Top 13 PC Building Tips to Boost Your PC Speed For Gaming

Nowadays, people are moving away from any of his most hectic work and moving towards entertainment. And this is the new world of entertainment that has chosen to play different high-quality games. And these games need to be played on a suitable computer. We’ll discuss today some PC Building tips and how you can find a suitable computer to enjoy these advanced games with reality.

 There are a lot of different companies in the current market but it is very difficult to find out which is suitable for you. Because there are so many other things to it. Especially when you’re on THE PC SHOP the marketer offers you different PC Building tips. Their main focus is to make the gaming PC sales

When you go to the market to purchase, you must first learn some important information about this device. And the features that will play a vital role in finding good quality computers for gaming.

PC Building Tips For Games

The gamer normally does not think about the price of Gaming PC. But, the salesperson may have the ill motive to sell gaming laptops as the shop’s design. Definitely you can redesign the choice and options. Here is some initial choice to choose the right PC/gaming Laptop.

PC Building Tips For Games

 1. Screen

Computer screens play a special role in any game. Because it can make the game more attractive and give us a pleasant atmosphere as the game is played. You need a large screen computer to enjoy it. So it is important to consider this before buying.

2. Memory and Storage

The main feature of good computers is that it is. Because computers with more memory and storage will help you store high-quality games inside the computer without any speed tools. Especially important for gamers who need more downloads and expansion space for games.

3. Graphics Card

Among various PC Building tips, a more specific one is choosing the right graphics card. Computer graphics play a role in viewing the beauty of the game on the cart screen. You must also consider the graphics card used on the computer as you look for a suitable computer for gaming. This card will make sure you play all your games and what it looks like on the screen. So it’s important to look at it when buying.

 4. Power and Speed

You need a computer that will have a lot of power and speed. Because that’s what transforms you when you play games. If you buy a slow-speed computer, it won’t have much power. Then you play the game and you see it was wasting more time. You’ll be in a lot of trouble. It is a crucial thing for those who want to enjoy playing games. This should be taken into account in the purchase field.

5. Temperature Control

People who like to play video games on their laptops/computers must know that the computer gets hot very quickly when they play games all day long. The main problem is that most computers do not have a system that is suitable for high-level heat control. The computer is always getting hot at a high level, so it’s a problem to see that your computer is getting shut down. Because the device itself is causing its potential damage. So you need to be sure before you buy that there is a standard cooling fan. Moreover, you can follow my article, “How To Find Out CPU Temperature & 15 Ways To Control It“.

How much RAM is enough for gaming? 4 /6/8 GB!

How much RAM is enough for gamingIn the PC Building Tips discussion, we will focus on RAM. Ram plays a key role in playing games on the PC and playing other parts for heavy-duty tasks. You won’t be able to enjoy 100% performance of the PC if you don’t have enough RAM on your PC despite having a powerful processor and graphics card.

Currently, Windows 10 operating system is used as standard OS all over the world and you know that Windows 10 itself occupies the RAM of your PC’s 2 gigabytes most of the time. So at present, even if you are working normally on the PC, you need 4 gigabytes of RAM. Today I will discuss with you how many gigabytes of RAM is enough for gaming and heavy-duty task.

You should balance your RAM on the size of your PC’s processor and graphics card. For example, your processor is the second generation dual-core processor of the Mandata era, with no external graphics you work with internal graphics. If you put 8 gigabytes of RAM on this PC, that would be ridiculous! Because the 4 gigabyte RAM on this PC will perform; 8 gigabytes of RAM can’t perform much more than that.

On the other hand, if your processor is a powerful model of this generation; And you’ve got a very hard graphics card. But he just put his 4 gigabytes of ram on the ram. You will not get full PC performance in this case. I mean, you bought a helicopter but you didn’t learn to fly!

6. RAM for Normal Work

Why do we use computers? Just to play games? Or just to task heavy duty? Yes! How many gigabytes of RAM do you currently need for other common tasks, except these two fields? The common task is internet browsing, word processing, downloads through browsers, watching movies on PCs, playing music, typing on keyboards like mine! 4 gigabytes of RAM is enough to do all this!

 I’m talking about 4 gigabytes of RAM because Windows 10 is currently a good way to enjoy it but requires 2 gigabytes of RAM. And with the remaining 2 gigabytes of RAM, you can do all these “normal tasks”. But here’s one thing you need to say, you do this as a multitask; I mean, if you want to do multiple tasks, you need 6 gigabytes of RAM for this “normal job”.

 So if you are currently buying a new desktop or laptop for normal work, do not use any ram below 4 gigabytes.

Also if you use Windows 7 or Linux operating system, you can do these simple tasks within 2 gigabytes of ram. Because Linux and Windows 7 are very “lightweight” operating systems and can work on a ram less than 1 gigabyte.

The laptop I’m currently writing this post has 4 gigabytes of RAM. My laptop is enough for typing, chrome YouTube browsing, downloading and playing games. But I could do the same thing in 2 gigabytes of ram, but I have to use Windows 7 in place of Windows 10. I hope I can explain it to you.

7. PC Building Tips: RAM for Current Gaming

Let’s get to the core of the post. His is the number of gigabytes of RAM currently enough for gaming and heavy-duty task. First, we’re not talking about gaming.

Video games on computers are not the same as they were. The video games sector is now in very high quality and is gradually getting more upgrades. You won’t find much difference between Hollywood movies when you play a video game with high graphics settings. You need a powerful system to play these high-graphics games on PCs. And there you need a suitable size RAM with processors and graphics cards. And I’m discussing this suitable size ram today.

We try to use as many rams as we can on the computer for video games. But it’s also useless when you put more ram on your PC than you need.

 You will currently get ram usage from 4 gigabytes to 32 gigabytes in the market for gaming. So what’s enough for you? It depends on your gaming types.

8. PC Building Tips: 4-Gigabyte RAM Gaming

With 4 gigabytes of RAM running Windows 10, you won’t be able to play any of the most remarkable games at present. Yes, if you have a medium-quality graphics card on your PC, the current games can “play” on your PC but you can’t “play” them.

 Note that playing and playing games on APC is different. I can “run” On my 4-gigabyte laptop, but I can’t “play”! Because my laptop can’t give me enough speed or FPS or speed to play the game in this configuration.

9. 8-Gigabyte RAM Gaming

The minimum 8 gigabytes of RAM recommend is given in the current high-end games. This means that the games of the current era are required to play on your PC with a minimum of 8 gigabytes of RAM. With a good processor and graphics card, you can play the current games on your Gaming PC/Gaming Laptop with a “low graphics” setting with 8 gigabytes of RAM.

 But with good processors, graphics cards, you can also face light performance issues in 8 gigabytes if you go to multitasking with a few tabs on Fallout 4, Adobe Premiere CC and Google Chrome.

10. 12-Gigabyte RAM Gaming

You can also play all games with 12 gigabytes of RAM on a good processor and graphics card PC and also to improve the multitasking of the game. But combining 12 gigabytes of ram is a bit of a hassle. Because the gaming motherboard has 2 ram slots, 4, 6 like this. You can’t combine 12 gigabytes of RAM with 2 RAM slots on your motherboard because there are no 6-gigabyte ram sticks in the market.

11. 16-Gigabyte RAM Gaming

You will not see any significant performance in the 12 gigabyte RAM PC with good processors and graphics cards in the same configuration. Because current video games don’t occupy 8-9 gigabytes of ram. After playing heavy multitasking on the PC of 16 gigabytes RAM and with high graphics video games, you will see that 2/3 gigabytes of RAM are in use. In the PC Building Tips, we also don’t focus on 16-Gigabyte RAM for Gaming PC.

12.  RAM and Graphics Cards in Video Games

Ram and graphics cards are completely different in video games. You can “play” a video game of current heavy graphics on a PC with only ARAM without an external graphics card but can’t “play”. You need advanced model graphics cards to play video games with high graphics settings.

 RAM’s job is to “play” video games on your gaming PC/Gaming Laptop, increasing the RAM you won’t be able to play video games in high graphics settings until your graphics card proves it. This means that the graphics settings of video games on a computer depend on the GDDR memory of the external graphics card on that computer.

 On the other hand, the integrated graphics cards on the laptop make part of your system RAM into video memory. But these won’t give you performance like the GDDR memory of the External Graphics Card. So when buying a laptop, take care of what the generation of RAM is.

 DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 Standard RAM are now available on the market. In the case of desktops where the external graphics card is located, you cannot see the significant difference between the RAMS of dDR3, DDR4, DDR5 standard. However, since some of the RAM on the laptop acts as video memory, you should buy a laptop from DDR4 or DDR5 RAM Standard when buying a laptop. Because DDR4 has a higher speed than DDR3 and DDR5 RAM is higher than DDR4. And the price is comparatively high!

13. PC Building Tips: Ram for Heavy Task

 Let’s go for the heavy task instead of gaming. Heavy Task means multimedia work, video editing, graphics editing, animation, and multitasking. You also need powerful processors and graphics cards to do the heavy task. The exact amount of RAM you need for a heavy task depends entirely on you. But for those who do the heavy tasks on the computer, it’s always better to have some extra RAM backups.

 For example, you have 8 gigabytes of RAM on your gaming PC. And it’s a heavy task like you can do to edit graphics. But in the middle of the work, you need to watch a YouTube tutorial on Google Chrome and you’ll be facing performance issues on the 8 gigabyte RAM PC as soon as chrome is turned on. This means that if you have a budget, you can go directly to 32 gigabytes of ram for heavy tasking.

You can’t run games of this era even if you can do the usual work in 4 gigabytes of ram. Some games capture 12 gigabytes of RAM even if you can run most games with 8 gigabytes of RAM. So, the standard RAM for current video games is 8 gigabytes. But it’s better to have 16 gigabytes of ram. On the other hand, 16 gigabytes of RAM is the standard for heavy tasking. However, if you are on the budget, you can jump to 32 gigabytes and be safe for the next few years.

Final Words of PC Building Tips

There is a requirement of synchronization between gaming PC Building tips and budget. Your budget is a must-have for deciding to buy a new computer. Most gaming computers are too expensive for users. Before you buy a gaming computer, you should check which is suitable for you and which you will be able to buy according to your budget. However, it is best to check the prices of all the products in the market.

Those who already enjoy computer games can easily understand its speed, power and the latest features. So it will be easier for them. Please do not forget to share these tips with your gaming friends.

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