IoT Software: Best 20 Review to Increase Skill

To develop any IoT project, we need any type of internet of things software to integrate with different components. IoT software is the middleware of networks, sensors, partner systems, embedded systems, systems, and different protocols. It can be open source or paid. The responsibility of this middleware is collecting data, analyzing, matching with cloud servers, and taking necessary actions based on predefined rules on the cloud. 

There is little difference between the Internet of Things software and IoT Protocol. Though both of them seem to have the same meaning, differences can be seen in function. The IoT protocol is for specific purposes and does specific functions. But the software is a set of integrated systems. As an internet of things student, you must learn that application software. In today’s article, we will try to discuss the internet of things software review to increase skill.

IoT Software Best 20 Review

In a candid mind, we considered that the sequence of the internet of things software review is based on alphabetical order. There is no merit position in today’s article. We have tried to drill down the insight of the particular software. You will see a necessary explanation with a link if it requires further elaboration.

1. AllJoyn

AllJoyn is an open-source platform that connects all the platforms and embedded systems to communicate with each other. Since the discovery of this IoT software in 2011, it has empowered many leading smartphones. It is the cross-industry collaboration to add IoT operating systems, different protocols, and mobile applications. The Linux Foundation and Open Connectivity Foundation are the developers of the software.

AllJoin Software for IOTThere are over 200 million AllJoin enabled products available in the market. LG smart air conditioner, LG smart TV, and Windows 10 professional some of them. Over 200 plus members are working with this open-source software. This middleware is platform natural, that means can operate independently. 

Important Information About AllJoyn Software

  • AllJoyn Marge with IoTivity in October 2016.
  • It licensed with Apache 2.0 license and became an open-source opposite to all the developers during the merging.
  • Targeted IoT applications of this middleware software IoT-based connected home, smart television, smart audio systems, gateways, and automobile industry.
  • The working methodology of this software is like a client’s server model. To elaborate this sentence, you can compare the client with “switch”, and servers could be “light”.
  • AllJoyn office several services like onboarding service, configuration service, notification service, control panel service, and common device model service.

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2. Android Things

Android Things is one of the powerful IoT OS developed by technology giant Google. It has brought a revolution to the smartphone. Because of this IoT software, we can control IoT devices through voice commands. It is widely known as Google Assistant. It has also collaborated with consumer products to make and home appliances easy.

Android ThingsAndroid Things supports several IoT modules like Qualcomm SDA212, NXP i.MX8M, Qualcomm SDA624, and MediaTek MT8516. The development of Android things is notable, but it has some competitors like RIOT, Ubuntu Core, Microsoft’s Azure Sphere OS, and Windows 10 IoT.

Insight of Android Things

  • Android Things is one of the best software of IoT to connect Google products.
  • It is a fully managed service that connects and manages all the remote devices through the Internet of Things.
  • It is a combination of different services like IoT OS, IoT platform, and embedded systems.
  • The previous name of Android Things is Brillo which was also an awesome development tool.
  • An example of this internet of things software can be all the android supported smart gadgets where also you can control with voice.

Android Things

3. Arduino (IDE)

Another IoT software is Arduino (IDE) which is also an open-source electronics platform. If you are a beginner in the IoT world, you can use this middleware software. There are thousands of IoT projects made of this internet of things software. It is popular with students, technology hobbyists, artists, teachers, and professionals. They also have forums for exchanging their knowledge.

Another IoT software is Arduino (IDE) which is also an open-source electronics platform.Most of the novice IoT projects are developed by Arduino (IDE). The Arduino board is capable of reading your instructions to control your household appliances. Using this software, you can switch on/off your light, fans, TV, AC, and other home devices. Using the voice command of Google assistance or from tweeter message, you can also control those devices.

Insight of Arduino (IDE)

  • Interaction Design Institute has developed the Arduino (IDE).
  • Without a background in programming and electronics, anyone can develop IoT projects using Arduino (IDE) middleware software.
  • It is open-source, so continuously growing through the contributor all over the world.
  • The Arduino (IDE) made applications run on all OS platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • For making any IoT project, it costs less than $ 50 for beginners.

Arduino (IDE)

 4. Arm Mbed

Arm Mbed internet of things is prototyping software that was for proof of concept. This software shows the Internet of things in real-time using different things like sensors, smartphones, etc. It has introduced the WebSocket, which is a protocol in HTML version 5 to collect real-time data. It is used for visualization by using standard clients like desktop browsers for smartphones.

ARM MbedArm Mbed sends the data by using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. On the other hand, it collects data from sensors over WebSockets. It was launched in 2009 by the online community of a group of engineers. To use this software, you need knowledge of C, C++ HTML 5.

Insight of Arm Mbed Software

  • Arm Mbed is open-source software licensed under Apache License 2.0
  • This software runs on a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M microcontroller.
  • There are hundreds of IoT projects in this software like MBED soft plc I/O server, home automation using zone beacon via Android app, air quality monitoring, plant monitoring using sigfox, and smartwatch.
  • Both of the development kit life hardware and software are rich in Arm Mbed Software.

Arm Mbed Software

5. Azure Sphere

Azure Sphere is a Microsoft solution for internet of things security. A high level A high-level of IoT skills are required to work with this high-level software. The software focuses on the security aspect. This software includes both IoT platforms and IoT operating systems. According to Microsoft, the Azure Sphere microcontroller (MCU) and cloud security service will be available within February 2020. 

Azure Sphere The most prominent example of Azure Sphere is Predica. It is a high-class and intelligent washing machine connected with IoT and operable with a mobile app. Three parties are working simultaneously for this system like Microsoft, Predica software team, and support team. Microsoft has been working for a long time to reduce the cost of IoT. The technology analytics believe that Azure Sphere will be capable of filling up the expectation.

Insight of Azure Sphere Internet of Things Software

  • The name Azure Sphere derives from Microsoft Azure.
  • Qualcomm Technologies is a great contributor to the Azure Sphere. 
  • It is not such old software. It was first released in 2018.
  • The platform type of this software is ARM (MediaTek MT3620), and the Kernel type is Monolithic kernel.
  • To innovate something confidently, you can use this comprehensive IoT solution which includes all the cloud components.
  • It has many other features like defense in depth, deployment flexibility, Over the Air updates, error reporting, and automatic security updates.

Azure Sphere

 6. dat IoT Software

dat is an IoT protocol that works for peer-to-peer communication. But it is also used for decentralized systems. This system focuses on simplicity, speed, and security. This distribution tool is primarily used for data-driven science. 

To collaborate with change dat was launched in 2013. Dat team developed this as free software. Some prominent examples of dat software are the Beaker peer-to-peer web browser, Hyperdivision ( Scaling, distributed systems, and crypto), and Digital Democracy. This hypermedia protocol provides public-key-addressed file archives to browse on demand.

Insight of dat

  • Dat software is used for data sharing between two computers.
  • It can work with inferior internet connectivity. 
  • Dat is a protocol identifier that marks the URLs.
  • The users can create, update and connect with a public key.
  • This value-driven technology is built by the community and free to the public.

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7. DeviceHive Software for IoT

DeviceHive is another open-source IoT software with a lot of options for integration. You have the option to integrate with public, private, and hybrid cloud computing. It also offers prototype business options. It allows you to think about business instead of technical difficulties. Moreover, it allows you to integrate with a visualization dashboard and Alexa for more customization.

DeviceHive Software for IoTThis middleware software can connect with any device via worksheets, MQTT, and REST API. The library of this software is wealthy, which connects both Android and iOS. Even a very slow-speed Wi-Fi router can perform accordingly. But the IoT routers can provide additional benefits like security and speed.

Insight of DeviceHive

  • DeviceHive is for real-time data analysis and batch processing.
  • It also supports machine learning with batch processing.
  • It is also distributed under the Apache 2.0 Licence, which is free to use. 
  • The IoT applications of machine learning are commercially supported.
  • DeviceHive is free to use and change but changing is difficult. So users use the DeviceHive plugin. The plugin is available for Java, Node.js, and Python.

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For connectivity and innovation, is another open-source internet of things software. Besides enabling connectivity, it also delivers scalable solutions for the Cloud management ecosystem. This IoT solution is an integrated platform as a service. Besides the cloud network, it also integrated web technologies and hardware. can serve as different software categories like information services, artificial intelligence, SaaS, PaaS, private cloud for wearables, and the internet of things. This software is for ambitious developers to build a remarkable solution. It can gather data cloud logic and control the real-time data for analysis.

Insight of

  • DeviceHive is an open-source internet of things software.
  • It helps to create smart metering, which is for efficient energy management.
  • You can use it for measuring the gas, water, and heat of the fire.
  • It has integration with cloud data, so it allows coordinating with cloud servers.
  • Some of the other project examples of this IoT ecosystem enabler are remote reading, data processing, and data output.

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9. Home Assistant

In simple words, the IoT Home Assistant is a python program that can run on various operating systems. You can also automatically track and control your devices with this software. But the software focuses on local control privacy.

Home AssistantHome Assistant is widely used for IoT Based Home Automation. This internet of things software is powered by DIY enthusiasts and a worldwide community of thinkers. You can run this software perfectly on Raspberry pi or a local server.

Insight of Home Assistant

  • Using Alexa, you can control your device; for example, ” Alexa opens the television”.
  • It is also supported by Google’s assistant, for example, ” Hey Google, switch on the light”.
  • It allows you to observe and track how many IoT devices are using your home network.
  • From a simple, mobile-friendly interface, you can control all of your connected devices.
  • It keeps the data privacy private so that without sorting data from Cloud, it and control by fog computing.
  • For further customization, you can set the rules for your own house devices. For example, if anyone comes to your house, it automatically turns the light on.
  • When the lights are on, you will get a notification on your mobile. You can manage the security alarm on your mobile phone.

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 10. Kaa IoT Software

For any big project, Kaa is widely used. If you want a strong industrial internet of things application (IIoT), you can rethink this industrial IoT platform. It is such a big IoT technology that allows organizations to get the full benefits of the Internet of Things. This enterprise-grade internet of things software connects all of your devices with a cloud network. The IoT device ecosystem also plays an important role by providing elasticity and mission-critical resilience.

Kaa IoT Software An example of this software is for all the IoT sectors. It has covered smart city, consumer electronics, agriculture, healthcare, wearables, logistics, automobiles, smart retails, telecom, Industrial IoT, smart energy, sports, and fitness. It also has expertise in Big data analysis, machine learning, AI, and visualization. Kaa software sometimes works as Architecture Accelerator, Implementation Accelerator, Hardware Integration, Custom Project, and Production Support.

Insight of Kaa

  • Kaa software platform takes care to manage end-to-end data and allows the business to visualize the dashboard.
  • It provides clear visibility, so decision-making becomes easier.
  • It also draws insight from real-life data.
  • This software supports all of the popular IoT protocols.
  • Kaa is one of the best internet of things software for connectivity, hardware integration, device management, data collection, configuration management, command execution, and integration.

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11. LeanIX

Lean Information Exchange is known as LeanIX, which is an IoT software vendor. It works as a Software as a service (SaaS) for laying a framework of IoT with enterprise architecture. This software is suitable for small to large organizations. Within the year 2020, it will integrate with artificial intelligence.  

LeanIX is a Germany-based organization that works for Enterprise Architecture. This software can be applied to the media, logistics, energy, and e-commerce sector. This internet of things software is capable of working in a multi-cloud environment.

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 12. LiteOS

LiteOS is one of the best software for IoT developed by Huawei Technologies. It provides various resources, including SDK/API reference, development tools, code samples, and a development guide. Besides the guidance, it has a rich knowledge center to help the IoT developers.

LiteOS is one of the best software for IoT developed by Huawei Technologies.LiteOS is most popular for its lightweight operating system. This open-source software has various functions like lightweight, low power, multi-protocol internet connectivity, multi-sensor collaboration, and fast response. Moreover, it is also popular for the real-time operating system. For the smart IoT terminal, this IoT operating system was licensed under the BSD-3 Clause License.

Insight of LiteOS

  • The kernel size of the software is less than 10 KB.
  • The startup time of the system is very fast, which takes a few milliseconds.
  • This IoT middleware supports almost all the IoT protocols.
  • It also can work with multiple cloud platforms.
  • Some supported architectures are GigaDevice, Atmel, STMicroelectronics, NXP, MediaTek, Nuvoton, Nordic Semi, and Silicon Labs.

13. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure software for the internet of things manages all the cloud services, monitors, and control billions of internet of things devices. It is the industry-leading how-to service provider for improving productivity and reducing cost. This software is flexible, intelligent, and trusted to show a type of organization of any size that can implement Microsoft Azure IoT systems. Moreover, Microsoft is also investing 5 billion dollars in IoT to make a new horizon on the internet of things.

Microsoft AzureThe possible examples of Microsoft Azure are direct manufacturing, transportation and logistics, energy management, and process manufacturing. They also provide ready-made solutions as software as a service. So that you can reduce your IoT development cost, as a platform as a service, you also can use the customer’s template of Microsoft. Microsoft provides technical support like learning materials, resources, and various information.

Insight of Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure is fast for deployment, development, and customization.
  • There are lots of tested open-source software on GitHub for the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • It is in which software you can develop some service for simulation and remote monitoring.
  • It is trusted so that you can use it for your IoT-connected factory.
  • Microsoft invested over 1 billion dollars in maintaining security. Moreover, more than 3500 security experts are working to secure your data. So you need not think about data security when you are using Microsoft Azure.
  • The certifications of Azure are more than any other cloud training provider.

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14. MindSphere

Siemens has developed an open cloud platform IoT operating system called “ MindSphere”. Today data is everywhere for companies as it becomes the most important resource, a central and edge of the internet of things. We continuously use lots of data to form the knowledge, capturing and analyzing the data. Collecting this data is challenging. To mitigate this challenge, MindSphere brought cloud-based open IoT systems.

mindsphere IoTCompanies every time unlock their potential data assets and put them for profitable use. It rapidly connects the existing assets and systems from the various manufacturers to data from among the data searches. By analyzing the data, it transforms into valuable knowledge for the partners and other manufacturers. Knowledge increases productivity, availability, and quality. It resolves the problem before it arises, accelerates processes, and opens up a new level of flexibility. It makes the company better with simplified decision-making. 

Insight of MindSphere

  • MindSphere collects all types of sensor data in real-time.
  • It works as a platform as a service (PaaS).
  • Using this platform, the users can create new customized IoT application software.
  • It is specialized in real-world plant systems, manufacturing industries, and IIoT.

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 15. MQTT

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport in short MQTT, is the most commonly used protocol for IoT. It is a lightweight messaging protocol for exchanging data for clients and servers. It used TCP/IP protocol for remote connection. This middleware software is small, consumes low power, and communicates machine to machine with minimized data packets.

MTQQA possible example of MQTT would be controlling devices using smartphones. It is a lightweight IoT protocol, so the transmission of data is faster. For real-time applications, this protocol is widely used.

Insight of MQTT

  • MQTT works based on client and server like another internet of things software.
  • Sometimes it is also called a broker and client for connecting devices.
  • It travels data from publishers to brokers to subscribers.
  • It is better than HTTP based on many criteria like speed and power-consuming.


 16. Node-RED Software for IoT

Node-RED is an IoT solution software for IIoT. This open-source logic engine is developed by IBM. It is a cloud-based system that allows physical I/O and interconnection among various devices. By using any browser-based flow editor, the users can integrate the API with Nodes.

Node-RED is an IoT solution software for IIoT.

Insight of Node-RED

  • Node-RED is flow-based programming which is described as a network of the black box (Nodes).
  • Those black boxes passed data and represented visualization.
  • After installing Node-RED, you will get some basic nodes like running commands, analyzing commend, receiving various requests from different protocols, etc.
  • It runs on all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • The project example of this software can be temperature & humidity measuring systems.

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17. OpenRemote

For creating meaningful connections, OpenRemote is one of the best IoT software. This software can integrate with any protocol and any IoT device. With system intelligence, you can design any system. Also, you can customize your design as per your requirement. The possible application of this IoT middleware software can be crowd management, asset management, smart cities, IoT-based home automation, and IoT in healthcare.

openremoteMany big companies are using software like Philips, OOMA, TU/e, etc. Using this software, you can make one of the decorated IoT projects. Moreover, it has many IoT certifications. As an IoT developer, you will get help from GitHub for OpenRemote projects.

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18. Particle Internet of Things Software

If you want all-in-one software for IoT from the market, then we can recommend the name Particle. The SDK of Particle helps web applications, iOS, and Android applications. It ensures security while connecting with the cloud network. You can connect the software with various options like mesh networking, Bluetooth, cellular, and Wi-Fi. Moreover, the industry-grade connectivity module is also easy to use.
Insight of Particle

  • To build and manage your IoT fleet, you can use Particle software for IoT.
  • This is a robust and reliable infrastructure that works the same as a prototype. 
  • It allows you to put your data as per your choice. For example, you can integrate with Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or anywhere using REST API.
  • It is fully secure by various encryption.
  • It is easily accessible by all types of people; no Ph.D. engineer is required.
  • Finally, it is all in one solution. You need not any integration because hardware, software, and protocol are integrated.

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19. Raspbian

Raspbian is a free IoT OS for Raspberry Pi. This Debian-based computer operating system is highly optimized for the ARM CPU. It uses various desktop environments like PIXEL, Lightweight, and Pi-improved X-Window Environment. This Linux likes OS, is licensed under Open-source operating systems.

RaspbianRaspbian is recommended to use for Raspberry Pi. There are a lot of IoT projects using Raspberry Pi. Some of them are games, websites, music, robot, and digital arts. Moreover, it allows you to model 3D projects.

Insight of Raspbian

  • Raspbian allows us to make a big IoT project with teams.
  • It is Debian optimized free operating system. 
  • Raspbian has many components like a pure OS, a pre-compiled software bundle, and over 35,000 Raspbian packages.

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20. Thingspeak

Thingspeak is one of the best internet of things software which is available in multiple languages. This open-source IoT application software collects and retrieves data from various IoT protocols like HTTP and MQTT. By using MATLAB, it can collect data from cloud networks. This cross-platform OS is written by Rubi. 

ThingspeakStudents and teachers use Thingspeak widely as the IoT project component. Those projects use MATLAB data for collecting data from sensors. It has an IoT service for remote air quality monitoring. Moreover, it allows you to analyze and visualize the data structure.

Insight of Thingspeak

  • Thingspeak collects data in a private channel and shares data through the public channels.
  • It supports RESTful and MQTT API.
  • Thingspeak also works with various IoT middleware like MATLAB, Raspberry Pi, Particle, and Arduino.
  • Some of the important IoT applications are tide prediction, traffic monitor and weather station.

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Final Thought

The internet of things is changing every moment. For the time being, we have got various IoT software for developing any type of IoT project. Sometimes that software is used as IoT protocol, platform, and IoT OS. Some software has multiple capabilities. It is difficult to utter which IoT middleware is best. But according to our judgment OpenRemote, Raspbian, Thingspeak, Microsoft Azure, and Android Things are the best software for IoT. If you are an IoT developer, then you may use different IoT application software. You are requested to recommend us through comment or email at [email protected].

Hawlader's passion for technology has driven him to be an avid writer for over 16 years. His vast knowledge of the Windows and Android operating systems is a testament to his proficiency in the field. In addition to his expertise in open source software, he also possesses an extensive understanding of the open-source platform, making him a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts. His contributions to FossGuru writers with research-based articles have helped readers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the tech industry. Furthermore, Hawlader's curiosity for scientific breakthroughs has led him to be a keen reader of science blogs, keeping him informed about the latest developments in the field.

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