web browser and then enter the Login to access the router’s portal.

So Belkin router is a secure router, and it is difficult to hack the Belkin router because it uses the secure IP address. At the same time, People can get a wide range of WiFi which is really helpful to people whoever like surfing. This IP address is the default IP address for the Belkin router.

Now I believe that you will be able to setup the Belkin router in working space. Do you think that this tutorial is helpful? If so, please share it on your social media.


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