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How to Use Windows 10 Start Menu in 10 Productive Way?

How to Use Windows 10 Start Menu

Start Menu is the main access point of the Windows 10 operating system. You may think that it is simpler than your imagination. When you are planning to change windows 10 start menu to classic and using it more productively, this article will help you a lot. Moreover, start menu troubleshooter, classic shell windows 10, and some other customized options will make you more knowledgeable.

Windows 10 Start Menu

How to Use Windows 10 Start Menu The Start Menu of Windows is similar to the table of contents of the book, magazine, article, and report. It will make you believe the simplicity. The start menu is a combination of Windows 7 and 8 menu. It brings all the required applications in a quick access platform. Moreover, there are a lot of ways to customize the start menu.

How to Get the Windows 10 Start Menu?

Press the Windows KeyThough all of you know the simple mechanism to start but for the sake of informing let me discuss:

Mouse: With the mouse, you have to click on the Windows menu at the left down corner of your Windows PC. 

Keyboard: Press the Windows Key

What are the Features

After pressing the Windows key, the start menu will pop up. If we keep the mouse cursor on the pop-up menu, you will see it is divided into two-pane. 

At the left top part, you will get menu options. There are a total of 5 menu options, which are shown as images. But after clicking on it, you will get the details. The possibilities are user, document, Picture, setting, and power.

The user option will help you to change the account setting, lock, and log out. The document will take you to my document window. The Picture and setup will take you to the respective pages, but the power option will help you to sleep, shutdown, and restart.

Most Important Part

The most important part of the Windows start menu is the left part. Here you will get recently added software, most used apps, alphabet wise different apps, etc. It provides you easy access to any app on the windows.

The search bar is not part of the start menu. It is located just beside the start menu. But it allows you to search for anything you like. It follows the best match policy. When the content is not available on your PC, it shows the options to search on the web. 

Windows 10 Right Pane

The right pane of Windows 10 is similar to Windows 8. You can rearrange the boxes of apps with the help of holding your mouse. Here you will get two options like “Life at a glance” and “play and explore.” You can uninstall software by right-clicking your mouse. Some other variants of right-clicking are Unpin from the start, resize, and more.

Best 10 Ways to Customize Start Menu

Windows is a flexible operating system. So you can customize the Windows 10 start menu as per your choice. Here are some tips to customize the Windows start menu:

1. Change the size of Start Menu

You can easily change the start menu. To change it, press the Windows Key and select the side you want to increase/decrease. Keep your mouse at the edge of the start menu window. Now you will see the double side arrow. Hold the corner with your mouse and drag up to your requirement.

2. Pin An Application

Pin An ApplicationYou may need to use any application frequently. So you can pin it to your Windows start menu easily. To pin any program on the start menu, you have to select the program, right-click, and select “Pin to Start.” Next onwards, whenever you open your Windows menu, you will see your selected program.

3. Unpin from the Start Menu

Your necessity may be over. After work, you can unpin any program very quickly. To unpin from the Start menu, right-click on the tiles and select “Unpin from start.”

4. Customize your Power Menu

With some easy tricks, you can customize your power button/menu of the Windows Start menu. From the control panel, select the System and security. Next, choose Power options, and now you can customize your Microsoft Windows 10 power menu from the start.

5. Timer-based Power Management

The Windows 10 user can automatically shut down their computer in a scheduled manner. When you are doing resource-intensive work, you may require some additional time. But it is your sleeping time, and tomorrow you have to attend an important conference. Show the windows start menu. You can schedule your computer to shut down after finishing your work.

6. Personalize Start Menu

Personalize Start Menu of Windows 10The most exciting and vital option for the Windows 10 start menu is personalization. In the setting, you can customize your start menu. Here are some examples to help you.

  • Set the toggle menu on/off for “show more tiles on start”.
  • You can select the “Show app list in the start menu”.
  • The show recently added apps
  • Show most used apps
  • Show suggestions occasionally at the start.
  • Use Start fullscreen
  • Show recently opened items in the taskbar.

7. Change the Title of Tiles

When you visit the Windows 10 start menu, you will see many tiles with a group of heading. You can easily change the title of that headings. Change the title we have to click on the title and type a spear your favorite group name. It is done. Have fun with the title of the new tile.

8. Change the color

Change the color windows 10You can easily change the color of your start menu. Go to settings, then personalize and pick the color options. You will get various options like choosing your color, choosing your answer sheet color, and recently used color and Windows color. If you want, you can customize your custom color.

9. Move the tiles

Windows 10 allows you to rearrange the tiles of your start menu. With the help of a mouse, you can position the tiles where you like.

10. Windows 10 Tiles Management

There are lots of customizations in the Windows 10 tiles. You can resize your child with the mouse drag option. You can turn off lifestyle updates from the Windows start menu. There is an option to group tiles into folders. So that all of your childhood is more organized. Moreover, you can remove all live tiles if you don’t like them.

Start Menu Troubleshooter for Windows 10

Windows 10 does not have any official troubleshooter. Unfortunately, I did not find any official troubleshooters for the start menu. But you can solve your problem by Setting. Go to the personalized page and see the taskbar. You can try to troubleshoot your problem from Restart Windows Explorer, Check for updates, Restart your device, Update drivers, Create a new local administrator account and Reset your PC.

Classic Shell Windows 10

Windows classic shell is a free software for Windows 10. It helps to increase productivity, efficiency, and useability. It is highly customizable to work with multiple styles and skins. It allows you to Find programs, settings, files, and documents, and you will be able to Quick access recent, frequently-used, or pinned applications. Classic Shell is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Final Thought

Windows 10 is one of my favorite operating systems. There are lots of options to customize it’s the start menu. It is such a user-friendly tool that a novice can use and customize the setting. I forgot to mention any other tricks of the Windows 10 start menu. As a Well-wisher, you can comment on my missing points.



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