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Internet Cloud Security in Cloud Based Applications

Internet Cloud Security is a challenge in Cloud-Based Applications. All its managers are focusing on both Cloud-Based Applications and Internet Cloud Security. Cloud hosting is the system of keeping data to another remote location on a rental payment basis. Cloud hosting has many advantages and flexibility.

Other than Google, Amazon, and apple most of the data is preserved on cloud hosting. The user can get access from anywhere if he wants. But question is, how safe it is? Is there any other stakeholder to open the packet of your data? There may be. That’s why you need a good cloud hosting provider. In the age of technology cloud hosting is the requirement.

Internet Cloud Security

Internet cloud security means securing data of the cloud through the internet. At present IT professionals are focusing more on internet cloud security. Cloud-Based Applications associated with internet-based security. This security is ensured by different cloud antivirus.

Internet Cloud Security

Data may be required from anywhere. Moreover, everyone wants to preserve data for a long time with redundancy. If any disaster arises data can be recovered. When people are focusing more and more on cloud hosting the bad persons are investing their valuable merit and time to bypass the existing system.

You may be the victim anytime, nobody knows. On the other hand, the data where you are keeping it can be sold to another stakeholder. In this way, the doubt of the security of cloud hosting arises. You can ensure safety by cloud algorithm.

Why Bad Persons Love Cloud Hosting Data

To preserve data on cloud hosting requires money. Moreover, you keep your valuable data because you are spending on it. That’s why bad persons love cloud hosting data which may include banking information of large banking companies, financial data, stock exchange data and other valuable data of a big private and public company.

In the modern era, no company is free from risks like yahoo, Sony, Dropbox, T-mobile, and Oracle. Some small companies breach customer’s data like Target, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot.

Will Cloud Hosting Company Take Responsibility

Each cloud hosting company is providing hosting service, redundant data warehouse but its data is lacked then will the hosting company take the responsibility of data. Would they pay compensation for losing data because data looters are waiting for looting data?

The answer is no because hosting service providers will not support you because the claim may not valid but they may literate you by the different ways like to be aware of the theft, malware, and phishing and scam sites.

How Cloud Hosting Protect from Ransomware

Ransomware is a virus that costs an average of $300 per computer. But if a company has 10000 computer the cost is $3000000 or more. Till now the cloud hosting company is struggling against Ransomware and they are successful. But we have to think more about Internet Cloud Security.

Cloud hosting can protect you from Ransomware. According to experts, high-profile cybercrime such as data theft, ransomware, and computer damages seem to be occurring more frequently nowadays with higher costs, but cloud computing may secure the security that companies.

Why Cloud Hosting is Secured

Cloud hosting is secure because the cloud hosting company is investing a lot to protect the data of the client. Now cloud hosting is a fancy eco-system. Everyone wants to be connected through a single device from anywhere from the world.

Only cloud hosting can give these types of facilities. Moreover, big companies are using cloud hosting after a long analysis. The cloud hosting companies has developed a secured protection mechanism to protect client data. So no doubt you can use cloud hosting service.

Security Methods of Internet Cloud Security

The cloud internet service provider provides a highly secure service. For securing the system they use various mechanisms. Data encryption is one of them. Data encryption is the standard symmetric-key algorithm. It converted to code or any secret key. Some cloud hosting service provider divides data into several chunks like a packet.

Without the total packets, a single packet is valueless so the bad persons do not have any benefit from a single packet. Some cloud hosting service provider provides link instead of providing the total data which also ensures security.

Why Everyone is not Using Cloud Hosting

If it is so safe and secure then why everyone is not using a cloud hosting service. The answer is it is costly. The subscriber has to count on a monthly/yearly basis for this rental service. According to analysis, less than 10% of the total business is using the cloud hosting service.

There are some other problems not to using cloud hosting service which is accessibility. Though the data is available from anywhere in the world it needs application and internet connection. If the internet connection is slow like third world countries then the uses of cloud hosting are valueless.

Where the Cloud Hosting Data is Stored

This question may arise any one’s mind that where the data of cloud hosting is stored. Is it stored in the sky? Not at all. The data is stored on any other computer like your one which you are using. The storage computer is called a server because it is connected with the internet and providing the facility of storage.

The cloud hosting provider keep some server into different location around the globe. Which data or server redundancy. The regional user uses data from the regional server. We can see the example of Facebook. Facebook stores its data into the different regional arena. They are also concerned about Internet Cloud Security.

How Do You Choose a Good Cloud Hosting

Now come to the exact point. Are you searching for a cloud hosting service provider? Which cloud hosting service you will choose? The answer is, it is your choice. But before you choose you may analyze their terms and condition.

There is a lot of cloud hosting service provider around the globe like Google Drive, Dropbox, IDrive, Apple storage, Amazon Web Service and many more. Each of them is fine but you have to match the requirement. A detailed comparison is provided in my previous article. You may follow them before purchasing any plan.

Final Thought of Internet Cloud Security

Please do not crazy for free cloud hosting service because nothing is free in this world. The free cloud hosting provider may provide you with some condition which you bound to follow their agreement. So before you take any decision regarding cloud hosting you must think about the safety and security of your valuable data. Thanks for reading this Internet Cloud Security article for your valuable time.

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