The Best 3 Lightweight Wireless Headphones for Pro Gamers

In the world of gamers, high-quality equipment is a must. After all, full immersion into a digital world requires excellent skills and the right tech devices and room conditions. For instance, two monitors for better visual effects, a particular angle of the desk to keep better control over the game, backlit keyboard, and what’s the most important – proper Wireless Headphones.

If you’re a gamer, you know that it’s essential to pay attention to every single detail to experience the adventure fully. Especially if you’re keen on competitive gaming, you need to be able to catch every little detail around, and headphones play a key role in that. Otherwise, it may be hard to hear every footstep, a breath of the spy sneaking around, or the fire set in the battlefield.

We know how exciting gaming can be. No wonder players often volume the sound to the maximum and get carried away. However, if you don’t want your neighbors to hate you and keep the sound quality the highest priority, the answer is Bluetooth headphones. Below, you can find our suggestions for the best TWS for pro gamers.

What Gamer Wireless Headphones Should Have

Let’s start with defining gamers’ needs. If you want to focus on the game entirely, you should consider some of the crucial features of headphones. Choosing the best model is not such a piece of cake. Keeping in mind the number of products of questionable quality, it’s highly recommended to base your opinion on reliable reviews, click here to check some of them.

You can also find inspiration at the source, directly from the pro gamers. Take a look at, or ask people on the live chat during game streaming. They will be more than happy to help.

Below, we pointed out the most important features of headphones every pro gamer would highly appreciate.

They Should Be Wireless, Duh

Freedom of movement is the essential feature players need. Gaming is about reflexes and quick movement coordination. Getting tangled with the wire won’t help you achieve the best results. Let yourself feel comfortable with the wireless headphones and sharpen your skills to the maximum with a smooth and quick reaction.


There is nothing more annoying than voices in the background while taking part in a gaming tournament. In this case, noise-canceling headphones are the key. Disconnect from any disruptions around, let yourself entirely focus on the game and enjoy the sound of silence in the back.


Suppose you’re gaming and streaming for a couple of hours. In that case, it’s good to invest in lightweight, comfortable wireless headphones—proper posture and therefore, stabilizing the neck and head is important to avoid muscle tension and headaches. Playing with bulky headphones can keep you distracted and uncomfortable, so consider investing in a lightweight model.

Battery Life

Todays’ wireless headphones can surprise you with their long-lasting battery life. It obviously won’t work for days or so, but it’s more than enough for you to play for many hours and still have enough battery to chill with the music afterward.

Once we went through the essentials for the dream wireless headphones for pro gamers, it’s time to show you some of the most recommended brands.

1. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas AeroIf you’re looking for a perfect fit and fantastic gaming and music sound, this highly customized headset is ideal for PC. These headphones are compatible with many systems, can adjust comfortably even while playing with glasses because of the gel-infused ear cushions.

Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (Wired)

Drivers: 50mm Nanoclear

Frequency Response: 12 -20K Hz

2. Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless

Steelseries Arctis Pro WirelessA great extra feature in these headphones is the dual-wireless system, which means it allows both 2,4G and Bluetooth to connect simultaneously. It lets you listen to music or chat while gaming. It also comes packing Hi-Res capable speaker drivers and lossless audio, too.

Drivers: Neodymium

Frequency response: 10–40,000 Hz

Battery life: 20 hours (10 per battery)

3. Audeze Mobius Wireless Headphones

Audeze Mobius Wireless HeadphonesIf you’re looking for a premium quality design and fantastic audio, these wireless headphones are made for you. Waves Nx head tracking technology delivers “immersive 3D audio” by changing the sound to account for the tilt or turn of your head as you play.

Drivers: 100 mm Audeze planar magnetic

Frequency response: 10Hz–50,000Hz

Battery life: 30 hours

Wrapping Up

Remember, you don’t need to use your headphones only while playing. They can be taken everywhere. If you enjoy the audio during the game, you will love the balanced sound of the music during the morning run as well.

Buying a comfortable, high-quality sound pair of headphones is a great investment for your gaming hobby. Noise cancellation option will surely let you focus more on the gameplay. The adjustable design of the product you choose should make a perfectly comfortable fit and provide excellent sound performance. Wireless headphones will surely bring your gaming experience to another level.

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