How to Use Laptop: Top 5 Ways to Increase Longevity

Because of the shortage of knowledge, we always spoil our laptops. We are reducing the laptop’s life by a lack of accurate information. In today’s article, we will learn about the correct rules for using the computer.

Nothing in this world is permanent, and electronic goods are not trusted much. But using properly can last a few more years. If your computer starts signaling premature loss, you’ll know that you have some problems with your own. Using laptops to create the right habits will help to improve the life of the computer.

Use Laptop in Flat Surf

How to Keep Laptops/PCs Safe from Trojans?Many people use laptops with their hands, many who use a computer on their beds. This reduces the battery life and hardware life of the computer many times. The laptop is soft and it can’t be air-conditioned properly, cooling fans can’t cool the computer’s hardware, so the hot air inside can’t get out.

This is how the laptop temperature rises. The hotter the computer, the slower the processor will slow down and the performance will decrease. In the hot environment, the laptop will be full of battery. The best solution is always using laptops with a flat and sturdy surf. This will also allow air transport routes below the computer to work well.

Laptops have many dedicated stands available, they have cooling fan systems to keep computers cool, which does not heat laptops. Such computers are available in the market at a high price, starting at Tk. 500 and buying computers for different prices. I’m ignoring this and your laptop battery, where you used to back up for 5-6 hours, now gives 20 minutes of backup!

Do not Charge 0% of Laptop Battery

Fix laptop batteryThere is a limit to how often a battery can charge and discharge. If you recharge up to 0% over and over again, then you charge up to 100% and your computer battery life will be reduced by 50% faster.

Don’t start using Laptops when you don’t Turn on

Turn on your Windows computer, PC shows you u a message, but that doesn’t mean the PC is ready for instant use. We should wait a while, at least until the BG icon is removed from the mouse pointer.

When computers are on, you can’t process them properly. The processor has to do a lot of work to run the Keona system, including the new task processor handle, and if there’s a super high-config computer at once, it’s different! This mistake can lead to a laptop or operating system is hung and the software or operating system itself crashes.
If you use a laptop for a long time, take off the battery!

Many use computers more often in the home, so the charger is always plugged into the laptop. This reduces battery life. Yes, your laptop battery has over-charge protection, but long-running hits can damage your battery.

If you use laptops at home with a plug on the charge, I’ll say you’ll leave the battery open after a 60-70% charge. Do you know where to open it? The best place to put it in the fridge. You can put the dip in the fridge and just put it in the normal fridge. You must protect the battery with good polythene before it can be stored, which will keep the battery away from the water in the fridge! This way, laptops can be kept in a good battery for a long time!

Take Care of The Operating System

Make a good habit of doing things that are important to keep your computer healthy. Avoid installing non-use software. Uninstall the software if the system is installed. Clean the registry regularly, remove the temporary files, avoid rewriting more data on SSD. Use a good antivirus and antimalware programs, keep them updated regularly.

Keep your Windows updated, don’t turn off the update by mistake. Keep it updated all the time if you use Windows Defender. Use only original driver software if possible. Keep pc drivers updated, avoid using crack or patched software, and regularly scan viruses and malware.

Don’t Use Laptop Directly in The Sun

Sometimes laptops may need to be used outside, but they should not be used directly in the sun. This will make your PC hot faster, reduce battery life and bring down performance. Do not place computers in places where there is a lot of dust, which can cause the computer to enter the dirt computer on the way to the air.

Final Thought

Don’t let the sunlight directly on the computer screen, which can damage the laptop screen. Exposure to a computer screen directly in sunlight can most often cause screen problems. And yes, don’t use any clothes or tissue paper when deleting the laptop screen. This could lead to the loss of the coin on the computer screen. Not just outside, but also in the house, don’t put laptops next to windows that are in the sun. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the laptop screen.

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