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LinkedIn Premium Cost vs LinkedIn Premium Benefits in 2022

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals. It has become a successful site to satisfy its users. LinkedIn has developed itself in various ways to ensure the proper utilization of its users’ skills in the proper place at the right time. Keeping this view in mind, LinkedIn has introduced some premium features to satisfy its users. But, these are not free! Now Question is whether LinkedIn Premium Cost can really satisfy the users or not. We will evaluate in this article whether this price gives enough LinkedIn Premium benefits to satisfy its users.

Does It Provide Enough LinkedIn Benefits in 2022?

This article aims to introduce you will all the possible benefits available from LinkedIn premium accounts and sorting out whether this is cost-effective or not. I will first show the prices and the benefits provided by each offer, and then I will discuss the keywords to understand the proper meaning of the offers. I believe, in the end, you will be able to judge whether the Linkedin premium is cost-effective or not.

LinkedIn Premium Cost

There are four premium versions of the LinkedIn profile. These different offers were introduced based on people’s demands as some people want a job and some want to recruit people, etc. So, considering all these, LinkedIn has made different categories of accounts with different specifications and prices. However, you can always try any feature for one month free to check its performance. 

LinkedIn premium Features plan

LinkedIn Premium Features: Career

This is a great feature for those who are seeking jobs using LinkedIn. The LinkedIn premium cost for this feature is $29.99 per month, which is excluding sales tax. The LinkedIn premium benefits for this feature are:

LinkedIn Premium Features Career

  • You can send three InMail per month and reach the recruiters directly.
  • It will allow you to check who all has visited your profile in the last three months.
  • You can check and choose a better option by comparing one with another candidate.
  • The job can be chosen by seeing insights.
  • The online video courses provided by LinkedIn are accessible.
  • You can get access to salary insights for the job you are looking for.
  • LinkedIn Premium Career has a Resume Builder for preparing your own resume.

LinkedIn Premium Features: Business

This feature comes with a little exception than the Career feature. Studies say this feature brings six times more viewers than the career plan. The LinkedIn Premium Price for this feature is $47.99 per month and when billed annually. This LinkedIn Premium cost is excluding sales tax. The LinkedIn Premium benefits for this feature are:

LinkedIn premium cost vs LinkedIn premium benefits business

  • You can send InMail like the Career feature, but you can send up to 15 per month this time.
  • This feature provides filters for advanced search.
  • It allows you to search unlimited profiles giving you an extended network.
  • You can search up to third-degree connections.
  • LinkedIn Premium Business shows business insights of more than 35 lac companies.
  • Besides everything, you will get additional data about the company, which is not available normally.
  • You can check who has viewed your profile.
  • Provides online video courses.

LinkedIn Premium Features: Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has brought a Sales Navigator plan for the sales professionals to aim at the appropriate people and companies by remaining updated. The LinkedIn Premium Cost for this feature is $64.99 per month when you bill annually and do not include sales tax. The LinkedIn Premium benefits for this feature are:

Linked In premium benefits sales navigator

  • Allows sending InMail messages up to 20 per month and shows your profile viewers.
  • Shows you real-time insights.
  • You can have access to the Lead-builder tool of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • This also allows you to access Lead Lists and Lead recommendations.
  • You will get an overview of the companies you have aimed at.
  • The multi-seat version of Sales Navigator provides 30 Inmail Messages, allowing unlock profiles that are out-of-network and PointDrive presentations up to 10.
  • You get unlimited seats, per seat 50 InMail messages in a month, unlocking 25 out-of-network profiles, limitless PointDrive presentations in the Sales Navigator Enterprise offers.
  • Salesforce integration capabilities are also a benefit provided by Sales navigator Enterprise.  

LinkedIn Premium Features: Recruit Lite

LinkedIn has made recruiting easy for LinkedIn recruiters by introducing LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. You will be able to find all the talent easily and perfectly. The LinkedIn Premium Price for this feature is $99.95 per month when billed annually. Like the other features, this feature cost does not include sales tax. The LinkedIn benefits for this feature are:

LinkedIn Premium Features recruiter light

  • You can send 30 InMail messages per month.
  • The profile browsing is unlimited and can reach up to a 3rd-degree connection.
  • It has an advanced search filter that is specially designed for recruiting.
  • You can see the candidates who have checked your profile in the last three months.
  • Candidates are tracked automatically.
  • The whole candidate pool can be managed in a single place by integrated hiring.
  • It will give you a better experience of recruiting by recruiting-specific design for enhanced recruiting.

Premium Features: Explains

So far, we have shown the plans offered by LinkedIn. We have seen different LinkedIn premium cost. We have also seen different LinkedIn premium benefits. While showing those, we came across many terms like InMail, viewing profiles, filters, etc.

Now we will discuss those points to understand how those are helping the users, and thereby we will easily understand whether LinkedIn Premium Features are worth LinkedIn Premium Costs.  

premium explains

1. LinkedIn InMalil Services

Now let’s discuss this topic. So far, we have come across the term InMail in some places. This is available in premium offers, but you can also avail of this without premium by using $10 for each. This is a facility offered by the LinkedIn premium with the following LinkedIn benefits:

InMail LInkedIn Premium price

  • You will be able to contact anyone with whom you are not even connected.
  • InMail builds confidence in the recipient by adding strong and appropriate information related to the profession.
  • InMail assures you of a response with a credit back policy if a response is not found.

2. More Profile View

You will be able to see more profiles by using the premium. This will help you widen your connections, and thus, your network will be powerful. You will be able to do the following things:

  • It is easy to build a strong and vast network as you get more search results than the regular one.
  • You can see up to 300 search results in premium versions. However, you will not get the same result in Job seeker’s offer.

Specialized Filters

The LinkedIn premium offer has some filters for searching to make your search a precious, fruitful, and workable one. However, this basic premium filter does not apply to Job Seekers. LinkedIn will allow you to categorize your search result in the following ways:

  • When you search for people in companies using LinkedIn, then more than one people appear. LinkedIn premium will help you by arranging them according to the seniority of their ranks or appointments.
  • People set their interests and aim in their profile so that they can get their desired job. The LinkedIn premium filters allow you to get your search result according to the interest of people.
  • You may find people working in a huge company or from an average company. You will get those filtered in LinkedIn premium features.
  • The Fortune Magazine publishes a list of 500 companies that are top in the country. This list is called Fortune 500. You might be looking at whether your search results are included in those companies or not. This is one of the LinkedIn Premium Benefits that will filter your results according to their availability in the Fortune 500 list.
  • You will also get filters to see whether the person is new to LinkedIn or not, his job experience, and their functions in their job places. You can also get the possible connections from your group. However, these are the only available offers for the highest premium plan and not for the Job Seekers.
  • How long a person was working at a company or how long they had been holding any appointment can be found in search results using a filter. This filter is available for the Recruiter’s premium accounts.

3. Profile Views Expanded

If you are not connected to someone, you will not be able to see someone’s details. I am sure that you have marked that there is writing below the search result information that the expanded profile view is only available in the premium versions.

However, you will see this if you are using a regular LinkedIn profile. The LinkedIn Premium Cost will give you some benefits by showing you an expanded view of the profile. You can see the following information:

  • Name of the profile with photo.
  • Details of their job.
  • The educational back bearings.
  • Recommendations achieved.
  • Skilled gained by him.

4. Profile Viewers

Even if you are using a social network with no professional value, you will be curious about knowing who watches you. That has an emotional implication. In LinkedIn, you will also be curious about who is seeing you. However, this has a better implication than another social networks. You will not even get this facility in another social network to know who has seen your profile available on LinkedIn.

who viewed my profile

This facility is also minimal for regular users as you can only see this if you have allowed others to see your profile and let them know if you have viewed their one. You can get this opportunity without knowing them with the help of LinkedIn premium. Now let’s see what LinkedIn Premium Benefits we get by this:

  • See who viewed your profile without changing privacy.
  • See the keywords that took you to their search results.
  • You can see from which place and company someone has found you.
  • You can understand whether you are reaching your desired viewers or not.
  • If you do not reach your desired target, then you can change your profile to optimize nicely.

5. Search, Save, and Get Alert

Every day you may search for new people for any specific criteria. But, this may bother you when you get the same result every day. There is a solution for this. You get the solution to this problem in LinkedIn premium features. This is one of the LinkedIn premium features that you can save search results once and then get alerts for new results when available. So, no more botheration. You have the ceiling of saving up to 5 searches from the result and get alerts via email.

6. Priority-based Introduction

The introduction request is a great facility for your LinkedIn premium cost. The feature will allow you to see many connections connected to your search results. By seeing those, you can select the perfect person to introduce first. You can also send a message showing them the reason for choosing him for connection. This helps you to connect with a second and third-degree connection once you exceed the limit of InMails.

7. Search by Reference

As LinkedIn says, get the real story on any candidate with a reference search. You can enter the company name, candidate, and time frame as a reference. This will allow you to find people who see their work with another LinkedIn connection so that you can verify their skills and performance.  

reference search

If you don’t want to miss any message, then you have the scope to get everything by using LinkedIn premium features. All you have to do is to be a member of OpenLink. This will bring some messages in which you are not interested. Still, at the same time, it will give you the chance to see all the messages you are interested in because anyone can send you messages without InMails or introductions.

9. Premium Badge: Great Utility of LinkedIn Premium Cost

The first impression lasts long. We all know this saying. LinkedIn premium gives the impression of providing a badge with your LinkedIn profile. Once someone sees your profile with this badge will definitely give importance more than a profile without a badge because this shows the seriousness and dedication of someone.

premium badge

Affording money for LinkedIn premium is not easy, and those will select premium which is serious and thinks he has the capability. Otherwise, he will not take the risk of wasting his money. Thereby, a profile with a premium badge will obviously catch the eye of either recruiters or recruits.

Does LinkedIn Premium Cost Provide Enough LinkedIn Premium Benefits?

So far, we have seen that LinkedIn has different benefits with different features. These features are base on the interests of the users. If you ask whether the LinkedIn Premium Price provides enough LinkedIn Premium Benefits, the answer becomes relative. You can not say yes or not without using it. However, the proper utilization of the feature will definitely provide you enough LinkedIn Premium benefits.

Is LinkedIn Premium Cost a Wastage?

We have covered all four versions of premium. All the features and benefits were discussed there. Now the question is whether LinkedIn Premium Cost is a wastage with these features or not. That really depends on you. When you apply for any of them, you must check whether you have enough back bearings or not.

linked in premium

You must attain the proper standard for any job you are applying for, or you must be a master of recruiting if you are trying to recruit. Because just expending money will not bring the fruit. You should know exactly what should be there in your profile so that it works properly. You can also see different LinkedIn Tips before applying for any of the premium versions. I hope that will bring fruit.

However, I have already mentioned earlier that you can try any of the features for one month for free. So you will be able to get an idea about the performance and then decide whether to go or not.

Closing Thoughts for LinkedIn Premium Cost

LinkedIn has designed all its premium versions after proper analysis and research based on the people’s demand. The four versions are providing numerous LinkedIn benefits. These are tested and welcomed by all. However, you must not just jump to these unless you find yourself confident as it will cause you money. You must be very sure before you jump. Make yourself ready properly, and then try for it. I hope the LinkedIn premium price will not go in vain then.

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