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How to Solve Different Types of Runtime Error With Software?

Runtime Error is a programming error that shows an error message when the program is not responding. Sometimes the error message goes on its own but sometimes it needs to take some hassle to close the massage. It shows the detected defected report during the program execution. It is a category of exception that shows different types of errors like IO errors, logic errors, undefined object errors, encoding errors, division by zero errors. The purpose of today’s learning is to know different types of runtime errors, its causes, examples, and ways to fix those errors. We will also try to cover some software to fix the runtime problem and several queries for FossGuru users. Let’s start!

What is Runtime Error?

What is Runtime ErrorThe runtime error refers to an error of programming when you run and program on the computer. Since the programming application is different therefore the types of error are also different. When you get a continuous runtime error message that seems that there is any problem with that program. It seems that the output/ process that mismatch with the expectation with the developers. There are various types of errors of such as memory leak, logical error, program crash, etc. 

Sometimes there is nothing to do with the errors. For example, during running a program there is a running shortage of memory. Most of the time we get the error during the first time of defected program running. You will get the error message with a small pop up box. Sometimes the error has a specific suggestion that needs to forward to the IT administrator.

Causes of That Error

There are many causes of the Runtime Error. Depending on the various application the error varies in different ways. The more specific causes are programming bugs, shortage of memory, etc. Some other causes are Race conditions, Exceptions, Memory leaks, Null pointers, Resource leaks, Buffer overflows, Security attack vulnerabilities and, Uninitialized memory.

Another major runtime error is a program crash. It means unexceptionally quite of the program. A program crash can occur due to memory leak or faulty code. When the RAM is unable to perform the task or uses it for a long time then it may show the error message.

Some Major Errors

Runtime Error is simply programming error. There are many types of error and the characteristics differ one to one. Because of different causes, different types of errors occur. Some of the errors are:

Error Program C

In C programming when you compile your code without any error of source code you will get the programming error. In this error, you run a program for output but the output is missing because of memory or any other programming error. In C programming the developer has anticipated the error but he has nothing to do because memory is running out.

Runtime Error Java

Error Runtime of java happens when the program is run. The term is also represented as a compile-time error and run time error. The name of some runtime error on has given below:

  • Array Index Out of Bounds Exception
  • Illegal Format Conversion Exception
  • Input Mismatch Exception
  • Null Pointer Exception
  • Arithmetic Exception
  • Class Cast Exception
  • Stack Overflow Exception

What is the difference between compilation error and runtime error?

Compilation error is the ballot in the rules of writing syntax or missing any element for coding. Because of the compiler error, the program cannot be Run. It encounters the problem at the time of coding or compiling. On the other hand runtime error encountered the problem during runtime.

During program development, the compiler error is caught by the compiler. A runtime error is not detected by any compiler. The compiler error is automatically fixed during the time of code development. On the other hand, I cannot find out the error of runtime before the execution of the program.

What is the Difference Between Logical Error and Runtime Error?

During the coding, there are two types of error because of the user of the programmer. the first one is a syntax error and the second one is the logical error. The logical error is nothing but the process of typical mistakes or algorithms. For example when you type “+” instead of “-” then the program will be Run but you will get an unexpected or faulty result. It is known as the logical error.

The logical error is the most difficult factor to find out then the runtime error. The computer can find out that runtime errors but it is really difficult to find out the logical error. Then the responsibility goes to the programmer to read line by line and find out what is the typical/logical mistake. A chat will show the difference between the runtime error and logical error. 

No Logical Error Runtime error
  1. Definition
The logical error is the error made by the programmer date encoding and set the logic. A runtime error is an unexceptional output for the users who have no-fault.
2. Cause The logical error occurs due to and issue of the algorithm. Is error occurs due to an illegal operation?
3. Detection The program I have to take the pain to detect the error. The computer automatically find the error during the execution.
4. Outcome The logical error will show the outcome but it is wrong. This error will crash the program or the result will be unexpected.
5. Example If you input “-” instead of “+” then a logical error will occur. The program is out of memory is an example of this error.

What is the difference between runtime error and syntax error?

The runtime error occurs due to illegal operation or faulty programming, on the other hand, the syntax error occurs because of the unusual role of grammar when using on programming. This error can be over in the time of coding. It prevents the program from running. So it was an unexpected outcome of the program.

During the running of the program, the computer detects the runtime error. It stops the execution of the program and shows the message on the console with details error. On the other hand when the programmer violet the standard rules of programming then Syntax error occurs. In general word, a Syntax error is just a mistake of any second awesome text or character during coding.

Runtime error can find out during the execution of the program at the beginning but syntax error is traced out after the compilation. 

An example will be more clear regarding the difference. When Array is outbound, memory can not be accessed then run time error occurs but missing semicolon, curly braces, the uncleared variable is the cause of syntax errors.

Is an infinite loop a runtime error?

The infinite loop is a continuous programming instruction. Unless you instruct to terminated it will continue. The video games, OS and many other menu-based programs are developed on the concept of an infinity loop. In our discussion, we can say the infinity loop is a kind of error runtime. Because this interest lo is a sequence of instructions to run the computer endlessly unless you force to terminate.

How to Fix a Runtime Error

The runtime error is different for each of the specific individual programs. We can fix it on following some tricks as well as with software. Will try to show the techniques on both ways:

How to Fixed Error by Normal Tricks

Any programmer by following some common tricks can solve the problem of runtime error. It is not sure that which one will be applicable to you but you can apply all of those.

Make Sure of Enough Memory

Most of the errors occur when it is out of memory. So if you get any error first check is it in your memory or not. You can take the help of a task manager to see the status of your memory. The benchmarking tool also helps you to do the same job. If the memory problem is solved the possibility of your error will be reduced.

Remove Virus

Sometimes it happens that the program is not working for providing errors because of the virus. So it is wise to remove all of your viruses by performing the deep scan. You may try in your best antivirus to remove your virus from the computer. When your PC is out of control and you cannot remove the virus by any other way you can take help with the free bootable anti-virus disc to solve your problem.

Update All Drivers

Sometimes it happens that because of backdated drivers the errors of runtime occurs. Motherboard, processor and other hardware drivers need to be updated to get the best performance. To get the best PC performance you have to control your CPU temperature. 

Update the App

If the app is backdated then you will get the same problem. So if you get any problem related to errors of runtime then you can try to update it. The developer of the program always collects the bug report and tries to solve it in the next release. So the updated program may solve your problems.

Close All Other Software

Sometimes it may happen that any of the other applications are holding a port of your computer which is very much required to run your program. So you will get the errors of runtime. If you constantly feel some problems with errors then you have to close all the applications. The task manager can also help to do the job.

Run in Safe Mode

Sometimes it happens that your desired port is engaged by another program that is not known to you. Unwanted programs may occur for hidden reasons. So when you can not fix the runtime bug in the Normal way then you may follow the Safe Mode. I hope to solve your problems dramatically.

Uninstall the Problematic App

Sometimes the problem is with the Applications. The error or bug shows because of the faulty program installation. So to fix errors of runtime, you can reinstall the Application. From the control panel, you can uninstall the application. Before uninstallation, you have to save the important files.

Restart Your Computer

This is the last way to fix the runtime bug in a Normal way. When you are failed by following all the tricks then you can restart your PC. It will unblock all of your port. You can get the best result after the restart.

How to Fix Runtime Error by Software

If you think it is difficult to fix the errors of runtime by above mentioned simple tricks then you can fix the error by software. For the FossGuru users, we will discuss only five runtime error fix software.

#1. SpeedyPC Pro Software

SpeedyPC Pro SoftwareTo fix the error of Runtime 429 you can use the SpeedyPC Pro Software. When you install any good software or malfunctioned software then all the registry remains on the Windows database. Considering the vast amount of data of the wrong program you need to clean all of the faulty data. SpeedyPC Pro Software can be your best friend to solve those problems.

Important Features

This software clean all the ActiveX and Windows registry error, performance problems, dangerous malware, privacy files, and junk files.

The software automatically eliminates all the problems from your computer.

It automatically speeds up your PC speed. So you need not think anything of PC speed.

It always takes care of a common issue like registry error and eliminates them.

SpeedyPC Pro also has lots of advanced features and tools that defragment your computer memory, manage, restore your point and delete unwanted browser add-ons.

Now the product has renamed as digital care

#2. Fix Runtime Error 1.2

Fix Runtime Error 1.2Sometimes you will see that some errors related to runtime just pop up at your PC. Fix Runtime Error 1.2 is the tool to solve those problems. This registry cleaner allows you to clean all the errors and boost your PC.

  • Quickly repair and fix all the problems from your PC.
  • It makes your system more stable and makes the boot faster.
  • It is easy to use and flexible that you can undo any changes.

Get This Software

#3. Wondershare’s 1-Click PC Care

Wondershare’s 1-Click PC CareTo fix all kinds of registry error the Wondershare’s 1-Click PC Care is one of the best tools. Using this software you can fix runtime error. It automatically scans all the problems and finds the best solution for you like automatically update, scan and repair.

Important Features
  • Wondershare’s 1-Click PC Care performs a deep scan and reports your PC health.
  • It removes registry redundancy and removes all the registry problems.
  • It automatically backup your system and become ready for restore.
  • The user interface of this software is also awesome.

Get Wondershare’s 1-Click PC Care 

#4. SpyHunter

SpyHunterAnother important software I should not forget to spell out. That is such a wonderful software to fix runtime error. The name of this software is SpyHunter. It is basically specialized for uninstallation and reinstall of the software.

  • SpyHunter is a convenient tool to detect the problem.
  • It also can fix any error.
  • It cleans the junk files.
  • SpyHunter also helps to speed up the PC.

Get SpyHunter

#5. Primasoft’s Error Scan and Fix

Primasoft’s Error Scan and FixAnother important Error scan and fix software is Primasoft. Put a few steps it clean registry errors from the system and make the PC compatible. It helps to run the PC quicker and faster and both mass faster than before.

  • Form your Windows registry you can delete all of the error by Primasoft’s Error Scan and Fix.
  • It has an awesome interface that the novice can use it. 
  • It scans from your system to clean the registry error.

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Final Thought

There are a lot of runtime errors in the programming error. Some problems occur after development and some occur during development. We have tried to resolve those errors by several means. Even we also use some software to fix the runtime problems. You are requested to share your runtime related problems and share the article.

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